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June 2020 - Edition 1

The Watermelon Lover's

dear reader, we are so glad this little zine has found you! this project came together during the COVID-19 pandemic, when we were asked to stay home to keep each other safe. our homes are located on the ancestral and unceded homelands of the henqeminem and Skwxwu7mesh speaking peoples, and we are grateful to live, create, and build community here. we hope this zine serves as a reminder that it's okay to do nothing sometimes too, your worth is more than your productvity. each submission tells their story in a diferent way. whatever your story looks right now, it's valuable and worthwhile. hopefully these pages will serve as a reminder that there are other people out there too. we're all trying to figure out what it is to be human again. during this time of solitude we've had the privilege of slowing down, finding new ways to connect with ourselves and our communities, reflect, and question the systems we live by. we know this pandemic has fallen harder on marginalized communities and many of our neighbours haven't felt safe or comfortable during this time. we hope the networks which have been formed to provide mutual aid and community care during this time will remain strong and grow into the future. in light of the recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, Regis Korchinski-Paquet, and Chantel Moore (among countless other Black and Indigenous folks across Turtle Island) we have been mourning, reflecting, learning, and unlearning. we recognize that solidarity is not a one-time action or statement but a life-long commitment to e

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decolonizing our own minds, and genuinely showing up for each other - not just with our physical bodies, but by sharing resources such as money, time, and energy. we believe the only way forward is to take personal responsibility in boldly addressing racism and inequality in our own communities, and that must start within our homes and our own hearts. from this little corner of the world, we want to not only dream of a brighter future but work every day to build healthier communities, where we can care for each other in ways beyond what our current 'reality' asks of us. with love, jessie + jonathan (@oat_milk_cortado + @jottomadai) your friendly neighbourhood watermelon lovers have questions, feedback, or submissions for future zines? email us at watermelon.zine@gmail.com with your ideas, or visit watermelon.jottomadai.com for more!

Thank you to our wonderful contributors :) Ali Marie, Andrew Van Tunen, Annie, Amelia @aaaearhart, Ashley Johnson @johnson.ashley, Beej, Charlie Beerling @charliebeerlingphoto, @charliebeerlingphoto Daniela @danielamaegunn, Grace gracewulf.com, Jacqueline Salome, Jad @meshmeshumeshu, Justin Scott, Keenan Marchand @klmarchandart, M.H., Miranda Maslany @mira_creates, M. Lissette Isaak, N.B., Robin, Sara Tanaka

a guide to the colouring pages: These colouring pages feature more than 365 squares for you to colour in! We recommend using one of the following examples to track how you spend your days over the course of a year. Colour each day with a different colour for each category. Here are some examples: đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ Creative đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ Mental Health đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ Physical Health đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ Productive / School / Work đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ Fun / Relaxation Start or maintain a habit! It could be anything from exercise, meditation, to getting enough sleep. You could even colour each day in simply as a reminder that you are a worthy valuable person who deserves love and care :) There are lots of ways you can do this - choose what feels right for you, and you can change throughout the year too! If you miss a day or two, that's okay! Pick up where you left off when you're ready. The important part about self care is to keep going. By seeing the colours fill in over time, you can see the progress you've made towards your goals and stay motivated to keep going. Finish your calendar? We'd love to see it! email us at watermelon.zine@gmail.com

how i spent the past 3 months

march 16 plant count: 4

april 7

april 13

may 1

may 5

may 24

may 24

may 29

june 16 plant count: 12

M. H.


Back to the basics: A recipe for homemade soup stock Waste not, want not. This proverb has made its way back to slipping off tongues. Whether you're a plant eater, meat eater, or somewhere in between, this recipe is a great place to start reducing food waste by honouring all parts of your food.

What works well * Onions, Carrot peels, Leek tops, Celery, Garlic, Shallots, Green Onion, Mushrooms, Bell Peppers, Fennel, and all herbs. * Bones! Thinking of throwing out your rotisserie chicken carcass? Think again. They can add rich flavour to your homemade stock.

What doesn’t work * Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Brussel Sprouts.

Ali Marie

recipe: Ashley Johnson @johnson.ashleyy / photo: Jessie

Grey Mask

M. Lissette Isaak

Okay, so I know you've all heard of self care, maybe you've even tried it. what if I made it easier though? Would you give it a try? You don't have to buy anything special, or try and change your ways of gettin by. Just try one of these things. then maybe try another. who knows. I won't judge. NUMBER !: STAY HYDRATED grab the biggest "water vessel" in your kitchen and fill that sucker up with water. a pitcher, a huge plastic cup, a big VASE??? Whatever you've got. Now drink as much as you want. drink it like an animal who hasn't seen water in ages. just go nuts. let it dribble down your chin. who cares, it's just water. maybe don't do this at work though.

NUMBER @: BE CLEAN This is gonna seem obvious, but what I want you to try is getting in the shower, squatting down and tearing open an orange like you've never peeled one in your life while the water pours down on you. This is gonna trigger some weird primal instincts, but embrace it. YOU are a CAVEMAN tearing OPEN AND EATING FRUIT in the POURING RAIN. UGGA BUGGA. (but really, try it) (and don't tell anyone) (or do, im not your dad) NUMBER #: RELAX This is gonna sound generic, But set a phone timer for 2 minutes and close your eyes. While you do this smell the smells (unless they suck), label everything you can hear (birds chirping, cats meowing, your housemates being rude while you try and relax), and feel your heartbeat as it lub dubs, pushing blood all over. Sometimes, if you relax enough, you might even feel like you're floating (that's still tough for me though, so don't feel bad) NUMBER $: CONNECT WITH NATURE Do you have any herbs you grow? do you know someone who has some? eat those. Just take a stem of parsley or basil and put it in your mouth straight of the plant. You aren't gonna believe this but it's awesome. who knew you could just eat plants right off the plant. NUMBER %: Journalling Grab any scrap of paper you have and write everything in your brain. Hopes, dreams, terrors and fears. Every thought. write it all down and then.. I want you to bring that paper to the sink, place it in, and burn it. If underage, keep a parent nearby and let them light it. Watch as it smokes, and slowly embers away. It's beautiful to watch, and it's self care because I said so. Who doesn't like to burn things every now and then. That's all I've got for you. Live wild, I dunno. Just remember that you make the rules so who cares what you do. Stay happy though, that's important I think. Remember where you were 5 years ago. You've done so well since then, even just to survive. Think about it. For real because I know you didn't actually think about it.

Charlie Beerling @charliebeerlingphoto

Keenan Marchand @klmarchandart

Teri Anderson @tinyteri13


For as long as I have been here, I have loved to watch the ships off the banks of the beach, paused in neat lines off the trees and towers of the downtown, large as landscapes against the sailboats playing in front of them, and small as wildflowers against the mountains that swell behind. They move like clouds on a still sky, so slowly they don't seem to move at all, but somehow always disappear and get replaced again, stepping to the glacial beat of a grand and invisible ballroom dance. They come low and full, brimming with new toyotas and lego blocks of colourful seacans, waiting to drain themselves of shiny polished things from kingdoms far far away. More come tall and empty, thirsty for crude and coal and potash and sulphur, waiting to drink their fill of regurgitations from the belching deep belly of rotten and long-buried seas. They wait for the tender skeletal attentions of cranes taller than skyscrapers, wait for their turn at belted buffets of lampblack and cadmium yellow, wait for permission to squeeze home beneath an arch of green ribbon and rub their waterlines rust-raw against the rubber of familiar berths. Ships do a lot of waiting. I hear radio reports on valentine's day, the waltz of half a hundred cargo ships confusedly suspended, suited men grumbling in press conferences as they wait for an end to rail blockades they do not really understand. I see gods-eye-view pictures of cruise ships lounging in bouquets off Manila Bay, empty but for their exiled and nationless crews, keeping the fires lit while they hope for someplace, anyplace, to allow them ashore. I read charts that hint at supertankers with cargoes rendered briefly worthless, lingering at sea in hope of a profitable return to the old insane world, when the slippery contents of their cathedral holds fetched a price more than zero. Ships do a lot of waiting. have been thinking a lot about another harbour, at the edge of another Ih sea, in another life I used to live. A printed placard, written in a helpful rainbow of international languages, dissected the word 'quarantine' for me. Quarantena, a Venetian word not unlike the italian 'quaranti giorni': forty days.

Forty days of waiting: a condition imposed on all travelers to the islands of that Most Serene Republic, a saltwater cordon to keep the Black Plague at bay. Forty days, out in the harbour: time enough to prove good health and be granted entry, or succumb to pestilence and feed the burial pits of Lazzaretto Vecchio. across six hundred years: the salt of tar-fingered men I can taste the image ac grumbling in boredom as they wait for an end to an interlude they do not really understand, and the falling soot of ever-burning funeral pyres. Salt and soot, for forty days. Ships do a lot of waiting. ship, I think. I have my anchor buried in the wet feet of the I can be a shi mountains, and I have the beating heart of tides and winds around me, whispering reassuringly that this patience has purpose. I can wait, because waiting is a step in the dance: because others wait for me, and I wait for them, and we hold our breath together. Quarantine is just waiting. I am good at waiting.

Credit: beej

Jad @meshmeshumeshu

beginner's vegetable gardening tips đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ plant

@lilbadbillie @badboybenjiman

gardening tips: Sara Tanaka @floraforestt

marigolds with your vegetables - they naturally deter pests đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ never plant mint into the ground unless you want a whole field of them! plant in pots to contain them. they also deter pests! đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ learn about companion planting - brassicas (kale, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.) don't like being near tomatoes, but do well with other small vegies like lettuce and turnips đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ try to add compost or manure to your soil every year to keep nutrient levels high đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ add ground egg shells or calcium pills to tomato plants to prevent blossom end rust

artwork: @danielamaegunn Daniela





Grace www.gracewulff.com



a quaranzine playlist for you: đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ The Coming of the Strange Ones

- Shabaka and the Ancestors

đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ Grieving - Kehlani, James Blake đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ Sick, Sick, Sick - Queens of the Stone Age đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ Too Much Paranoias - DEVO đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ TV Party - Black Flag đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ STFU! - Rina Sawayan đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ S’il vous plait - Otoboke Beaver đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ Mr. Motivator - IDLES đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ The Beauty Of Breathing - Jeff Rosenstock đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ V V V (They Lie) - Pantayo đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ You Ain’t The Problem - Michael Kiwanuka đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ No Time For Love Like Now

- Michael Stipe, Big Red Machine

đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ Fetch The Bolt Cutters - Fiona Apple đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ Kerosene! - Yves Tumor đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ Your Body Changes Everything

- Perfume Genius

đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ Home - LCD Soundsystem đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ The Raven - Destroyer đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ 2021 - Vampire Weekend đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ Facing Your Shadows - Okkyung Lee đ&#x;?‰đ&#x;?‰ The Big Ship - Brian Eno

Listen on Spotify here if that's your jam: https://spoti.fi/2CBykP3 playlist: andrew van tunen art: Jonathan

Extra: Colouring Pages

This two page colouring spread was originally featured in the foldout section of the zine. It was hand drawn by Jessie and Jonathan, and was then scanned and digitally touched up. You can get your own copy with the download link in the description below and colour it in yourself!