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Callaway IQ Golf Laser Range Finder With Slope Adjustments! - Laser Rangefinder _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Benjamin - The Callaway IQ Golf Laser Range Finder has been specifically designed to provide you with fast, simple and accurate distance ranging on the golf course. It also provides distance adjustments for slope and excellent visibility under all lighting conditions with its Advanced Screen Technology.

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Weighing less than half a pound the IQ Laser Rangefinder is extremely lightweight and compact so will easily fit into your pocket without disturbing your golf swing. Its rugged and durable construction not only looks great in black but is also waterproof and fog proof, so will stand up to any weather conditions. The Callaway Golf IQ Laser Range Finder is very easy to use and gathers distance measurements with one touch of a button, and provides measurements to the nearest 1 yard increments and is accurate from a distance range of 11 to 1000 yards.

By using Nikon's Multi-coated optics and the ability to zoom in with 6x magnification, you will be able to get an exceptionally clear view of any distance targets you desire, and Nikon's Target Priority Mode ensures that you pinpoint your target and retrieve the correct reading . The viewfinder on the IQ Laser Range Finder features Callaway's innovative Active Brightness Control. This revolutionary new feature combines the advantages of both LCD and LED technology so that it automatically detects changes in the lighting conditions and so will adjust from a grey LCD readout to an orange LED display when the brightness of the field of view deteriorates.

Another helpful feature on the Callaway IQ Rangefinder is a scan mode, which enables you to sweep across the landscape for up to 20 seconds and gain successive distance readings for the targets pass over. The Callaway IQ also comes with a great Walker Clip case, which has a silent magnetic closure, and a three-volt CR2 Lithium battery. Although a couple of years old now and superseded by the Diablo Octane and RAZR Laser Range Finders, the Callaway IQ Golf Laser Range Finder is still very popular amongst avid golfers who are simply looking for a quality range finder to give them clear, accurate distance measurements and slope adjustments under all weather conditions.

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The Laser Rangefinder lineup extends from a high-spec model with angle measurement functions to models.