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Waterproof Deck: What is the Ideal Floor Coating for the Garage area? Garage Floor Coating Suggestions Garage ground sealers are the most reliable elements with regards to safeguarding the garage. Concrete sealers have the ability to resist liquids and chemicals and this amazing feat is what extends the duration of the floor. What the sealers do is protect the floor from these harmful substances by providing a protective coat on the surface and even inside the pores. Disregarding this fact actually shortens the life of the garage and can even lead to degradation of the overall place. Homeowners need to know the different types of concrete sealers which they can use to protect their garage. Although all four have the ability to protect the floor, they aren?t that perfect because each has its pros and cons. For instance, the acrylic sealer is affordable and very easy to apply but it wears easily because it leaves a thin coating after application. On the other hand, polyurethane sealers are very durable compared to acrylic but it must be prepared well in order to experience positive results. Failure to follow the instruction as well as failure to prep the floor can actually produce weak results thus it is crucial for home owners not to underestimate this special sealer. Other types of sealer such as the epoxy and penetrating sealer do well against corrosive chemicals and abrasion. But these two are weak when subjected to direct sunlight. For instance the epoxy turns easily to yellow while the penetrating sealer disintegrates easily when subjected to heat which is why these two are used only indoors. Apart from these dilemmas, floor sealers also share one common disadvatange and that they all leave a slippery surface. All floor sealers leave a shiny and elegant floor surface. However the floor becomes slippery especially when wet and this is usually a problem because the area now becomes accident prone. Although different brands are looking for ways to eradicate this special condition, patrons are advised to be watchful when focusing on a garage with addressed floors. All in all, floor sealers are wonderful materials to incorporate into the garage particularly the surface. However, these aren?t entirely perfect because each type possess disadvantages. Each type has its own pros and cons which is why it is important to consider all aspects of floor sealers to prevent problems later on. Maintenance of the garage particularly the floor is very essential in order to extend the service life of the area. You need to protect the garage especially the floor since this is part which gets pummeled usually by elements found inside the garage. Usually, we accidentally spill chemicals on the floor. The chemical will leave a mark which can tarnish the appearance of our garage floor or worse destroys the floor from within if the chemical seeps through. As such, it is important to protect the surface with garage floor paints so you will be able to

perform activities in this area anytime you please. Epoxy There are numerous garage floor coating systems available in the market. Garage owners seem to favor one particular product. The epoxy paint is the floor coating system which garage owners use most of the time. The benefits of the product seem to convince consumers and feedback seems to be positive as well. When epoxy solidifies, it leaves a tough upper coat which is impermeable to liquids and highly corrosive chemicals. It is even tougher than the floor itself once it solidifies. Useful Source Before purchasing this coating system, you should know one important element. Epoxy paints differ in terms of ingredients. There are the 100 percent solids while there are also lesser granules such as the 50 percent solids. 100 percent solid based epoxy is obviously much tougher once it solidifies while the 50 percent would only yield half of the thickness of the former. Benefits of Epoxy Coating 100 percent solid based epoxy is much more convenient to apply. It can leave a floor that is 10 times more durable than the original. As a result, your floor can now withstand the harshest elements like hot tire marks, highly corrosive materials, abrasions and many more. You can now perform heavy garage duties such as changing the oil of your car without actually worrying about getting the floor tainted by the chemical since the coat won?t allow the substance to seep through the floor. Where to Get Epoxy Paint You can purchase epoxy paints in stores or even online. However it is a better idea to approach an independent contractor because they wouldn?t just give you advice but they could also offer their product that is truly unique.

Waterproof Deck: What is the Ideal Floor Coating for the Garage area?  
Waterproof Deck: What is the Ideal Floor Coating for the Garage area?  

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