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What’s on TUESDAY 21 JULY 2015 5pm- 7pm July Members Night, with special guest speaker, Mellissa Bradley, Water Sensitive SA - members only. TUESDAY 18 AUGUST 2015 5pm- 7pm August Members Night, guest speaker to be confirmed -

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It is hard to believe that another financial year is over and we are now in 2015/16. Times are still tough in the industry but there are some areas of hope. SARMS-3IP recently announced a further $65 Million of grants to add to the Round 1 $105 Million. This means that in the South Australian Murray River irrigation sector there is an additional $170 Million being applied over the next 5 years with much of that in the first few and this is on top of any other On-Farm Efficiency grants and other grant programs. We have had excellent feedback on the recent awards event with many saying it was a great celebration and a fun lunch. But more than that we saw a new group of winners added to the already impressive pool of winners from the last 11 award luncheons. We received an amazing range of award submissions and the global significance of what has been achieved amongst these submissions is truly a testament to the innovation and leadership shown by the SA water industry – you should all be very proud. The new financial year brings our new WIA membership offering and the biggest new opportunity for members is the Regional Export Working Groups. This new initiative is a way for the WIA members to leverage each other’s already extensive global reach and to work together to enter and grow in new markets. These groups will be the primary space where the WIA’s involvement with the South Australian and Australian Government’s export initiatives and missions that the WIA has been working on for over 18 months. I encourage members to complete the survey that was sent regarding where they are already working and where they are interested in expanding as this will be used to determine who will be invited to the upcoming first meetings of the Regional Export Working Groups. A huge thankyou to those members that have already completed this survey and the groups are shaping up well. The Regional Export Working Groups are yet another way that the WIA demonstrates that the WIA is member driven and our members are where our strength comes from. I wish you all a good and prosperous financial year and look forward to working with you all again to grow your businesses and the state economy. Best Regards, Andy Roberts Chief Executive Officer Water Industry Alliance

Congratulations to the 2015 Smart Water Award Winners! Eight outstanding water sector companies were recognised at the 2015 WIA Smart Water Awards ceremony held on Friday 22 May. All were celebrated as leading contributors making a splash in the South Australian water sector. The 2015 Awards saw over 190 people from across the industry attend the prestigious event, it also saw a new venue for the industry awards, bringing with it a new and exciting atmostphere. As winners of the Smart Water Awards, each recipient was recognised for demonstrating excellence in expertise in their field. Winners were recognised across six categories reflecting the breadth of expertise, innovation and leadership in the South Australian water sector. This year’s winners included: 2015 MAR Hub Irrigation & Use Award Sentek, ‘Drill and Drop Soil Moisture, Salinity and Temperature Management Solution’ 2015 Australian Water Association Resource Management Award Optimatics (in partnership with SA Water, MWH Global and C3 Global), ‘Distribution Optimisation Tool for SA Water’ High Commendation Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources ‘Better, Faster Water Trading for McLaren Vale Irrigators’ 2015 SA Water Leadership Award Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA) ‘South Australian River Murray Sustainability Program (SARMS) – 3IP Round One Implementation’ 2015 TRILITY Planning & Delivery Award MWH Global (in partnership with SA Water, C3 Global and Optimatics) ‘Predictive and Operational Analytics: Tools for the Adelaide Metropolitan Water Distribution Network’

2015 Minister’s Award for Excellence in Water Sustainability Goyder Institute for Water Research, ‘Climate Ready SA Research Project’ High Commendation Environmental Water Services, ‘Decentralised Remote Waste Water Treatment with Advanced Disinfection for Safe and Sustainable Reuse.’ 2015 Chairman’s Award Sponsored by WaRDA (Wastewater for Regional and Decentralised Applications), Peter Dillon, for his outstanding contribution to the South Australian water industry. Awards were presented to the most successful member applicant whose work demonstrated they had broken new ground and made a major contribution to the water industry and displayed an innovative approach to a wide range of initiatives (project, policy, research and development, product or service, alliance, business growth or new market). The South Australian water sector is a great example of an industry that is increasingly innovative, one that has adapted to meet challenges in key areas due to the locally harsh environment and it has resulted in the development of world leading solutions and capability. Water Industry Alliance CEO, Andy Roberts, said “These innovators are increasingly being looked to and utilised globally as climate change and growing population creates water challenges.” He further noted that these winners are representative of a much greater group of companies, research and training institutions and government agencies that are leading the world in many parts of the water industry. For more information go to au. 3

Thank you to the following organisations and individuals who have given their support to the 2015 Awards Naming Sponsors

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Proudly supported by Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources and the Department of State Development.

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The Hon. Ian Hunter MLC, Minister for Water and the River Murray

Professor Michael Young, Research Chair in Water & Environmental Policy, The University of Adelaide Patrick Kearins, State Director South Australia, Austrade

Key note Speaker Shaun Cox, Inxure Strategy Group

Duncan Whitfield, Manager Regional Operations, GWM Water Julia Grant, Executive Director of Water and Climate Change, Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) for the judging of the Minister’s Award for Excellence in Water Sustainability

And to all of our members, partners and nominees of this year’s Awards.

2015 MAR Hub Irrigation & Use Award Sentek, Drill and Drop Soil Moisture, Salinity and Temperature Management Solution The Smart Water Irrigation & Use Award was awarded to the most successful applicant whose work involves an innovative approach through a Project, Policy, R&D / Innovative Product or Service, Alliance, Business Growth / New Market in the specified area of irrigation and use. Sentek’s Drill and Drop Soil Moisture, Salinity and Temperature Management Solution has revolutionised soil moisture, fertilizer and salinity management with its range of sensing solutions. Precision irrigation requires accurate and credible information. Sentek’s new Drill and Drop profiling probe solution, maintains the scientific validity of the brand, whilst considering the practical needs of installers and growers. Taking pragmatic and scientific requirements into account, Sentek has invented the Drill and Drop undisturbed installation technique. After augering a slightly tapered conical hole, the conical probe is installed simply by pushing it into the hole, it is a true 1-2-3 process – 1/ Drill the hole, 2/ insert the probe and 3/ connect the battery – Job done. To minimise field obstruction and reduce set-up com-

plexity, Sentek has merged its high resolution multi sensor soil moisture-salinity and temperature profiling probe with a compact transmission unit. The resulting Drill and Drop system reads “true” undisturbed data; long life battery operated; has Bluetooth connectivity for field testing with an app and transmits via a range of telemetry options. Data is posted to and graphed on Sentek’s user-friendly IrriMAX Live website, accessible from any browser. IrriMAX Live can synchronise with IrriMAX on a users’ PC and can also graph and analyse supporting data. For further information go to 5

2015 Australian Water Association Resource Management Award

the last six months in network operational expenditure from optimised pumping and treatment plant operations.

Optimatics (in partnership with SA Water, MWH Global and C3 Global), Distribution Optimisation Tool for SA Water

SA Water has demonstrated when intelligently implemented, mathematical optimisation of short and longterm network operations is not just technologically possible for large water authorities, but results in very impressive cost reductions. Customers of leading global water utilities will see significant benefits as these field-tested technologies are implemented.

The Smart Water Resource Management Award was awarded to the most successful applicant whose work involves an innovative approach through a Project, Policy, R&D / Innovative Product or Service, Alliance, Business Growth / New Market in the specified area of resource management. The Distribution Optimisation Tool delivers significant energy cost savings for SA Water. Working with SA Water and project partners MWH Australia and C3 Global (since acquired by Bentley Systems), Optimatics has provided the core optimisation technology and user interface for the Distribution Optimisation Tool (DOT). The DOT is part of a suite of Decision Support Tools including a Demand Forecasting Tool, Network Operations Model and Network Status Display, which together support better decision-making to increase efficiency, manage risks, reduce costs and improve service. A comparative reduction of more than $400,000 (AUD) has occurred over

TRILITY’s Strategic Expansion Builds National Footprint TRILITY is building on its reputation as Australia’s leading water utility service provider by expanding its footprint in key markets with successive new contracts and strategic partnerships over the past twelve months. With an operating footprint in every state, TRILITY works with municipal, industrial, resources and environmental sectors managing infrastructure from small purpose-built plants to large-scale projects. These assets include water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, water reuse schemes and desalination plants. TRILITY Managing Director Francois Gouws said the company would capitalise on the growing demand for recycled water and push towards sustainable farming in Australia and overseas. “We are currently looking at both ownership and supply chain contract opportunities nationally and in Asia,” Mr Gouws said. This commitment to strategic growth follows an active 12 months for the company across a portfolio of projects in Victoria, Queensland and South Australia.

Optimatics is the world-leading provider of infrastructure planning software that enables water and wastewater utilities around the globe to avoid billions of dollars in costs while ensuring optimal performance. Its Optimizer™ Software Platform is the foundation upon which SA Water’s short and long-term optimisation capability has been built. Right: 2015 Award Winner, Elsie Mann, Optimatics with WIA Chairman and Ben Parcel, AWA.

and effective services to the Redcliffe community.” In May this year TRILITY also secured the Operations & Maintenance businesses from the Water Infrastructure Group (WIG) which includes, water treatment plants, irrigation and reuse schemes and a bio-solids facility across New Zealand, Victoria and South Australia - Making TRILITY Australia’s market leader in bio-solids and water reuse. Mr Gouws said the company had also built on internal capabilities inside its Australian operations including Hydramet, which specialises in equipment and systems for disinfection, water treatment and chemical dosing. Hydramet is a highly regarded supplier to all sectors including mining and energy and continues to build its national footprint under its own brand. “ Hydramet, utilising its extensive technical capability, has successfully grown its market nationally alongside the wider TRILITY group, and continues to do so,” Mr Gouws said. The TRILITY GROUP has over 250 employees nationally.

TRILITY will join forces with Queensland’s Unitywater as part of the delivery of a major Design, Build, Operate and Maintain contract for the rehabilitation of the Redcliffe Sewerage Treatment Plant in South East Queensland. “TRILITY is proud to be part of this project,” Mr Gouws said of the plant which services residents and businesses on the Redcliffe Peninsula and surrounding areas and will ultimately cater for approximately 70,000 people. “Our presence in Queensland is already substantial and this new partnership will ensure the Redcliffe Sewerage Treatment Plant will continue providing efficient 6

Above: TRILITY’s operations in Australia

2015 Australian Water Association Resource Management High Commendation Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources Better, Faster Water Trading for McLaren Vale Irrigators. A new “traffic light” on-line self-assessment tool, designed to help irrigators in the McLaren Vale area with water trading has won a Water Industry Alliance Award for its innovation. Mr Mike Fuller accepted the award on behalf of the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR), but said that irrigators were the real winners. “We had been talking with irrigators in the McLaren Vale Prescribed Wells Area for some time about how we could improve our processes. One of the major problems was the amount of time taken to approve the application process. They told us that transferring water allocations (trade) was too uncertain, costly and took too long.” Mr Fuller said. The Department introduced an on-line smart form which included the option for secure electronic payment. Most importantly it developed a self-assessment tool to advise on the likelihood of the application being successful. The use of the assessment tool is free, which means that irrigators can find out if their trade is likely

to be approved, without risking their application fee. “This award is really gratifying because while we are pretty proud of what we’ve been able to achieve. It’s a win-win all round,” Mr Fuller said. The Self-Assessment tool and on-line form can be found by McLaren Vale irrigators on au (by clicking on Licences &permit/ McLaren Vale and then by scrolling down to the McLaren Vale section). For further information please contact, Mike Fuller,


Water trading made easy Since its foundation, in 2003, Waterfind has distinguished itself as Australia’s leading water trading organisation, facilitating the buying and selling of permanent and temporary water across the major irrigation regions in Australia. Waterfind acknowledges the complexities and constant changes occurring in water markets and employs a multifunctional team that includes Brokerage, Policy & Research, Business Development, Conveyancing and Marketing to inform and assist clients with their water management needs.

The company strives to create enhancements that provide an efficient way to manage risks associated with water availability. Waterfind was the proud recipient of the 2014 WIA Smart Leadership Award for the launch of the forward water market. In 2015, we have seen increased activation of our forward water markets across a wider range of regions, including NSW and QLD. Waterfind is currently deploying its decade-long experience for the development and operation of water markets into the US.

24/7 Market Access The online water exchange system gives clients 24/7 access to live market information and the ability to conduct trades online. Live Market Access to live water market to compare prices and trade from the anywhere, anytime, on any device. Built for Mobile The online water market can be accessed from any phone or mobile device, enabling clients to trade anywhere, anytime. | Freecall 1800 890 285 7

2015 SA Water Leadership Award Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA) South Australian River Murray Sustainability Program (SARMS) – 3IP Round One Implementation. The Smart Water Leadership Award was awarded to the most successful applicant whose work involves an innovative approach through a Project, Policy, R&D / Innovative Product or Service, Alliance, Business Growth / New Market in the specified area of leadership. The South Australian Government has been recognised as a leader in the water industry. Through its innovative delivery of the federally-funded $265 South Australian River Murray Sustainability Program (SARMS), PIRSA has shown leadership at a state and national level.

being seen along the entire South Australian River Murray. The on-ground impacts from these projects are immediate and far reaching. Primary producers are benefiting from improved irrigation efficiencies and improved business practices that will increase the sustainability and resilience of River Murray irrigated properties. SARMS investment is expected to generate up to $1 billion in economic activity along the River Murray. Further information can be found at sarms-iiip.

PIRSA has received the award for implementation of Round One of the $240 million Irrigation Industry Improvement Program (3IP), the flagship program for SARMS. Round One of the 3IP has been swiftly implemented by PIRSA’s sound administration of a competitive grant assessment process. PIRSA is making best use of tax-payer funds by implementing the Program in a cost effective manner whilst seeking projects that provide the best potential return on investment. With over 100 projects to receive over $100 million through Round One, sustainable changes are already

NatioNal Water Policy Summit 2015 SAVE THE DATE

Don’t miss the chance to join Australia’s most influential and engaging industry leaders from the water, resources and agribusiness sectors whose future prospects remain dependent on the sustainable management of water.



TuESDAy, 6 OcTObEr:

The event will engage C-suite executives from both the traditional water sector and from other industries where business relies on the sustainable management of water.


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Chief Executives Managing Directors Directors Heads of departments Decision-makers and industry leaders Senior management Regulators Policy Managers Politicians Media 8

Water Government Mining Agribusiness Food and beverage Manufacturing and distribution

melbourne Tuesday, 6 October – Wednesday, 7 October Industry dinner event (included in registration fee)

National Water Policy Summit

2015 TRILITY Planning & Delivery Award

implement these tools.

MWH Global (in partnership with SA Water, C3 Global and Optimatics) for Predictive and Operational Analytics: Tools for the Adelaide Metropolitan Water Distribution Network.

The suite of tools (Demand Forecasting Tool, Distribution Optimisation Tool, Network Operations Model, Network Status Display, and Energy Management Portfolio) includes five components that together, enable real-time and predictive and operational analytics. This allows SA Water to not only see what is happening across its network and respond accordingly, but also to see what will happen in the future to take proactive and preventative actions.

The Smart Water Planning & Delivery Award was awarded to the most successful applicant whose work involves an innovative approach through a Project, Policy, R&D / Innovative Product or Service, Alliance, Business Growth / New Market in the specified area of planning and delivery. SA Water embarked upon the $403 million North South Interconnection System Project (NSISP) to improve the reliability of its water supply through a series of new transfer pipelines, pump stations and other enhancements to the existing water network. To manage this highly flexible and complex network, a suite of decision support tools that underpin the optimal operation of the network and represent a world-first for a water utility were also developed. SA Water contracted MWH Global, C3 Global and Optimatics to design, develop and

From Crisis to Opportunity Between 2006 and 2009 South Australia experienced unprecedented drought conditions that threatened drinking water supplies and placed significant pressure on agricultural industries and regional communities. Many of the aspects of water security the State took for granted were challenged during this period, including the guarantee of supply of water from the River Murray for irrigation and Adelaide’s drinking water supplies. In response, the Government developed Water for Good, a comprehensive plan outlining 94 actions to ensure the State’s water supplies were secure and reliable. Water for Good was built on a number of key foundations: - Diversifying our water sources, including increased harvesting of stormwater and the construction of the Adelaide Desalination Plant. - Improving the consistency, regularity and transparency of water demand and supply planning. - Strengthening sustainable management arrangements for the State’s traditional water supplies. - Improving regulatory arrangements for the water and wastewater services sector to improve competition, innovation and efficiency. Five years on, much has been achieved and the State is now in a stronger position to adapt and respond to future drought events. Adelaide now has a climate independent source of drinking water through the Adelaide Desalination Plant. The State has increased its ability to capture and re-use stormwater and now has the capacity to harvest more than 20 gigalitres of stormwater for fit for purpose uses. The Water Industry Act has established independent economic regulation for the water sector, while a new third-party access regime is now before State Parliament.

The end result is a solution that allows SA Water to: efficiently manage and minimise the impact of water supply disruptions; manage demands, plan production and optimise source water usage; give more certainty to deferral of capital expenditure through better utilisation of existing assets, and; provide improved knowledge and transparency within the overall water supply system. SA Water is already seeing cost savings worth hundreds of thousands of dollars from these tools.

The Murray-Darling Basin Plan has been established and implementation is well under way, and a state-wide water sensitive urban design policy has been adopted by the Government. Much of the success of Water for Good has been due to the strong partnerships developed across government, industry, research and education institutions and the broader community. Water for Good has also captured international attention, with many delegations from countries such as India, China, Indonesia and the United States coming to South Australia to learn about how we have adapted to drought and improved water security. The Government is now looking at how stronger economic partnerships could be established with other countries to provide an avenue for local water industry entry into these export markets. A five-year comprehensive review of Water for Good is under way, and will provide an assessment of future water security and urban water reform opportunities. In addition, the Government recognises the need to establish a more integrated approach to the management of our urban water resources in Adelaide and is in the process of developing an integrated urban water management plan for Greater Adelaide. A draft of the Urban Water Plan will be released in the middle of 2015 for consultation and discussion with industry, the community and local government. South Australia has come a long way since the millennium drought and we now have secure water supplies until 2050. But the challenge remains: how to maximise the benefits of these resources for the environment, community and economy. 9

Minister’s Award for Excellence in Water Sustainability Goyder Institute for Water Research, Climate Ready SA Research Project. The Minister’s Award for Excellence in Water Sustainability recognizes an outstanding Project, Policy, R&D/Innovative Product or Service, Alliance, Business growth/New Market which demonstrates a significant contribution to the State’s water strategy, ‘Water for Good’, a strategic plan to ensure South Australia’s water future to 2050. The Minister’s Award recognizes initiatives that contribute to the key areas of the Water for Good plan in South Australia including; stormwater harvesting, wastewater reuse, desalination, water conservation, irrigation efficiencies, water sensitive urban design, water quality or any other area contributing to the Water for Good strategy. The work of the Goyder Institute for Water Research has been recognised with a Water Industry Alliance award for providing high quality, independent science and new knowledge to support policy development and management of water resources by the State Government and industry sectors.

continues to inform policy and decision-making, identify future threats to water security and assist in an integrated approach to water management in South Australia”, Goyder Institute Director, Dr Michele Akeroyd said. “Most significantly, the work on the science supporting the Murray Darling Basin Plan, demonstrates the Goyder Institute’s ability to deliver focused expert analysis and advice. In addition, the SA Climate Ready Project has provided an agreed set of climate change projections that can be utilised to make long-term decisions about future investments in critical infrastructure. “These two projects are just examples of the science advice which has resulted because the Institute’s operations are based on established trusted relationships between scientists and between scientists and government.” The Goyder Institute is a strategic research partnership between the South Australian Government, CSIRO, Flinders University, the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia.

The award acknowledges the Institute’s contribution to the State’s water strategy, Water for Good, and for coordinating demand-driven research with the three SA Universities, the Department for Environment, Water and Natural Resources and CSIRO. “In almost five years of operation, the Goyder Institute has delivered a number of significant achievements across industry, environment, urban water and climate change. In line with Water For Good, the Institute

ICN SA Generating Millions for South Australian Business

opportunities presented by the state’s billions in major projects.

Recognised as the state’s industry matchmaker, the Industry Capability Network in South Australia (ICN SA) has contributed to contracts valued at more than $1.5 billion being awarded to South Australian companies and the creation of more than 28,000 jobs since it began in 1985.

“ICN SA helps promote local businesses by matching buyers with suppliers, and making sure they are aware of what capabilities are available in South Australia before they look interstate or overseas,” Mr Hill said.

ICN SA is a well-established and successful organisation involved in South Australia’s key growth sectors such as mining, oil and gas, water, defence, clean technology and construction. ICN maintains a comprehensive national database; ICN Gateway – a powerful online tool containing around $400 billion worth of projects and more than 60,000 suppliers. Using ICN Gateway, suppliers can browse and register for project opportunities, while project managers can use it to engage with local suppliers and manage the supplier registration process. General Manager of ICN SA Darren Hill said the group played a key role in ensuring South Australian industries and businesses capture the wide range of 10

“We then identify possible suppliers and service organisations, evaluate their ability to meet the requirements, and nominate suitable suppliers to the buyer. “Our supply chain consultants are recognised experts in their industry with outstanding private sector experience and knowledge of procurement issues. Their role is critical in retaining a broad range of industry skills in South Australia as well as helping attract investment interest,” Mr Hill said. ICN SA is part of a broader national and New Zealand network which can benefit local suppliers and project managers. For more information on South Australia’s major projects or to register your business with ICN, visit www.

Minister’s High Commendation for Excellence in Water Sustainability Environmental Water Services, Decentralised Remote Waste Water Treatment with Advanced Disinfection for Safe and Sustainable Reuse. EWS designed the Moomba GO TREAT MBBR Wastewater Treatment Plant around compliance with free chlorine requirements. The 1000 person (280,000L/d) treatment plant employs advanced Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor secondary biological treatment to treat the wastewater in suitably simple and reliable way, with minimal mechanical components within the system. Further downstream in tertiary treatment the water is clarified, filtered through activated glass beads and then disinfected. The plant was specifically designed for compliance with free chlorine disinfection requirements to ensure reliable disinfection and maximum public health

protection. The plant is designed for remote locations such as mine camps and is also suitable for developing countries and emergency/disaster situations. As such the advancement of this technology means that waste water can be treated more safely in more remote areas.

Chairman’s Award Peter Dillon, for his outstanding contribution to the South Australian water industry. Dr Peter Dillon was recognised at the 2015 Smart Water Awards, receiving the prestigious Chairman’s Award for his outstanding contribution to the water sector in South Australia. Highly regarded throughout the world for his expertise and research on management of aquifer recharge, Dr Dillon has worked across all Australian states as well as leading international research projects in the area. Dr Dillon was part of CSIRO’s Land & Water flagship team based in Adelaide, he has worked on projects in villages in India and contributed to the National Water Commission’s aquifer management policy. With over 25 years research and experience within the water sector Dr Dillon has expertise in the surface water – groundwater interaction, groundwater quality protection from diffuse and point sources, agricultural water reuse and subsurface storage and recovery of

stormwater and reclaimed water. The WIA Smart Water Awards recognise outstanding contributors to the water sector, and those leading in their fields; the WIA Chairman’s Award is presented to a person deemed to have made a major contribution to the water industry either through actions or the implementation of water related programs of the highest significance to the community at large.

SAVE THE DATE South Australian Innovation Launchpad Tuesday 20 October 2015, 1.30pm - 5.30pm SA Water in conjunction with the Water Industry Alliance are giving you an exclusive opportunity to hear from a select number of innovators pitching their latest game changers for the water industry, with a panel of experts then providing feedback on each presentation. The Innovation Launchpad is a unique opportunity to gain an insight into the sector’s future and to learn more about the new things from both SA Water and the broader industry. Afternoon tea, networking drinks and canapes provided. Stay tuned; further details and speakers to be announced in the near future. Date Time Location Cost RSVP

Tuesday 20 October 2015 1.30pm - 5.30pm Panorama Room, Adelaide Convention Centre No cost for SA Water invited guests and one attendee from each WIA member company Call (08) 7424 2466, 11

Member Update Member Renewals! It’s that time of the year again! We’ve loved having the chance to work with our members this year and look forward to continuing this relationship in 2015/16. Your WIA membership will officially expire on the 30th of June, but you can renew your membership anytime from now until July 31st! To see our offering for the 2015/16 financial year click here, or head to www. wiamembership We continue to work hard to provide you opportunities and services that help grow your business, as well as connecting and growing the broader industry in South Australia. We look forward to working with you again this year, and please don’t hesitate to contact our office should you have any questions, on (08) 7424 2466.

Upcoming Events July Members Night Thursday 26 June, 5.15pm 7.00pm, SA Water Learning Centre July Thinktank Further details to come August Members Night Tuesday 18 August, 5.15pm 7.00pm, SA Water Learning Centre August Roundtable with special guest, John Ringham, Chief Executive, SA Water Further details to come 12

Welcome to our New WIA Members Networking Aqueon Aquamate Aquenta Consulting Infratech Water Research Australia Greenwood Holdings TAFE SA MWH Global Fourth Dimension Design VIP Electrical FMG Engineering Seed Consulting Services

Growth Micromax Specialists in Automation Ruralco Water

Out & About - 2015 Smart Water Awards 1. Niki Robinson, Office of the Technical Regulator 2. Alison Bowman, Goyder Institute and Caroline Kerkof, TRILITY 3. Alister Walsh, Waterfind 4. Guests from SA Water enjoying the Awards 5. Shaun Cox, Inxure 6. ICEWaRM’s visiting Indonesian delegation with Trevor Pillar 7. Madeleine Surman, Joel Voortman and Debro Thaw, ICEWaRM 8. Guests enjoying the new venue and atmosphere at the 2015 Awards 9. Elsie Mann, Optimatics and Alana Duncker, MWH Global.









9. 13

(08) 7424 2466 250 Victoria Square, Adelaide, SA, 5000 Solutions In Water is brought to you by the Water Industry Alliance - as a member you have the opportunity to include your latest news and case studies! Contact us to find out more.

Solutions In Water - Issue 8, July 2015, Special Awards Edition  
Solutions In Water - Issue 8, July 2015, Special Awards Edition