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to bigger farms full automation, while at the other end of the spectrum, some just require a basic milking system to get the job done. “We talk to clients individually and identify what could save them time and make the job easier. We ask them how they plan to grow so that the milking system we install can be added to easily when the time comes.” A good milking system can help farmers attract quality staff, which is particularly important for large units, he says. Most farmers are opting for some degree of automation in their sheds because of the benefits it can bring. He says milking machines should be tested annually so that repairs and maintenance can be done over winter when there is no milking. “We can identify issues that, if left, can become big problems. This ensures equipment is always up and running, and avoids unnecessary breakdowns.” Bay Milking Equipment has seven full-time time staff, four of them with New Zealand Milking & Pumping Trade Association testing qualifications. The company also has a 24/7 breakdown service which is answered by a service technician, not a machine. “When farmers need help, they need it quickly as they have cows waiting to be milked,” says Finucane. “Our aim is to get their milking system up and running as soon as possible.” The company expanded into swimming-pool services about 15 years ago when Para Rubber left Whakatane. Its agencies now include Paramount

When farmers need help, they need it quickly as they have cows waiting to be milked. Our aim is to get their milking system up and running for them again as soon as possible. Pools and Pool Master chemicals, Trueform spas and Davey water products. Bay Milking Equipment stocks, supplies and installs these brands, and offers a repair service for all products it sells. A pool-valet service is also available. Growth prompted the company’s move to a new building behind the original Gateway West in 2011, says Finucane. The pools and spas side of the business operates from the front shop, while the rear building is dedicated to milking and pumping equipment Bay Milking Equipment supplies and maintains milking machines and water-related equipment such as wash-down pumps and vat-wash pumps, dairy-water and domestic ultraviolet systems, and farm-related pumping equipment for effluent and irrigation systems.

PHOTOS Above: The Bay Milking Equipment complex in Whakatane. The pools and spa side of the business is in the front shop (to the right in the photo), with the rear building (to the left) dedicated to milking and pumping equipment. Lower left: Top, pumping equipment installed by Bay Milking Equipment; bottom, water tanks are also part of the business

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NZ Dairy Winter 2015  

NZ Dairy Winter 2015