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Hotel sector starting to heat up Chris Hutching The hotel sector is on the cusp of a development boom as tourists flock to New Zealand. Several plans for hotels have been announced, and investment activity has quickened as operators buy existing hotels. Occupancy rates are high and room rates are rising. Stephen Hamilton of consultants Horwath HTL says he has identified about 2000 new hotel rooms due to be built over the next two or three years. Auckland and Queenstown are the hot spots, while hotel construction in Christchurch is rebuilding capacity lost in the earthquakes. Renewed hotel building may be driven by a New Zealand Trade and Enterprise initiative seeking funds from overseas developers.

It has strong backing from some businessmen and qualified support from others. Christchurch already has new airport hotels – the revamped Sudima, JUCY Snooze Backpacker, and the planned Novotel. Originally opened in 1966 as the White Heron Hotel, it was acquired by the Jhunjhnuwala family (worth more than $100 million according to the NBR’s Rich List) in 1999, re-branded as Sudima Christchurch Airport The damaged former Millennium in Cathedral Square has just been acquired for $8.6 million for redevelopment by Southland businessman Geoff Thomas who owns Distinction Hotels, and Auckland-based Sarin Group has acquired the former printing site of The Press in Cathedral Square for a hotel. And Christchurch hoteliers, Michael, Ken and

Thomas Patterson, have purchased the 19-room Queenstown Park Boutique Hotel. The vendors include Christchurch investors James Wall, John Mulholland, and Peter Smith who have been involved in accommodation investments over many years including Awaroa Lodge. The July 2014 rateable value is $3.9m but the brothers are understood to have paid more than this. The Patterson brothers are part owners of the long-established Commodore Hotel in Christchurch which opened in 1971. The family has been seeking a second hotel form some years as a match in quality for the Commodore so they can refer guests between the two. Diversification was another reason, after the experience of what the 2011 earthquakes did to the Christchurch hotel sector. Queenstown is due to become an even more

frenzied destination with other southern centres like Tekapo also experiencing a renewed real estate and accommodation boom. Prime Minister John Key recently announced the government has won a contract to bring 10,000 Chinese tourists which includes host winners of Amway. The visitors will come in waves of 500 which will challenge Queenstown accommodation services with only one new Ramada Hotel to be completed in June. Alastair Porter, developer of Remarkables Park is keen on the government initiatives. He says it is appropriate if they can be a catalyst to bring in international funds. “Hotels in Queenstown are full and it’s a struggle finding accommodation throughout the year now.” Mr Porter says there are many hotel brands to yet make a presence in New Zealand.

Shake up for LINZ system Chris Hutching Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) is to replace its Landonline services with a new system called Advanced Survey and Title Service (ASaTS). It says the aim is to ensure cost and time for title transactions remains low and enhance services. The improvements will include an online search so property buyers can get title information without specialist help. It will be more interactive - surveyors and conveyancers will be able to plug their own software into the system to reduce rework, use it on tablets and mobiles, and will represent property boundaries in 3D. It will also enable LINZ to link property information held across central and local government – such as ratings valuations and titles. The current Landonline system is more than 15 years old and there have been significant advances in technology, knowledge and expertise. For example, it can’t be used on mobile devices. LINZ will also use the opportunity to improve survey and title services so that it provides a better picture of all land, whether in Crown, Maori or private ownership, plus build a function providing links to property information held by LINZ and other government agencies. The current system is paid for by customers like conveyancers and surveyors who use Landonline and this would be the same for ASaTS. It will mean a cost increase for customers in 2021 when it should be in place. LINZ estimates it will add about $20 to $50 to the cost of a typical title transaction, currently about $80.


Another young kiwi off to see the world... Ngaio, a young kiwi born at Queenstown’s Kiwi Birdlife Park last summer, checks out her surroundings. Once they are big enough to fend off predators, the young kiwis bred at the park are released into safe predator-controlled areas around New Zealand.

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This year the park - a popular tourist attraction - is celebrating its 30th anniversary and for the first time has three breeding pairs of kiwi in residence. Should they all produce eggs in September it will be a real boost for the park’s kiwi recovery programme. See story page 5

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China’s chilled meat opening raises questions for Silver Fern Hugh de Lacy New Zealand meat farmers’ delight at China’s agreement to accept chilled meat exports may increase the pressure on Silver Fern Farms (SFF) to back out of its funding deal with Chinese company Shanghai Maling. Already squirming from the New Zealand First Party’s complaint to the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) over the wording of its recommendation to shareholders to accept Shanghai Maling’s $261 million cash injection oiffer, SFF’s survival strategy of changing from a co-operative to a limited liability business structure is looking increasingly unnecessary. Prime Minister John Key’s success in clearing the way for chilled meat exports during his April visit to Beijing will add as-yet-untold millions in value to New Zealand’s red-meat trade with China. In 2015 this reached $1.55 billion, roughly half each of beef and sheepmeat, and all of it frozen. If ever a New Zealand meat company landed a market saviour, the Chinese chilled meat deal would have to be it, and it begs the question of whether

SFF needs Shanghai Maling any more. This is not a question the company is prepared to answer just yet, especially given NZ First Party-leader Winston Peters’ request to the FMA to investigate whether SFF advice to shareholders last September implied imminent receivership or liquidation if they did not accept it. SFF shareholders voted 82 percent in favour of the funding deal, following a 67 percent voter turnout, after SFF documentation said that it was possible “some or all of the members of the banking syndicate (presently supporting SFF) could elect not to extend debt facilities to SFF Co-op beyond October 2015”. “In those circumstances,” the document said, “SFF Co-op may be unable to operate effectively, and adverse consequences [included] receivership or liquidation.” Peters has declined to go into detail on his complaint to the FMA, but industry ginger group Meat Industry Excellence (MIE) has campaigned for a dominant farmer-owned meat company from a merger of SFF and the other big co-operative, Alliance Group which, between them, control around 60% of the industry.

MIE opposes the Shanghai Maling deal, with its chairman, Dave McGaveston of Nelson, endorsing Peters’ inquiry, especially as it related to the company’s not describing the deal as a “major transation,” which it says would have required more shareholder support than it gained. Peters is understood to have also complained, to the Companies Office, about this aspect of the documentation which McGaveston said left farmers with the impression that there was no alternative to the Shanghai Maling deal. MIE has questioned whether the deal was necessary, given that it came in the wake of the best profit SFF had ever recorded, $25m, and the retirement of $121 million in debt. Meanwhile, Alliance Group has scored its own big export win in China, signing an agreement in the presence of John Key with Beijing businessman Chen Xibin and his Grand Farms company, to greatly boost the Invercargill-based co-operative’s value-added sheepmeat and venison exports. Grand Farms is China’s single largest importer of sheepmeats, processing 70% of the lamb Alliance supplies into lamb rolls, kebabs and retailready finished products.

Westland opens new UHT plant Hugh de Lacy Whatever the short-term outlook for the dairy industry, the Westland Milk Products co-operative has ensured itself a value-added future with the opening of its new $40 million ultra-high temperature (UHT) milk plant in Rolleston, near Christchurch. Though the width of the South Island away from Westland’s Hokitika headquarters, the new factory will free the company from its dependence on milk powder and commodity products. The factory, which employs 40 staff and is expected to launch its first UHT product in China in June, will allow Westland to export milk in liquid form for the first time. It has the capacity to produce 140,000 litres of UHT long-life milk and 9000 litres of whipping cream per hour, and will complement the $114 million nutritionals dryer whose installation in Hokitika was completed late last year. Westland chief executive Rod Quin told Business South that the opening of the Rolleston factory was a “significant milestone” for the company, and would give it the opportunity to move away from the “volatile and currently over-supplied” dairy commodities market. It comes at a time when bulk milk powder prices are in a trough that has reduced farmers’ incomes to a non-sustainable level of under $5 for a kilogram of milk solids. Quin said the new factory, which will be supplied by Canterbury as well as West Coast farmers, will help producers survive the current dairy downturn by adding 20c/kg to value-added returns. This could be particularly significant given that he does not see the commodity price rising substantially over the next couple of years, despite the slight increases in the last two commodity auctions conducted by the giant Fonterra cooperative. A recent trip through Europe left Quin and Westland less than optimistic for a quick recovery in dairy pices because they saw no sign of farmlevel production there winding back in response to lower prices.

Zenkuro directors, from left, Craig McLachlan, Richard Ryall and David Joll toast the brew’s success.

First New Zealand sake a hit Demand has far outstripped supply at New Zealand’s first and only sake brewery, which opened in Queenstown in December last year, with national souvenir chains already interested in selling it. Zenkuro’s handcrafted sake was snapped up by four Queenstown restaurants within the first month, and now several Auckland restaurants are lining up to buy it. The Zenkuro - the Japanese character for zen means ‘all’ and the one for kuro means ‘black’ – boutique brewery was launched by three Kiwi entrepreneurs from Queenstown – adventurer Craig McLachlan, Richard Ryall and Zenkuro’s brewer, David Joll. They teamed up with Japanese businessman Yoshi Kawamura, who sits on the Japan New Zealand Business Council executive. Kawamura, a Christchurch hotelier, owns a similar boutique sake brewery in Vancouver, Canada. The high-quality junmai sake is handcrafted from polished Californian rice and made with pure Southern Alps mountain water. “We’ve been absolutely blown away by the demand,” says Ryall. “Even souvenir shops want it to sell to Japanese visitors to take home.” Sake is also becoming a trendy drink in New York, San Francisco, Paris and London. “With Japan hosting the Rugby World Cup in 2019 and the Olympics in 2020, we see it as a big opportunity,” says Ryall.

Handcrafting sake involves multiple parallel fermentation. “This is what potentially gives sake the highest fermented alcohol content in the world,” says Joll. Ryall said they had not anticipated demand from souvenir shops. “Potentially it’s huge,” he says. “Souvenir store owners believe Japanese visitors will be very keen to take our hand-made sake home from New Zealand as gifts.” The Zenkuro partners were invited to enter their special Kiwi product in the World Sake Competition in Japan in May. However, being humble Kiwi blokes they’re waiting for a bit more experience before fronting up against the world’s sake best. “We’ve decided to just send Dave as an observer this year,” says McLachlan. “There is only a handful of brewers in the world making sake completely by hand, using traditional methods,” says Joll. “These days it’s mostly produced in mass batches using machines.” Joll has studied traditional sake brewing in Japan and Canada and recently graduated from a Sake Education Council course in Tokyo as a ‘certified sake professional’. He was the only brewer, learning sake traditions alongside 5-star hospitality professionals from around the world. Eventually the Zenkuro partners hope to see their sake served on Air New Zealand flights to Japan, and also to export.

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Office space glut in central Chch Hugh de Lacy Christchurch’s chronic glut of CBD office space is not only wildly out of sync with the Auckland and Wellington markets, but looks set to stay soft despite there being less space now, either completed or in planning, than there was before the 2010-2011 earthquakes. First noted by property group Colliers International in a report late last year, and largely unchanged since, there is a whopping 44.2% vacancy rate in the eastern sector of the CBD where stock totals 18,569sqm, of which 8215sqm is vacant. Over the six CBD sectors the total vacancy rate is 22.1%, with 78,817sqm of the 356,260sqm total vacant. Before the quakes total CBD office space was 446,000sqm, but by 2014 that had plummeted to 133,184sqm, before climbing back to 213,774sqm in 2014 and to current levels last year. By contrast, the Wellington and Auckland CBD office markets are at or near record low vacancy rates.

Wellington’s vacancy rate is steady at around a tight 11%, but Auckland’s is at the unprecedented low of 5.8%, with less than 84,000sqm available, the lowest since Colliers began recording in the mid-1990s. Gary Sellars, the director of Colliers’ valuation and advisory services, told Business South the current high vacancy rates in Christchurch reflected the pre-quakes situation where there had been a chronic over-supply. “Of the 446,000sqm we had back then, only 385,000sqm was occupied, though bear in mind that a lot of that space was pretty old and pretty average.” Those figures also represented a relative density for office space accommodation of 20.6sqm per person, compared to Auckland’s 16.6sqm/person at the time. “What we’re finding now is that everyone’s coming back at a higher density, so you’ve got less space per person, so people are being more efficient in terms of their office space utilisation,” Sellars said. A further factor affecting office occupancy is the

“What we’re finding now is that everyone’s coming back at a higher density, so you’ve got less space per person, so people are being more efficient in terms of their office space utilisation.” shift from the CBD to the suburbs that followed the quakes. “Now we’ve got a lot of new offices built in [suburban] Addington, and some of the people that were in the city are staying out there as well.” By the end of last year 97,939sqm of new office space had been built with a 77% occupancy rate, 142,507sqm was under construction with 74% leased, with a further 5747sqm confirmed and 6% of that committed. Intentions have been signalled for the building of a further 41,000sqm, of which 25% has intending tenants. “There is a significant amount of construction going on at the moment, and after all that’s finished early in 2017, the confirmed construction which

is definitely going ahead drops right back to 5000sqm,” Sellars said. The Christchurch glut is already having an effect on both rentals and construction plans. Sellars said that a good marker of the direction of rentals is provided by the first new buildings that went up in the central business district’s Victoria Street precinct. “They were getting $400-$415/sqm quite easily, but now, once you take the incentives out, the best of the new buildings are only achieving around the $350/sqm mark, and falling. “We going to find after the middle of 2017 that we’re not going to get a lot of office accommodation built in the CBD for a long time,” Sellars said.

Spreading the message on Herbal medicine Jo Bailey Simone Reddington of The Apothecary would like to see more people turn to herbal medicine as their first choice in the treatment and prevention of disease. “Herbal medicine is the way we originally treated our ailments and has kept us alive for thousands of years. In some ways we’ve been led to believe we had nothing until drugs came along, but that is simply not the case.” Simone was running a herbal dispensary at home before she opened her store in the “perfect location” at The Tannery in 2013. “The aim was to create a store that resembles a traditional apothecary, or herbal pharmacy from a bygone era, and The Tannery has just that sort of appeal.” The Apothecary’s wooden shelves are stocked full of more than 150 herbal tonics, teas, powders and products from around the world, with properties enabling them to treat all organs of the body and all manner of ailments. “Herbs can even protect our bodies from radiation and increase cellular metabolism and waste removal,” she says. Behind the counter, Simone and her team, who are all qualified medical herbalists are ready to guide customers towards simple over the counter remedies, or provide a full health consultation with prescribed remedies for specific problems. She says stress, anxiety, sleep issues, hormonal disturbances, and high blood pressure,

The Apothecary is stocked with more than 150 herbal tonics, teas, powders and products from around the world, with properties enabling them to treat all organs of the body and all manner of ailments.

are some of the most common ailments that respond well to herbs. “Herbs can be used to great effect to protect our bodies and strengthen the immune system when we’re under stress, which is a key to preventing illness.” One of Simone’s “main messages” is to encourage people to explore the benefits of herbal medicine before they get sick. “Falling sick is a cost to both the person and society.



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“There is a lot we can do to minimise the risk of illness, but it is important people know what their risk factors are. We can help them to understand their early warning signs.” Gut health is now proven by modern research to be one of the most influential contributors to overall health, and is a priority of The Apothecary’s team of herbalists and naturopaths, who are trained in anatomy and biochemistry, as well as herbal medicine and nutrition, she says. “Digestive issues such as irritable bowel can

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often be stress related. Avoiding problems, or treating them before they get worse is the best prevention.” The Apothecary team takes a holistic view of health, advocating the use of herbal medicines, along with lifestyle changes, stress management, weight management and dietary improvements. They regularly run educational seminars (after hours and at workplaces on request) for people who are interested in learning more about how to prevent stress related illness, cardiovascular health and all of the main body systems from hormonal health to brain function. Simone says herbal medicine can be taken safely alongside most conventional medications as a “supportive” measure, which is commonplace in other countries, such as China. “There are so many things we can do for people on medication. In a lot of cases the herbs can dramatically reduce a drug’s side effects. Simone says her interest in herbs was sparked by being brought up on whole foods, and by being taken to see a naturopath as a child. At the age of 21 she was feeling constantly tired and after visiting a herbalist, felt so much better. “I have a degree in psychology but spent the whole time during my studies thinking about herbs and why they weren’t being used in psychiatric care. When I was 26, I decided to study herbs and herbal medicines and have been in love with them ever since. It’s amazing what herbs can do and the amazing benefits to health and overall wellbeing they provide.”


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Tax boost for firms undertaking R&D If you’re an entrepreneur trying to develop your innovative idea for a new product, process or service, chances are you know it can be tough to get financial backing for your business. Research and development (R&D) start-ups often face high costs to get their ideas off the ground, which typically results in net tax losses during the initial years of intensive R&D spend until the product is ready for market. For start-up businesses, these tax losses are locked away and cannot be utilised until such future time that they begin to make taxable profits. This results in start-up companies being at a competitive disadvantage to more established businesses which are able to offset their R&D costs against other trading revenues and thereby get the cash flow benefit of reducing their current tax bill. In response and to encourage the ‘innovative economy’, the Government has introduced a new R&D loss tax credit regime allowing the “cashing out” of tax losses incurred by R&D intensive companies. R&D intensive companies (i.e. companies with at least 20% of their labour expenses spent on R&D activities) now have an option to cash in the value of their tax losses arising from R&D rather than having to wait until they make profits which helps to put them on a more level playing field with other established businesses. This R&D loss tax credit regime starts for the 2015/16 income year – which for most companies will have just ended meaning that they may already have an entitlement to make a claim. The maximum tax credit available is $140k in this initial year, however this gradually rises to $560k by 2020/21 and accordingly this could provide important cash flow injection during your R&D phase. The new regime uses the same definitions of “research” or “development” as used for financial reporting (New Zealand International Accounting Standard 38) with some additional inclusions and exclusions to target the right recipients. In short, “research” involves gaining new knowledge and “development” involves

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applying knowledge to create something new or substantially improved. Tax losses that are cashed out under the regime are paid out as a 28% tax credit as part of the tax return process and are forfeited (instead of being carried forward to future years). This means that the R&D tax credit is essentially a short-term interest free loan (not a grant), as the tax losses are no longer available to offset against future tax. In addition, repayment obligations will be triggered by certain events, generally around the sale of the R&D outcomes or the company (or its liquidation) before the tax credit is effectively “paid back” by tax profits. Nevertheless, the credit represents valuable interest free funding during the R&D phase. Inland Revenue requires a reasonable level of documentation to support an R&D loss tax credit claim. You therefore need to consider the practical administration changes you will need to make when electing into this regime. Good business records of your R&D activity and R&D spend will be expected. In practice, it will be easiest to put systems in place right from the start. So if you think you may be eligible, we recommend getting advice on both tax credit entitlement and your business record requirements as quickly as possible to take the best advantage of this regime. As any new business owner will know, cash flows are essential to support early growth. It’s great to see the Government recognising the challenges that R&D start-ups face and supporting Kiwi ingenuity with this new R&D tax incentive. Aaron Thorn, Partner - Deloitte Christchurch

“R&D intensive companies now have an option to cash in the value of their tax losses arising from R&D rather than having to wait until they make profits.”

Electric Bike Hub is the sole importer of high quality Kinetic ebikes in New Zealand.

Ebikes starting to make inroads Jo Bailey A growing number of fleet owners are considering electric bicycles as an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to move their people, says Jace Hobbs, owner of Electric Bike Hub. “Companies and local authorities are starting to recognise that by investing in electric bikes they can save big chunks of money, create efficiencies and provide spin-off benefits for their staff. An electric bike can make a short transit across town for a fraction of the cost of running a car, and can get the person there in the same time or quicker.” Electric Bike Hub is the sole importer of high quality Kinetic ebikes in New Zealand. The Nelson and Auckland based company has been around for 13 years, and was bought by Jace five-and-a-half years ago. “I knew this brand was significant to the world, and used the latest most up-to-date technology, so decided to acquire the distributorship.” He has significantly grown the operation, which now has a nationwide retail and service network and many private and commercial ebike customers. Five councils throughout New Zealand, along with the Auckland and Welington branches of the NZ Transport Agency are among the firm’s commercial clients, says Jace.

“We’ve won every single council bid we’ve tendered. I put this down to the high quality of the German and Japanese componentry in the Kinetic brand, and the fact they are very low maintenance ebikes compared to others on the market.” The lack of congestion and parking issues with ebikes, and the potential to avoid road extensions with a significant uptake of the technology is also attractive to councils, says Jace, who regularly travels throughout New Zealand to give talks on electric transportation and its benefits for the country. “New Zealand is ideal for a transition to electric vehicles. We have cities with traffic congestion issues, reliable renewable energy sources, a relatively benign climate, and an aging population that needs some exercise.” An ebike provides light exercise, as the user still pedals just as they would on a regular bike. However with the assistance of the Kinetic ebike’s lithium powered battery, they travel around three times further for their energy expended, and “can laugh at hills and head winds,” says Jace. “Riding an electric bike is easy, convenient, fun and inexpensive. People can do bike trips they wouldn’t normally do and won’t arrive at work, a meeting or return home from running errands needing a shower, like they might after riding a regular bike.”

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Kiwi romance adds special touch to 30th anniversary Kim Newth Usually it takes time for love to bloom between a pair of kiwi. Not so at Queenstown’s Kiwi Birdlife Park where a newly arrived North Island brown kiwi literally dug under a barrier one night to reach his future mate. “We found them snuggled up together in the morning,” says park manager Nicole Kunzmann, who is thrilled that the park is now on track for a bumper breeding season later this year. Amorous kiwi suitor, Hakurangi, picked the perfect time to hook up with his neighbour, Hoatapui. This year the park is celebrating its 30th anniversary and for the first time ever has three breeding pairs of kiwi in residence. Should they all produce eggs in September it will be a real boost for the park’s breed-for-release kiwi recovery programme. Once big enough to fend off predators, young kiwis bred at the park are released into safe predator-controlled areas around New Zealand. This thriving five acre forest sanctuary in the heart of Queenstown was once boggy waste ground, littered with old car wrecks and rubbish.

Back in the 1980’s, Frankton garage and shop proprietors Dick and Noeleen Wilson had the vision to lease the unpromising patch of land with a view to developing it as a local wildlife sanctuary. They were motivated by a passion for the New Zealand environment and a desire to share it with others. “Dick and his son Paul took two years to clear the site of junk and get rid of pest plants such as broom, pine and blackberry,” says Nicole. “There was a natural spring coming out of the hill so they diverted that to create ponds and waterways to go through the park enclosures.” Extensive replanting with natives, including beech, kowhai and makomako (wineberry), ensured there would be fruiting and flowering plants in future years to provide food and shelter for native birds. When Kiwi Birdlife Park first opened in 1986, it had one kiwi house and three aviaries. Over the years it has grown to encompass two kiwi houses, many more aviaries and a new reptile wing for juvenile tuatara. The park is also involved in coordinated conservation projects throughout New Zealand. In 2001, the park launched its ground breaking free-flight bird show that enables visitors to see native birds flying overhead in the park’s outdoor Wildlife Theatre.

Queenstown’s Kiwi Birdlife Park is also involved in coordinated conservation projects throughout New Zealand, such as the kiwi recovery programme. Dick and Noeleen have both passed away but their family legacy continues through their son Paul Wilson and his wife Sandra, who are both park directors. The next generation is now taking an active role too, with Paul and Sandra’s son Richard having recently come on board to learn the ropes. Some of New Zealand’s rarest and most endangered birds and reptiles can be seen at the

park, which has daily kiwi feeding sessions, tuatara encounters and conservation shows. “Our keepers love to talk about the birds and we also share some conservation messages around reducing waste, reuse and recycling and the importance of our native plants. We try to make it fun and entertaining for our visitors.” Open days are planned this year as part of the park’s ongoing 30th anniversary celebrations.

“Our keepers love to talk about the birds and we also share some conservation messages around reducing waste, reuse and recycling and the importance of our native plants. We try to make it fun and entertaining for our visitors.”

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The Kiwi Birdlife Park is a popular tourist attraction in Queenstown.

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May 2016 Business South

New backpacker hostel for Chch Karen Phelps A new 280-bed backpacker hostel near Christchurch airport continues a move by company JUCY to situate budget accommodation near to major international transport hubs. The hostel will offer a mix of traditional double rooms with ensuites, family rooms and ‘capsule’ accommodation – multiple fibreglass units in a room containing a bed as well as power points, USB chargers and a small storage area. The capsules aim to offer guests a greater degree of privacy than in a normal dorm room situation. All guests also have access to a communal kitchen, bathroom and hang out area. JUCY co-owner Tim Alpe says the new property, which is located near to the International Antarctic Centre enabling guests to walk to and from the airport terminals, will offer the Christchurch market a different accommodation model and choice. “After the earthquakes a lot of budget accommodation properties in Christchurch were destroyed. “We’ve been talking to Christchurch International Airport for some time about JUCY Snooze as people were sometimes sleeping at the airport so there was a need for this type of budget accommodation option near the airport,” explains Tim. JUCY is a family owned and operated business by brothers Tim and Dan Alpe, who take a hands on approach to their business. JUCY Rentals - car and campervans - began in 2001 and now has branches in New Zealand, Australia, and the US running a combined fleet of 3,500 vehicles. JUCY Rentals is supported by its own campervan manufacturing divisions in Auckland and Los Angeles called JUCY By Design to enable control over design and quality control from the outset, says Tim. The JUCY brand has also grown to include JUCY Cruise, which offers a range of tourism related coach, boat and air trips of Milford Sound. Tim acknowledges that there have been challenges along the way due to the rapid growth of the business and says having the right people and systems has been instrumental. JUCY employs over 300 staff across the business. JUCY Snooze is the latest offering from the company with JUCY Snooze Christchurch due to open in October complementing JUCY Snooze offerings in Auckland City. Tim says the aim is to identify other potential opportunities in New Zealand and internationally to roll the model out further. “JUCY Snooze Christchurch shows investment going back into Christchurch post-earthquake. Christchurch is the tourism gateway to the South Island and we strongly believe in Christchurch

The JUCY Snooze backpacker hostel will offer a mix of traditional double rooms with ensuites, family rooms and ‘capsule’ accommodation – multiple fibreglass units in a room containing a bed as well as power points, USB chargers and a small storage area.

as a long-term business opportunity. There are record visitor arrivals in New Zealand so it’s a good time to be in tourism and we’re very positive and confident about the future.” He says future growth opportunities in the USA in particular are also a significant target for the company:

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“For example there are six million registered motor homes in the US. “It’s a popular way to vacation and we’re only just scratching the surface of that market,” says Tim. He says that if JUCY can continue to build a solid brand and product offering the company

will certainly look at expanding its offering into other branches of tourism. “We pride ourselves on offering unique and exciting travel solutions in every market we enter,” says Tim. “We’ve got some huge plans for the business and JUCY Snooze is a significant part of that.”

Advantage Plumbing & Drainage have a long standing relationship with Arrow International. We look forward to delivering another project & are excited to be their partner at JUCY Snooze. Advantage Ltd branches: Christchurch – 504 Blenheim Road – 03 355 4786 Queenstown – 11 Industrial Place – 03 442 8926


What would your business look like as a Picture? We all know that the brain works with pictures, not words and not numbers. As Humans we process pictures, and we can process and analyse them quickly and pretty accurately. There is no point trying to explain what the picture above means, in reality it is just like a family portrait of a family you don’t know. This Picture is what Jolly Good Software has created for ENI Engineering, and it tells their Factory Team what is going on in their factory, and most importantly where there are issues for them to action. “We “W were able to get the production information from one person’s head into a form which gives gi us the flexibility to respond and match our capacity, to the needs of our clients” John Down CEO ENI Engineering.

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TOURISM » Queenstown Airport Improvements

May 2016 Business South

QT Airport on target for night flights Kim Newth Airfield improvements at Queenstown Airport are on track for completion this month (April 2016), ahead of the anticipated commencement of winter evening flights by Air New Zealand from July. The $18 million project has seen the runway widened from 30m to 45m and improved with a comprehensive airfield lighting package. Resurfacing to apply a 110mm asphalt overlay across the whole runway is due to be completed this month. The overlay work started at the runway’s western end and has progressively moved eastwards away from neighbouring houses, with up to 80m completed each night. New Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) lights have been successfully trialled and put into service and new runway and taxiway lights have been installed each night as the overlay has progressed. Air traffic Control systems in the airport tower are being upgraded to support the new lighting lay-out. Strong growth in demand from domestic and international visitors is undoubtedly a key

driver behind the infrastructure changes, which are enabling the safe introduction of after-dark flights. In a recent newsletter, the airport announced it had hit the 1.5 million passenger mark for the first time in a rolling 12-month period. In January, Air New Zealand announced it would commence night flying in and out of Queenstown from July, subject to regulatory approval. If that approval is granted, the airline will be able to operate services between Queenstown and Auckland between 7am and 9.30pm daily using A320 aircraft. Air New Zealand’s proposed Queenstown night schedule will provide greater choice and flexibility for travellers and the schedule changes are expected to boost capacity between Auckland and Queenstown by 15 per cent in FY17 with an additional 100,000 seats. Getting away to Queenstown for a weekend winter break is poised to become a reality and for business travellers it ushers in a new era of flexibility, enabling them to do a return trip instead of having to stay the night. Queenstown Airport General Manager of Operations Mike Clay has welcomed the planned

“Queenstown Airport has been paving the way for evening flights for several years to facilitate a safe and smooth introduction so we’re delighted it’s now one step closer to fruition.” evening flights, noting that they will bring more choice and flexibility for local residents and will also strongly boost the region’s booming tourism sector. “Queenstown Airport has been paving the way for evening flights for several years to facilitate a safe and smooth introduction so we’re delighted it’s now one step closer to fruition,” he says. During winter, the airport has consent to operate between 6am and 10pm so the introduction of evening flights will also enable better use of that consent, while reducing peaktime pressure. “Evening flights will help spread the airport’s peak times more evenly which will improve people’s experience. “It will give them more flexibility and connectivity across the airline networks and will

create a significant number of job opportunities for our community.” Prior to winter, a series of minor construction projects are being completed around the terminal to reduce congestion and improve the airport visitor experience. The airport is also working with on-site businesses to help facilitate appropriate staffing levels that will be required for double shift operations. Airways New Zealand has worked with Queenstown Airport and partner airlines to introduce advanced navigation procedures associated with the airfield upgrade. Queenstown Airport is mindful of the impact a busier airfield will have on its neighbours. A 20-year plan provides for acoustic treatment packages to be rolled out to homes identified as most affected by aircraft noise.

The $18 million Queenstown Airport upgrade project has seen the runway widened from 30m to 45m and improved with a comprehensive airfield lighting package.

Business South May 2016

TOURISM » Queenstown Airport Improvements

Air New Zealand has announced it will commence night flying in and out of Queenstown from July, subject to regulatory approval.

Downer does its bit Downer delivers on runway upgrade Infrastructure specialist, Downer, has been working through the night to complete runway improvements at Queenstown Airport with minimal disruption. As Queenstown is one of New Zealand’s iconic airports, Downer is very proud to have been working with the Queenstown Airport Corporation and Beca to open Queenstown to evening flights and provide greater access to the region. Since starting on site in October 2015, Downer’s specialist team has carried out site drainage improvements, widened the airport by 7.5m each side and conducted a complete asphalt overlay, taking the runway from 30m wide to 45m wide. Significant lighting works include the installation of runway edge lights, new ducting and lighting cable. Downer’s mobile asphalt plant and mobile laboratory have been used to deliver a high quality asphalt mix, with tests conducted on site to ensure required high specifications are met. Aggregate has been sourced locally from Parkburn Quarry in Cromwell. In order to minimise disruption to airport customers, work has been starting after the last scheduled flight and ending by 5am the following morning, ahead of the first flight out. On any given night, Downer has had between 15 and 35 specialists on the job. A very high level of communication between the night shift team and the day time team has ensured a smooth

ongoing operation, one that has also been well-planned so as to steadily move away from residents’ homes to progressively lower noise effects. Materials have been delivered during the day to further minimise impact on the local area during the night. Planning for a safe working environment has been a critical part of preparation at all times. Downer is a specialist in airport construction and resurfacing, having previously completed a number of airport jobs around New Zealand, including resurfacing the runway at Hamilton International Airport and Gisborne Airport in the past two years and having just completed the Christchurch International Airport Runway shoulder replacement project. Airport work is a specialist, niche market requiring effective planning and exceptional execution in order to achieve success safely and to a high standard. The Queenstown Airport project has highlighted the capability of Downer’s specialist construction team, their expertise in runways and surfacing and their commitment to working safely and effectively in a challenging environment. Queenstown has experienced significant amount of growth in recent years and Downer is involved in a number of other local projects. Evening flights are poised to enhance the region’s growth further, with completion of the airfield improvements seen as a real win for the local community.

Building futures We are proud to be a collaborative partner in the Queenstown Lakes region. We build projects to meet the needs of tomorrow and deliver integrated infrastructure services behind the scenes.

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May 2016 Business South

DEVELOPMENT » Wanaka Sports Facility

New Wanaka facility set to impress Jo Bailey Excitement is building in Wanaka, with the region’s impressive new sports facility set to open during winter 2016. Simon Glass, business development director of main contractor Cook Brothers Construction is looking forward to unveiling the $13.9 million project, which because of its location, has not been highly visible to the public during the construction process. “It is set quite a way off the road, with no

public access at present, so I think people will be impressed when the times comes to cut the ribbon and we can finally let the community in to have a look.” Wanaka Sports is one of the first developments to get underway at Three Parks, a mixed use 100 hectare development on the outskirts of Wanaka that will feature a new commercial centre with large and small-scale retail shops and services; a business park; new residential sections; and a tourism and community precinct. The impressive new facility incorporates a 4,500 square metre sports hall with two full-sized




indoor courts, changing rooms, meeting and office spaces, a multi-sport artificial turf, as well as car parking and landscaping. Allowance has been made to build a new swimming pool at the Wanaka Sports complex at a later date. The development has been driven by population growth, with the region’s existing sports facilities unable to cope with the huge rise in numbers of people participating in sports, particularly in junior grades. Cook Brothers got underway with stage one works at the sports facilities in July/August 2015.

By late November the main steel structure of the building was up, with the Kingspan roofing system and wall cladding being installed. The sports centre’s concrete floor slab was poured in December. Simon says constructing the building in this way is not unusual in the southern regions. “Winter weather can be extreme, with wind, rain and snow making concrete pours extremely difficult. This building methodology lessens the risk and is something we’ve used on several other similar-sized projects down here.” • to page 12

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Business South May 2016

DEVELOPMENT Âť Wanaka Sports Facility

| 11

The Wanaka Sports facility is one of the first developments to get underway at Three Parks, a mixed-use 100 hectare development on the outskirts of Wanaka.










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DEVELOPMENT » Wanaka Sports Facility

May 2016 Business South

New Wanaka recreation facility set to impress • from page 10 By mid-April the main structure was up and all enclosed, with internal lines going into the administration and dressing room areas. The external cladding and big windows were also going in, with access roads and services also under construction. “Things are coming together pretty quickly and the site is starting to look great,’ says Simon. He says the project hasn’t thrown up any major challenges, apart from its sheer scale requiring careful attention to detail. “It is a massive structure with a couple of hundred tonnes of steel in the roof alone. “We spent a lot of time making sure it was all plumb and correct, with a lot of quality assurance checks involved.” As main contractors, Cook Brothers Construction has its own team on site, including project managers, quantity surveyors and builders, and is managing a number of different subcontractors on the project. “A lot of our build team and sub-contractors are Wanaka locals, so it’s a great project for them to be involved with.” He says the firm has enjoyed working with other consultants and stakeholders including RCP, Rider Levitt Buchnall, Warren and Mahoney, Holmes Consulting, and the client Queenstown Lakes District Council. Cook Brothers Construction is a national commercial construction company founded in Dunedin in 2004, which employs around 60 personnel. It has regional branches in Auckland, Canterbury and Southern Lakes (Queenstown) in addition to its Otago head office. Simon says the Wanaka Sports facility is one

The impressive new facility incorporates a 4,500 square metre sports hall with two full-sized indoor courts, changing rooms, meeting and office spaces, a multi-sport artificial turf, as well as car parking and landscaping. of the larger projects being completed by the firm’s Queenstown office, which has around 50 staff. “Another sizeable project for this team was the $12 million expansion at Queenstown Airport where we are now working on the large extension and refurbishment of the existing control tower.” Otherwise, the Southern Lakes branch is completing 20 new units for West Meadows Motels; and has worked on projects at Wanaka Primary School and Mt Aspiring College. The firm’s three other branches also have some large projects underway, with a new Fresh Choice supermarket at Green Island, Dunedin recently completed.

“There have been many years of discussions and site planning for this project, so it’s great to see it finally coming to fruition.” Back at Southern Lakes, Simon says the team is pleased to be building the new sports facility and he expects it to be a “major drawcard” for both existing and potential new residents. “There have been many years of discussions and site planning for this project, so it’s great to see

it finally coming to fruition. “It will be a fantastic facility for Wanaka and Upper Clutha residents. “It is also a great project for the company and we’d love the opportunity to build the new pool once stage two of the project is confirmed.”

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Monkey Toe has all the solutions Monkey Toe Group, a leading supplier of roof access, plant mounting, barrier and personal protection systems, is installing a combination of specialist products including access ladders, a plant platform, and trafficable gutter guards on the new Wanaka Sports facilities due to open in June. Marketing manager Jeff Poole says the trafficable gutter guards will protect the impressive new building from blocked or frozen gutters and downpipes, which can be caused by heavy snow loading. “The system sits above the gutters and prevents snow from building up by allowing it to melt and be dispersed through the grating at a natural melt rate.” The guards also protect from leaf litter blockage, and can be lifted out if people need to access the gutters, he says. Monkey Toe is also installing a lightweight but strong 5 meter by 1.6 metre plant platform on the roof of the sports facility, which is an economical, safe means of storing plant, without having to build a costly sub-structure platform, says Jeff. “Our products are made of marine grade aluminium, which weighs a fraction of steel but is just as strong. “This is particularly beneficial when it comes to plant platforms, as they save a lot of weight being loaded onto roof structures.” Two easy-access caged ladders measuring 5.8 metres and 3.5 metres are also being made by Monkey Toe Group for the building. “With changes to the Health and Safety Act now in force, the importance of having safe access to places like roofs for servicing has become more prominent. Our business is all about keeping people safe,” says Jeff. Other premium New Zealand made products supplied by Monkey Toe Group include skeletal and mesh plant platforms, roof boardwalk and walkway systems, condenser mounts and supports, guardrail and handrail systems, safety barriers, and glass balustrades. Established in 2006, Monkey Toe Group is

Monkey Toe is installing a lightweight but strong 5m by 1.6m plant platform on the roof of the sports facility. a family owned and operated company, with its directors having more than 30 years’ experience in the construction and engineering industries. The company’s head office is in Taranaki, with branches in Auckland and Christchurch allowing it to service a wide range of commercial and industrial clients nationwide. “Our projects have included other sports facilities such as the AMI Christchurch Temporary Stadium and Sir John Guise Outdoor Stadium in Papua New Guinea. We have also worked with the project’s main contractors, Cook

Brothers Construction, and architects Warren and Mahoney on several other projects over the years, particularly in Christchurch, where we have been busy assisting the rebuild in the commercial sector.” He says the business is forging ahead and is “very well established”. “Our products are well known in the marketplace and often specified by architects. We aim to work closely with clients, visiting their site to go over the product and cost options and helping to come up with the best solution.

We understand every project is different, often requiring the expertise of our design and engineering team to create specialised custommade roof access and mounting products.” Jeff says Monkey Toe Group is committed to developing and continually improving a unique range of products that exceeds the expectations of the construction industry. “Our products never rust, and most are supported by a lifetime warranty. This gives clients peace of mind that they are making a one-off purchase they won’t have to worry about again.”

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May 2016 Business South

DEVELOPMENT » Aspiring Enliven Care Centre

Aged-care facility a timely project Russell Fredric The vision for aged-care in Wanaka came a step closer when Arrow International NZ Ltd began construction on stage one of the $9.3 million Aspiring Enliven Care Centre in October last year. Arrow International was selected after tendering during an Early Contractor Involvement role to provide build-ability support to the client

and design team before being awarded the main construction contract of the aged-care facility, which neighbours the Aspiring Lifestyle Retirement Village. The first of three stages will include 20 dementia care rooms, 19 rest home/hospital level care rooms and one palliative care suite. When fully completed, the three-stage care centre will be more than triple the number of aged-care beds in the area.

The project is a partnership between Presbyterian Support Otago and Aspiring Lifestyle Retirement Village with the expectation that it will be the first step towards solving Upper Clutha’s considerable lack of elderly care options. Arrow International’s southern director Nick Hamlin, who oversees the planning and delivery of all projects in Arrow International’s southern region, expects construction of the first stage of

the 3000 square metre complex to be completed in August this year, with the facility ready for occupation in October. The centre will be staffed by 40 care-workers, registered nurses, housekeepers, activity coordinators and other support staff, under the management of the manager, Enliven Services Wanaka.

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Business South May 2016

DEVELOPMENT » Aspiring Enliven Care Centre

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The first stage of the 3000 square metre Aspiring Enliven Care Centre will be completed in August this year, with the facility ready for occupation in October.

Situated on the corner of Conon and Eye St in Invercargill, Nick Morris Engineering’s experienced team can assist with all your structural steel work, architectural metalwork and balustrades.

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May 2016 Business South

DEVELOPMENT » Aspiring Enliven Care Centre

The first of three stages will include 20 dementia care rooms, 19 rest home/hospital level care rooms and one palliative care suite.




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Business South May 2016

DEVELOPMENT » Aspiring Enliven Care Centre

| 17

Aged-care facility will meet ready demand • from page 14 Nick says the development is a “greenfield” site which means all new services such as electricity; waste water, storm water and potable water have to be brought in to a new dedicated plant room. An efficient wood-chip fuelled boiler will provide heating for the facility, which will be fully temperature-controlled along with airconditioning services to the entire building. One of the significant challenges of the project has been securing and co-ordinating trade’s people, due to the Central Otago construction industry being extremely buoyant at present. Despite this, Arrow International is well resourced, and having three regional offices in the south means components such as joinery can be made in Dunedin, mechanical and plumbing and electrical services supplied from both Wanaka and Queenstown, while concrete and foundations are being completed by a Southland based company. “As the programme is reasonably tight, it’s worked incredibly well, to be able to pull trades from around the region. “It’s definitely been a real team effort.” Nick Hamlin says Arrow’s involvement from the front-end of the project during the planning and design stages, means efficiencies are able to be created in ease of building and the simplification of some details resulting in a faster overall build time.

Arrow International has considerable experience in the construction of retirement villages and aged-care facilities.

Arrow International has considerable experience in the construction of retirement villages and aged-care facilities; it is presently involved in building Clare House Retirement Village in Invercargill while another major project is in the concept design stage. “We have completed in the vicinity of $100 million of work in the aged-care sector in Otago and Southland during the last ten years. “A majority of this has been for not for profit organisations such as Presbyterian Support”. “Collectively, our team have a huge amount of experience to draw on. “We understand how the facilities operate, including the specific needs of dementia wards,” says Nick. “If your design and build team can understand the business, then its going to add significant value to any age-care facility.”

landscapes 308 Trents Road Christchurch 7676 Telephone 03 3498 228 Fax 03 3495 140

Building for Communities Arrow International are proud to be the Building Partner of the Aspiring Retirement Village in Wanaka.

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May 2016 Business South

DEVELOPMENT » Eastgate Development

Eastgate redevelopment on track Kim Newth Eastgate Shopping Centre is poised to become a health and social services hub, with its upper level housing a purpose-built integrated family health centre and a range of social service providers. Hawkins is on track to complete the comprehensive redevelopment by mid-June, having started on site over Christmas/New Year with demolition of Eastgate’s former Farmers store space. Working to Athfield Architect’s design, the centre’s façade facing Buckleys Road has been re-clad and large new windows installed, while the upper level is having a full interior refit to meet robust seismic specifications. Two new stairwells, one internal and one on the external façade, have been added. The facade is also being updated with a contemporary new colour scheme. The site is currently in full construction mode with 50-60 contractors onsite daily. “The consultant and client team are working well with us and we’re on target for the June handover,” says Hawkins Construction Manager, Andrew Rowden. “This is the sort of project that Hawkins thrives on where we can add value to difficult projects with tight timeframes. “We are also acutely aware of the impact this work will have on the community around Eastgate and how important this is for them. It will be a superb facility. “ This is the first major development in this area for some time and will bring new infrastructure around health, well-being and social services.” Once the transformation is complete, Eastgate’s first floor will house the Linwood Avenue Medical Centre, together with Nurse Maude services and the Canterbury District Health Board’s Older Persons Health services. An adjacent area will be occupied by ‘The Loft’, a cluster of social services providers including Aviva, Barnardos, Family Help Trust, He Waka Tapu and the New Zealand Red Cross Community Outreach Programme. “This project is worth over five million dollars. It is a big fit out being completed over a short space of time. On a personal level, this is a great project to be involved with,” says Andrew.

Eastgate’s first floor will house the Linwood Avenue Medical Centre, together with Nurse Maude services and the Canterbury District Health Board’s Older Persons Health services.

“Hawkins’ experience working in medical environments has encouraged sharing of ideas and collaboration within the Hawkins wider team and I’ve enjoyed seeing the success of this interaction.” In order to avoid disruption to retailers below the redevelopment that trade during the day, such as Lincraft and Number One Shoes, much of the work has been carried out at night or in the early morning or evening when the centre is closed. At various points, holes have had to be cut in the floor for new stairwells, the old façade removed and holes cut in the roof for new skylights. “Eastgate’s management has been exceptional and provided timeframes for working with the existing tenancies.

“We are also acutely aware of the impact this work will have on the community around Eastgate and how important this is for them. It will be a superb facility.” “We had night shifts running most nights during the demolition phase and we will start night shifts again shortly as we do some of the finishing works.” The new fit-out involves extensive new partitioning and the addition of consultation rooms for the medical centre. Power and lighting systems have been carefully planned so separate internal spaces can

be supported individually and in a seismically robust way. “A lot of thought has gone into the fit-out and its form. “There are a lot of interesting finishes and big open spaces to enhance that sense of volume. The lighting and soft furnishings will reinforce that. “It’s going to a really good quality space.”

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Business South May 2016

DEVELOPMENT » Galeo Estate

| 19

Estate offers the best of Tasman Kelly Deeks In the coastal countryside between Nelson City and the Kahurangi and Abel Tasman National Parks, Galeo JV has created Galeo Estate, an environment with something for everyone and the majestic Southern Alps, the Waimea Plains, and stunning beaches right on the doorstep. The 50ha estate’s developer, Galeo JV, was formed a number of years ago with the primary intention of undertaking a high quality subdivision in the Nelson region. With a reputation for quality outdoor living and awesome landscapes, the Nelson region boasts the country’s highest sunshine hours Nelson is easily accessible by air, land, and sea. It has New Zealand’s fourth busiest airport with 80 flights a day, and a busy seaport which hosts cruise ships and luxury yachts in the summer. Galeo Estate is perfectly situated to take full advantage of everything the Tasman region has to offer. Galeo Estate is only a few minutes’ drive from Richmond and Nelson, with easy access to local shops and other services, and a variety of schools whose buses service the area right through to Nelson. Galeo JV directors Neil Barnes, David Penrose, and Neil Avery took over the development seven years ago, and now have 29 houses constructed there, and another six sections recently completed. The developers each have strong commercial backgrounds which enables them to bring their skills to the Galeo project, making it one of the most professional in the region. Neil Barnes has lived in Mapua for 15 years. He is the chairman and CEO of a group of companies with significant property holdings, and his specialist financial skills have ensured Galeo JV is operated in a prudent and successful manner. Neil is also on the Board of the Galeo Residents Association. David Penrose lives in Nelson and has 25 years of experience in managing commercial property. He is a registered property consultant, holds his real estate agent’s license, and has recently built his own house, so is well aware of the issues that a subdivision can raise for purchasers. Neil Avery lives on the West Coast and owns Galeo Contracting. He has many years of experience being

Galeo Estate is perfectly situated to take full advantage of everything the Tasman region has to offer.

involved in the subdivision process. He provides all of the equipment and a large range of practical skills to ensure the development progresses in a timely manner. Neil’s involvement proved its worth during the development when it was necessary to construct a waste water treatment plant. Galeo Contracting worked with Innerflow to design and install the plant, which is now maintained by Galeo Contracting. The development offers fully serviced building sites, designed to maximise privacy and provide uninterrupted views, on freehold sections from 1360sqm to 5840sqm, amid parkland and native plantings. Galeo Estate has house and land packages available with contemporary, coastal, country homes which are architecturally designed to take command of the day time and night time views enjoyed by this premium site

For a more rural lifestyle, there are also large 4ha to 9ha sections available. Galeo JV is developing a community at Galeo Estate and has created a pond and waterway at

the bottom of the estate, and is now moving on to developing a sports facility and social meeting point, complete with landscape planting and barbeques.

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DEVELOPMENT » Kelburn Estate

A proud legacy for Tarbotton family Kelly Deeks The legacy of the Tarbotton family farm lives on at Kelburn Estate and now Cawton Grove in Tinwald, where Malcolm Tarbotton’s family farm has now transformed into one of the area’s latest residential developments. With 7 hectares of the farm on one side of Tarbotton’s Road, Kelburn Estate, containing one acre rural/residential properties and $1 million houses since 2013, the 5.6ha on the opposite side of the road is now developed into residential lots, ranging from 700sqm to just over 1000sqm. The new subdivision backs on to the Tinwald Domain, providing 4ha of open space at the back door, while the view from the front is framed by the Southern Alps. An upcoming tennis court and recreation reserve make Cawton Grove an ideal place for families. Malcolm’s great grandfather originally purchased the property in 1900, having left Skye Gate Farm in Cawton, Yorkshire, England to emigrate to New Zealand in 1880. The property was a horse stud called Kelburn Lodge, but as a stock buyer, Malcolm’s great grandfather converted it into a sheep farm. Its close location to Tinwald Sale Yards made it a great place to farm, and the rest of the Tarbottons agreed. The farm was purchased by Malcolm’s grandfather and father, before he bought it in 1965. “I farmed it until it got so close to the residential areas,” he says. “Restrictions were coming in and the rates were getting so high, and I was getting close to retirement, so this has been my retirement project.” Malcolm sold the main part of the farm to his son Stuart to raise the capital for the development, then Stuart put in 6ha of his land to become part of Cawton Grove. Then he put his business, Stuart Tarbotton Contractors, to work on developing Kelburn Estate, with Opus International engineering the development.

The Kelburn Estate residential development backs on to the Tinwald Domain with stunning views of the Southern Alps. Work started with the installation of a large pump station and holding tank, then sewer lines and manholes were constructed. After sewer, power from Electricity Ashburton network, and fibre optic were laid, Stuart Tarbotton Contractors completed the roading, channel and kerbing in preparation for the final hot mix.

“Restrictions were coming in and the rates were getting so high, and I was getting close to retirement, so this has been my retirement project.” Stuart Tarbotton Contractors also completed the site works at the Cawton Grove development, with infrastructure now in place for the second stage. The Tarbotton family link is being carved into the area. Tarbotton Road had already been renamed from Charles Road for Malcolm’s father who, as chairman of Tinwald Town Board, was instrumental in the decision to amalgamate with Ashburton Borough Council.

The lane in Kelburn Estate which leads from Tarbotton’s Road is called Skye Gate Lane, after Skye Gate Farm. In the new roads Stuart Tarbotton Contractors is set to build for the next stage will be Jag Way, named for the initials of his late mother. The Tarbotton legacy is for a prestige subdivision, with amazing mountain views and a green country outlook, and the convenience of the Tinwald and Ashburton amenities close at hand.

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DEVELOPMENT » Oaklea Subdivision

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Oaklea sections proving popular Karen Phelps The final stages of Oaklea subdivision in Tinwald, Ashburton, are under construction. Of the 55 sections released so far over 30 have been sold, according to one of the developers Fiona Summerfield. Oaklea is a first time venture for Green Oaks Limited, a joint venture between Fiona and husband Paul and the Prendergast family. Each family owned part of the land in the subdivision and jointly purchased additional land resulting in a total of around 10ha, which has been developed. Fiona admits the development has been a steep learning curve. “No matter how carefully you plan things it will always take longer than expected,” she says with a smile remembering the red tape the families have had to negotiate to bring the development to the market. She says all involved in the joint venture have been very “hands on” during the process. Oaklea was released to the market in 2013 and will total 88 sections once finished. Set well back from the north side of the State Highway 1 on the west of Tinwald, Oaklea borders established residential subdivisions and to its northwest faces toward the Southern Alps. It is a short two-minute drive from the town centre or a fifteen-minute stroll across the river. It’s also only a few hundred metres from Tinwald’s shopping amenities. Oaklea has been firmly targeted at families. Spacious green walkways thread through the subdivision and it is located close to Lake Hood on the outskirts of Ashburton giving it a rural feel. The sections range in size from 501sqm to 1379sqm providing the opportunity for the old fashioned Kiwi dream of owning a large home with a spacious garden. Fiona says the aim has been to keep the sections affordable, which is partly why she thinks they have continued to sell well despite the market in general in Ashburton being slower over recent months.

Oaklea was released to the market in 2013 and the subdivision will total 88 sections once finished.

She says that each section has been specially developed with consideration for provision of a sunny street frontage, private back sections and access to various reserves, farmland open spaces and views. Covenants protect the integrity of the subdivision and buyers can contract their own builder of choice. The sections are being marketed by Property Brokers of Ashburton and the development is well underway with stages one and two sold out and many sections within stages one, two and three under construction and in occupation.

It is mainly locals that the subdivision is attracting and Fiona thinks that Oaklea will bring positive flow-on effects to the local region. “It’s been a long time since there has been any major building of new houses in the area,” she says. “I think it will really rejuvenate Tinwald and be good for local businesses.” Located only one hours drive from an international airport Ashburton has a population of just over 30,000 people. “Ashburton offers a great lifestyle choice with rural charm.

“There are numerous walking trails, bike rides and picnic spots as well as opportunities for fishing, hunting and jet boating. “There is easy access to the ski slopes in winter and to the water sports in the lakes around the area. “Ashburton is one of those towns that seems to stay prosperous, despite what is happening in the rest of the country, because it is a well established farming area.” She says there has been strong interest in Oaklea since Christmas with sections on hold and sales moving quickly.

Proud to work with Oaklea Developments as their Civil Contractors

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DEVELOPMENT » Mercy Hospital

New facility will enhance services Russell Fredic Dunedin’s Mercy Hospital is a particularly busy place at the moment, with an exciting new building development nearing completion; a fully standalone, day-stay facility with a purpose-built Mercy Cancer Care suite included. Mercy Hospital Support Services Manager Jackie Wilde says Mercy Hospital is a not-for-profit private organisation with charitable status with about one-third of its patients covered by medical insurance, one-third covered by ACC and one-third self-funded. Mercy Hospital distributes much of its annual financial surplus to a range of charitable organisations. It also undertakes procedures on a charitable basis by referral. The facility presently under construction is on the Mercy Hospital campus, to the north-west of the main hospital building, with access from its existing car park. The opportunity to buy a house next to the hospital about two years ago provided the ideal situation for a stand-alone facility to be built.

The new two-level building will include two treatment rooms, comprising a mixture of beds and chairs for day patients, consulting rooms and the Mercy Cancer Care suite. The facility will be supported by a staff of about 10-12 on-site nurses, receptionists and administrators. Procedures such as gastroscopy, colonoscopy, ophthalmology, minor ear, nose and throat procedures specialty services, presently undertaken within the hospital’s main theatre environment, will be provided by specialists using the clinic. Mercy Hospital believes that the provision of these procedures will become increasingly important with changes toward an older population in the Otago/Southland region, as well as existing and emerging population screening programmes. The clinic will have a smaller domestic scale and a more informal atmosphere than the clinical environment of a hospital. It is hoped the smaller scale of the facility will result in efficiencies, a reduction in wait times for procedures to be carried out and a more relaxed experience for patients. “This is a timely opportunity for Mercy


“It’s grown to a point where we needed to create a space and we wanted to offer a nicer outlook for people and a bit more privacy.” Hospital to transition the delivery of these types of procedures to a modern, purpose-built and costeffective facility. “This will involve some change of practice for everyone involved, the benefits of which will be reflected back to the patient through cost containment, service delivery enhancements and greater scheduling flexibility.” Cancer care such as chemotherapy became available at Mercy Hospital about five years ago, and has to date been carried out within the main hospital building. However, there has not been a purpose-designed area for it. “It’s grown to a point where we needed to create a space and we wanted to offer a nicer outlook for people and a bit more privacy.” The Mercy Cancer Care chemotherapy treatment

suite on the lower ground level of the new facility will feature a deck and French windows providing views to the peaceful and tranquil Maori Hill green belt. While the clinic will be run slightly differently to the main Mercy Hospital, it will still be certified in line with Ministry of Health standards, with ongoing accreditation requiring continuous improvement adapted from and audited to the Australian Council on Healthcare standards. Construction of the $7 million facility will include a $1 million internal fit-out. Work started last September, with the first patients expected to be using the clinic in July.

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DEVELOPMENT » Mercy Hospital

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The new two-level building will include two treatment rooms, comprising a mixture of beds and chairs for day patients, consulting rooms and the Mercy Cancer Care suite.

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DEVELOPMENT » Mercy Hospital

Naylor Love happy to cope with challenges Rusell Fredric Naylor Love’s considerable experience in building hospitals and medical facilities is not the only reason the company is the lead contractor for Mercy Hospital’s new day-stay clinic, presently under construction in Maori Hill, Dunedin. Construction manager Peter MacNab says Naylor Love’s ongoing relationship with Mercy Hospital goes back to the beginnings of the hospital which was built by the company in 1969. “We’ve done probably all the major works there since,” Peter MacNab says. The project has brought with it various levels of complexity because of the nature of the former residential 600 square metre site and of the twolevel building as a medical facility; the sloping site had a planning height restriction, requiring the removal of 1000 cubic metres of soil and clay. “We had to dig a seven metre deep hole; its quite steep. Most of the lower ground floor is below ground level on two sides.” The excavation meant support systems for earth banks were needed along with considerable drainage. A mature, protected copper beech tree also added to the logistical challenges of managing the site works, while a neighbouring house and the hospital’s Marinoto Clinic bordering

the compact section also had to be carefully considered. The nature of the building as a medical facility means it is seismically rated at level four out of five levels of importance of buildings that must be operational immediately after an earthquake or other disastrous event. As a result, construction involves considerably more structural reinforcing and seismic restraints “quite a level above a normal building would be”. Peter MacNab says the multiple medical functions of the Burwood Clinic facility reflects the many services needed and the extreme complexity of the project. Five different types of water services are required to meet the clinical needs of the facility, along with air and medical gas lines plus various waste services and finely filtered air to areas used for medical procedures. “It’s quite an in-depth process.” Once construction is completed the services are independently audited and certified during the commissioning process. About 60 builders and sub-contractors will be working on the site during the peak of construction which started on September 22 last year. “It needs lots of co-ordination to make sure they can work efficiently and safely.” The project is on target to be completed early June.

“We had to dig a seven metre deep hole; its quite steep. Most of the lower ground floor is below ground level on two sides.” • Fire Protection Services • Mechanical Services • Plumbing and Drainage • Medical Gas Pipelines • Large and small contracts, IQP, service and maintenance work. Servicing Dunedin, Invercargill & Queenstown We are proud to be associated with this project

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The project has brought with it various levels of complexity because of the nature of the former residential site and of the two-level building as a medical facility.

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DEVELOPMENT » Scott Construction / Wairau Hospital

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Hospital building future-proofed Kelly Deeks Scott Construction Marlborough is continuing its heavy involvement in local seismic strengthening contracts with a current project which will bring Wairau Hospital’s earthquake-prone Arthur Wicks building to 100% of the national building standard. Scott Construction Marlborough general manager John Tovey says Scott Construction is completing demolition, asbestos removal, significant piling, external foundation work and buttressing on the outside of the building, retrofitting steel bracing to an internal corridor, and installing gravity corbels, or supporting structures, on 26 columns all of which involves negotiating a complex maze of live services. Scott Construction Marlborough has also gutted the 1000sqm top floor office space and is refitting it with a new, open plan layout, then later this year will pitch a new long run iron roof over the top of the existing leaking rubber membrane roof on the western end of the building. The three-storey building houses the hospital’s emergency department, high dependency unit/acute assessment unit, and emergency support services. While about 30 non-clinical staff from the upper level of the Arthur Wicks building have been relocated to other buildings on the hospital campus, the emergency department will remain open at full capacity throughout the strengthening project. Site manager for the project is Brett Molloy, who worked on another high profile Nelson Marlborough District Health Board project last year, converting a retail space in the Blenheim CBD into a 1500sqm Community Health Hub within an 11-week timeframe. He was also the site manager on the multimillion dollar seismic strengthening of a local six storey building in 2014. Another key member of the team is site foreman Dion Taylor, who has recently completed an incredibly technical seismic strengthening project at Marlborough Lines Stadium 2000 involving the retrospective installation of additional structural steel within the building’s curved roof. “The methodology utilised the existing roof structure and extremely accurate surveying and engineering practices to hoist the new, preassembled steelwork into place over a sprung gymnasium floor, without physically site measuring prior to fabrication,” John says.




The Arthur Wicks building houses the hospital’s emergency department, high dependency unit/acute assessment unit, and emergency support services. Project director Justin Candish and senior quantity surveyor Daniel Shim were heavily involved in the successful tender bid, and have also been involved in the design and build aspects of the project, drawing on their vast experience to assist the site team and ensure budgets are not exceeded. This project is something of a revisit for the Scott Construction Marlborough team, as the Arthur Wicks building was initially built in the 1970s by TH Barnes, the company whose construction staff formed Scott Construction Marlborough with the backing of Justin Candish in April 2014. “The current design engineers have noted on a number of occasions the high quality of the original build, of which the design was considered leading edge in its time,” John says. “During the original build, manager Ian Barnes

made a scale model to show his team how the post-tensioned building was designed to fit together, and he believes this was a key driver behind the success of the original build.” John says it will be satisfying for the team to

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complete the strengthening work, and subsequently increase the longevity of the Arthur Wicks building. “It’s a privilege to be allowed the opportunity to improve these local landmark buildings for future generations.”

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Waimeha development a winner Jo Bailey The Waimeha residential development on the border of Nelson and Richmond is another success story for Wahanga, the property division of Wakatu Incorporation, a Maori organisation based in Nelson. “We have a list of people waiting for our sections, which are consistently popular and sell like the proverbial hot cakes. “I feel this is validation of the decisions we’ve made and philosophies we embrace,” says Iain Sheves, general manager of property. He says as a developer and landowner, Wakatu aims to reflect the aspirations of its communities, producing sections larger than they are obliged to, and developing attractive places where people are happy to live. “We take a long term view as we will be standing by our product in 10, 50 and 100 years time. That’s why creating a high quality environment is critical.” The Waimeha subdivision is set at the base of the Richmond ranges, south of Nelson city. Access is off Hill Street North, just around the corner from another of Wakatu’s successful developments, Champion Road, where 77 sections were developed on former farming and orchard land a few years ago. Iain says the 42 sections in stage one of Waimeha all sold quickly. “We’re delighted with this original part of the development which, with resident’s trees and gardens, and general landscaping now well established, is a charming environment. Stage 1 serves as a great showcase for subsequent releases at Waimeha.” An additional stage of the development resulted in 18 sections, “up the hill”, followed by a further 7 sections which are all under option pending upgrades by Nelson City Council at Saxton Creek. “Currently an additional 19 sections are under construction” says Iain. Titles on the latest stages should all be issued by mid 2016. Most sections are between 700 and 800 square metres, well over the 600 square metres required under the District Plan. “This is a big selling point for the development, along with its premium location, good access to schools, and easy commuting distance to Nelson and Richmond,” says Iain. There is easy access to public transport from Waimeha, and cyclists are well catered for with cycle lanes and tracks being developed in the vicinity.

The 42 sections in stage one of Waimeha all sold quickly, with subsequent releases also proving popular. “Part of the Council upgrade of Saxton Creek includes the creation of a new cycle track which will connect into the cycle-way leading straight to Nelson. “Most of the 30 or 40 minute ride is off main roads, meaning riders are almost in the Nelson CBD before they need to join the traffic,” says Iain. Waimeha’s environmental standards are also attracting residents to the development, which has been designed to incorporate a low impact stormwater management system. This protects the aquatic and marine environments from the damaging effects of flood and low flood events.

Agents / Installers of


“We take a long term view as we will be standing by our product in 10, 50 and 100 years time. That’s why creating a high quality environment is critical.” “All the rainwater collected on hard roofs and standings has to go somewhere, so to reduce the impact on the natural water courses, there is a fair amount of retention and soakage taking place on site,” says Iain. Large stormwater detention ponds have been

put in to cover public areas and roadways. “The design has resulted in increased open space within the subdivision which adds to its character and live-ability,” says Iain.

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The Waimeha subdivision is set at the base of the Richmond ranges, south of Nelson city.

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There is easy access to public transport from Waimeha, and cyclists are well catered for with cycle lanes and tracks being developed in the vicinity.

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Development another success for Wakatu • from page 26 Some sections have their own specially designed stormwater soakage systems coupled with retention, while other sections just have retention to reduce the spread of stormwater discharge over a period of time. Iain says Wakatu has introduced “pretty sensible covenants”, to protect the quality of the development and its residents’ investments. “There is nothing hugely restrictive, but enough to ensure the homes built at Waimeha are of good quality, and there are sensible rules about how the development is looked after.” The development is on the Nelson side of Champion Road, which is the boundary between Nelson and Richmond, and is maintained by both councils. “Although Waimeha is technically in Nelson, the development is closer to Richmond, and is a bit of an anomaly, in that it is largely served by Tasman District Council infrastructure.” Around 70 percent of Wakatu’s assets are held in land (whenua), with the organisation being one of the largest private landowners in the top of the South Island.

It manages a varied and diverse portfolio ranging from vineyards, orchards and grazing land, to residential properties and developments, and large retail developments and office buildings. Its purpose is to preserve and enhance its taonga for the benefit of current and future generations through the sustainable use and development of land. Wakatu is also currently developing, Tana Pukekohatu, a higher-density subdivision at Motueka, where smaller sections start at 320 square metres and are being pitched at first home-buyers. “We are focused on creating an affordable housing solution, and have countered the smaller section sizes with a big reserve park area.” Iain says that it is no secret that Wakatu is always “actively looking” for more land to work with. “Developing land is a very successful and important part of our business and something we really enjoy doing. “It’s quite special to be able to play our part in creating communities that both we and the residents are proud of.”

“Developing land is a very successful and important part of our business and something we really enjoy doing. It’s quite special to be able to play our part in creating communities that both we and the residents are proud of.”


Most Waimeha sections are between 700 and 800 square metres, well over the 600 square metres required under the District Plan.

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DEVELOPMENT » Waimeha - Orange Residential Homes

Local experience delivers the best Russell Fredric With more than 20 years’ experience and more than 1500 homes built, Orange Residential Homes Limited is recognised as a preferred home building company in the Nelson/Tasman region. General Manager, Jo Neale, says the locally owned and operated company offers a range of predesigned and custom-designed house plans to suit people’s lifestyle and budget, while also delivering the best living experience possible in the sunny Nelson climate. Orange Residential Homes has been involved in Waimeha, a quality subdivision within close proximity to the many facilities and schools of Richmond township. With a just short drive to Nelson city and its waterfront, the location provides all that is needed for easy modern day living, Jo Neale says. The company’s involvement in the first stage of the subdivision has been successful, with nine homes built within the development. All stage one sections have been sold, with sections now available in stage two, while the third stage is presently under construction. Orange Residential Homes new show home can be viewed at the subdivision on Lot 5, corner of Hill Street and Champion Road. Orange Residential Home can provide expert advice on options for building a home within the subdivision, or any other property in the Nelson/ Tasman region, offering a wide range of attractive house plans to choose from, all of which can be custom-designed to suit people’s lifestyle and budget. “Our specialist sales team and architectural designers will ensure clients get the very best designed home they can for the resources they have available,’’ Jo Neale says. For those who are working with a more limited budget, Orange Residential Homes has the Orange Direct range of house plans. The Orange Direct plan range covers 16 predesigned house plans based on the most popular homes the company has built. Orange Direct plans come in a range of sizes from 111sqm to 250sqm. “Orange Direct offers house buyers the opportunity to save both time and money when choosing their new home. “By streamlining the entire planning and building process peopleare able to reduce the time needed to complete their new house build“, Jo Neale says. Further advantages of the Orange Direct range include no plan fees, faster building consent approval, fixed completion date and an interior

Orange Residential Homes has been heavily involved in the Waimeha subdivision. design consultation included. While Orange Direct homes are pre-designed, there is still a degree of flexibility to customize a plan and the materials used to suit a building site or personal preferences. Orange Residential Homes’ staff are committed to making the building process as stress-free as possible. Their focus on quality and customer satisfaction has resulted in many repeat customers – some who have had several homes built, which is a point of pride for the company. Seeing the satisfaction and enjoyment people gain after moving into their new home is an aspect of his work Jo Neale particularly enjoys. “You are dealing with people’s dreams. It’s a big investment – it is our priority that clients move into a first class home”.

“Our specialist sales team and architectural designers will ensure clients get the very best designed home they can for the resources they have available.”

David Orange is the company’s Managing Director and founder. He is a third generation qualified builder, with a wealth of knowledge and 30 years’ experience in the building industry and shares with his staff his enthusiasm to provide building excellence and value.

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All homes built by Orange Residential Homes come with a 12 month maintenance period and a Certified Builders Homefirst 10 year Guarantee. The quality of Orange Residential Homes can be seen by visiting their new Nelson showhome at 43 Hill Street, Richmond, open Monday to Sunday from 1pm to 4pm.

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DEVELOPMENT » Waimeha - Orange Residential

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Orange Residential Homes offers a wide range of attractive house plans to choose from, all of which can be custom-designed to suit a client’s lifestyle and budget.

The region’s leading timber and building materials supplier We also supply:

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DEVELOPMENT » Waimeha - Milestone Homes

May 2016 Business South

Milestone enjoys Waimeha connection Jo Bailey The Waimeha subdivision in Richmond has proved popular with clients of Milestone Homes Nelson Bays, says manager, Adam Hills. “The developers Wakatu Developments understand what people want. T “hey deliver great sites, with easy access in a high quality subdivision with plenty of reserve and recreation areas.” Adam says Milestone Homes has a long history with Wakatu, since it built its first show home in a show home village created by the developers in Richmond a few years ago. “We also had a show home in stage one at Waimeha for a couple of years which was a great selling tool for us. There is the possibility we could build another show home in the development in future.” Milestone Homes has already built close to 20 homes at Waimeha and has new projects underway in stage two of the subdivision. Adam says the wide range of section sizes on offer provides plenty of options for home owners, whether they are couples downsizing, or families wanting plenty of space. “Waimeha is in a popular location with Richmond on its doorstep, the centre of Nelson within a short commute, and lots of amenities nearby, including the aquatic centre and a number of walking and cycling tracks.” The development has been designed to the highest environmental standards and includes a low impact stormwater system. “People are definitely more enviromentally conscious these days and are drawn to these types of features in a development.” The firm is part of the nationwide Milestone Homes group, with the local operation established in Nelson Bays in 2007. Since then it has become one of the region’s preferred housing companies, building more than 20 homes each year.

Milestone Homes is getting good feedback from potential clients for its new three bedroom, two bathroom show home. “Due to our strong growth, we have recently moved from shared offices into our own space in a brand new building at the estuary end of Champion Road. “The building sits right on the motorway so has given us excellent branding presence.”

“Our plans have been carefully thought out with design principles including some standard specifications that enable us to minimise wastage and keep costs down....” Adam says the larger premises accommodates Milestone’s growing team, which now includes three new home consultants, and a construction manager. “We’ve built a solid reputation for the quality of our homes and the level of service we deliver. “We’re not about selling houses, our business is based around helping people into their new home.” Affordable quality is at the heart of everything they do, he says. “We work from a well designed and proven plan range that allows some customisation and personalisation to meet our client’s needs and desires.” However it is by clients largely keeping within the firm’s plan range that they are able to take advantage of the economies of scale, efficiencies and cost savings offered by Milestone Homes, he says. “Our plans have been carefully thought out with design principles including some standard specifications that enable us to minimise wastage

PROUD TO BE INVOLVED IN THE WAIMEHA SUBDIVISION Milestone Homes Nelson Bays Showhome open 1-4pm 7 days a week 1 Langdale Drive (off Wensley Road), Richmond P 03 543 8663 E

and keep costs down, without compromising on the quality of our homes.” Adam says Milestone Homes is getting good feedback from potential clients for its new three bedroom, two bathroom show home, located at 1 Langdale Drive Richmond, which is open seven days a week between 1 and 4pm. “We have at least four or five houses currently under construction using the same plan, with some tweaks to meet our clients’ individual needs. It is an extremely popular design.” He says there is a “definite trend” towards clients sacrificing a fourth bedroom in favour of other features in the home, such as a walk-in pantry, or larger living areas. “It makes sense as these parts of the home are used every day, as opposed to a spare bedroom, that may not be fully utilised. “We encourage potential clients to visit our show home to learn more about the innovative ways Milestone Homes can deliver them a great quality, cost effective home.”


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DEVELOPMENT » ASB Theatre Marlborough

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New theatre draws great response Jo Bailey There has been a great response to the new $23 million ASB Theatre Marlborough, which opened in March. “The theatre has been very well received. We held a string of 12 shows in the first four weeks after opening, with fantastic patronage. People are loving it,” says general manager Andrew Scott. The first event held at the theatre was the live filming of an episode of television comedy news show 7 Days, which gave the new venue valuable national coverage from the outset. Since then, highlights of the programme have included performances by Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. A “big community celebration showcase” was another popular event, says Andrew. “To celebrate the opening we invited local schools and performing arts groups to participate in a variety show held over four days. “We estimate there were more than 1000 people performing on the stage during that period, with many different groups of people coming to see it. It was a very successful community event.” The state-of-the-art multi-use, multi-purpose venue overlooks the Taylor River, and houses two theatres (with a capacity of 700 and 200 people); a Riverview function room which can accommodate up to 170 people for dinner; large public foyer areas; and extensive back of house facilities. ASB Theatre Marlborough is being used for everything from live performance, to performance arts, conferences and functions. The elegant public foyers can also be utilised for pre- and post-function events, public meetings and art displays. Wellington architects Shand Shelton designed the theatre, with construction being carried out by local, family-based construction company, Robinson Construction, which has completed many other high profile commercial projects in the region. “This was a rare project for the construction team, as there wouldn’t be many provincial based companies that get the opportunity to work on a

The state-of-the-art venue houses two theatres (with a capacity of 700 and 200 people); a Riverview function room which can accommodate up to 170 people for dinner; large public foyer areas; and extensive back of house facilities. project of this scale or uniqueness. It is one of the largest, purpose built theatres in New Zealand for some time. Robinson Construction should be very proud of what they have achieved.” ASB Theatre Marlborough is located right next to the Marlborough Convention Centre, so linking the two facilities is enabling it to attract larger conferences to the region, says Andrew. “We are very pleased with the response from the conference market. As our busy events programme starts to wind down, our team is already turning their attention to the five large conferences, which

are booked into the venue in the latter part of the year.” Andrew says the conferences will bring a positive economic spin-off to the region, particularly for the local accommodation, hospitality and tourism sectors. There has also been strong bookings from the local community for facilities hire, he says.

“People definitely know we are open for business, as we have a full calendar over the next 12 to 18 months. “A lot of determination and hard work has gone into the theatre’s development, and we are very excited to be sharing this impressive facility with the Marlborough community and visitors from outside the region.”

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BUILDING » Big Bad Wolf Carpentry

May 2016 Business South

Young firm enjoying rapid growth Kelly Deeks There is nothing to be afraid of when Big Bad Wolf Carpentry is on the job, with a young and motivated team with abundant energy, the company prides itself on its friendly service and high quality craftsmanship. Fully qualified and licensed builders Simon McGuire and Chris DeCesare are Big Bad Wolf Carpentry’s founding directors. The pair completed their apprenticeship together in Nelson several years ago and have remained friends. They went into business together in late 2012, bringing together their combined 20 years of experience in the carpentry industry to construction projects around Nelson, Tasman, Richmond, and Motueka. Starting out, they planned to keep the business small, a maximum of about four builders working on a couple of renovations and extensions. But last year, growth took off and they now find themselves building new houses, working on four or five projects at a time, with six to seven builders. “Two years ago we were just the two of us ticking away doing renovations, and we didn’t see ourselves getting to where we are now,” Chris says. “While continuing with renovations and extensions, we’ve also built five new homes in the past 12 months.” He says Nelson’s construction market is busy and more people are relocating to the middle of the country, particularly from Christchurch and Auckland. As the workload increased, Chris and Simon took on three young guys who were passionate about carpentry and looking to get some industry experience. They proved themselves useful and Big Bad Wolf Carpentry is now putting all three through their apprenticeships. “It’s good for them to get trained up and its good for us as we’ve got them running around like headless chooks,” Simon says. “Within the next year or so they’ll be up to speed.” He says as a young company, Big Bad Wolf Carpentry offers its clients an enthusiastic, motivated, and energetic team of builders, who are able to push hard to get their construction projects across the line on time, and on budget.

As well as residential or light commercial building projects, Big Bad Wolf Carpentry also specialises in the building of decks, retaining walls, and fences. Even the group of high quality, qualified subcontractors is made up of guys around the same age as Chris and Simon, and many are mates, but they all bring a youthful drive and passion for completing a job they can be proud of. “We’re also driven to grow our business and we’re working up to building some high-end, architectural homes,” Simon says. “It’s a good community here and we’re keen to help with their building and carpentry needs.” Chris and Simon have a diverse range of skills to lend to any type of carpentry or construction project, and as well as residential or light

“It all comes down to the quality of finish. We make sure everything is tidy, gaps are even, boards are straight, and fixings are good quality.” make sure everything is tidy, gaps are even, boards are straight, and fixings are good quality. “When our clients have got a bit more money we get to work with hard wood and high grade fixings, but it doesn’t matter what the budget is, it’s always going to have a high end finish.”

commercial building projects, Big Bad Wolf Carpentry also specialises in the building of decks, retaining walls, and fences. “We do quite high end, engineered decks,” Chris says. “It all comes down to the quality of finish. We

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BUILDING » Gardiner Building Contractors

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High quality guarantees satisfaction Kelly Deeks Repeat business and referrals have played a large part in the success of Nelson’s Gardiner Building Contractors, with the team’s high standards of workmanship and excellent customer service ensuring complete satisfaction for all clients. Darryl has been a builder for more than 34 years. He runs a tight schedule with high standards and expects everyone else involved to meet these expectations. He prides himself on listening to his clients, being organised, and applying attention to detail. He is locally trained, completing his apprenticeship with a well-known local building firm in 1985, where he remained working for the next 24 years. Working his way up to foreman, he ran a range of different projects including the build of a large home in Nelson, which went on to win the Supreme Award in the Registered Master Builders House of the Year competition. Since setting up Gardiner Building Contractors more than 10 years ago, Darryl has built a lot more amazing homes and has entered some of them into the House of the Year competition where they have picked up Gold and Silver awards. Gardiner Building Contractors runs a building team of seven men. Darryl, his second in command Mark, Greg, and Danny are qualified builders, Darryl and Julie’s son Lance and Sam are apprentices, and Graeme is the company’s labourer. The team’s hard work gets noticed, and Gardiner Building Contractors often wins clients who have simply seen them out working or seen what they’re building. Having built all over Nelson, Richmond, Motueka, Golden Bay, and Rai Valley for so many years, Darryl’s name and reputation is well known and usually a deciding factor in winning clients. “Working in a small city like Nelson, it’s also important that people find you personable,” Darryl says. “It’s a big thing for us to provide excellent and professional customer service.” As well as completing a full range of residential building services, including stunning million dollar plus new homes, Gardiner Building Contractors has become more involved in light commercial projects over the past few years.

Gardiner Building Contractors has become more involved in light commercial projects over the past few years. The company doubled the footprint of Richmond Law’s office building last year, building an architecturally designed extension which included five more office spaces, a multimedia boardroom, and a spacious function room. Gardiner Building Contractors also built a new office block for Taylors Contracting at Brightwater, and was recently invited back to build a workshop extension. Gardiner Building Contractors has even recently build a horse riding arena complete with two stables. While the company’s main business is in new builds and alterations, introducing light commercial construction services has provided the opportunity for the team to work with a wider range of different materials.

Concrete Pumping Limited PROUD TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH GARDINER BUILDING CONTRACTORS Floor slabs, footings, blockfillings, shotcreting, foundations, inaccessable sites.

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BUILDING » Nevis Group

May 2016 Business South

Nevis Group hits the mark in Otago Russell Fredric Nevis Group is a Queenstown-based building company specialising in small to medium sized high-end projects in the Otago region. Director Russell Hall says the company’s staff of ten to twelve builders are an enthusiastic crew who enjoy the wide variety of high quality and sometimes challenging construction work that comes to the company. Russell has more than twenty years of building and project managing experience in New Zealand and overseas which includes a fiveand-a-half year tenure as mountain manager at Coronet Peak ski field. Nevis Group was formed in October 2007 to engage in building and construction projects in the Queenstown area. As the business grew, the scale of residential and commercial new builds and renovation has also grown. The company’s website shows the dynamic variety of projects completed, from radical alterations with a wow factor or new dream homes, to various projects for commercial clients. The construction industry is booming in Queenstown, Russell Hall says. “All building companies are looking for staff, but there’s a lot of challenges in Queenstown at the moment as far as worker accommodation goes. The business in Queenstown at the moment is very, very busy.” Russell says strong international demand for residential and commercial property is a key driver of the boom, as well as ongoing growth in tourism. The overseas market has really found Queenstown and is either wanting to come and visit, or have a holiday home.” Nevis Group’s next big project is to build a house, which is very complicated in its structure and design, for a Western Australian, with stunning views from Queenstown Hill. “It will be a pretty special house.” Russell is happy to keep the size of the business and the number of tradesmen employed at the present level. “We’re comfortable building a couple of Queenstown luxury houses annually,” Russell says. “We try and select projects, where we can, that are really interesting.”

Nevis Group has completed a dynamic variety of projects completed, from radical alterations with a wow factor or new dream homes, to various projects for commercial clients.

The challenges involved in building in and around Queenstown include significant geotechnical engineering on steep sites, or building to exacting architectural specifications. During the time he has owned the business, Russell has fine-tuned his ability to understand and accurately interpret the various needs of both clients and architects, whose expectations can vary widely. “You’ve got to know what’s important to them because otherwise you miss the mark.” A recently completed project where Nevis

Carpet Court Queenstown

36 Industrial Place, PO Box 593 Queenstown 9348 Phone: 03 442 9173 | Email:

Group hit the mark was a contemporary house built at Arthur’s Point near Queenstown. One of the striking features of the house, which was designed by Assembly Architects Ltd, Arrowtown, is a saw-toothed factory-style roof which brings considerable light in to the interior from roof level. Its exterior design features COR-TEN steel, a steel alloy developed to eliminate the need for painting and which forms a stable rust-like appearance after exposure to weather for several years.

Wall cladding is Nu-Wall, an extruded aluminium weatherboard system, chosen to complete the rustic looking exterior. Nevis Group were given a tight time frame to complete construction. Building consent was approved on March 4 last year, and the client’s wanted to move in, with a swimming pool also completed, by Christmas of the same year.

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Dave Coulter P: 0278 488 884 P: 03 442 8788 E: W: • Residential/Commercial work • Retail fit outs • Lighting design • Repairs and maintenance • 24 hour emergency call out service, 7 days a week

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BUILDING » Nevis Group

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Nevis Group is a Queenstown-based building company specialising in small to medium sized high-end projects in the Otago region.

High quality guaranteed Cromwell firm Masterwood Joinery’s solid reputation means much of the work it completes is for high-quality homes in Central Otago, contracted by builders, architects and interior designers. Owner Don McDonald says well-designed joinery opens up a host of storage, convenience and functionality possibilities that are often a revelation for people when they see how much thought and innovation is incorporated in Masterwood’s work. Masterwood’s design, manufacturing and installation extends beyond kitchens and bathrooms to a whole house or commercial premises. Drawers can be fitted to self open and self close, hidden LED lighting strips can bring a new dimension to display ornaments, and fold away mirrors new meaning to form and function and wardrobe lifts make the most of hanging clothes storage in a floor to ceiling wardrobe. Masterwood’s high-level joinery and bespoke craftsmanship featured in a 460sqm house recently completed by Nevis Group at Arthurs Point, Queenstown. “You need to see the house to understand the level of detail in it,” Don says. “We are used to a high level of specification, but the level of detail is really pleasing for us to see.” Contributing to the success of the project was the “top notch” relationship between the client, Queenstown builder Nevis Group, Assembly Architects of Arrowtown and Masterwood Joinery, Don says. After more than 500 hours of labour for Masterwood’s staff in completing the

joinery, Don loves the result. “It is awesome. It’s a fantastic home.” “They’ve actually created a whole environment for the children; as they get older we can disassemble the [bedroom] joinery and reassemble it to make more teenager friendly rooms. The planning by the client and the architects was exceptional.” Assembly Architects architect Louise Wright says the project included an extensive amount of joinery. Black and light-coloured timber combined with rustic pre-finished steel was used to create the “recessive” interior tonal colour scheme. The U-shaped kitchen, which includes a seperate working pantry, takes in “incredible” views of the Shotover River and features cupboard and drawer fronts with black-stained American white oak veneer, complemented by light-coloured teak cabinet handles custom-made by Masterwood, and white Italian Carrara marble bench-tops. Each of the handles took up to 10 hours to hand-craft. Bathroom vanity units, also custom made by Masterwood, incorporate steel surrounds. The main entrance incorporates joinery which forms individual lockers for the children to place their shoes, coats and bags in. “The joinery is designed to be a great looking object and works to divide the spaces in certain ways, but is also a backdrop to the owners art-work and furniture,” Louise Wright said.


Bringing the W OW F a c t o r

to kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms & laundries. PLUS we custom craft window joinery, stairs, doors and furniture.

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May 2016 Business South

BUILDING » Nevis Group

Nevis hits the mark in Otago • from page 38 “I’ve known the client for a couple of years and the project has taken a little while to get to construction stage, but when it got to construction stage it was fast-tracked.” Although the time-frame was tight, the method of construction for the 460 square metre house meant the completion date was achievable. “It’s a very modern design, it’s got a lot of COR-TEN that was specially folded in Wellington. It’s designed as a family home with a strong reference to displaying art-works.” An important functional feature of the house is a ground-source heat pump; buried in the ground about one metre deep is about 300 metres of water pipe, which is part of the system, for heating or cooling the house through an air handler unit. The swimming pool and landscaping incorporating good-sized trees for an instant effect and “clever mounding” to create privacy, were key to finishing the house and “make it magic”, Russell says. Nevis Group was good for its promise with the client moving in on November 23. “Getting consent on March 4, and completing the home, pool and landscaping in time for Christmas was a pretty top effort on everyone’s part; the architects, the engineers and subcontractors, not just the building team.”

One of the striking features of the house, which was designed by Assembly Architects Ltd, Arrowtown, is a saw-toothed factory-style roof which brings considerable light in to the interior from roof level.

Nevis Group incorporates a landscaping division, Nevis Green, which employs five to six staff who undertake landscaping work to create the vital finishing touches such as an aesthetically pleasing outdoor environment and functional living spaces around a house and its immediate surroundings.

“It’s a very modern design, it’s got a lot of COR-TEN that was specially folded in Wellington. It’s designed as a family home with a strong reference to displaying art-works.”

• Tiling • Waterproofing • Undertile Heating • Exterior Plastering and Painting Phone Gilson 0211 288 954 | E QUEENSTOWN

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May 2016 Business South

BUILDING » Blair Stewart Builders

A builder with the personal touch Karen Phelps It may only have 2.5 percent of the Otago region’s population but Alexandra is growing due to spin off from the nearby busy markets of Queenstown and Cromwell, says Blair Stewart from Blair Stewart Builders Limited. Work is steady for his building company, which mainly focuses on residential projects. Blair, who grew up in Otago, started his building apprenticeship soon after leaving school. He worked for other companies before starting Blair Steward Builders Limited in 2009. Blair, a Licensed Building Practitioner, now offers his clients nearly two decades of building experience, much of it in Alexandra where he has lived for this time. He says that Blair Stewart Builders Limited has grown steadily, largely due to the very personal approach he takes to projects. In fact, he takes the term ‘one man band’ to the extreme as he tackles each build by himself apart from specialised work, which he contracts out. “Clients always deal directly with me and I personally build their project. I find out what they want then give them different ideas. I need help occasionally to lift a few things on site but most stuff I can do myself,” he says. By undertaking virtually every aspect of the job himself this enables Blair to focus on offering a high quality build. Blair Stewart Builders Limited undertakes new home builds, renovations, alterations, additions and repairs. The company also builds items such as decks and sheds. Clients typically come with their own plans but Blair can also put them in touch with an appropriate architect to match their needs and budget if required. At present Blair Stewart Builders Limited is working on a new home in Alexandra. The 220sqm home comprises three bedrooms and is clad in cedar and block work. He is about to start building a large four bay shed for a farmer of which two of the bays will be covered. It will be used for storage purposes. He is also covering in a veranda on a home in Alexandra and has a couple of smaller projects on the go including a deck and concrete patio. Although work in Alexandra has been keeping him busy Blair is not averse to travelling further afield in Central Otago depending on the project. Blair says as Alexandra is a small place people generally hear about him by word of mouth. He acknowledges that a good reputation is vital in the district and says the fact that the company has been going strong since he started it is testament to the quality of workmanship and service he offers. Blair has no plans to grow his company too large preferring to maintain his control, build most aspects of the job himself and give his clients an extremely personal and efficient service. “I love creating something for my clients, giving people exactly what they want.”

Blair Stewart Builders Limited undertakes new home builds, renovations, alterations, additions and repairs.

“I love creating something for my clients, giving people exactly what they want.”


We erect the fastest, stay up the longest and always come on time! AY A CALL US TODAY 0800 SLSCAFF M 021 750 388



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BUILDING » Aspec Construction

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Petrol station rebuild ‘tight operation’ Kelly Deeks Bringing its specialist skills to the fore, Aspec Construction Wellington has recently completed a petrol station rebuild for one of its regular customers, Z Energy. Aspec Construction Wellington has worked with Z Energy on new and existing sites for the past three years. The most recent project has been a full knock down and rebuild of a 1200sqm Z Energy tier two site in Stoke, comprising two sets of petrol pumps, three lanes for cars, and a 70sqm shop. Aspec Construction Wellington construction manager Martin Irvine says the company got involved in the project early on, and started putting together the team of contractors that would make the build a reality. “We tried to use as many local people as we could from the Nelson region, we took a few of our subcontractors from Wellington that we work with regularly, and we also used a number of nominated subcontractors that Z Energy uses to get the same service across the board,” he says. The site was tested for asbestos and ground contamination before demolition could begin. “We removed everything from the site, including the old tanks,” Martin says. “We took it back to a greenfields site then started again.” Work on the new service station began below the ground, with the installation of the new tanks. Installer Petroleum Solutions checked out the site then began lowering the 50,000l tanks in place. They were then strapped down and secured with large, concrete deadman blocks and the hole filled with gravel, all the time measuring the pressure inside the tank. The tank was then filled with fresh water to stop it popping out of the hole as ground water rises. The site was now back to a level playing field and excavation began for the shop and canopy foundations, then drainage for all the service connections. All Z Energy sites are being future proofed in terms of services. ollowing construction of the shop and the forecourt, just before opening, the tanks are emptied of water, inspected, then filled up with petrol.

Work underway on the forecourt and shop of the new Z Energy site in Stoke. “We keep petrol and diesel away from the site for as long as possible,” Martin says. “As soon as there is fuel on site, the health and safety rules change dramatically. “We keep it a very tight operation.” Health and safety is one of the biggest factors when working on a petrol site, but more towards keeping the passing public and local residents both safe and informed. On most building sites, cold and wet weather are usually key issues. But Martin says in Nelson it was the opposite problem, with long, hot, and dry days causing the building team to have to wet the ground on site to keep dust at bay. Martin says Aspec Construction Wellington enjoys the relationship it has formed with Z Energy , and enjoys working for a large corporation with a good positive attitude that contributes to its local community.


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BUILDING » Competitive Homes - Otago

May 2016 Business South

Competitive brand enters Central Russell Fredric

Competitive Homes range of customisable designs are a good fit for the broad range of budgets and lifestyles of Central Otago clients.

PROUD TO BE ON YOUR TEAM Bunnings is proud to support Competitive Homes Otago and the great work they do with Farrell Builders. We like to think their excellent work is made easier with our Trade Promises. For your nearest store visit or call 0508 BUNNINGS Trade Promises terms and conditions apply. See Trade Desk for details.



Queenstown - 027 554 3294 Dunedin - 027 589 8999

Competitive Homes Otago is now operating in Central Otago with the entry of the company in to the Queenstown construction market in partnership with Farrell Builders. Competitive Homes has been operating in Otago with Farrell Builders, which comprises a team of skilled tradesmen headed by owner Nathan Farrell, for the past four years. Each Competitive Homes branch is owned and operated by a carefully selected builder who purchases locally, hires local sub-contractors and does general business with other local companies. Because Competitive Homes is not a franchise but a nationwide co-operative of independent builders, its partners do not have the associated costs and overheads. Farrell Builders was originally approached by Competitive Homes because it “ticked all the right boxes.” “We just had the sort of values they were looking for, a good reputation, and are licensed builders and members of Certified Builders of New Zealand,” Nathan says. The offer of a large contract by a Dunedin client to build a four-unit lakefront apartment in Queenstown was the catalyst for Nathan and his wife Joella and their two children to move to Central Otago to broaden the reach of Competitive Homes Otago It will retain its Dunedin base under the existing management of Nathan’s father, Mike Farrell. Nathan says that he is looking forward to the variety of work that will be provided by the Central Otago market, particularly to the opportunity to build more new houses through Competitive Homes. “There’s a lot of interesting houses being built so it keeps the passion alive, working with interesting new projects and working with new products.” Nathan sees the move to Queenstown as being strategic; along with the buoyant construction market there, it places the business within easy reach of surrounding towns such as Cromwell, Alexandra and Wanaka.

Business South May 2016

BUILDING » Competiive Homes / Navigation Homes - Otago

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Navigation Homes has a wide range of popular off-the-shelf plans.

Navigation creating a niche Jo Bailey

Nathan is looking forward to the variety of work that will be provided by the Central Otago market,

Also strategic is Joella’s contribution to the business. She holds a Diploma of Design and a Bachelor of Design and Fashion. “We don’t have to out-source this service and we work closely together. She’s very creative and keeps up with the latest trends.” Nathan says Competitive Homes range of customisable designs are a good fit for the broad range of budgets and lifestyles of Central Otago clients. Its Architectural Series offers modern two and three bedroom designs with spacious open plan living and internal access garaging, with monopitch roofs setting these designs apart. The First Series one, two and three bedroom homes deliver practicality and style along with spacious open plan living with internal access garaging and multiple bathroom options.

The expansive three and four bedroom Living Series are created to enjoy the good life; elegant, light filled, spacious homes with excellent indoor/ outdoor flow, sweeping living areas and internal access garaging. Joella Farrell says Competitive Homes plans are “definitely what people are looking for at the moment”. Incorporating natural materials as part of interior and exterior designs is a popular option in Central Otago, while the use of white as a base in colour schemes is also popular. “Whites are back in, the clean simple look. If they’re not using white, its pale greys and using colour accessories and furniture.”

Navigation Homes Otago is creating a niche in the competitive franchise house building market as a boutique business with a strong focus on personal service. Established nine years ago, Navigation Homes is a New Zealand owned company which has more than 12 franchises throughout New Zealand. The company prides itself on quality built houses which are competitively priced due to its national buying power. As a member of Registered Master Builders, every home built by Navigation Homes comes with a peace-of-mind 10 year Master Builders Guarantee. Otago franchisee Richard Lobb says Navigation Homes made its entry in to the South Island market about two years ago when he bought the Otago franchise. A Licensed Building Practitioner, Richard was an employee-builder when the opportunity to buy the franchise became available. “I wanted the challenge of going out on my own. I wanted to have more connections with suppliers and clients; that’s what the attraction was really,” Richard Lobb says. While he acknowledges the franchise homebuilding market is challenging and competitive, Navigation Homes is promoting itself as a smaller

company with a personal touch; clients deal directly with Richard as the project manager through the entire process of planning and design, to the completion of their home. Navigation Homes has invested a lot of time creating off-the-shelf plans that are diverse in dimension, style and features, from its popular and affordable Compass Series, to the Nautical Series, Bungalow and Designer Series and the striking new Villa Series which is receiving much favourable feedback. The Villa Series is reminiscent of early New Zealand’s villas which were the most popular new home design in the country from the 1880’s through to World War One. In keeping with their classic design, Navigation Homes Villa Series also feature weatherboard cladding and verandahs with filigree embellishments. The Navigation Homes plan range is just a starting point for many people, who like the add personal touches to meet their individual needs and lifestyle. As such Navigation Homes designs and builds homes that span the entire market, from low cost, economical designs to tailoring a unique dream home from scratch. Among the most popular plans are the Classic Series C2 four bedroom, and C5 three bedroom plus study, houses which are 197m2 and 184m2 respectively.

The full range of Competitive Homes designs can be seen at:

“There’s a lot of interesting houses being built so it keeps the passion alive, working with interesting new projects and working with new products.”


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BUILDING » Generation Homes - Christchurch

A new generation of construction Kelly Deeks With a detailed and structured construction programme, national new home building company Generation Homes maps out about 90% of its builds into a virtual manufacturing line, creating peace of mind and assurance for subcontractors and clients alike. Generation Homes Christchurch has been run by Evan and Nadja Beker for the past three years. They both have manufacturing backgrounds supplying to the construction industry, so the Generation Homes building process, with its structured timeline, relates well to their manufacturing experience. The couple are keen supporters of St John New Zealand and donate $1000 to the charity from every home they build. They own Generation Homes Christchurch in a joint venture partnership with Generation Homes, so unlike a traditional franchise, both parties have a stake in the business and both are focused on making it successful and profitable. Nadja says the rebuild in Christchurch is well underway in both the residential and commercial sectors, and the landscape is changing every day, with new subdivisions emerging and great new facilities being built. “Christchurch is once again becoming a thriving city and the place to live, work, and grow in,” she says. Keen to become part of the rebuild of Canterbury, Evan and Nadja chose to align with Generation Homes, which has grown since its inception in 1997 to become one of New Zealand’s top 10 residential construction companies by volume. Evan and Nadja believed their clients would benefit from the security of the 100% fixed price guarantee offered by Generation Homes, as well as its quick build times of 17 weeks for a single storey home to 22 weeks for a double storey home, achieved in 97% of the company’s builds. Generation Homes also offer a 10-year Master Build Guarantee, and a 12-month warranty on all building works. Evan and Nadja were also impressed by Generation Home’s reputation. As a Registered Master Builder, Generation Homes has won no less than eight Registered Master Builders House of the Year awards for quality.

• To page 48 Generation Homes has nearly 200 house design plans and house & land packages available

PROUDLY SUPPORTING GENERATION HOMES ON THE LONGHURST PROJECT | P. 03 376 5322 • Plumbing, Drainage • New, Alterations & Additions • Service & Maintenance • Drainage Surveys and Reports

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Launched in Christchurch the Superhome Movement is aiming to revolutionise the way Kiwis look at housing by helping people build warm, dry, healthy, energy-efficient, and environmentally sound homes.


MAY 2016


Bob Burnett Architecture



Superhome Movement gathers pace Jo Bailey More than 1000 people are estimated to have checked out the latest in green, sustainable, energy efficient technologies at New Zealand’s first 10 Star Homestar homes in Church Square, Christchurch since they opened to the public in October last year. The launch coincided with the start of the new Superhome Movement, which is providing Kiwis with a model for a new standard of housing and gathering the best in learning, products and expertise to help people build warm, dry, healthy, energy efficient, and environmentally sound homes. The 10 Star homes are a key educational tool for the movement, which between them incorporate around 30 exciting new building innovations. Bob Burnett, of Bob Burnett Architecture who designed the 10 Star homes, and Martin Reilly of Ecomaster (which provides high quality, energy efficient heating and ventilation systems) are the Christchurch-based professionals behind the Superhome Movement. “We are an altruistic, non-profit organisation, and are fortunate to have a number of passionate volunteers helping us to run it and spread the word,” says Bob. A key element of the Superhome Movement is sharing ideas through a network of industry leaders in home design and construction on how best to

“Everything is done on a voluntary basis, which is why it would be great to have more active participants. People who get involved and are proactive will get the biggest benefit.”

Bob Burnett build clever, high-rated homes that are affordable, healthy, sustainable, and a delight to live in. As well as being the most energy efficient, environmentally sound homes in the country, the 10 Star homes in Christchurch demonstrate the varying levels of specification that may be implemented for 6, 7 and 8 Homestar rated homes and provide comparisons between the associated levels of

build costs and running costs, along with differing payback periods and property values. A Superhome website has been set up with handy sections called Learn How where people can read about a range of different innovative, energy efficient products and technologies, and Know Who where they can find the growing list of professionals and product companies in their region who can help them develop their own Superhome. Bob says the list of member companies on the website is rapidly growing and evolving, with around 50 already signed up. “The members are generally people and companies who are already doing good work and are leaders in their field. However Superhome is an open and inclusive movement,” says Bob. “People don’t necessarily have to be at the leading edge to join. Anyone with the right attitude and a willingness to learn how to do things differently and better is welcome.” All potential members are vetted to ensure

their service or product delivery meets the quality standards and values of the Superhome Movement, as it is important consumers are talking to trusted people, and getting the right information, he says. So far, members include everyone from builders, designers, consultants and product suppliers, to design and build companies, and even realtors, valuers and finance consultants. Bob says one of the main challenges of those running the Superhome organisation is that those involved are all busy in their own businesses. “Everything is done on a voluntary basis, which is why it would be great to have more active participants. People who get involved and are proactive will get the biggest benefit.” With more members, comes greater awareness, more project opportunities, and the door is opened to collaboration with other members, he says. “We believe the Superhome Movement is developing into a powerful brand that is attractive to be part of.”

Waterford Press Limited 112 Wrights Road, Addington, Christchurch Phone 03-983 5500,


Bob Burnett Architecture


New Zealand’s first 10 Star Homestar homes are situated in Church Square, Christchurch. The homes have proved a massive drawcard since opening to the public in October last year.

0800 379 336 Congratulations Bob Burnett Architecture on your success achieving 10 homestar rating, we are proud to be associated with your projects.


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water down the toilet.



Bob Burnett Architecture


Superhomes setting new standards Jo Bailey The Superhome Movement is creating a new aspirational standard for housing in New Zealand. While the building code is a protective level that describes the worst house we are legally allowed to build and live in, typically at or around the three Homestar level, Superhomes are specifically designed and built to be in the Homestar six to ten range. New Zealand Green Building Council’s Homestar is a tool to help people create a healthy, well performing home that is warm, dry and comfortable and cost efficient to run in terms of energy and water use. Spreading its responsibilities broader than that, the Superhome Movement takes a holistic approach of which energy and sustainability makes up around 50 percent of the criteria, with the balance covering earthquake resistance, resilience, durability, longevity and design integrity, says Bob Burnett. “A 10 Star home would not be much good if it needed to be rebuilt after an earthquake, or was not well designed or aesthetically pleasing.” Despite there being a phenomenal number of details and thought that goes into a great Superhome, the movement’s processes yield a quick, easy path to designing and building a Superhome, without having to go through a rating process, says Bob. “The Superhome Movement is open source, sharing useful information about how to get a much better home for your money, and providing critical details that are absent from NZ building code.” Beyond the Superhome Movement’s easy-tofollow, robust standards, the final measurement is 12 months of monitoring and in-use measurement of things like energy use, temperature, humidity and air quality.

Superhomes are specifically designed and built to be in the Homestar six to ten star range. “When we have the results of that twelve months monitoring a Superhome is awarded a numbered plaque and added to an online register.” Bob says creating awareness among homeowners that we should not be targeting building code will continue to be a key focus of the movement along with providing a reliable

network of industry experts and participants in the movement such as architects, designers, builders and suppliers who are capable of creating Superhomes for their clients. “For the industry the movement is providing CPD (Continued Professional Development) and the group is a valuable referral network.

“For example architects and designers who are creating clever designs know which builders, subbies and suppliers have the know how to implement them. “The same goes for the homeowner. Superhome is becoming a reliable and powerful brand.”

SMART STRUCTURAL SOLUTIONS Fully Engineered Resilience Resilient homes start from the ground up, with engineered raft foundation solutions an increasingly popular choice for many residential projects. HFC was instrumental in developing the highly popular Allied Concrete Super Slab system, often referred to as a raft or waffle foundation. The company has continued to develop the Super Slab for the Christchurch region suitable for use on TC1, TC2 and TC3 sites. “Clients recognise the benefits of having a fully engineered foundation solution designed specifically for each site” says Shane Simmonds, Associate of HFC Civil and Structural (South) Ltd Established in 1996, HFC has evolved over the years into a busy medium-sized practice employing some 40 highly experienced professionals providing a personalised, client focused service from its Christchurch and Auckland offices. “Between the two offices we cover pretty much the whole country. However, since the earthquakes, the focus of our Christchurch office has been strongly based on the Canterbury residential market.” The company provides structural engineering design services to architects, developers, contractors on a diverse range of residential projects. In 2015 HFC Group completed over 1800 residential jobs varying in scale from standalone foundations/structural designs, multi-unit residential developments and hill builds to technically complex high-end architectural homes. “Often projects come with tight timeframes and budgets, requiring smart engineering to ensure they are economically viable and practical to build.” Since the earthquakes the firm has also carried out commercial design work including Lincoln’s Famous Grouse Hotel. Commercial work is increasing as the rebuild switches focus from residential. “Foundation and structural design solutions for residential projects can vary considerably in complexity. Whether clients require one beam or a complete structural design service, we have the experience and resources to provide a high quality solution within a timely manner.”

HFC Group offices: Unit 4, 295 Blenheim Road – Christchurch 03 339 7000 L3, 19 Morgan Street – Auckland 09 367 1070

PH: 03 339 7000 |

Responsible, innovative painting and decorating solutions Placement Painters is proud to be a New Zealand licensed applicator of a leading fire protection product from Sweden. Glenn Hunt, founder of the Christchurch-based painting and decorating company, says Fireshield 1FR can be used on timber as an effective fire retardant. “It is a transparent product so, once applied, you can still see the timber’s beautiful grain.” According to the manufacturer, Fireshield 1FR is an intumescent paint that foams into a thick layer when exposed to high temperatures, effectively extinguishing the transfer of heat to the treated surface. The Fireshield range can also be applied as a fire retardant to painted walls (Fireshield 2FR) and steel structures (Fireshield 4FR). There has been a large amount of interest from the architectural industry throughout New Zealand. “This product has tremendous growth potential.” Placement Painters was first contracted late last year to apply the product to wood panelled walls for the All Stars Inn on Bealey, next to the Speight’s Ale House. “They needed a fire protection product that would enable the grain to be seen. The product came through and we got them across the line on time. They are so stoked.” Another recent project, working with Fire Tech Coating Ltd, involved applying fire protection to 600lm of sustainable New Zealand native beech from Southland for a new five storey building in Armagh Street, Christchurch, while an additional large spray job saw Resene Aquaclear being applied to 4000lm of sustainable native beech. Since founding the company in 1999, Glenn has sought to go the extra mile for clients with a focus on having work uniforms for his team and professionally signed clean and tidy work vehicles. The team of six includes

Glenn’s wife Kim who is a fully qualified tradeswoman with a specialist expertise in wall coverings. Also on the team are fully qualified interior plasterers and airless spray applicators. Placement Painters is an approved Resene Eco-Decorator. Advantages for clients include: • No mess on site. Used brushes are wrapped up and taken to approved cleaning stations; no paint-tainted water is flushed away. • Waste is minimised - Leftover paint and paint packaging is returned to a designated Resene ColorShop as part of the Resene PaintWise programme. “I believe we are only at the beginning of a shift in the industry towards being more responsible. There is an ongoing process involved in becoming more aware of the impact we can have on the environment – we need to keep refining what we do.” Glenn says the project that led to New Zealand’s first home being awarded a 10 star Homestar certification in Church Square, Addington last year has set the bar high. Placement Painters holds the honour of being the country’s first ever painting and plastering company for a 10 star home. “Being invited to work on that home was a real eye opener. There were no rubbish bins on site and there was such a strong commitment to recycling… We’re really satisfied with the way the home’s turned out.” Placement Painters is a member of the Master Painters Association. Its strong commitment to customer service through the earthquakes has been recognised with a Masters Builders Business Hero Award

• Insured & guaranteed we are a complete professional painting service in Christchurch. • Top professional quality with affordable, reliable & efficient painters & decorators pricing. • Full exterior house painting & building cleaning services provided.

97 Sawyers Arms Road, Northcote, Christchurch 8052 | Office: 03 352 6492 | Glenn Hunt: 021 744 839 Email: |


Bob Burnett Architecture


Demonstration homes make it ‘real’ Jo Bailey Bob Burnett, who designed New Zealand’s first 10 Star Homestar homes says one of the key things achieved by the two demonstration homes in Christchurch, is that they make all the innovations and technology “real”. “ “There has been a talkfest in Christchurch after the earthquakes around more energy-efficient, sustainable buildings. “However, the reality on the ground is that very little has been done and it has largely been business as usual. People respond to the 10 Star homes because they can see, touch and experience them. The homes are a great educational tool.” Before he designed these homes, Bob had already designed several new homes achieving an 8 Homestar rating, and back in 2011, created New Zealand’s first 7 Homestar rated house. “The 10 Star homes actually started life as potential 9 Star homes. Then we realised during the building process it was possible for us to achieve the 10 Star rating.” He agrees 10 Star is “quite a stretched target”, for most homeowners, as it includes technologies such as grey water recycling which many may not include in their new homes. However rainwater harvesting is incorporated in most Bob Burnett Architecture designed Superhomes as it is less costly. The demonstration homes are a great example of the optimum that can be achieved through clever design and innovation. “From our experience, we believe it is totally realistic and cost effective for the majority of people to aim for an 8 Star home with no power bills to worry about.” Bob says size is the first important factor to consider when designing a Superhome. “The advantage of a smaller home is that there is less space to heat, which saves on running costs. Smaller homes are also less costly to maintain.” Although it is not as large as most new family homes currently being built in New Zealand, the 140 square metre, two storey, three bedroom, two bathroom 10 Star home at Church Square has an incredibly spacious feel. Every centimetre has been utilised in the spatially aware economical design with services cleverly tucked away and there is no hallway taking up valuable space. The living spaces are light, bright and airy, and the kitchen is highly specified, and up-to-the minute.

Window proportions, their location and the right amount of shading have been carefully considered to ensure the homes don’t overheat. The adjacent 118 square metre single story three bedroom, two bathroom demonstration home has a similar feel, and seems far larger than its size suggests. Bob say innovations in the homes include everything from solar panels on the roof, to New Zealand’s first salt water battery backup, rainwater harvesting, an energy recovery shower waste, surface mounted LED lighting, and an energy recovery ventilation system, which provides high air quality indoors. The energy ventilation system in the two-storey home is fed by a north-facing solar wall, which draws warm air up behind its black aluminium exterior through a cavity into the system. “On a sub-zero frosty morning with sun hitting the black aluminium wall we can get 27 degrees pre-warmed air into the system.” Bob says the homes’ thermal envelope is one of

Make no Sacrifice on Quality Tiles and Timber Flooring PH:

the most important aspects of the designs. “These homes have been designed to get good solar access and keep the warmth in. They are also more airtight than an average home.” Window proportions, their location and the right amount of shading have been carefully considered to ensure the homes don’t overheat. A fully insulated foundation slab is another key component, and is something the building industry has only started to seriously consider over the last couple of years, he says.

“With any floor slab around 80 percent of heat is lost around the edge. We have used structural insulated panels to insulate the edges of the slab and underneath the footings in these homes, and have installed water under-floor heating. “By insulating the floor properly we only need about 40 percent of the heat we would need in an average home.” Thermal imaging has been used to analyse the performance of the slab and measure heat loss and the results have been “brilliant” says Bob.

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“The advantage of a smaller home is that there is less space to heat, which saves on running costs. Smaller homes are also less costly to maintain.”


Bob Burnett Architecture


Innovations in the homes include everything from solar panels on the roof, to New Zealand’s first salt water battery backup, rainwater harvesting, an energy recovery shower waste, surface mounted LED lighting, and an energy recovery ventilation system, which provides high air quality indoors. “On a zero degree day outside a typical house would measure around four degrees inside at the perimeter edge of the floor. The 10 Star homes achieved 20 degrees.” He says people who visit the demonstration homes on a frosty winter morning are amazed to find the temperature inside the homes is also around 20 degrees, using no electricity (and no resultant power bills). Water efficiency is one of the mandatory categories of Homestar and to get a 10 Star rating required installation of grey water treatment and rainwater harvesting for reusing water for flushing toilets, the laundry, washing machine and irrigation, says Bob. “We have relied on Methven tapware as it provides the correct WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme) star ratings for efficient water use. “The products look great and suit the interior design. The new Aio showers and taps were an excellent fit for achieving high Homestar ratings and are also the first taps to use ECO-BRASS material, a new high quality metal that is lead and heavy metal free and therefore good for health, the environment and water quality.”

Waste during the construction of the homes was either minimised, reused of recycled. Waste inside the homes is separated for recycling or composting. “In the kitchen there are three Hettich bins built into the joinery for rubbish, green waste and recycling, which are a good design and design size,” says Bob. “Hettich was also chosen for the drawers and cabinetry hardware.” Bob Burnett Architecture has a long established reputation for ecodesign. “We’ve been designing spatially and energy efficient homes for some time and want to continue to lead by example. “The 10 star homes are something real and tangible, and not just talked about,” he says. Previously more substantial high-end ecohomes have provided prototypes to innovate and now where appropriate, some of these leading edge ideas and technologies are being applied to more affordable homes. “Interestingly the large majority of substantial high-end homes that don’t follow these principles are surprisingly eco-unfriendly, performing poorly in relation to energy, health and comfort,” he says.

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Assessing the true costs Jo Bailey The perception that an energy-efficient home is too expensive to build is a myth that Bob Burnett and others in the Superhome Movement are keen to dispel. “We’ve been saying for a while that affordability is not just about cheap houses, it’s about the cost of ownership and ongoing running costs and return on investment.” Bob says research undertaken for Auckland City Council shows that the cost to build a more ecofriendly, energy efficient home is considerably less than many people perceive. “The research showed that to build a 6 Star rated home costs just 2.2% more than a standard home. Grid tied solar homes can also feed energy back to the grid. We actually received credits from the power company during summer at one of the 10 Star homes.” An affordability dashboard will allow people to analyse the various components that make up an energy efficient home, and ascertain the impact of each choice on the cost to build, and subsequent reduction in power costs. Using the infographic, they can mix and match the various detail and initiatives and evaluate what needs to be included to reach a level of rating or performance using the Homestar scale. “This tool will help people to figure out where they are comfortable in terms of the cost to build and the ongoing costs of ownership of their new home,” says Bob. Given it is possible to completely eliminate power bills with an 8 Star home, he says it is interesting for people to work out their current average yearly spend on power, and see what the impact would be if the money saved with a zero energy home was applied to their mortgage.

“If people add an electric vehicle to the equation, it really flips this exercise on its head. A BMW i3 electric car has been introduced to the single story 10 Star home. The car is charged from the house, and has no fuel costs, an additional saving that could be applied to mortgage reduction.” The Superhome team is also working on providing an estimate of a home’s increase in capital value ahead of traditionally built homes by implementing the various better quality components. Bob says this is one of trickiest parts of the equation, as New Zealand doesn’t have much history of sales for energy efficient, sustainable homes. “We know these homes are more valuable because they have been designed and built to a higher standard. If we look to North America and Europe where there is a greater history of sales, there is a proven upside of 10-20 percent on value when selling a green home.” By debunking the myth that it is considerably more expensive to build a green home, the Superhome movement hopes to effect real behavioural change within the building industry. “The building code shouldn’t be a target as it is effectively the worst possible house people are legally allowed to build. It becomes the target because the industry is currently driven by sales, rather than design. It’s something the public really needs to understand. The sales speak isn’t what the homeowner needs to hear and they often unfortunately don’t know any better.” Real change must happen in order to provide future generations of Kiwis with healthier, drier and warmer homes, says Bob. “The most dangerous phrase in the English language is ‘we’ve always done it this way’. It dismays me to see enormous amounts of money being poured into substandard houses that long term, harnesses the owners to huge, unnecessary power bills.”

Harley - leading the way Harley Builders Christchurch is sealing its reputation as specialists in new architectural homes and renovation additions, focusing on building energy efficient and passive homes. The company has a nine year track-record in focusing on energy-efficient homes and recently completed Christchurch’s first Certified Passive house, a 350 square metre two-story weatherboard home in Fendalton. Director Glenn Harley says Certified Passive is a robust international standard that requires vigorous testing to achieve a house that will maintain a constant air temperature throughout the year. Certified Passive houses are designed to create an air-tight and energyefficient building which results in stable temperatures and a healthy low-moisture indoor environment. They require both a design review and post-construction testing to meet the international certification standard. The average newly built house has air leakage of six to 10 air changes an hour which results in considerable loss of heat, Glenn Harley says. “We have achieved .35 air changes an hour, which will maintain a temperature of 20 to 25 degrees Celsius.” The system is so efficient at creating a thermal barrier against the outdoor air temperature that no heating is required during winter, or air-conditioning in summer. The Fendalton house features blown in insulation, wider walls, triple-glazed windows, vapour check products, tapes that seal air, and ventilation systems that

create clean, controlled air and even temperatures.” “The utility bills for this house are extremely low, particularly as this has solar panels and an inverter, with any excess power being sold back to the grid.” Glenn hopes Certified Passive will become a standard feature of architecturally designed houses in New Zealand, particularly because of the significant savings created over the lifetime of a building. Owners of the Fendalton house, Andrew and Katy Marriott, say Harley Builders was recommended by their electrician. “Of the six builders we interviewed we chose Glenn. We got on very well with him and were pleased.” “We did make some changes to the plans along the way. They made the decisionmaking process easy as they were quietly supportive in the background. “Glenn was very accommodating and great in getting tradesmen onto that work very quickly.” The system has worked well and proved its worth during the Canterbury summer; just prior to Christmas on a 36 degree day outside, the inside temperature was 23 degrees without the use of a heat-pump for cooling. The couple say Glenn’s positive cando attitude along with the “faultless” workmanship of Harley Builders meant they were the perfect choice to build their dream Passive House. “Throughout the process great communication, exceptional problemsolving skills and a clean and tidy work-site were key.”

The affordability dashboard allows people to analyse the various components that make up an energy efficient home, and ascertain the impact of each choice on the cost to build, and subsequent reduction in power costs.

Superhome Information If you are interested in the Superhome Movement there are a number of resources and websites with a host of additional information such as Download your free digital Healthy Home Guide from where there is also an informative Build Blog, detailing construction updates, images and time-lapse video from the construction of the two 10 Star

Demonstration Homes in Addington, or visit for more information. Why not book into one of three guided tours of the Demonstration Homes, which are currently held weekly on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 1pm, or Saturdays at 11am? A tour is a great way to see the Superhome principles in action and there is a 20 -minute PowerPoint presentation to view, which provides a fascinating insight into what is going on behind the homes’ walls.

EcoMASTER collaborates for in-slab heating innovation. Now it’s for everyone.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION “Up to 80 percent of slab heat loss occurs in the edge of the slab. Insulating this edge halves that heat loss according to BRANZ® in a recent report”. energy cost savings of the DualHEAT system make it appropriate for the Superhome Movement initiative in Canterbury, which aims to build 1000 Homestar 7 or above, green homes in Christchurch over the next three years. EcoMASTER also offers a range of other heating and ventilation products, including its HydraMASTER in-slab hydronic heating system; the MoistureMASTER ventilation system; and the SolaMASTER (solar-equivalent) hot water system.

Luxurious in-slab heating

Now it’s for Everyone. MARTIN REILLY: 021 202 5564 OR 03 377 8026 • WWW.ECOMASTER.KIWI.NZ • WWW.PETERCOCKS.CO.NZ • WWW.MAXRAFT.CO.NZ

10 |

Bob Burnett Architecture


Goal is to change the standards Jo Bailey The Superhome Movement has a clear and ultimate goal - to change building standards in New Zealand. One of the movement’s founders, architectural designer Bob Burnett, believes the industry wrongly views the New Zealand Building Code as a target, when it is not too difficult or too expensive to provide homeowners with a home of far greater quality and value. “Political issues surrounding the current building code means that as a country we have fallen well behind and are still building outdated homes that are really cold and unhealthy. “Our aim is to work at the grass roots to help educate the public and grow awareness of better ways of building, while creating some behavioural change within the industry.” When it comes to things like energy efficiency, sustainability and green building principles, the current building code rates “quite low” at around three stars out of ten. Bob says one of the current pitfalls for people looking to build a new home is that they are often encouraged by building companies to get the biggest possible house for the lowest square metre cost, rather than the warmest, healthiest and most energy efficient and spatially efficient home for their money. “This is a flawed metric, and is why we are targeting the public as our initial audience. Many people assume because they are getting a new

A Superhome doesn’t have to be super-sized with many of the principles applied to high-end eco designs working well in homes of all sizes and budgets. home it is going to be the latest and greatest. “However they are often getting more than 20 year old technology and being advised not to include things like edge insulation on their new home’s foundation, thicker walls, or better windows. They are not getting good value for their investment.” New Zealand is a challenging environment to effect change, as it remains one of the few countries in the world where home size continues to trend upwards, while the rest of the world trends down. “We have the second-biggest homes in the world and New Zealand is the second most expensive place in the world to build. Yet our homes are still not very good quality. In Europe and North

Making a difference.... Making a difference in the New Zealand building industry is a key philosophy of Canterbury firm Dan Saunders Construction, says operations manager, Jennifer Hamlin. “We don’t just say we value excellence – we truly mean it. “As a responsible, ethical company we don’t cut corners or compromise on quality. Building relationships with others who have a similar ethos is also important to us.” Dan Saunders has more than 24 years experience as a builder, with 14 of those spent as a company director. He started Dan Saunders Construction twoand-a-half years ago to focus on building energy-efficient, sustainable homes with a flair for smart design. Dan Saunders Construction was the builder of the first 8 Star Energy Star rated home in Australasia. Jennifer says the Superhome Movement has opened doors for the firm, and aligned it with a range of talented architects, designers, and craftspeople with whom they are “on the same page” when it comes to green building design. “We have been privileged to build loyal relationships with people like Claudia Kaltenstadler of Harakeke Consultants with whom we collaborate very closely on projects; Bob Burnett, a founder of the Superhome Movement; and Wanaka company Salmond Architecture, for whom we have constructed several High Performance Houses, including the 8 Star home.” Most of Dan Saunders Construction’s projects are architecturally designed, ranging from small, economic, eco-homes,

up to very large homes which follow sustainable, green building principles, she says. “We are dedicated to future proofing our homes, which are built to stand the test of time as well as conserve energy. We expect them to still be housing people in 150 years.” Dan Saunders Construction is the distributor for a number of novel products and systems. These include an innovative new building wrap called Frame Protection System, which has a number of benefits to the structure of the house, including keeping the frame and insulation dry. “This product also creates airtightness, so there is no heat loss during winter, or risk of mildew and moisture damage.” The company also distributes a suspended, lightweight concrete flooring system called Speedfloor. “We are constantly researching to find only the best products for the New Zealand lifestyle and conditions and we are always interested in working with companies with really good ethics and great technology behind their products or systems.” Jennifer says the company currently has several high energy star rated homes planned for the near future, with most of its projects coming from referrals. “We are not into hard selling. We believe it is our character and values that show what we have to offer. “Our focus is on building high quality, sustainable homes, delivering reliable service, and building relationships that last with our clients and other professionals who share the same philosophies.”

America around 40 percent of builds are green but in New Zealand it is less than three percent. It’s time the industry here started to walk the walk and provide people with the homes they deserve.” Bob says a Superhome doesn’t have to be super-sized with many of the principles he applies to high-end eco designs working well in homes of all sizes and budgets. This includes his current involvement in the design of social housing for the Christchurch City Council and Housing NZ. “The key is that homes are built to a much higher design and performance standard then they would have been otherwise. As well as energy, Superhomes focus on design, affordability, resilience and durability, thermal comfort, and a healthy indoor environment.”

He says the health of our population could also benefit from change and help to curb our asthma rates, which are the highest in the world. “It is a widely acknowledged fact that people who living in healthy homes have 30 percent fewer hospital admissions. “There are currently around one million unhealthy homes in New Zealand, and unfortunately we are adding to this total every day given that cheaper houses are still being churned out using the same old methods.” Convincing central government to effect change won’t be easy, as the building code remains a “political hot potato”. However the Superhome Movement team will continue to advocate for change talking to government and local councils.



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Saving precious water resources Kim Newth Cutting edge greywater recycling technology that contributed to Addington’s Superhome gaining the country’s first 10-star Homestar rating last year is now being installed in homes and businesses throughout New Zealand. The Intewa Aqualoop greywater recycling system is distributed in New Zealand by Christchurch-based firm Aloaqua. Up to 450 litres a day of greywater is recycled at Addington’s 10-star home, resulting in considerable reductions in potable water usage. Hand basin, shower and bath water is collected, then treated without the use of chemicals and then combined with rainwater where it is reused in toilets, laundry and irrigation. Not only does this water-saving technology comply with stringent European water standards, it is also on the cusp of gaining NSF certification in the United States. “It has also been approved by Kohler toilets,” says Aloaqua director and engineer Martin Pfaff. “They found membrane treated water was able to maintain a clean, algae-free cistern.” Aqualoop is an expandable system: up to 8000 litres a day can potentially be recycled via multiple membrane stations. “So it can be used to recycle greywater at a rest home or a hotel. We’re currently looking at recycling greywater in a commercial laundry.” He says the Intewa system produces germ-free quality water, (with safe removal of 99.9999% of all bacteria and 99.7% of all viruses), while no chlorine or chemicals are required as greywater is biologically treated.

“For many clients, it is about having a sustainable water supply that is not dependent on infrastructure.”

Up to 450 litres a day of greywater is recycled at Addington’s 10-star home, resulting in considerable reductions in potable water usage.

“Greywater recycling also means your shower water is not going into the septic tank, so you won’t overload your septic tank.” The Intewa Rainmaster pump station enables treated, filtered rainwater to be transferred to the home for reuse in the toilet, laundry and garden - or even for drinking water. Intewa Purain filters, installed inside the storage tank, clear debris

Giving the best advice With so many exciting products and materials available when it comes to green and sustainable living, it pays to get professional advice before embarking on a construction project, says Claudia Kaltenstadler of Harakeke Consulting. “People should definitely seek advice to help them select the best products and materials to match their project, lifestyle and budget.” Claudia says Harakeke Consulting is passionate about helping people to build or renovate their homes in an energy-efficient, ecologically responsive way. The company provides an advisory service, which promotes the benefits of sustainable living and offers advice on every aspect of building an energy efficient home, from foundations to wall panels; different heating resources; solar panels; non-toxic materials; rainwater collection; and everything inbetween. “We regularly consult with builders, architects and designers to present them with a range of options and help them establish the best solutions for their clients’ projects. “They often don’t have the time themselves to spend investigating what is out there, or keep up with the latest innovations or regulations on their clients’ behalf.” Harakeke Consulting is completely independent and not aligned with any suppliers in the building or related industries, so is purely focused on the best outcome for each project. Originally from Europe, Claudia keeps up to date with the latest international trends and innovations, and says there are some exciting products about to hit the market this year. These include “off-grid” systems, which are already popular in Europe; and some new window and glass innovations, which provide heat and energy to the home, she says. “Infrared windows; and a glass system that

incorporates small solar cubes are two of the latest products to be introduced to New Zealand in coming months. The cubes can be put onto any glass, such as windows, a pergola or glass verandah, to produce energy.” Claudia and her family immigrated to New Zealand from Europe in 2006, and soon after started connecting with people in the building industry while building their own highperformance home, “In Europe energy-efficient homes are the norm, so I was surprlsed by the lukewarm response to sustainable building in New Zealand and general misinformation about it at the time.” Claudia decided to start Harakeke Consulting to help promote the benefits of sustainable living, with a mission to “get as many New Zealanders as possible into healthier, warmer homes”. She is pleased to have witnessed the positive change of attitude from the building industry and suppliers towards sustainable building over the last decade, and the growing interest in green building principles. To promote further collaboration between people in the construction sector, Harakeke Consulting was instrumental in the establishment of Christchurch Professional Property People, a group of professionals representing every sector of the construction industry who meet monthly to discuss market trends and developments, exchange information and ideas, and learn from guest speakers. Harakeke Consulting is also a member of the SuperHome Movement which has a website providing information about sustainable building materials, and lists member companies which can help people get achieve the best possible high-performance house for their money.

from collected rainwater and Intewa membranes can be used to sterilise and clean the water further. Advanced Purain filters are a big step up from older style ‘first-flush diverters’ which simply waste precious rainwater. Martin Pfaff has been advocating for water conservation since moving to New Zealand from Germany 12 years ago.

He is pleased that New Zealanders are starting to see the environmental benefits of using recycled water, rather than flushing good drinking water down the toilet. “It’s better for the environment and infrastructure,” he says. Aloaqua has been operating out of Christchurch for three and a half years. Demand for Intewa rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling systems is continuing to grow. “We are finding that people are very receptive because they want to live in environmentally responsible homes. “We carried out an installation in a Queenstown home recently and are getting enquiries from all over New Zealand and the Pacific. For many clients, it is about having a sustainable water supply that is not dependent on infrastructure. “Interest in this will only grow stronger as people’s awareness of water conservation grows. “Worldwide, we are seeing a shift towards more locally based water treatment and less of a reliance on massive infrastructure.”

Join the revolution in high performance, energy efficient homes. Harakeke offers advice on every aspect of building energy-efficient homes, from foundations to wall panels; different heating resources; solar panels; non-toxic materials; rainwater collection; everything in-between. We work only with architects, designers, builders and suppliers who share our passion to make a difference, and are committed to building healthier, energy-efficient homes.

Harakeke Consultants Claudia Kaltenstadler Mobile: +64 21 118 4843 Email:

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New technology a ‘ground breaker’ Jo Bailey Methven has developed a revolutionary new showering technology; Aurajet, which according to the company is “turning conventional showering on its head”. The ground-breaking Aurajet technology has been incorporated into Methven’s Aio shower to deliver a full-bodied spray with maximum body contact and all over warmth. “It’s our most advanced, most invigorating shower experience yet,” says Marek Koliandr, Methven’s consumer and trade marketing manager. Aurajet uses hidden nozzles, which generate individual jets of water that collide against precisely angled surfaces within the contours of the showerhead. At the moment of collision, the water travels across the surface edge and lodges out from the channel, creating stunning fans of water in a wide, even spray, with enhanced droplet density, increased overall coverage and maximum warmth. Using just nine litres of water per minute, Aurajet generates up to 20% more total spray force than other traditional needle spray showers, and has twice the amount of surface area of water in contact with the skin than traditional showers. “It delivers a luxurious shower and does so in a very energy and water efficient way. “It is an ideal product for anyone building a Superhome, as it saves on water and energy bills without compromising the shower experience for the consumer.” Marek says the company spent thousands of hours on research and development to produce the technology. “Consumer research conducted in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom was at the heart of the development of Aurajet from concept through to delivery. This was undertaken over a number of years to ensure the exciting new technology would deliver the best possible consumer experience.” From the outset, Methven’s research provided clear guidance as to what people felt was important when they were selecting a shower for their

Aurajet uses hidden nozzles, which generate individual jets of water that collide against precisely angled surfaces within the contours of the showerhead. bathroom and what their key considerations were when making this important purchase, he says. “It also gave us a key insight into what people feel makes a good showering experience and what they really want out of their shower time.” The design of the Aurajet showerhead has been just as well thought out as its function, with the inside of the showerhead halo coming in a range of five colour options to match consumers’ bathrooms.

Aurajet, like all of the Methven’s showering technology, comes with a lifetime guarantee. The company was founded in Dunedin in 1886 when George Methven first started to produce brass and iron hardware. Today, Methven is world renowned for its beautifully designed showers, taps and valves. The company’s expertise in hydrodynamics is acknowledged around the world and it has won a slew of international design awards for its products.

This year the Aurajet shower technology won a German Design Award ‘Special Award’; following a Gold in the Consumer Product category at the New Zealand BEST Design Awards; and Gold: Innovation in Sustainability at the UK Kitchen and Bathroom Designer Awards, in 2015. Methven was also winner of the Innovation in Design and Engineering and Export Innovator of the Year categories at the 2015 New Zealand Innovators Awards.

New products at the fore Windows are one of the most critical elements to get right in an energy-efficient home, because they are a weak point in the thermal envelope, says Bob Burnett. “I think of windows pretty much like a hole in the wall, so if they are incorrect in size, orientation or specification, a home won’t be energy efficient. “Given that windows provide approximately a tenth of the thermal value of the wall, any gains can make a big difference.” Typically New Zealand windows are installed flush with the outside cladding, which means they sit in the coldest part of the wall. “An investment in high performance uPVC framed European style windows like the ones used in the 10 Star homes are a vastly better option. Importantly they have been recessed back into the warmer part of the wall so look quite different aesthetically and provide significant improvements to thermal performance. Bob says the uPVC European windows have been shown to be three times as effective as typical double glazing, given their non conductive frames and Low E Excel glass panes, separated with by thermex plastic spacers and argon gas. “The R value of a typical aluminium window is 0.26, whereas a good uPVC window rates between 0.53 and 0.7 (which the 10 star homes have). When they are recessed back into the walls, the rating of the uPVC windows is even better.” Another exciting innovation used to construct the 10 Star homes is a new GIBFIX framing system introduced by Winstone Wallboards. “We are early adopters of this framing type, which is a great example of a smart system that offers significant improvements, but doesn’t

cost more, and epitomises what the Superhome Movement is about.” The resulting better-braced walls provide more earthquake resilience, are more thermally efficient, and are also more cost effective due to a significant reduction in the amount of timber used. When constructing the 10 Star homes, Bob tweaked and enhanced the GIBFIX system by removing the non-essential dwangs/nogs completely to get even more insulation into the walls, which also eliminates the need to drill holes for electrical and plumbing services, saving time. “By not having timber blocking studs at corner junctions where internal walls intersect with external walls we can get far more insulation into the home. The system instead incorporates metal angles at wall junctions that also make the walls stronger. There is also less chance of any popping of fixings, which provides a better surface finish inside the home. This framing system is such a no brainer that I expect it to become the new normal for timber framing in New Zealand.” Walls were further improved with thicker 140mm LVL (laminated Veneer Lumber) frames providing for better strength, straighter walls and superior thermal performance. From a builder’s point of view, Bob says the frames arrive on site looking “slightly different”, but otherwise the construction process is seamless. Builder Ivan Stanicich of Fowler Homes agrees. He has “no hesitation” in recommending the GIBFIX Frame system. “One of the key things is the reduction in defects and callbacks, which is a win for clients, the builder and future business. Once you grasp the system it makes perfect sense.”

Windows are one of the most critical elements to get right in an energy-efficient home.

The next generation of showering has arrived.

Introducing the unique Aio halo-shaped design. 20% more spray force* 2 x the amount of skin contact* Ultra wide coverage High/Mains pressure only WELS high pressure 3 9l/m * Compared to a Methven conventional shower at 9L per minute

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NK Windows

Windows key to thermal efficiency Kelly Deeks New Zealand’s first 10 Homestar Built home and the first project in the country to achieve a 9 Homestar Design rating, a high performance Superhome, has many sustainable features including the latest in European styling and technology with uPVC windows from NK Windows. The uPVC windows have been used extensively in building products in Europe since the 1950s. Historical issues with the material, such as maintaining integrity in a high UV environment, and a range of colours that only included white, have long since been solved and uPVC now accounts for more than 60% of the European window market. NK Windows managing director Martin Ball says the company’s range is engineered to the highest standards and doesn’t just look great, but can actually enhance the functionality of a home. The NK Windows system contributed to the 10 Homestar Built rating with its non-conductive uPVC frames recessed into the wall and holding double glazed, argon filled, low thermal emissivity (low E) glass. The combined system has an R value of 0.75, fulfilling the Homestar criteria for R value greater than 0.7. The home is situated in Church Square in Addington, Christchurch and was designed by Julie Villard of Bob Burnett Architecture, and has been available as a show home since construction was completed in the middle of last year. Martin says while this end of the market is still a bit of a premium in New Zealand, “more and more people are starting to think a bit more longterm and are getting tired of cold, draughty homes and condensation on their window frames”. “A lot of people don’t really understand thermal efficiency, and that’s one of our challenges,” he says. NK Windows systems make homes safer, warmer, quieter, and greener. Fittings are fastened into steel-reinforced frames, which are screw fastened to multiple points in the house framing. The systems only support glazing and deglazing from inside the window so they’re extremely difficult to breach, while galvanised steel reinforcements add rigidity. Multiple locks hold windows and doors in place, securing the sashes from each side and greatly enhancing security. More cost effective warmth is offered by the system’s outstanding thermal performance, with five insulating air chambers combined with the naturally effective insulator, uPVC.

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The tightly secured double window seal, combined with a high sound insulation material such as uPVC and the use of correct glazing, also contributes to the NK Windows system reducing exterior noise by up to 90 percent.

Double glazed uPVC Windows and Doors from NK Windows will help keep generated heat inside, maintaining a more consistent temperature and cutting power costs. NK Windows’ triple glazed glass panels result in even more efficiency and will also contribute to a healthier environment, with every saved kilowatt hour reducing the carbon dioxide emission by one kilo. Thermix® spacers are a standard feature on all NK Windows Systems, making for a significant reduction in heat loss relative to the window as a whole, and playing a particularly vital role in helping to drive down heating bills. Specially formulated twin rubber seals, one on the sash and one on the frame, ensure that the NK Windows System is sealed tight when closed and keeps out moisture, dust, noise and the cold.

Proud to work with NK Windows Hayley Murdoch

The seals are formulated to withstand New Zealand’s UV radiation and harsh weather conditions, including those found in coastal and alpine environments. The tightly secured double window seal, combined with a high sound insulation material such as uPVC and the use of correct glazing, also contributes to the NK Windows system reducing exterior noise by up to 90%.

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“More and more people are starting to think a bit more long-term and are getting tired of cold, draughty homes and condensation on their window frames.”

Proud to Support NK Windows Level 1, 134 Riccarton Road PO Box 8016, Christchurch Tel (03) 964 4270 Fax (03) 964 4272


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NK Windows offers a highly sustainable joinery option, with its lead-free uPVC window and door systems almost 100% recyclable, and the company’s profile supplier incorporating recycled uPVC into its profiles, conserving resources and saving disposal costs. uPVC is one of the lowest maintenance options for window frames and the frames have a life expectancy of 30 years.

46 Mowbray St, Christchurch | 365 2519 |

Ph: 03 356 1387 A/H: 021 361 103 e:


NK Windows

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The NK Windows system contributed to Superhome’s 10 Homestar rating with its non-conductive uPVC frames recessed into the wall and holding double glazed, argon filled, low thermal emissivity glass.

The best for everyone When delivering its customers’ freight, national transport company United Movers acts as an extension of their business and therefore a reflection of them, so the company ensures it provides nothing less than the best service, staff, and equipment, to get jobs done right the first time. United was established nearly 20 years ago in Dunedin by Simon Ussher. “I was an accountant who wanted to drive a truck,” he says. He started out doing household removals, then moved into commercial freight, setting up regular interisland runs. With most of his business coming out of Christchurch, he relocated and opened United’s second branch there. The business continued to grow and in 2005 Simon moved to Auckland to set up the North Island operation. Today the company operates out of Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland, and goes interisland every day. With an extensive fleet of 45 trucks and 20 trailers, United can cater to any freight requirements regardless of where in the country they need to go. “With regular runs nationwide, we happily unite our customers with their freight on time, and under budget,” Simon says. United specialises in carrying commercial and fragile freight.

All the company’s trucks are closed bodied rather than curtain sides, and carpet lined including batons and tie rails. Items of fragile freight are hand wrapped, hand stacked, and hand tied with all the care that fragile freight requires. Each branch’s fork hoist often sits in the corner of the yard untouched for days. “We are passionate about what we do and we’re leaders in the industry because of the way we do it,” Simon says. “As specialist carriers of anything that might dent, scratch, shatter, or crumble, we know how to take care of fragile products while they travel anywhere nationwide.” United runs MAF approved depots in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin, which are equipped to handle all container devanning requirements.

T h e f l a g b e a re r s of the fragile f re i g h t i n d u s t r y

Modern, spacious, and secure storage facilities mean United Movers can house goods for as long as necessary before dispatching it for delivery or collection. United is proud to be involved in the community on both a local and national level, taking corporate responsibility seriously with a commitment to making a positive impact on the communities it engages with. United is a proud sponsor of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter and a number of young athletes and sports teams.

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 Nook and ZBUILT collaboration The well-known quote,“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result” has long provided inspiration for people the world over and now two local Christchurch businesses are using it as the basis of an exciting collaboration.Their project? To create an affordable, low energy home that sits well above the minimum building code requirements. ZBUILT and Nook Architecture have come together with the same goal and very clear requirements in mind: to investigate the products available in the market today and question the construction methods in use to see if there is a better way to put what they know into practice.They decided they wanted to design and build a home that had to look good, have smart use of space and be focused on energy efficiency.There was one other important requirement: the construction of this clever, low energy home needed to be affordable. Let’s take a brief look at the development of today’s building requirements: up until around 1930, building requirements were very loose until the establishment of the ‘Building Regulations Committee and Standards NZ’, which resulted in the introduction of relevant measures and laws. In the early 1990’s the government developed a concept for a way to regulate the way we build houses; this in turn became known as the,‘The Building Code – a set of minimum performance requirements that all new building work had to meet’. To this day, some 20-odd years later and with very few changes along the way, the Building Code is still a set of minimum performance requirements that all new building work needs to meet. So we ask the question,“Is building to the minimum building code standard good enough?” ZBUILT and Nook Architecture believe New Zealand homeowners deserve better.Their project will far outreach the minimum building standards, be energy efficient, and completely transparent, from start to finish.


Warren Clarke, Lead Designer at Nook Architecture says he has always had an interest in creating energy efficiency in new home designs. He designs houses that are passively heated, with comfortable outdoor experiences through accounting for the predominant direction of the Sun, and prevailing winds. Having completed a course on “Passive House Design” Warren readily applies these principals to all his designs. Josh Smith, General Manager of ZBUILT, has been researching building construction methods and energy efficiency for the past three years. He says this project will be well documented and publically shared along the way: the good, the bad and the ugly. The idea is to show people how the two companies developed this conceptual project and what dictated their final choices. Josh says,“it’s hard to see how we can achieve a product if all we show is the end result, so by being open with our energy modelling and construction up front and during the project we will be able to test how accurate our data is.” The ZBUILT/Nook show home is currently being assessed by the SuperHome Movement and will be available for viewing both during construction and once completed.This project has been designed to be totally transparent, with construction time frames, costs, designing issues, and budget restraints available to the public. The home is focused on performance which means the energy efficiency aspects have taken priority over ‘fancy’ items, such as tiled showers and granite bench tops. Not only is this home tracking to be an affordable build, it will also be affordable to run. Initial energy efficient modelling has this 185 square metre home using no more than $1440 a year on average for two adults and two teenage children. Once built the home will boast a power tracker, recording all of the data for energy consumption which will also be available for the public to see. If you are interested in learning more about this home, call the team at ZBUILT or Nook Architecture, they will be more than happy to discuss how their knowledge can help you with your new home.

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BUILDING » Generation Homes - Christchurch

Generation Homes also offer a 10-year Master Build Guarantee, and a 12-month warranty on all building works.


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• Fascia and rainwater goods are a vital component of your new home – Continuous have perfected our trade with 24 years experience. • Extensive range of colours and profiles available. • Locally owned and operated. • 10 year leak free guarantee.

WE DON’T JUST CLEAN – WE “PRESENT”! Introducing the New Euro Range Stunning true whites, greys & black.... It’s the maintenance free option you’ve been looking for Designed for you, manufactured in Europe, the Euro Range offers unique elegance and style for your new home.

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A: 35 Edmonton Road, Hornby, Christchurch P: 03 349 5006 W: Midland Large Signs 1200mm x 300mm .indd 3

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May 2016 Business South

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On time, on budget – guaranteed • From page 46 In nearly 20 years, Generation Homes has now built more than 4000 homes, and its processes have been continually refined. “We believe building doesn’t need to be a stressful, time-consuming exercise where costs keep mounting,” Evan says. “So Generation Homes has created and implemented simple, streamlined processes to achieve this.” Industry research has shown 90% of people who build their own home never build again, with stress, hidden costs, quality issues, and delays playing a large part in that. However, 25% of Generation Homes’ new builds are actually with repeat clients, and the amount of Generation Homes’ builds that are word of mouth referrals is more than 50%. “We consistently buck the trend and deliver our customers a truly satisfying experience,” Evan says. “It’s because we don’t just say ‘fixed price’ and ‘on time’, we guarantee it.” Generation Homes has created a 14-step build process with each stage locked in so subcontractors and clients know what is happening and when. From establishing the new home’s footprint with the underfloor plumbing and drainage placed and the concrete floor poured, to framework, to building wrap and fascia, to roof and windows, to the visual milestone of placing the bricks, to pre-wiring and pre-plumbing, to insulation, to internal linings and plastering, to the fitting of the kitchen, to internal doors and interior finishing, to painting, to electrical and bathroom installation, to plumbing and tiling, to the finishing touches of carpets, curtains, shelving and door hardware, then cleaning, the home is then ready to move into by step 14, on the day guaranteed by Generation Homes.

Generation Homes has created a 14-step build process with each stage locked in so subcontractors and clients know what is happening and when. In Christchurch, Generation Homes is working in a buoyant market, dependant on location and price point. Evan says first home buyers are out and about in force, and there is also a lack of retirement products in the market. Generation Homes Christchurch has an extensive product range for first home buyers with house and land packages available for $450,000, which is the cut off point for the Kiwisaver grant, through to the mid range, and of course the higher

end as well. Generation Homes Christchurch is building at Longhurst and Knights Stream Park developments at Halswell, and in several Rolleston subdivisions. Its show homes are located at Knights Stream Park and the newest one, completed about 12 months ago is at Te Whariki in Lincoln. Generation Homes Christchurch is now building the project management side of the business, working with land owners and developers to realise the potential of their land and create new

communities. The company is currently working with a retirement operator and developing an over 55s village with communal facilities including a bowling green, and 78 homes. Another project underway is a 44-home first home buyers village with the majority of homes coming in under $450,000 for access to that Kiwisaver grant. With multiple entries and rights of way, playing and gathering in the streets will be facilitated and a close community will be encouraged.

Service Plus Intall Solutions is a Canterbury based business specialising in supply and install of pre-clad lining and cladding for the residential and commercial building market

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Great staff, loyal clients firm’s forte Retaining good staff, many who have remained after completing apprenticeships, and building a loyal client base, have contributed to the longevity of Dunedin firm G.L. Stevenson Builders. G.L. Stevenson Builders are specialists in renovations in Dunedin, Otago and Central Otago. The company also undertakes commercial and new housing projects, particularly when quality is a consideration. Owner Graham Stevenson says among the company’s 15 staff are three apprentices, with his four sons also working in the business. “I’ve been in business for over 30 years and I’ve built up the business with apprentices that I’ve taken on. Most (qualified builders) have probably served their apprenticeship with me. Most of them have stayed; it’s just the team environment we’ve got and the sort of work we do.” The company incorporates an on-site joinery factory which enables streamlining of building projects, with the added bonus of being able to take on joinery work for other builders. The company offers a complete range of kitchen, bathroom and timber joinery, laundry fitouts, home theatre cabinets, walk in wardrobes and office fit outs. Graham agrees that today’s kitchens are often a big feature of a house, designed to impress as well as being highly functional. “Normally people want to go all out on a kitchen, which is a good selling point; they are normally the wow-factor when you walk in to a house.” The wide variety of work contracted to the company includes architecturally designed houses, alterations and renovations. Because alterations are completely different to a new build, the skills and knowledge required are also different, particularly on older houses where there are potentially many variables. “Whoever does the design can’t predict everything that you strike in an alteration, whereas with new work you can virtually work off the plan

word for word; in fact that’s what we’ve got to do anyway.” Word-of-mouth referrals, being prepared to do small jobs, a focus on quality, and developing good relationships with clients, designers and suppliers have also contributed to the business’ longevity, Graham says. During the past three years he has seen a trend towards the company building new architecturally designed houses. An example is two 380sqm, three-level houses, built next to each other in Arthur St central Dunedin, designed by McCoy and Wixon Architects; the 16 month project was started in 2014 and completed late 2015. The houses feature lifts, Granosite textured coating on the exterior, and all joinery is manufactured by G.L. Stevenson. “The sites were pretty challenging, they were quite steep and we had to put mass concrete piles underneath the footings.” Dunedin’s residential building market is presently “really busy”, Graham says. “The Dunedin market’s changed. A lot of people want to build a new house now, to get the quality, the insulation and everything else that you get with a new build. A lot of the people we build for are taking down old residential buildings and starting again using the site.” An large commercial project involved the renovation of apartments and rest-home rooms for Ryman Healthcare Dunedin; more than 50 resthome rooms were renovated, while the upgrading of apartments continues as they become vacant. As a member of the Certified Builders Association of New Zealand, (CBANZ) G.L. Stevenson Builders offer a 10 year Home First Guarantee for new builds and alterations. CBANZ represent a nationwide network of trade qualified builders who meet the highest of industry standards. Membership means G L Stevenson Builders must adhere to strict guidelines for achieving the highest possible standard in both workmanship and business practices to maintain this certification.

Brett Reid Registered Electrician

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Two architecturally designed, three level town houses built by Dunedin company G.L. Stevenson.

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High end homes on high a specialty Russell Fredric As an award-winning company specialising in the construction of high-end architectural homes on Christchurch’s Port Hills, H&R Garlick Builders regularly undertake complex projects on challenging hill sites. The company relishes the opportunity to provide the top quality craftsmanship required for these exclusive, often multi-million dollar homes. Since third generation builder and craftsman Richard Garlick and his wife Dianna took over the family company, H&R Garlick Builders in 1996, they have focused its attention towards high quality architectural hillside projects. The company has since won many Registered Master Builders’ House of the Year awards; accolades continue to flow with multiple gold, silver and bronze awards along with local awards and national supreme awards won in subsequent years,

reflecting its top quality workmanship and attention to detail. Richard Garlick has a long-held affinity with the Canterbury hillsides and decided to specialise in this market after building the family’s own hill-side home. “We thoroughly enjoy the technical challenges inherent in constructing architectural masterpieces on the slope. The craftsmanship involved in perfecting levels and angles is something in which we specialise. We communicate closely with both the clients and the architect to ensure each new innovative structural concept also receives the best possible treatment,” Richard Garlick, says. Richard’s background in both building and joinery bring complementary skills to projects and the ability to scrutinise both the structural big picture and the fine detail. He likes to provide input from the earliest design stages, working collaboratively with clients, architects, consultants and H&R Garlick’s team of


“We have the right combination of earthquake building experience, insurance advocacy, engineers and geotech, drilling and architectural expertise on our team to provide the right solution for your land and home.” experienced builders, to create innovative solutions to meet the unique challenges of each site, and a home that will exceed expectations. “We love being part of the whole process and are keen to assist with streamlining our client’s themes right down to the details of kitchen, bathroom, laundry and landscaping. “Every small consideration adds to the whole and we believe extra thought and effort on our part brings each client greater rewards.”

H&R Garlick’s years of building on challenging sites means it has considerable experience in dealing with the complexities of these projects following the Canterbury earthquakes. The company has introduced a specialist insurance advocacy service for clients with hillside properties, who are undertaking earthquake rebuilds or substantial repair projects, to get them

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Christchurch firm H&R Garlick Builders assists with all aspects of a new build, including landscaping and internal fit-out and fine detailing.


“The details are not the details, they make the design.”

w w w. n c d e s i g n . c o . n z | P h 0 2 1 2 4 0 9 2 2 5

Louvretec Opening Roofs Sun Louvres + Shutters TEC LOUVRE URY B CANTER 63 2 3 4 7 t 03 3 te e vr u lo info@ www.louvr

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H & R Garlick Builders Ltd project.

Louvretec H AND R Garlick ad 070316.indd 1

7/03/2016 10:00:41 a.m.

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BUILDING » H&R Garlick Builders

High end homes on the hills a speciality • From page 50 out of the “holding pattern” with their insurers and to ensure they receive their full entitlement. “We have the right combination of earthquake building experience, insurance advocacy, engineers and geotech, drilling and architectural expertise on our team to provide the right solution for your land and home. The job will be done quickly and right the first time.” “The effectiveness of this service allows people to regain control of their rebuild or repair, and start moving forward with their lives.” Richard says people who have made insurance claims for earthquake damaged homes should be wary of offers of cash settlements, particularly on hill sites. H&R Garlick also employs specialist divisions of skilled trade professionals to ensure the interior and exterior finishing of every project are completed to the company’s high standards. These divisions comprise cladding specialists, qualified brick and block layers, aluminium window and door installers, painters and decorators. The company recently completed a substantial architecturally designed home on a level site which features high quality finishes; the superb result means the project has been entered in the Registered Master Builders House of the Year competition. Other significant projects recently completed, in collaboration with insurers and clients, are the extensive repair and renovation of homes on Cashmere hill and Governors Bay and a rebuild of a three level house on a steep hillside at Huntsbury. These were all complex and technical projects requiring H&R Garlick’s team to bring creative and innovative solutions to meet structural requirements and to achieve high quality interior and exterior finishes. The standard achieved on completion means these homes are also being entered in the House of the Year competition.

High quality finishes are a hallmark of H&R Garlick Builders.

ALI TILING LTD No job too big MASTER ELECTRICIANS SINCE 1992 Specialising in Domestic and Commercial Installations and Alterations with an excellent Service Division always ready to go the extra mile.

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High profile project boost for firm Karen Phelps Harding Construction has just completed the construction work for the newest commercial complex in Timaru. The Landing, on the corner of Sophia and Elizabeth Streets, will house Pita Pit, Burger Fuel, Hell Pizza, Columbus Coffee, Hunting & Fishing and local solicitors Timpany Walton. Auckland-based project management company Gibson O’Connor is overseeing the project. Managing director of Harding Construction, Simon Harding, says The Landing is the company’s most high-profile commercial project to date. Harding Construction has completed the entire base build from the ground up and will be carrying out the Hell Pizza fit out. “There’s been quite a lot of public interest in the project as it’s in a high profile position and people enjoyed watching the building go up,” says Simon. “We’ve worked hard to ensure everything was done on time, on budget and with no surprises despite the fact there have been a number of variations and changes during the project.” Simon thinks that The Landing has demonstrated the company’s capability to produce large-scale high quality projects that meet the expectations of the client. He says that Harding Construction coordinated and worked in with other sub trades, suppliers and customers to ensure the project progressed smoothly. At times the company also stepped in and stepped up, above and beyond the call of duty, to make sure the project continued on schedule. “It’s about flexibility and the commitment to get everything done no matter what,” says Simon. Based in Timaru Harding Construction was started in 2013 by Simon and wife Heather and has quickly forged a reputation as one of the premier commercial and industrial construction companies in the region. Originally trading as Ranger South, it soon became apparent that a name change was necessary in order to avoid confusion with other companies in the area and the name changed to Harding Construction in November last year. “The timing was perfect for us to establish a new construction company and we have developed a list of key relationships with businesses, contractors and suppliers necessary to ensure

The Landing in Timaru is Harding Construction’s most high-profile commercial project to date. Harding Construction can offer excellent service to our clients,” says Simon. Harding Construction is a member of New Zealand’s Master Builders and the South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce and also owns the Coresteel Buildings distributorship for South Canterbury. Projects completed by the company include commercial offices, showrooms, industrial buildings, specialised factory buildings and residential renovations. One recent project which Heather thinks demonstrates the company’s skills in coordinating and pulling things together despite challenges is the successful fit-out of the new office space for Aoraki Development Business & Tourism and the SC Chamber of Commerce at 19 Church Street, Timaru. Harding Construction was chosen as the main contractor for the fit-out, coordinating the project and all sub-trades. Heather says that Harding Construction prepared a complete package including subcontractor and supplier contributions to enable the project to be completed in a timely and cost effective manner. With the client having a tight budget Harding

Peter Herron Flooring Peter and the team are proud to be associated with Harding Construction

Construction acknowledges the generosity and goodwill of the other local firms involved in the project, which all contributed at little or no cost in recognition of the value of Aoraki Development Business & Tourism to the South Canterbury community. The project has been accepted for judging in the New Zealand Commercial Projects Awards. Simon and Heather both say that Harding

Construction’s goal has always been to deliver a successful building project of the highest quality on time, on budget and with no surprises “It’s about finding out what the client wants and maintaining that throughout the build and making sure the client is fully informed every step of the way,” says Heather. “This is our focus and we will go all out to achieve this every time.”


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BUILDING » Home Trends Builders

Lakefront townhouses at Preston’s subdivision in Christchurch constructed by Home Trends Builders.

Quake repairs part of new landscape Kelly Deeks Christchurch’s Home Trends Builders, having been committed to the region’s growth for more than 30 years, is now dedicated to its recovery, and is evolving its services to keep in line with its customers’ needs. Home Trends Builders used to be focused mainly on designing and building new homes, but since the earthquakes the company has completed hundreds of major repairs.

“We’ve gained a heap of new experience and we’ve really enjoyed working in the landscape we’ve had here in Christchurch,” says managing director Peter de Gouw. “We’re still a medium sized company with about 18 highly trained and qualified builders, many of whom are LBPs, and for the past 18 months we’ve had a specialist team and two project managers dedicated to running all our over cap insurance repairs.” He says over cap insurance repairs are very hands-on projects for a project manager.

“It’s a different kettle of fish dealing with insurance companies, and these two specialists have come to us with existing skills in these areas.” Home Trends Builders has also turned its attention to filling the gaps in Christchurch’s housing stock with high quality new homes. Following a very successful development of six lakefront townhouses at Preston’s subdivision in Christchurch’s north east, Home Trends Builders has now commenced the construction of another seven lakeside townhouses also at Preston’s. “Before the first stage of the subdivision was

released a couple of years ago, we procured the two best sites, overlooking the lakes and the mountains,” Peter says. The two-storey, 207sqm three bedroom town houses, designed by Steven Butterworth of SWB Design, incorporate the much sought after downstairs bedroom with ensuite. Home Trends Builders has long been involved in supplying Christchurch with high quality apartments, with some very successful developments in its portfolio including Mandeville • To page 56

Domestic and Commercial Cody Hayden-Holmes EARTHQUAKE REPAIRS NEW & EXISTING HOMES PH: 027 503 4407


New Homes, Alterations, Repairs and Maintenance Anthony Sapsford Director

Ph: 027 977 3470 A: 20 Barclay Place E: Burwood, 8061

GFC Fasteners are a proud supplier to Home Trends Builders and congratulate Peter and the team on the completion of their Merivale Townhouses

f as t e n e r s & co n s tru ction p r o d u cts

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Feature stone cladding used with sheet metal and cedar make a dramatic exterior on these Merivale town houses.

ONLY GOOD GUYS WORK FOR GASGUYS! As a specialist Gas Fitting Company we offer professional quality workmanship backed by the assurance of a Master Craftsman.

Gas Guys

0800 GASGUYS 0800 427 4897 P: 03 961 0500 W: A: 202 Main South Road (By the Sockburn overbridge)

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BRANZ Appraised Appraisal No.655 [2013] Appraisal No.788 [2012]

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BUILDING » Home Trends Builders

Front and rear views of seven lakeside townhouses currently under construction by Home Trends Builders at Preston’s subdivision.

From earthquake repairs to luxury townhouses,company has it covered • From page 54 Street in Riccarton and a group of three town houses on Rhodes Street in Merivale, recently completed in March, and also designed by Steve Butterworth. “These town houses are pretty unique with the way we’ve utilised the materials,” Peter says. “On the exterior there is a designer stone feature cladding from New Zealand Brick Distributors, which really lifts the look of the building from the street. We’ve used sheet metal and cedar too, a lot of different materials but a very clever design to incorporate them all. They are very high spec, luxury apartments.”

The new Preston’s town houses will be finished to the company’s usual high specifications. Peter says he loves the industry Home Trends Builders is in, and he’s seen the industry cycles and has been through them all in the past 38 years. “We’re well prepared for what comes ahead of us,” he says. “What has happened in our environment recently with building companies failing, is often due to companies growing too large too quickly and losing their focus on their customers and the product they’re delivering, and of course the real vital ingredient, their staff. “We have surrounded ourselves with the very best in subcontractors who all actively play their

part in successfully delivering the very best to every building.” Peter says he is a hands on boss and each project takes a team effort. “When you deal with Home Trends Builders, you are dealing with the heart of the company,” he says. “As locals we understand the environment in Canterbury and its intrinsic natural boundaries and its complex local governances. We will guide you through the process with truly experienced hands.” He says ‘the whole building thing’ should be fun and easy, it shouldn’t be stressful. Talking with his clients, they often say they can’t believe how easy it is and how great it is to build with Home Trends Builders.

“We’ve used sheet metal and cedar too, a lot of different materials but a very clever design to incorporate them all. They are very high spec, luxury apartments.”


We have for sale 7 luxury lakeside apartments with 3 double bedrooms with ensuites, great indoor/outdoor flow and open plan living with downstairs master bedroom. HURRY – 2 already pre-sold

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Building » La Residence Du Luc

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Steep site throws up challenges Kelly Deeks The commercial division of Otago construction company Breen Group brings 75 years of expertise to a high spec lakeside apartment development in Queenstown, La Residence du Lac. Since its inception by Jim Breen in 1937, Breen has grown from its roots as a well-respected local contractor to a leading construction company, serving clients from around New Zealand and the world. The company continues to place emphasis on the same values that provided its foundations, genuine builders who understand the construction process at a deeper level. Breen now has 100 of these builders out in the field working from office bases in Cromwell, Wanaka, Oamaru, and the head office in Alexandra, and supported by another 30 design, administration, and management staff. It is still family owned, with brothers Charlie, Norman, and Jim getting the company started then Charlie’s son John took over the business. The business is currently owned by John’s sons; director Lindsay, construction general manager Trevor, and chief quantity surveyor Peter. Breen now works on all types of construction projects including civil, commercial, retail, rural, historic, and even jobbing projects from small repairs to full renovations. “Our clients, no matter what the scale of their requirements, benefit from a comprehensive and coordinated approach to planning, construction, delivery, and where required, on-going maintenance of buildings and assets,” Trevor says. One of the group’s current projects is the design and build of 42 residential apartments in four apartment buildings on a lakefront site between Frankton and Queenstown. Breen has been working on the project for the past 12 months, and is due to finish in September. The company has overcome the initial challenge to the project with a complex earthworks component. “We’re working between the road and the lake, and the site is so steep you can’t even see the development from the road,” Trevor says. “The earthworks phase of the project required the excavation of about 10,000m3 of cut to waste/fill to create the building platforms and the carpark. It was a big job, with tricky access to the very steep site, which has remained a logistical challenge throughout the rest of the construction.” Creating the carpark to access the apartments required the construction of a Terramesh retaining wall. “This was only the second time a Terramesh retaining wall has been completed in New Zealand, and the first time one of this size has been built,” Trevor says. Terramesh is an environmentally friendly modular system used for soil reinforcement, such as mechanically stablilised slopes and embankments. Terramesh consists of prefabricated units which comprise a polymer coated wire mesh with an additional layer of welded steel mesh at the facing and triangular supporting bracket.

Complex earthworks were just part of the challenge of building 42 residential apartments on this lakefront site between Frankton and Queenstown.

“The site is so steep you can’t even see the development from the road.” Using Terramesh on the La Residence du Lac project has allowed for a seismic gap to be placed between the retaining wall and the apartment buildings, and has been a cost effective solution for a retaining wall which is unexposed and therefore wasn’t required to be so aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The La Residence du Lac project will finish for Breen with the fit out of all the new apartments.



• Industrial • Commercial • Residential “Quality Solutions delivered on Time” PLACEMAKERS QUEENSTOWN 1 GLENDA DRIVE,QUEENSTOWN (03) 450 9000

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BUILDING » Leading Edge Construction

May 2016 Business South

Storage sheds to aircraft hangars Kelly Deeks

This Mosgiel home features sloping wooden ceilings with walk-through to sun drenched deck.

James Dodd, of Dunedin’s Leading Edge Construction, has been keeping a keen eye on the residential building opportunities popping up all over Central Otago at the moment, as he regularly travels throughout the region as agent for Otago’s Wide Span Sheds. Leading Edge Construction was formed in 2010, when Dunedin-trained builder James returned home from the UK and Ireland where he was building houses until the global recession just about brought construction projects to a standstill. “I was worried the recession may have made things quite bad back home as well, but I started off working for family and friends, and things soon took off nicely,” he says. About a year later, James was approached by his friend Craig Miller to build him an aircraft hangar at Taieri Airfield. “He wanted me to build him a Wide Span Shed, and it turned out they didn’t have anyone running the agency for Otago,” James says. “They asked if we’d be interested in taking it on, so Craig and I joined forces and created a partnership to run the Wide Span Sheds agency.” Their combined knowledge and experience, in conjunction with industry leading engineering, sees them provide quality steel building solutions to the large and diverse Otago region. Wide Span Sheds’ design capabilities allow the company to design premium sheds with spans up to 30m, heights up to 12m, and variable bay sizes to suit. Wide Span Sheds has multiple design combinations on offer, including the option to incorporate workshops and offices. The entire range of Wide Span Sheds industrial buildings are produced using premium structural components manufactured from New Zealand Steel, in a variety of Colorsteel colours, to fit in with surrounding buildings and industrial-zoned areas. Offering a full range of buildings from residential garages, to workshops and storage sheds, to rural and equestrian sheds, and industrial buildings, interest increased soon after James and Craig took on the Otago agency and Wide Span Sheds became about 80% of Leading Edge Construction’s workload, with residential projects making up the remainder. The company has now built a number of aircraft hangars, including eight up at the developing Alexandra Airport, some with attached accommodation units.

Mitchell Transport Ltd

28 Saunders Road, RD2, Mosgiel 9092 | Bruce: 021 438 355 • A/H: 03 489 1618

James Dodd - Cell: 021 214 1550 Tel: 03 484 7929 Email:



Building Supplies, Specialising in Residential & Commercial Hiab Lifting Work

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BUILDING » Leading Edge Construction

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Leading Edge Construction runs the Otago agency for Wide Span Sheds, which design sheds with spans up to 30 metres and variable bay sizes to suit. In the residential construction market, James says competition has been tough in Dunedin for the past 12 months, as there are more builders than projects. However, the building boom has created a shortage of available builders in Central Otago, and James has even had to take builders from Dunedin rather than use locals to build projects there. “We’ve done some residential alterations lately but it would be great to do a few new houses again now after having focused on the sheds for the past few years,” he says.

A recent successful new residential build was completed at Mosgiel, a two bedroom, two bathroom, Colorsteel clad home which featured exposed concrete floors indoors and large, sloping ceilings. “Everyone who walked in went ‘woah!’,” James says. “It didn’t look too grand from the street, but when you come around the other side it all opens up into a wonderful outdoor living area situated for the sun.”

“We’ve done some residential alterations lately but it would be great to do a few new houses again now after having focused on the sheds for the past few years.” Phone: 03 488 2881 | Fax: 03 488 2661 Email:

Manufacturers of quality steel roofing products and accessories


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BUILDING » Mopanui Studio Homes

May 2016 Business South

From little things big things grow Kelly Deeks Wanting to apply his conventional building skills to constructing something unique, Waitati builder Daniel Monckton started building small, relocatable, custom made timber huts. Interest in his unique little buildings quickly spiked and since he started two years ago, he has now grown Mopanui Studio Homes into a company with its own workshop, its own draftsman and builders on staff, and the capability to produce a range of good looking dwellings from 10sqm units to provide extra bedroom space, to 30sqm to 36sqm fully self-contained motel units, to 120sqm houses. Daniel has always been interested in the use of natural timbers to create comfortable, healthy, and enjoyable living spaces. Mopanui Studio Homes believes in comfort and style, and its buildings are a bit different and classier than the average. Mopanui Studio Homes are custom designed, high quality, and highly crafted buildings, designed to withstand New Zealand conditions. “They are really robust and rated to extreme high wind zones, so we can put them anywhere in New Zealand,” Daniel says. “We use really good quality timbers and materials, we don’t skimp on things, and it shows. There is a lot of craftsmanship involved.” With a range of different buildings, Mopanui Studio Homes are ideal for a variety of accommodation applications, including back country huts, farm accommodation, motel units, temporary accommodation, or simply some extra room at home. Mopanui Studio Homes are completed with the client’s choice of finishings and claddings, and most are built with attached decking. The selfcontained units and homes feature spacious rooms and a large, 1200mm x 900mm shower cubicle, both helping to make a small building feel more spacious. “Your building is small, but you can still have nice things,” Daniel says.

“We use really good quality timbers and materials, we don’t skimp on things, and it shows. There’s a lot of craftmanship involved.”

Mopanui Studio Homes has been working on the recent upgrade to Alexandra Airport, providing four units for pilots’ accommodation, and is due to go back to complete a full house build. “From major shop fit outs requiring thinking outside the box and creative flair, to units for pilots on the fly, we can accommodate them all,” Daniel says. “Whether a motel unit, back country hut, a brand new, unique and beautiful home, or a major alteration turning something decrepit into something worthwhile and inviting, we are flexible and can complete as much as your project as required, from design, consenting, to construction.” Remote locations and challenging sites are all the more interesting for Mopanui Studio Homes. “We have experience working in remote and challenging locations, we enjoy the challenge and work with our customers to get their back block musterers hut or secluded getaway built,” Daniel says. Mopanui Studio Homes is now building its own workshop in Waitati which will enable the company to keep growing with the ability to produce buildings on site and more efficiently. “We will be finished building our new workshop this winter, and this will allow us to get a bit more production going on,” Daniel says. “We’re in a great location right on the main road in Waitati, where we can take our products to sites all over Otago. The workshop will also give our customers somewhere to come to and see what we’re doing.”

Mopanui Studio Homes produces a range of quality dwellings from 10sqm to 120sqm.

Control Focus Is an Industrial electrical company specializing in: Control systems • Automation • Lithium Ion Battery technology Solar systems • Off grid power systems • Electric vehicle conversions • Instrumentation • SCADA and PLC

Phone: 021 133 1711 | 03 395 6565 | 9 Croydon Street, Dunedin

mopanui studio homes ltd Design and Build In house draftspeople to draft up your relocatable or small home up to 120m2 Specilising in smaller housing

ph: 021542552

Operated by George and Bronwyn Terry cell: 027 224 0311 home: 482 2721 fax: 482 2723 Water Cartage • Excavator • Gravel Supplies • Grader

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BUILDING » Eco Green Homes

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Making ‘Green Living’ affordable Karen Phelps With more people seeking to build a healthy, environmentally friendly home Eco Green Homes has been established to bring this option to the market at an affordable price point, says Eco Green Homes founder Kush Bhargava. “Increased consumer awareness of environmental issues has driven demand for green buildings, creating a new market segment within the housing industry,” says Kush. “Until now this trend has been available only for higher-priced homes. “We set up Eco Green Homes Ltd to redefine the building industry, using world standard green home technologies and offering an affordable home that gives a healthier indoor environment and a lower environmental impact when compared to traditional homes,” he says.

Kush, a naturopath by trade, is a founding member of the New Zealand Energy Forum formed in 2006, a research organisation focused on researching green homes and green technologies. He says it was quickly apparent that it was difficult to convert existing conventional homes into green homes, which led to the development of Eco Green Homes Ltd in 2010. Kush’s father, Ram Bhargava, who actively manages the company, brings extensive experience to the business after working at senior level at Fortune 500 companies in India. Eco Green Homes aims to use products with less environmental impact, reduce natural resource use and construction waste during the build process and produce a home that is healthy for the occupants as well as resulting in factors such as improved energy and water efficiency. “Unlike a traditional home, where each component is decided on separately, at Eco Green

Homes we consider the home as one system where all the processes such as heating, cooling, plumbing, energy and water use are interconnected. “Doors, windows, roofs, floors and walls of an Eco Green Homes all contribute to make it energy efficient and sustainable,” explains Kush. All homes are design and build in order to maximise the site and factors such as sunlight. Features that Eco Green Homes incorporate include insulated slab edge and insulation in slab, R3.8 – R6 wall insulation, low or non-VOC products and triple glazed windows giving a glazing R-value from 0.86 to R 2.00. Kush is a US Green Building Council LEED Certified Assessor, New Zealand Green Building Council Homestar Assessor and qualified Lifemark assessor. All homes built by Eco-Green Homes since 2010 have achieved an eight out of ten star rating on the Home Energy Rating System tool (HERS), a recognised system for measuring a home’s energy efficiency. The company is now building homes, which will achieve a five star Lifemark rating and a very high Homestar rating To test the product Eco Green Homes has built a monitored show home in Aotea in Wellington that was completed in 2011. Kush and his five members of his family live in the six bedroom home and he says that the home only uses 5-7 kW of power per day costing around approximately $ 50-

$ 60 per month including GST and daily charges. It is important to note that the home doesn’t even have a solar system to achieve these considerable energy savings, he says. Kush says that the benefits of living in an Eco Green Homes build are substantial and include savings on the running costs of the home as well as a healthier, warmer, drier environment for the occupants. He says that as people are educated on green products, he expects that Eco Green Homes will have a greater resale value. “Experience in Australia and other countries has shown that the value of a house with an energy star rating and eco home features is significantly higher than a comparable house without eco features and a star-rating,” he says. Eco Green Homes also sells a range of green products to complement its homes including beds, wardrobes, doors, bamboo flooring and wallpaper. “For people who just want to include some green technology in an existing home the company supplies a range of triple glazed windows, kitchens, water-saving showers and taps and touch free toilets. Eco Green Homes Ltd can undertake builds anywhere in New Zealand. The company has franchisees in Wellington and Gisborne and is looking for franchisees in other key locations in the country.

Eco Green Homes Ltd Discover the Future of Green Homes

We build Green homes and supply eco materials German Upvc, Alumunium and Wooden windows- Double, triple glazed with Low E German Green Kitchen, Wardrobes, floorings and Beds Eco Green Homes aims to use products with less environmental impact, reduce natural resource use and construction waste during the build process and produce a home that is healthy. | | M 0210302114

Permanent Insulated Slab Edge

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BUILDING » The Natural Construction Company

The natural choice for Frank’s team Kelly Deeks West Coast builder The Natural Construction

Company now offers its clients the best of both worlds – strong relationships with top performing local subcontractors which the company has built over the past 11 years, as well as the backing and buying power of a strong brand since company founder Frank O’Toole bought Jennian Homes West Coast in July 2014. The Natural Construction Company is a residential and commercial building company, headed by Frank who has more than 25 years of building industry experience. He built his own family’s home near Westport in 2005 and knows first-hand how important design, location, and practicality are when building a home or business. Frank says he doesn’t see each project as just a job. “I need to understand what it is each particular client needs and wants from the end result in order to provide the best advice on the right options for them,” he says. “I try to get to know my clients to ensure when we finish the project, we don’t just deliver on our promise but we exceed their expectations. It gives me great pleasure to see the customer’s satisfaction when we hand over the keys to their brand new home.” The Natural Construction Company has diversified its range of services to cover various fields of construction. Frank says the idea behind The Natural Construction Company at its inception was based around energy efficient building, utilising thermal mass, free solar gain, good insulation, and clever design to reduce energy consumption and costs. “It’s something I’ve always been interested in and something we always try to offer our clients,” he says. “If they’re interested, we try to work with them. Just a few clever ideas can make a huge difference.”

The idea behind The Natural Construction Company at its inception was based around energy efficient building, utilising thermal mass, free solar gain, good insulation, and clever design to reduce energy consumption and costs.

With these values in mind, The Natural Construction Company is a credited installer of the HomeTech range of home improvement products, which are high performance goods which promote healthy homes, such as daylighting, whole home ventilation, skylights, roof windows, and attic stair solutions. “The Solatube Daylighting Systems uses natural light to brighten any dark room, through a range of decorative fixtures to suit the look of any interior, whether to enhance and add elegance, or

to be practical and discrete,” Frank says. “The Solatube Smart LED System is now available to illuminate rooms day and night using a blend of sunlight and LED lighting.” HomeTech also provides an energy recovery system, HomeTech ERS, to replace stale air with fresh, dry air and create healthier, drier, and warmer living environments. “Traditionally, ventilation has compromised home heating as it cools the home in winter,” Frank says. “This is where they HomeTech ERS comes into a league of its own. It removes stale inside air and odours outwards, passing warmed, tempered, outside air back through vents into the home. A continuous circulation of fresh, warm, dry, healthy air makes homes easier to heat, decreasing energy demand, while the

balanced ventilation minimises dampness and condensation.” The Natural Construction Company also has outdoor living covered as the West Coast agent for Archgola Outdoor Shelters. “You don’t need to worry about what the weather is doing if you’ve got a shelter over your outdoor living areas,” Frank says. “You can turn them into a year round prospect.” Clients building with Jennian Homes West Coast now have access to some fantastic energy efficiency tools. Jennian Homes is a Future Proof Building Partner, using principles and features to improve its customers’ quality of life now, while ensuring their home maintains and improves its value in the future.


122 Beatons Road Westport, 7892 P/F: 03 789 6690 M: 027 439 7305 E:



Proud to support the Natural Construction Company

Westport P: 03 789 6523

Proud to work with The Natural Construction Company on their Landscaping and site work

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BUILDING » The Natural Construction Company

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Above, the Natural Construction Company has outdoor living covered as the West Coast agent for Archgola Outdoor Shelters; right, The Natural Construction Company is also a credited installer of the HomeTech range of home improvement products which promote healthy homes.

Jennian Homes has recently joined forces with Solarcity and Panasonic, and developed solarZero+ package. This allows customers to access solar power and battery storage for a fixed, monthly service fee, rather than buying an expensive solar system, and lock in their energy costs for 20 years. Solar panels from Solarcity, combined with Panasonic’s state of the art lithium-ion batteries,

allow home owners to store excess solar energy generated during the day so it can be used at night when grid process are high. The technology even learns a home’s energy profile and can buy power from the grid at times when the rates are low, and store it for use at expensive peak times. It also provides emergency back-up power, for added security during unpredictable outages and natural disasters.

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BUILDING » Newlove Browning Architects

May 2016 Business South

Firm puts its stamp on cityscape Kelly Deeks Newlove Browning Architects is contributing to Timaru’s landscape with architectural projects that balance the pull of what the client wants, what the architect wants, and ultimately, what the building wants out of its design. Registered architects, interior designers, and project managers providing independent professional design and management services, the team at Newlove Browning Architects has a wealth of design and technical skills and experience. Newlove Browning Architects is a fairly young company, established in July, 2014. Founding directors Joshua Newlove and Leon Browning joined forces to benefit from the growth they could achieve through a collaborative approach. They are already putting the company’s stamp on Timaru and have built mutually beneficial relationships with a long list of happy clients,

completing housing, commercial, education, healthcare, and heritage projects, both locally in South Canterbury and throughout the Central South Island. Newlove Browning Architects now has a branch operating out of Wellington, building on what the company has already achieved out of Timaru. “We’ve been building up a presence and building up relationships in Wellington, doing a lot of commercial fit-outs and residential projects,” Leon says. A recent project in Timaru demonstrates Newlove Browning Architects’ ability to effectively meet the architectural challenges of people, community, context, and space. The Terrace project in Timaru is a two-storey, 900sqm office development for three tenants, KPMG, Ross Wells and Co, and Gresson Dorman and Co. Newlove Browning Architects had a very simple brief at the start of the project.

“The building company, Timaru Construction, came to us and asked us to design an office building to put on this site,” Leon says. “We gave them two options, they chose one and we went from there.” The site however, was a bit more demanding. With a 1.8m slope towards the back left hand corner of the site, Newlove Browning Architects added a basement area to make use of the space and provide storage for the building’s tenants. Next, the new building had to blend with the existing streetscape, while retaining a strong street presence, but with a residential area on one side and the city centre on the other, the building had to fit in with both. The building is situated on an old foundry site, in an old part of Timaru town on the same street that used to house the harbour lighthouse, before the expansion of Timaru meant the light was barely visible amongst the city’s lights and it was moved. “There is a bit of history to this site and we wanted the design to respond to its past as much as to its future,” Leon says. “We also incorporated residential forms to blend in with the residential character of the nearby houses.” A lot of the homes nearby feature gabled rooves,

“There is a bit of history to this site and we wanted the design to respond to its past as much as to its future,” so Newlove Browning Architects copied that affect across to the Terrace building, as well as using plaster cladding along the street front which also ties in with the look of those houses. A pop-up lightbox is a reflection of the old lighthouse, while the foundry is represented by the building’s standing seam metal cladding. Newlove Browning Architects has also designed the office fit outs for KPMG and Gresson Dorman and Co. High quality, robust design provides a safe and modern place of work for the staff. The fit out is also being completed by Timaru Construction. Leon says that the project has been an enjoyable experience with a good team effort from everyone involved, from the client to the contractors on site.

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Commercial Fitout NZ is the leading New Zealand supplier of furniture, fixtures and interior fittings that provide a modern working environment that staff and clients will enjoy. + 64 21 1943357

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BUILDING » Newlove Browning Architects

| 65

The Terrace design responds to the history of the site, with exterior metal cladding harking back to the old foundry on site, while plaster cladding ties in with the look of neighbouring houses.



Process Controls & Automation | Air Conditioning & Heat Pumps Refrigeration, Pumps | Electrical Installations Engineering Services & Plant Maintenance Pleased to be associated with Newlove Browning Architects 11A Maltby Ave, PO Box 569, Timaru Phone: 03 688 5556 | Fax: 03 688 9991 | Mobile: 027 289 0922 Email:

10 Royal Arcade, Timaru | Ph: 03 684 7918 |

Coving • Painting & Decorating • Suspended Ceilings • Wallboard Stopping • Wallboard Fixing • Spraying Contact our friendly team for a FREE quotation Proud to be involved with Newlove Browning Architects Victoria Street | PO Box 862 | Timaru 7910 P 03 688 8630 E

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BUILDING » Trident Homes - Christchurch

May 2016 Business South

Building Kelly Deeks

Stone pillars and exposed aggregate pathway and driveway make for a stylish entrance to this Trident home.

Trident Homes Christchurch is assisting the residential rebuild of Canterbury completing about 40 new homes a year. Franchise owner Jason McKenzie is a local Canterbury identity with 27 years of building experience, mainly in the residential sector. After completing his apprenticeship and passing his trade certificate exams, he soon after became a self-employed building contractor. In 1999 he became a member of the New Zealand Master Builder Federation. In December 2012, he had the opportunity to further expand his business by becoming involved with a franchise housing company, Dixon Homes. “I was on the tools building, doing a lot of contract work and building for clients as well,” he says. “I saw joining the franchise group as an avenue to get off the tools and more into the management side of things. You get to a stage in your trade when you have enough industry knowledge to take that next step and run more of a business than a sole trading situation.” He says the 2010 and 2011 Canterbury earthquakes didn’t really have any bearing on his decision to join the franchise group, however he realised the future would contain a superabundance of residential building work for a good six or seven years, ‘which is plenty of time to establish a new business’. In early 2015, he joined the group of Dixon Homes New Zealand franchise owners in the rebranding of the largely Australian focused Dixon Homes to Trident Homes New Zealand, a fully New Zealand owned and operated business offering the homes Kiwis want. Trident Homes has a philosophy of engaging only trade qualified franchisees, and McKenzie says this is not always the case with other building companies. “A trade qualified person is the only logical choice to run a housing company,” he says. Combining the trade skills McKenzie has learned and refined over 27 years in the industry with the business systems and bulk purchasing power of Trident Homes nationally, makes Trident Homes Canterbury an extremely efficient and organised building company.

Kevin Williams

021 221 2616

Metal Roofing • Apex Metal Tiles • Insulated Panels

Covering ALL excavating • requirements throughout • Christchurch & North Canterbury


Proud to support Trident Homes Christchurch

5/2 Horner St, Papanui | (03) 423 9298

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BUILDING » Trident Homes - Christchurch

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franchise run by qualified tradies “I was on the tools building, doing a lot of contract work and building for clients as well. I saw joining the franchise group as an avenue to get off the tools and more into the management side of things. You get to a stage in your trade when you have enough industry knowledge to take that next step and run more of a business than a sole trading situation.” “We are 100% focused on providing a professional service from sales through to completion of our clients’ new homes, and we welcome any enquiry,” he says. “We have aligned ourselves with some of the insurance companies to help service the rebuilding of residential Christchurch.” Trident Homes Christchurch and its clients benefit from Trident Homes New Zealand national purchasing power, and proven business systems and support network. Trident Homes Christchurch also employs its own team of eight carpenters, which McKenzie says enables the crew to take ownership and responsibility for their work. McKenzie says a year after the rebranding, interest is ramping up and he is getting three to four new contracts every month. Trident Homes builds for a range of clients with different circumstances and different requirements. “Whether older couples whose kids have left home, or young couples in their first new home, they are all looking for a competitive price, good workmanship, and good back up.” Trident Homes Christchurch has a show home at Lincoln where prospective clients can see a reflection of the company’s standard product.

Trident Homes Christchurch is committed to providing professional services from sales through to completion of new homes. Clients benefit from Trident Homes New Zealand’s national purchasing power, proven systems and support. Attention to detail and craftmanship is paramount as evident in the finishing of the tiled bathroom.

Lifestyle Concepts Rylock Canterbury proud to support Trident Homes Christchurch for all your aluminium window and door requirements

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BUILDING » Trident Homes - Dunedin

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Trident aims to meet budget and Russell Fredric Building a house involves dealing with many people, from sub-contractors to engineers and local authorities, in addition to making many decisions about its design and interior elements. The Trident Homes Dunedin team can guide clients through the process to achieve a house which will meet their budget and lifestyle needs while taking care of the elements of the process which, for many, could be time consuming and stressful. Trident Homes Dunedin franchisee James Crooks has more than 30 years experience building in New Zealand and overseas, and has a strong conviction about being associated with a housing group such as Trident Homes that only engages trade qualified people as its franchisees. “Obviously you’ve got the experience and the knowledge. If there are any problems they can be rectified very early on,” James Crooks says. Trident Homes is a relatively young, but growing 100% New Zealand owned and operated business, with franchises in the South Island in Dunedin, Oamaru, Timaru and Christchurch and in the North Island in Tauranga. James Crooks agrees the company’s “trade qualified” philosophy is a sound business decision, as a person with a trade background is a logical choice to run a housing company, he says. Trident Homes house designs have been carefully thought through after listening to its customers needs. Plans cover a wide range of sizes, with four bedroom, two bathroom houses being among the most popular. For most people, Trident Home’s standard plans are just a starting point, James says.

Trident Homes plans cover a wide range of sizes, with four bedroom, two bathroom houses being among the most popular.

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BUILDING » Trident Homes - Dunedin

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lifestyle needs “That’s the Kiwi way, a lot of people like to take a design and build approach in order to have their own input to personalise the design.” Quantifying people’s budget against their list of needs is the first step towards designing their house, with the next step being a draft plan after viewing the building site which can vary significantly, with Dunedin being hilly and the satellite town of Mosgiel predominantly flat. Trident Homes Dunedin can advise the various options for a site, and in the case of off-level sites, whether a garage/basement under can be built or if there is the option to create a level site with retaining walls. With more stringent building code requirements today, it is not uncommon to need an engineers design for foundations, which is one of the several processes Trident Homes Dunedin can take care of. An important part of the initial on-site consultation is to assess a site in relation to the sun and views available.

“A lot of people like to take a design-and-build approach in order to have their own input to personalise the design.” “We give them an initial concept to consider and if they are happy with this we finalise their concept plan which we can give them a quote from.” Trident Homes offers a great deal of flexibility in the level of specification in choosing the interior décor, kitchen and bathroom layout and fittings and can guide customers in their choices of interior colour schemes, from a range of in-house options or by using the services of a qualified interior designer.


Proud to be associated with Trident Homes PO Box 952, Dunedin Email: Phone 03 455-9949 Fax 03 455-9948

The whole process was a great experience and we love living in our beautiful home. Anyone who builds with you is very lucky.” -Susan & Michael

Building homes beyond your expectations.

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i l


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Paynes Concrete Placing Ltd We are a small local Dunedin based business, we do a range of concrete including patios, pathways, shed slabs, driveways, exposed aggregate & house foundations

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BUILDING » Trident homes - Oamaru

Franchise offers thermally superior homes built to last Kelly Deeks Trident Homes Oamaru is bringing structurally and thermally superior houses built for a fair and reasonable price to the Waitaki, Waimate, and Mackenzie districts. Working together since 2012, qualified carpenter Tim Burke and experienced estimator Matt Haywood went through a rebrand in March 2015, when Trident Homes took the more Australian focused Dixon Homes to a new, 100% Kiwi owned and operated building company with trade qualified franchisees who build homes New Zealanders want. Trident Homes now has a number of franchise operators throughout the country, and is rapidly expanding that network. The franchise has a philosophy of only engaging trade qualified franchisees, believing a trade qualified person is the only logical choice to run a housing company, leaving Trident Homes’ customers and their new homes in very capable hands. Burke has been a builder for 12 years, is a trade qualified carpenter and takes responsibility for construction management and all the building work. His building knowledge and experience coupled with his attention to detail makes this a natural fit. He also owns Tim Burke Builders, whose eight staff are regularly contracted to work on Trident Homes Oamaru projects. “We’ve also used up to six other contractors at any one time, because we build when our clients are ready, not when we are ready,” he says. Haywood is an estimator with some 13 years of industry experience, and he takes care of all of Trident Homes Oamaru’s pricing and ordering. “We use a purpose designed software package which means our clients can expect to receive accurate quotes on plans within two days,” he says. He also works as sales consultant and offers excellent knowledge and guidance in the design

“We have a very straightforward approach to both the design and construction phases of the project...” process, and his close ties with local real estate companies keeps him up to date on the availability of sections. “We have a clear and straightforward approach to both the design and construction phases of the project, ensuring our clients are happy from the first meeting until the home is completed,” Burke says. Around the same time as rebranding, Trident Homes Oamaru moved into new premises on Thames Street, Oamaru, which contains the company’s offices and also a kitchen and bathroom display, showcasing the quality products, fittings, and workmanship that are standard in Trident Homes. “We’re more than happy to meet clients here in the office, at their home, or on site,” Burke says. With a wide variety of home designs available to give people an idea of price points, Trident Homes Oamaru encourages clients to come in with their ideas and requirements so the company can custom design a home particularly for that family. Burke says Trident Homes are structurally and thermally superior. Laminated timber, which is stronger, straighter, and more stable, is used for all framing, and James Hardie Rigid Air Barrier board offers superior weather-tightness over building paper. A Metrapanel system provides a bracing diaphragm over the house and adds 0.2 R-value to the ceiling insulation. “All these things together enable us to build houses quickly,” Burke says.

Trident homes Oamaru uses laminated timber for its framing and a Metrapanel system which provides bracing and adds to the thermal value of the home.

What is Innovative Ceiling Systems? Innovative Ceiling Systems Ltd is a company that supplies and installs a BRANZ Appraised ceiling product that solves the falling-from-height issues in residential construction.

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BUILDING » RB Building

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Quality sets building firm apart Kelly Deeks Selwyn District residential construction company RB Building was established by Rod and Odette Boyd in 2007 to bring quality back to the area’s new housing sector, with a particular emphasis on attention to detail and a personalised service. Rod has more than 35 years of building experience. He initially qualified in the army, gaining his trade and advanced trade certificates, and worked on some challenging and rewarding projects, including the build of three Lockwood homes in the tropical conditions of Rarotonga, also a six-month project building an extension to Scott Base in the polar conditions at Antarctica. On leaving the army after nine years, Rod went to work contracting for larger housing companies, and soon became disillusioned with the lack of quality and responsibility on each project. “I wanted my good work to be producing a good product, so set out on my own,” he says. “We started building quality housing and being honest and up front with clients.” The Selwyn District is now seeing more and more housing company builds under construction. “It’s a good thing, because people can see the difference in the quality we are offering,” Odette says. RB Building has a good relationship with local real estate agent Jo McIntosh of Bayleys Real Estate. A friend of the couple, they joined forces at the start of Jo’s career with Rod and Odette asking

“I wanted my good work to be producing a good product, so set out on my own. We started building quality housing and being honest and up front with clients.”

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Selwyn Districts construction company RB Building

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espan® has been designed for style and performance in mind and is Metalcraft roofing’s new standing seam roof profile. The high ribs create strong defined shadow lines and combined with concealed fixings provide for superior weather performance.

Kāhu™ roofing and cladding profile from Metalcraft Roofing will add elegance, extra strength and style to any residential or commercial project. Designed for roofs to 4° minimum pitch and as horizontal or vertical wall cladding. The great feature about Kāhu™ is the double capillary overlap to the side lap which allows for greater performance


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BUILDING » RB Building

Down-sizing clients provide niche market • From page 71 her to sell the home they were then building. She has become a successful saleswoman and as well as selling new RB Building homes, she will often bring to Rod and Odette clients who are keen to build in the area. There is normally a home under construction which potential clients can view, also Aaron Jamieson of Wanaka’s AJ Design provides quality renders for clients to visualise their new home. Odette says RB Building has lately been building more two-bedroom homes in Darfield, with a large amount of retiring farmers coming off the land or down-sizing families whose children have left home now looking for something smaller and easier to manage. “We’re tapping into that market,” Odette says. “We’ve already built a couple of two-bedroom homes, and we have plans in the council for the next one.” But $1 million homes are also on RB Building’s radar. The company completed one recently in Springfield, designed by Salmond Architecture of Wanaka. The home featured copper nailed, vertical cedar on the exterior, and a geothermal heating system including a series of buried pipes and heat recovery units in every room. The same client has since had RB Building back to his place to build him a farm shed as well, with a three bedroom workers’ home to be built towards the end of the year. Rod was doing all the building himself until the start of 2014 when a qualified builder joined the team. Although he has since moved on, Rod is now training an apprentice with the help of the Certified Builders ITAB apprenticeship scheme. With the two of them putting up homes from the ground up, it is a great place to gain experience in all aspects of residential building.

The finished product (above) and foundation ready for pouring the slab (below).

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ur talented team of kitchen designers can help turn your ideas into the perfect custom made kitchen for your home.

72 Treffers Road Wigram Christchurch

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POULTNEY PAINTING t: 027 238 8362 - 03 360 3076 a: 17 Redfern Street, Northwood, Christchurch 8051 e:

Poultney Painting aims to bring sound painting practices, values, and quality back into the painting industry at an affordable price. Poultney Painting is an owner operated business, with 25 years + experience in New Zealand’s painting and decorating industry. Poultney Painting is managed by Jon Poultney and employing more than 10 more professional tradespeople, Jon is passionate about the decorating industry and the work he and his team perform.

Odette Boyd, RB Building RB Building has been working with Poultney Painting for nearly four years. We set very high standards in workmanship and it is good to work with a company that has the same high standards. Poultney Painting staff are all very professional, polite, they get on well with clients, and are a pleasure to have on site. Faye Gray, TF Gray Builders

“I am committed to providing quality workmanship and memorable customer service,” he says. “We are proud of our work and we enjoy a solid reputation within the local painting industry.” The Poultney Painting team includes trade qualified, trade experienced, and police vetted tradespeople, who are passionate about their chosen trade, and equally committed to providing excellent customer service and high quality workmanship, resulting in 100% customer satisfaction. Poultney Painting is well experienced in all interior and exterior decorating services, having completed numerous residential, commercial, education, and public sector building projects. Its tradespeople have become well versed in working in sensitive environments such as schools, hospital wards, retirement villages, and government departments. Talk to Jon to discuss your redecorating and painting needs.

Poultney Painting has been a painting contractor for Gray Builders for the past four years. Jon Poultney has been professional in his approach and the workmanship of his team is of a high standard. We are happy to recommend Poultney Painting to our existing client base. Paul Dolan, Principal Ilam School I can throughly recommend Jon Poultney and the crew from Poultney Painting as a painting company that prides itself on quality workmanship and a dedication to ensure that the client is pleased with the end result. Their preparation and finished project is of a high quality. They are reliable, don't take short cuts and respect the school environment, having good knowledge of it's unique working setting. Health and Safety practices are an integral part of their working day. I am thrilled that we decided to go with Poultney Painting for our whole-school exterior paint and couldn't be happier with the end result.

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May 2016 Business South

CONTRACTING » Invercargill Inner City Upgrade

Upgrade adds vibrancy to CBD Kim Newth Invercargill’s inner city is a much more inviting place to meet, eat and shop, following the completion of work to improve street amenities in Esk Street. As far back as 2010, the Invercargill City Council had identified a pressing need for revitalization to encourage people back into the CBD. Council developed an action plan followed by an inner city working group in 2011. Landscape architect Craig Pocock and his team at Pocock Design Environment led the subsequent master plan development and then the design of the first of potentially 13 precincts

for Invercargill’s CBD. The brief for the first stage was to find ways to add amenity and create more vibrant spaces that would attract people to the inner city and also encourage reinvestment in the area. “We held consultation workshops, community and interest group meetings and talked to hundreds of people ranging from musicians to property owners retailers and police,” says Craig. What emerged from that process was a huge need for more places to sit and meet, along with improved shelter and lighting, more trees and green spaces and a new colour scheme to lift the area. In 2014, the Invercargill City Council gave

its approval to a $1.4 million makeover of Esk Street. The Esk Street upgrade, now complete, includes a glass-covered ‘living room’ with a child-friendly granite water feature, pocket parks, new paving, enclosed outdoor café spaces and integrated landscape lighting. As pedestrians walk up Esk Street lighting changes through the spectrum in a way that references the southern skies’ Aurora Australis. Computer-controlled lighting has been subtly sited under decking, within street furniture and in the central meeting area. It adds warmth to the area at night, as well as aesthetically boosting the overall streetscape. Esk Street has also been made much more pedestrian-friendly by better controlling traffic

Advanced Lighting Technologies Christchurch Ground Floor, Office 1 306 Port Hills Road, Christchurch 8022

speed through a narrowed carriageway at the pocket park. Eating areas have been screened from traffic to encourage al fresco dining. “These are also sheltered areas so even on a windy day there are attractive and functional places for people to rest and have conversations.” Southlanders’ sense of place is central to the new design, with selected materials, textures and colours echoing the local windswept, coastal environment. Locally sourced materials have been incorporated, such as granite for stone walls (from quarries near Bluff) and recycled bridge timbers.

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Proud to support the upgrade of Invercargill Inner City Upgrade

T: +64 03 379 1575 F: +64 07 579 0164

Gain the benefits of Cree LED technology covered by their 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


…Peace of Mind | Phone 455 3344 350 Andersons Bay Rd, DUNEDIN

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CONTRACTING » Invercargill Inner City Upgrade

| 75

The Esk Street upgrade, includes a glass-covered ‘living room’ with a child-friendly granite water feature, pocket parks, new paving, enclosed outdoor café spaces and integrated landscape lighting.

NETWORK ELECTRICAL SERVICING • Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Electrical • Power line and Subdivision Installation • 400V and 11kV Cable Specialists • Electrical Inspection Services • Specialist Indoor/Outdoor lighting installations •Thermal Camera Imaging Inspection • Cable Location • Power Supplies for Lifestyle Blocks •Temporary power supplies for shows and events • Appliance Safe Test Inspection • Variable speed drive and soft starter installation and maintenance • PLC installation and maintenance •Diesel and battery stand by Power systems.

We offer expertise and experience. We can provide our clients with full design, build and maintenance services.

Contact us today 03 218 8897 |

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CONTRACTING » Invercargill Inner City Upgrade

Upgrade adds urgency to inner city • from page 74 Council roading manager Russell Pearson says the upgrade took longer than anticipated due to a number of factors but Council is happy with the outcomes achieved. “It is always difficult to work in the middle of your CBD and make sure you provide access for business but also safety for both the public and the construction teams,” Russell says. “The project seemed to take a long time but we also replaced stormwater and water pipes critical to ensure the right infrastructure is available and reliable for the future.” It has also been a big adjustment for some motorists to get used to the narrower carriageway. The decision to narrow the street was deliberate to encourage drivers to slow down and make it safer for pedestrians. “I think most people have now got used to these changes and are enjoying the new amenities in Esk Street,” says Russell. “We are seeing more people using the area so that is really positive and confirms that this revitalisation project is assisting to provide the right environment for the people to come into the CBD and do more shopping.” Fulton Hogan Invercargill was the project’s main contractor.

The decision to narrow the street was deliberate to encourage drivers to slow down and make it safer for pedestrians.

Southern Edge Building worked alongside Fulton Hogan last year as building subcontractor. “Two of us were on site in Esk Street constantly doing all the foundations work through to the final seating,” says Jackson Egerton of Southern Edge Building.

“We had to work hard with the retailers and around the pedestrians and weather, but we pushed through to make everything come together. “Now that it is all finished, we are really pleased to see what we have achieved and

there are definitely more people using the new seating.” The Esk Street upgrade is just the first phase of the master plan to revitalize Invercargill’s CBD. The council is now looking at the next stages to continue the revitalisation theme in the inner city.


027 654 3589

+64 9 526 5660


Fel. Group Proud to be associated with Pocock DesignInvercargill City Council



267 Tramway Road, Invercargill | Ph (03) 2161000 | Email 267 Tramway Road, Invercargill. Phone (03) 2161000 - Email

JOINERY » Jmac Joinery

Business South May 2016

| 77

Jmac puts the emphasis on timber Kelly Deeks A new kitchen showroom will soon be on display for Timaru joinery company Jmac Joinery, with four new kitchens currently under construction at the house next door to the company’s Washdyke factory. Jmac Joinery was established in 2006 with the aim of providing the marketplace with high quality timber joinery that doesn’t cost the earth. An award-winning New Zealand joinery company with qualified joiners, Jmac Joinery combines traditional joinery techniques with modern manufacturing processes to provide customers with solid, high quality wooden joinery that stands the test of time for their new building projects and renovations. Jmac manager Craig Mason joined the company at its inception. With more than 20 years of joinery experience, his reputation for high quality work amongst the local tradesmen soon had them coming in to see what Jmac Joinery could do for them. Today, Jmac Joinery specialises in the manufacturing of high grade timber joinery. “Our team of fully qualified and experienced joiners are of the old school,” Craig says. “We use only the best systems available to produce our joinery, and our team have the knowledge and skills to back it up.” From the smallest sash window to the most intricate designs, all Jmac Joinery doors and sashes are manufactures in the company’s Timaru factory, allowing for the flexibility to make joinery to the exact specifications the client requires. Jmac Joinery works with various timber species, including pine, rimu, cedar, kauri, macrocarpa, and other timbers where practical. The huge variety of recycled wood Jmac Joinery has available has also been attracting a lot of interest lately from clients. With two of its own portable saw mills, Jmac Joinery has the capability to cut whatever size clients require right there in the yard. Jmac Joinery is a registered manufacturer of compliant timber joinery, as part of the Compliant Timber Joinery programme. The NZS 4211 Compliant Timber Joinery programme was developed by a group of New Zealand Master Joiners who label their products to

Jmac Joinery combines traditional joinery techniques with modern manufacturing processes to provide customers with solid, high quality wooden joinery that stands the test of time. certify they comply with the requirements of NZS 4211 for the wind zone within which the products are installed. Windows and doors, including the glazing system, are tested and can be labelled and certified as complying with one or more New Zealand wind zones. As a die-hard timber enthusiast, and with up to about 80% of Jmac Joinery’s work in timber windows and doors, Craig is quick to mention the advantages of timber joinery. “Better quality, more sustainability, and better insulation to name a few,” he says.

“We use only the best systems available to produce our joinery, and our team have the knowledge and skills to back it up.” “You’ve got a house that’s warm inside, your timber windows are warm too, reducing or eliminating condensation.” The brand new show room will be opening mid year in the house next door to the Jmac Joinery factory on Laughton Street in Washdyke.

Four kitchens will be on display to show the latest in kitchen design and technology, products and appliances. The showroom will be complemented by a new manufacturing facility in behind, dedicated to completing all the company’s kitchen work.

Halswell Timber Rimu Specialists Radiata H4 • Radiata H5 • Mouldings Panelling Radiata CI • Beech • Cedar • Oregon • Kwila • Macro Macro Sleepers • Machining • Weatherboards • Decking • Flooring

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193 Halswell Rd Christchurch

Marbello International Ltd is one of New Zealand’s premier manufacturers of solid surface bench tops. Exquisitely crafting customized masterpieces from the world’s finest Granite, Quartz, and Marbello Acrylic.

JMAC Joinery

P. +64 3 384 8133 F. +64 3 384 8045 E. 9 Francella Street Bromley, Christchurch

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JOINERY » Steve’s Joinery

Steve carves out a successful niche Russell Fredric Buying a struggling joinery five years ago, which has become a growing and successful business, has proven to be good timing for the owner of Steve’s Joinery, Queenstown. Steve Walak concedes it was a risk to buy the business in 2011, during the aftermath of the global financial crisis, but says he can now “see the light at the end of the tunnel”. “It was definitely the right move. It’s set me up for life now really.” A qualified joiner, Steve was an employee in the joinery for 10 years when it was trading under a different name, and came up for sale. “The business was getting pretty run-down at the time. “It was definitely a risk, but there was the possibility of things picking up and changing.” There were just two joiners working in the business when Steve took it over, but it now employs a total of 10 staff. “It’s just slowly progressed the whole time; it’s got bigger and bigger. “I think the company’s gotten better with the quality of work and obviously the building industry’s picked up as well.” With no financial backing, during the first two years of ownership the joinery took on “anything and everything”, but is now focused on high quality residential and commercial work, with most jobs coming by word of mouth without the need for advertising. “We are a locally owned and operated

The company’s residential work includes complete house fit-outs for kitchens, doors, wardrobes and stairs.

business, committed to building long term relationships with our customers by continuously manufacturing the highest quality products. “Our staff are regularly trained on all new requirements set by the New Zealand Master Joiners Association.” Although there there are about five joineries in Queenstown, the business also faces competition from further afield in places such as Invercargill, Cromwell, Dunedin and Christchurch, so its growth and success has been particularly satisfying for Steve. Steve’s Joinery offers a wide range of customised products, and with high quality CAD design software, is able to offer a 3D visual design and layout of kitchens and cabinetry; the company’s residential work includes complete house fit-outs for kitchens, doors, wardrobes and stairs. About half of the work undertaken is for commercial clients which is gained from tendering for jobs. The company recently completed the pre fit-out of a substantial number of stores, including the Countdown supermarket, in the Five Mile retail centre development. Steve now spends much of his time in the office, creating CAD designs and managing projects. The joinery operates a CNC computer controlled flat-bed router which is used to produce cabinetry. “Once the design work is confirmed with our client’s cabinetry, we send the information directly to the CNC for manufacturing.”

“We are a locally owned and operated business, committed to building long term relationships with our customers by continuously manufacturing the highest quality products.”

Specialists in Granite, Quartz & Marble Benchtops - Including Vanity & Fire Hearths

Phone: 0800 478 663 Showroom: 126 Courtenay Drive, Kaiapoi Fax: 03 327 8579 PO Box 378 Kaiapoi Email:

Bring your furniture back to life!

• Stainless & Architectural Specialist • Sheetmetal & Alloy Fabrication • Precision Machining • All Engineering Services • Bolts, Fastenings, Tools & Bearings

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• Flashings • Downpipes • Spouting & Guttering • Ducting • Flue & Accessories

• Stainless Steel Sink Benches • Hot Water Cylinders • Meter Boxes • Mail Boxes

151 Kaikorai Valley Rd, Dunedin | Ph: 03 476 7674 | Fax: 03 476 7654 Email: |

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JOINERY » Steve’s Joinery

Steve’s Joinery offers a wide range of customised products, and with high quality CAD design software, is able to offer a 3D visual design and layout of kitchens and cabinetry.

DO OUR READERS KNOW YOU EXIST? Put yourself in front of potential clients.

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HOUSING » Enable NZ Accessible Housing

One stop shop for accessibility needs Karen Phelps Enable New Zealand has opened the country’s first EASIE Living and Demonstration Centre. Located in Palmerston North the centre aims to help the ageing members of the community and people with disabilities to access the latest products and information to help them lead fuller, more productive lives, says Enable New Zealand general manager Scott Ambridge who led the development of the centre. The EASIE (equipment, advice, services, information, education) Living and Demonstration Centre includes not only a range of equipment (including both low and high tech options) for people to try out with staff on hand to assist and answer any questions, but also a 180 square metre Smart Home. Scott says that the Ministry of Social Development’s Positive Ageing Strategy recognises that the vast majority of older people prefer to live independently in their own homes and the centre’s accessible Smart Home features the latest innovations such as appliances, cabinetry, ergonomically designed furniture, lighting and nonslip flooring. He says that this allows customers to experience solutions in a real life environment. Importantly the centre will also provide impartial advice as well as offer assessments to people who might be interested in purchasing aids and equipment privately. Scott says another important focus of the centre is as an education hub to provide opportunities for learning and training for those working in the health and disability sector. “The aim is to demystify accessible design. For example people can see that sometimes simple and inexpensive design elements when building a house – such as making doorways slightly wider - can help to future proof a home, making it liveable for the occupants for their entire life. “We provide technical staff who can advise on house plans if people are building or renovating.” Enable New Zealand has been providing disability support services for over 40 years and now reaches 50,000 people a year. The organization provides support services across the health, rehabilitation and disability sector including the provision of equipment, housing and vehicle modifications. Regional and national contracts are held with the Ministry of Health, ACC and District Health Boards. In the first three weeks after it opened in

Enable New Zealand has opened the country’s first EASIE (equipment, advice, services, information, education) Living and Demonstration Centre. February the EASIE Living and Demonstration Centre had over 400 people through its doors. Scott says that the plan is to eventually roll out the concept around the country. “The initial uptake and interest has exceeded expectations,” acknowledges Scott. “As there is no accessible design standard in New Zealand for residential properties people were very much in the dark about this specialised area of design. “Now they have a one stop shop where they can go for equipment, information and support so the Centre has had overwhelmingly positive feedback.” The EASIE Living and Demonstration Centre can be visited at 585 Main Street, Palmerston North.

“As there is no accessible design standard in New Zealand for residential properties people were very much in the dark about this specialised area of design.” A virtual tour of the centre can also be viewed online at Key Facts • According to the Disability Survey undertaken by Statistics New Zealand in 2013, almost one in four New Zealanders live with disability.

•At least 1,062,000 people living in New Zealand are limited in their ability to carry out everyday activities by at least one impairment type. •The number of people aged 65 years and over is expected to double by 2035 to around 1.2 million. • The vast majority of older people live independently in their own homes.

Proud to supply plumbing, Gasfitting & Drainlaying services to

PROUDLY SUPPORTING ENABLE ACCESSIBLE HOUSING 7 Mounces Rd, RD4 Christchurch | 027 2960 127

ENABLE ACCESSIBLE HOUSING Come and see us at our new location at 90 Liddel street Invercargill Phone 0800 THE PLUMBER Email: P.O Box 5108 Waikiwi Invercargill 9843

Southbuild 1996 Ltd are a preferred contractor to Enable. Carrying out residential alteration works for ACC as well as the Ministry of Health We specialise in all types of alteration works as well as commercial fit out work. PO Box 27-158, Shirley, Christchurch 8640 Paul Southorn: 027 441 2228 Email: |

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HOUSING » Enable NZ Accessible Housing

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The EASIE Living and Demonstration Centre in Palmerston North includes not only a range of equipment (including both low and high tech options) for people to try out with staff on hand to assist and answer any questions, but also a 180 square metre Smart Home.

Those who engage a builder to build a new home or renovate an older one usually have a checklist to ensure that their dreams and needs are conveyed to the tradesmen clearly. But those who enlist Craig O'Keefe Builders Ltd, a home construction extension and renovation company drawing its clientele from the Central South Island, but predominantly working in the South Canterbury region, will find a checklist they might not have expected – and the offer of pre-build concept graphics including colour schemes to help clients picture the finished job.


Servicing our Communities since 1934

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0800 30 35 30

• Rennovations • Alterations

Finalists in the 2015 Business Excellence Awards run by the South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce, use a build quality checklist, a written document unique to the firm, to ensure each stage of the project meets Craig’s high standards before moving on to the next stage. It is this attention to quality and client satisfaction that has brought success so far in the local awards and comes on top of a Bronze Medal in the national House of the Year Awards. From small beginnings with one employee, the company has doubled in size every year. Director Craig O’Keeffe says that success is due to quality of work, a fantastic team and skilful management.

M. 021 264 6806


• New Housing • Bathroom Specialist

Contact Bruce Mcilroy • 021 277 7011 •

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RURAL » Waihao Downs Irrigation

Bringing opportunities to the region Karen Phelps The $30m Waihao Downs irrigation scheme will bring increased opportunity and growth to the local region, says Robin Murphy, chairman of Morven Glenavy Ikawai Irrigation Company (MGI), the parent company responsible for the scheme. “This is not just about bringing water to farmers,” he says. “Once you have irrigation in an area the community will grow and money can flow back into the community. “We’ve seen that with the MGI scheme. In a 10 year period 85 new homes were built after that scheme was completed.” The Redcliffs scheme, established in the 1930s, was the first to use Waitaki River water. The Redcliffs irrigation scheme and the Morven Glenavy scheme, built in the 1970s, were purchased by MGI from the Crown in 1989 and MGI is now responsible for their full operation. Waihao Downs Irrigation vice chairman Jon Kirk - the inventor of K line irrigation system - worked with Robin Murphy to develop the Waihao Downs scheme after the pair were investigating getting water from the Waitaki River over the hill to a couple of farms in the Waihao Valley. But from those early days Robin admits it has been a long road to see the scheme come to fruition. It was in 2000 that the process began when the Waihao Downs Irrigation (WDI) board started to engage with local farmers to assess demand for the scheme. During the consent process Waitaki River applications were called in by the Labour government when it decided to reassess the plan for the river halting plans for the irrigation scheme for nearly a decade. “Getting the water over the hills to the north of the Waitaki and into the Waihao valley to the farmers’ land was the biggest hurdle,” says Robin. It was apparent that the easiest way was to utilise the infrastructure of the existing MGI scheme to move water from the river through the MGI race network system. It was in 2013 that MGI shareholders agreed for WDI to become a subsidiary, which took place in June 2014.

Construction of the Waihao Downs irrigation scheme started in January 2015 and was completed within a year. The WDI board was amalgamated with the MGI board for the duration of construction and has the joint responsibility for building the Waihao Downs irrigation scheme. REL was tasked with concepting and developing a final design. Robin acknowledges that it was a huge amount of work by all parties with WDI project costings to be calculated, land access to be negotiated and contracts to be signed. “In addition consent conditions needed to be activated and adhered to. Construction started in January 2015 and was completed within a year,” says Robin.

“We’ve done a lot in a short time, but by having the right people

in the right room at the right time you can achieve a lot.” “We’ve done a lot in a short time, but by having the right people in the right room at the right time you can achieve a lot,” he says. Robin says one example of the time it has taken for the project to become a reality is that the father of Grant Mehrten - from Rooney Earthmoving Limited who is now overseeing the project - was one of the early scheme champions.


“It’s been really useful having Grant working on the project as he grew up in the Waihao Downs area and already knew everyone from his father’s early involvement, which was key in Grant’s role liaising with the farmers,” says Robin.

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“For Everything Electrical”

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Staff and management are proud to work in conjuction with Rooney Earthmoving & Alpine Hydraulics on the Waihao Downs Irrigation Scheme

Proudly supporting Waihao Downs Irrigation

0800 438 769 |

Provided Engineering and Project Management support for the Waihao Downs Irrigation Project

Mt Aurum Engineering Consultants Ltd, 3 McLellan Place, Wanaka 9305 Phone: 03 443 5159 Mobile: 027 456 0022


Business South May 2016

RURAL » Waihao Downs Irrigation

| 83

The $30 million Waihao Downs irrigation scheme will bring increased opportunities and growth to the local region.

Proud to be associated with the Waihao Downs Irrigation Development Helping grow Canterbury's future You want it... we will build it... - Commercial - Civil Structures - Construction Management - Farm Buildings - Dairy Sheds - Shearing Sheds - New Houses - Alterations - Joinery - Design and Build Locally owned and operated

32 Washdyke Flat Road, Washdyke, Timaru 03 688 2181 Email:

Builder Tony Boyce has significantly grown his business operations in the Canterbury region over the last few years from a one man operation to a company employing over 30 qualified and experienced staff and apprentices. Although based in South Canterbury the team have worked on building projects all over the South Island, much of this for repeat clientele. Tony is a qualified and registered Master Builder with over 40 years of experience in the industry. Over the years his building projects have included multi-storey commercial buildings, bridge construction, architecturally designed houses, house alterations, cob houses, shearing sheds, hay barns, deer handling facilities, cow sheds and more recently irrigation structures. Tony’s construction team is led by Brad Evans, who is Tony’s right-hand man. Brad has been with the company since 2003 and is a trade qualified Carpenter and also a Licenced Building Practitioner. Brad is responsible for scheduling all construction staff and projects. The residential building team is supervised by Merv Berry who assists Brad with the residential enquiries. Merv has been with the company since 2005 and is a trade qualified Carpenter and a Licenced Building Practitioner. He has extensive architecturally designed house building experience which he has passed

onto the many apprentice carpenters who have been trained at Tony Boyce Builders. The team now includes a qualified draughtsperson and an Estimator who help with designs, pricing and sales. The pump sheds for the Waihao Downs Irrigation were constructed by Tony Boyce Builders who had about 8 staff on site for 3 months. Tony Boyce Builders has built up significant expertise in the irrigation construction sector having also constructed concrete syphons, intakes, weirs and head walls for other irrigation schemes including the South Rangitata Irrigation Scheme for Rooney Earthmoving, pipeline intakes for Barrhill Chertsey Irrigation, the Ashburton Lyndhurst Irrigation scheme. In addition to providing comprehensive building services Tony Boyce Builders also erect Timbercore buildings. The Timbercore design has a unique system of laminated structural timber at the core and provides incredible strength, flexibility and its lighter weight (compared to other materials) enables the construction of low mass buildings that have proven themselves well suited to withstanding earthquakes. It is also a more sustainable building option than concrete or steel and brings the look, feel and strength of wood to every building. Timbercore is owned by Tony Boyce and Brad Evans.

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RURAL » Waihao Downs Irrigation

Scheme will create new opportunities • from page 82 “The project has been very successful with a real open channel of communication and information with all parties involved. It’s been very unique.” Once the scheme is completed Robin predicts it will be worth millions of dollars to the Waimate district. Robin is a case in point: it was in 1984 that he shifted his farming business from Ikawai to Glenavy to take advantage of the MDI scheme and now operates a large scale dairy business milking 5500 cows on 1893ha of irrigated land. “Waihao Downs has been through severe droughts in the past. With the Waihao Downs irrigation scheme farmers will have more certainty and be able to grow more crops,” he says. “We have good soils here and so they will have the opportunity to turn to horticulture, such as specialised crops, and a whole raft of other things if they wish. “It will generate work for local businesses such as electricians, plumbers, irrigation companies etc. the scheme will also benefit the environment,” says Robin. “Previously some farmers were taking water from the Waihao River and they will now relinquish these rights, which means less stress on the river and more water for the local community because previously this source was maxed out. “The Waihao Downs irrigation scheme has always been a very community driven thing and is about future proofing the region for generations to come because water brings opportunities.”

• Scheme’s big impact - page 86

With the Waihao Downs irrigation scheme farmers will have more certainty and be able to grow more crops.

On Common Ground Local, cost effective & green

As a 100% community owned energy business Ltd is ing shareholders. be

PHONE: 03 440 0022





Proudly supporting Waihao Downs Irrigation

Rooney well equipped for project Rooney Earthmoving Limited’s work on the Waihao Downs Irrigation Scheme is proof of the company’s ability to both successfully design and construct projects, says company technical manager Gerard Richardson. He says Rooney Earthmoving is the only New Zealand civil construction company that offers full in-house irrigation scheme site investigation, design, management and construction. “We’re much more than the guys that just move the dirt,” says Gerard. The company’s work on the Waihao Downs scheme, which includes 24 water users and 32 off-takes, has been completed 12 months ahead of programme and was officially opened on April 5, 2016. The project includes a new river intake, 8km of race to a 40,000m3 capacity lower buffer pond, six pumps lifting the water 126 metres to a 30,000m3 capacity upper buffer pond and a 6km long 900mm diameter GRP Rising main carrying the water up the 126 metre vertical lift to the upper buffer pond. It also includes two main lines departing north and east from the upper buffer pond to begin distributing the water. These main lines then branch further to the west, north and southeast. Rooney Earthmoving started the project in February 2015 and major challenges to date have been the tight time frame to reshape the open race section through MGI’s existing race system during their off-season, as well as pipe laying in some tricky rolling limestone terrain. Although it is not the company’s first piped irrigation scheme the pumping infrastructure on this project is unique, says Gerard. The total pipe network length will be 35km of GRP and PVC pipe down to 150mm diameter. Civil contractor Rooney Earthmoving Limited is part of The Rooney Group and offers a range of earthmoving, civil construction, pipe and cable laying, drilling, cartage and transportation services. Founded by Gary Rooney in 1976, with one man and a single bulldozer in Waimate, South

The total pipe network length will be 35km of GRP and PVC pipe down to 150mm diameter. Canterbury, The Rooney Group remains locally owned and employs over 300 staff in branches in Waimate, Ashburton, Christchurch, Timaru and Oamaru. Rooney Earthmoving undertakes all forms of general earthworks and construction but in tandem with Rooney Consulting it specialises in developing irrigation schemes of all sizes. Other irrigation schemes completed by the company include Benmore and Acton Irrigation

schemes, Carew Storage Ponds and Rangitata South Irrigation Scheme. The Rooney Group can also fund entire schemes as it has done on the $120m Rangitata South scheme where it owns and operates the scheme for the benefit of the scheme water users. Gerard says that such large-scale projects require extensive heavy plant and manpower resources over long periods of time. The Waihao Downs Scheme alone had up to 40

staff and twenty six 20 tonne excavators working on the project, all sourced entirely from within our Waimate region. “We don’t know of anyone else in the region able to dedicate this level of plant resources to just one project,” he says. “At Rooney Group are driven to develop the central South Island and we will continue to develop new systems, products and schemes to achieve this.”

Designers and Constructors of High Quality and Innovative Irrigation Projects

Waimate 03 689 7881 | Timaru 03 687 4699 Oamaru 03 433 1246 | Ashburton 03 308 6011 |

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RURAL » Waihao Downs Irrigation

Scheme will have enormous impact The Waihao Downs Irrigation Scheme in South Canterbury will bring water to 3300ha of some of New Zealand’s most drought-prone land ranging from the Douglas area in the West, right through the Mt Harris region and into the Greenhill area in the East. The scheme also extends across the Waihao River into Arno. Water at 1.50m3/sec take comes from the plentiful mountain-fed Waitaki River protecting the scheme from water shortages. The expected scheme reliability is high 90% - due to the hydro scheme controlled flow in the Waitaki River. Water is sourced from the neighbouring MGI scheme’s main race and distributed to 24 shareholders (32 off takes) through 31km of pipeline. The Waihao Downs irrigation scheme includes 7.5km of MGI’s main race, which feeds into a 40,000m3 capacity Lower Buffer Pond and uses six 500kW pumps to deliver irrigation water through a network of GRP fibreglass and PVC pipes. Getting water over the hill requires 6.5km of 900mm pipe and a vertical lift of 126 metres to a 30,000m3 capacity Upper Buffer pond. Two main distribution lines depart North and East from the Upper Buffer Pond to begin distributing the water. These main lines then branch further to the West, North and Southeast. T his distribution system is gravity feed out of the Upper Buffer Pond. Automation controls water storage, water distribution and water use by shareholders. More expansion planned With the Stage one water volume (3,300 ha) for the Waihao Downs Irrigation Scheme fully subscribed, MGI is already receiving applications for Stage 2. “MGI are keen to get a list of prospective Waihao Downs irrigators so it can push forward with more expansion,” says WDI project manager, Brendan Sheehan. Stage 1 of the project started commissioning at the end of February 2016 and was fully commissioned by mid-April 2016. Brendan cites the work done by Rooney Earthmoving Limited (REL) as key in bringing the construction 12 months ahead of schedule. REL had around 40 staff dedicated to the project on site and company technical manager Gerard Richardson says that good weather coupled with the dedication of REL’s design and construction

Getting water over the hill requires 6.5km of 900mm pipe and a vertical lift of 126 metres to a 30,000m3 capacity Upper Buffer pond. teams saw the project make such good progress despite some challenges. For example because some work had to take place during the MGI scheme winter shutdown from May to September 2015 REL had just a narrow 120 day window to upgrade and re-profile 7.5km of irrigation race, install two road crossings under SH82, one WDC road crossing, two river siphons, eight on property culverts and numerous other minor gates structures and scheme improvements. Two 1.8m diameter twin barrel concrete pipes were used for each of these upgrades. Also required were concrete race drop structures and labyrinth weirs as well as construction of the lower buffer pond, the pumping station area and the MGI Lateral 2 race realignment. “This was a massive undertaking in a short period, through numerous properties and required superb organisational and project management

skills as well as close liaison with the existing MGI shareholders,” says Gerard. The entire Waihao Downs scheme has a command area of 6800ha in which irrigation water can be distributed with a water right of 3.05m³ per second. Brendan says 1.5 m³ per second has already been used in Stage 1 of the project leaving a significant amount of scope for Stage 2. Interest has already been expressed for some of the remaining irrigation capacity and Brendan expects a surge in enquiry after Stage one is fully up and running. “In a drought situation the neighbour with irrigation will have green grass and the one on the other side of the fence with no irrigation will have no grass. It’s staggering how quickly the Waihao Downs area can dry out so farmers with irrigation will really reap the benefits.

Brendan says although the process of putting such a scheme together is a lot of work it is also extremely rewarding. He credits the many consultants, contractors and suppliers involved in the project as also being key to the success. “For example there were three companies involved in getting power to the scheme – Transpower New Zealand, Alpine Energy and Pioneer Generation. “ They not only educated us about the process they also came to us with the best deals they could do and it’s being quite amazing the cost savings we could make for the scheme. “The whole project has been extremely rewarding and I feel pretty proud of what we’ve achieved. It’s been a marvellous team effort with everyone focused on the end goal of delivering water to a drought prone area.”

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Waihao Downs Irrigation

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Integrated approach key to success Seamless integration from design to completion resulting from the collaboration between Alpine Energy and Netcon allowed the companies to complete their part of the Waihao Downs Irrigation Scheme project well ahead of schedule. Alpine Energy was the distribution company for the project in charge of the design and specification process for the infrastructure required to supply power to the scheme. Netcon was the construction contractor for this power distribution system. Netcon general manager operations Dan Batchelor and Willem Rawlins, network manager from Alpine Energy, acknowledge it was the people involved in the project from each of their companies that were a key factor in its success. Alpine Energy had three full time designers working on the project and Netcon was managing up to 26 staff on site at peak. “It was teamwork under the challenging time frames and the way the two companies worked together that delivered this outstanding result for the client,” explains Dan. Due to the size of the load the scheme required existing infrastructure in the region could not be used so a dedicated supply was constructed which included an upgrade to the main Bells Pond substation. This involved the installation of a dedicated circuit breaker to supply power to the site, 8.5km of overhead line constructed over existing farmland requiring extensive consultation with the local community and onsite power infrastructure at the pump station where the companies installed three 1.5 MVA transformers and three ring main units. Dan says that certain parts of the construction had to take place during the dairy off-season to ensure there was no disruption of power supply to local dairy farmers. This accentuated the difficulties already associated with the tight deadline, he says. Both say the companies’ ability to work together to offer the client a seamless approach

The schemes’ power infrastructure at the pump station includes three 1.5 MVA transformers and three ring main units. from start to finish is a significant advantage allowing for complete control over quality and time frame as well as flexibility in terms of adjusting to any project changes. “This project shows our design capabilities and ability to execute complex projects in tight time frames,” says Willem. “It is also significant in terms of our ability to work together as a team for the benefit of the client and engage with the local community,” adds Dan. A significant portion of the companies’ work is with the dairy industry.

Other projects completed together by Alpine Energy and Netcon includes the design and build of the Rangitata South Irrigation Scheme and power supply to the Oceania Dairy factory in Glenavy The Oceania project was delivered in just 14 months and included installation of 12km of 110 kV double circuit overhead line and a 50MVA zone substation. Flow on effect from the Waihao Downs Irrigation Scheme is keeping the companies busy as they are currently working with local farms

involved in the scheme to increase power supply as well as supply and upgrade their on farm infrastructure. “Waihao Downs is doing good things for local farmers and the economy,” says Dan. “The project is testament to a core value of both of our companies - to contribute towards the community. “Waihao Downs shows how we will go out of our way to deliver solutions that support the needs of the community, delivering the right solution at the right time and the right price.”

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CONTRACTING » Bruce Wilson Contracting

Motorsport work just part of mix Russell Fredric The breadth and scale of projects completed by Cromwell-based earthworks contractor BWC Ltd is impressive. After its involvement as a key contractor in the development of Cromwell’s Highlands Park Motorsport, opened in March 2013, BWC Ltd is now working on its second similar project at Hampton Downs, near Meremere. Bruce Wilson Contracting operations manager Peter McKenzie says although Highlands Park was opened three years ago, the company has continued to work on on-going projects there ever since. “We’ve done industrial sub-divisions, maintenance, a rally-cross track and a four-wheel drive track,” Peter McKenzie says. After the owner and developer of Highlands Motorsport Park, Tony Quinn, bought Hampton Downs in June last year, he asked BWC Ltd to be involved in ground work for the track’s extension, go-kart track and on-site buildings and facilities. The park will be re-launched with a major international motorsport event in November this year. As a result of the company’s relationship and the trust it had built with Tony Quinn through its work at Highland Park, he insisted BWC Ltd be involved in the further development of Hampton Downs and about 10 to 12 of BWC’s staff are presently based there after work started last spring. “There will be a good 15 to 18 months work. I think it will be ongoing for quite a long time.” Peter McKenzie says when it comes to the variety of work completed by the company, “you name it, we’ve done it.” While the two motorsport park contracts are high profile projects which have received much publicity, the company has been involved in many other large-scale projects from irrigation, earth dams, roading, sub-divisions, forestry, mining, water reticulation ski-fields and dairy conversions, and has teams based outside of Cromwell, in Southland, North Otago and Waitaki. One of the biggest projects during the past two years was the deepening of the Manuherikia River which flows in to the Clutha River at Alexandra. The job involved the excavation last winter of more than 50,000 cubic metres of river material

BWC has been involved in many large-scale projects from irrigation, earth dams, roading, sub-divisions, forestry, mining, water reticulation, ski-fields and dairy conversions. from the confluence to about two kilometres upriver in order for Contact Energy to meet its Clyde and Roxburgh dams consent conditions. “We excavated out of the river with a 50 tonne digger and 30 tonne off-road dump trucks. “Because it came out of the river we stock-piled it to drain and then we had to truck it out by road trucks.” With so much work on the go at any time, the company operates 16 excavators, two graders,

“We excavated out of the river with a 50 tonne digger and 30 tonne off-road dump trucks. Because it came out of the river we stock-piled it to drain and then we had to truck it out by road trucks.” three motor scrapers, nine trucks and trailers as well as loaders and has the option to hire larger machinery if needed. Peter is a relative newcomer to BWC, having worked for the company for just two years, but has considerable experience in civil works.

“I spent many, many years with Downers. “I started as an operator and went to Australia, Hong Kong and China, and back to Australia to run some of their contracts there. “I had my own business for a while and then I came home two years ago.”

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AUTOMOTIVE » Junction Auto Services

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Sharing a passion for the outdoors Kelly Deeks Leisure meets labour for Alexandra’s Junction Auto Services, whose team are as passionate about cars and boats in their recreation time as they are when they’re tinkering away under a bonnet in the workshop. Junction Auto Services has been in Alexandra for 18 years, and was bought by Tony and Jackie Smith, in partnership, in 2005. They grew the business from a general automotive service and repair centre to include marine and 4WD servicing. In 2011, Tony and Jackie became the business’s sole owners, and they continued its tradition of total customer satisfaction, priding themselves on their customer service, offering free pick up and delivery of vehicles within Alexandra and Clyde, and making sure a high standard of work is provided for a fair price. Tony has been tinkering with cars since he was a teenager, and on leaving school he went straight into automotive technician training. Now with more than 20 years of experience under his belt, he is not only A grade qualified, but extremely experienced in all aspects of the trade. Whereas Jackie has been involved in customer service and office management for most of her working life, so while she has a day job at the local council, she takes care of all the paper work that is required behind the scenes to keep Junction Auto Services ticking along. As a family, the Smiths enjoy the outdoors, 4-wheel driving, boating, swimming, and anything that involves a little adrenaline, so the Central Otago landscape suits them down to the ground. Mechanic Steve Hills has more than 35 years of experience in the motor industry and has been with Junction Auto Services for more than 15 years.

Junction Auto Services Alexandra has built up its specialist areas of marine and 4WD service and repair. “He may be an Australian by birth, but as an avid 4-wheel driver, he has probably seen more of our local landscape than many who were born here,” Tony says. Like Tony, Steve loves to tinker with anything that has an engine.

Matt Gordon is the company’s apprentice and he’s currently in his second year. His love of hunting, motorbike riding, boating, and 4-wheel driving has seen him enjoying Central Otago for the past 10 years indulging these passions. Office manager Kerry Earland is the glue that holds the company together. She is the friendly voice on the phone booking customers in, and keeps the boys in line with their job cards and invoicing. “She runs a very tight ship, she’s very efficient and a vital member of our team,” Tony says.

Junction Auto Services has built up its specialist areas of marine and 4WD service and repair. The company has established a relationship with Coastguard Clyde, of which Tony is the president. We do all the service and repair work for the local coastguard vessel, and as the president it’s one of those things: I can fix it for free or spend the next few weeks fundraising!” Junction Auto Services is a supplier of Tohatsu high performance outboard motors, and an agent for Ironman 4x4 accessories, a range of off road accessories developed in outback Australia.

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Terraquip NZ sell the Ironman 4x4 range of state-of-the-art Australian outback tested suspension kits, shock absorbers, springs, winches, bull bars, snorkels, recovery kits, lights, tents and camping gear as well as many other off-road accessories

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MANUFACTURING » Carlton Taylor Industries

Drive to diversify brings new products Kim Newth Market leading metalwork solutions company Carlton Taylor Industries Limited (CTI) has stepped up another gear with the introduction of its own quality range of New Zealand-made products. The Christchurch-based business has roots going back more than 60 years in Canterbury and a solid track record for innovation and expertise in engineering design, development, manufacturing and assembly. With the development and release of its own line of Carlton branded products, the company has now entered an exciting new phase. “What we wanted to do was diversify ourselves away from having to rely on contract manufacturing,” explains CTI construction sales manager Gary McCann. “We felt the best way to do that was to relaunch and revamp our brand.” Since mid-2015, the branded line has grown to encompass 10 high quality products including Carlton meter boxes, toolboxes, backflow enclosures, gas bottle covers, lockers, data enclosures and filing cabinets. Another six new products are being developed in

time for release in the second quarter of 2016. “By the end of the year, we would expect to have sixteen to twenty new products in total,” says Gary, who adds that every product release is preceded by an extensive phase of market research and planning. For example, the Carlton range of galvanised and stainless steel toolboxes and strongboxes for utility vehicles was developed in direct response to demand. “The strongbox, in particular, has been a big success. We have been distributing those through Placemakers. “There were some cheap imported ones already on the market but ours are much stronger and are in a nice New Zealand style. “They can be locked onto the back of a ute or bolted into concrete on a building site. “They are locked with two padlocks so they’re really secure.” Its range of lockers, designed to cater for the backpacker accommodation market, is also proving popular. Carlton meter boxes have been yet another successful product for the company. “We’ve probably had seventy five per cent of the meter box market for new houses in the Canterbury rebuild.

The branded line has grown to encompass 10 high quality products including Carlton meter boxes, toolboxes, backflow enclosures, gas bottle covers, lockers, data enclosures and filing cabinets.

The Carlton range of galvanised and stainless steel toolboxes and strongboxes for utility vehicles was developed in direct response to demand.

“We’re selling around three hundred a month and we’ve been doing that for the past year and a half.” Along with Placemakers, CTI’s distribution partners include Office Max, Carters, Mitre 10, Electrical Wholesale and plumbing suppliers. Additional new partners are in the pipeline. CTI has been providing complete metalwork solutions for decades, deploying its world class technology and expertise across a range of industries from electronics and electrical to agriculture, furniture and marine. It is an acknowledged specialist in design, procurement, manufacture, finishing and assembly services, using its suite of technologies in sheet

metal fabrication, aluminium diecasting and precision CNC machining. Customer needs are a key focus for CTI’s 65 employees, who work out of two Christchurch locations. They have a strong commitment to providing fast, innovative and high quality solutions that are also cost effective. Quality underpins every aspect of this company, including the high standard of its branded product line. Its ISO9001 certification has been renewed over the past six months, confirming its ongoing achievement of high industry standards.

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EDUCATION » Motueka Rudolf Steiner School

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Exciting times for Motueka school Kelly Deeks The Motueka Rudolf Steiner School community has big plans underway to build a brand new campus for their school, and they are finding creative ways to fund and resource the project. The independent school is currently located in an old rented villa that served as the town’s maternity hospital for many years. Four years ago, the school trustees decided to find a new and bigger home for the school. “We’re a bit full, and we’re at the stage now where we need to move to grow again,” says project manager and former board of trustees chairman Peter Garlick. The dream was for a purposep-built Steiner school integrated with a productive organic farm. Acting on the advice of philosopher Johann Goethe, “Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now,” the trustees appointed Peter to run the project. And he’s never had a job like it before. “Instead of a job description, I had a vision statement and a quote from Goethe,” he says. “There was no plan, no office, no money, no budget, and no salary. But I love a challenge, and I love the vision. Surprisingly, there are very few farm-based schools in New Zealand.” About 15 sites were inspected and rejected before the perfect spot was found - 13.6ha of rolling hills, mostly in sheep grazing but also a 1.5ha pear orchard. There are two cottages, a dam and lake, 1.5ha of flat land by the road, an elevated building site with a pond and spring, and most of the land is north facing and near Motueka. “It is perfect,” Peter says. Having raised about $100,000, there was a big difference between the market value of the farm and the school’s funds. Peter began contacting pervious and potential donors hoping to close the gap and to his surprise and delight, was able to raise the necessary funds. “That was an amazing experience,” he says. “I learned about putting relationships and connections first, I learned to trust that good things will happen, and I learned there are some amazing people who see money as a tool to make good things happen.” The school community wants to restore the

The Motueka Steiner School community wants to restore the farmland with thriving ecosystems that provide both food and habitat for people and animals. farmland with thriving ecosystems that provide both food and habitat for people and animals. Running in parallel with the farm development is the job of designing, fundraising, and building a school. The design brief ensures the farm and the spaces between the buildings are just as important as the indoor classrooms. “The community have their hearts set on creating beautiful handmade adobe buildings,” Peter says. “The more people that roll up their sleeves and help with the buildings and gardens, the bigger and stronger our community will be.”

“The more people that roll up their sleeves and help with the buildings and gardens, the bigger and stronger our community will be.” However, it could easily take 10 years to build six classrooms and an administration building by this method. The creative solution is to start with yurts, portable kitset structures, which can then be replaced one-by-one with permanent adobe buildings.

The new school will accommodate 100 students, which is twice the size of the current school. The community want to start their first adobe building at the start of 2017. They are appealing for volunteers, donations of building materials and funds.

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Concrete structure non-destructive inspection & detection specialists to Consulting Engineers and the construction and civil industries in Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch Michael Roach & Jane Gray (Directors)

Founded in March 2013 CSI Ltd has grown from ‘a team’ of 2 to a team of 13 fabulous, dynamic and intelligent staff. The Co-Director (Michael Roach) has long had an interest in the diagnostic testing of concrete and steel structures and started scanning in 2009 working ‘after hours’. Concrete Structure Investigations Ltd (CSI Ltd) assess, evaluate and report to Professional Consulting Engineers, Building Owners, Councils and Government Institutions on areas of existing reinforcement. CSI Ltd can determine reinforcing bar size, cover and location of the steel within concrete structures. Other diagnostic testing includes: pile integrity tests, concrete core sampling, reinforcing yield strength tests, crack monitoring, void detection, carbonation of concrete and rebar corrosion determination and control. CSI Ltd also assist Construction Companies and Sub Trades with hit prevention. CSI Ltd started their diagnostic testing using Hilti scanners. The extent to which CSI has been able to utilise the capabilities of the Ferroscan and Ground Penetrating Radar has all been self-driven and meets ‘American Standards for Testing and Materials’ (ASTM) standards. The engineers interpret the data and compile the information in comprehensive reports for clients. CSI Ltd believe they have developed this science beyond the capability of any other company in New Zealand.Just buying a scanner is not nearly enough; what counts is being able to maximise their capacity and interpret the data to the highest level. CSI Ltd are the only company in New Zealand to offer Pile Integrity Tests. Research and development is a large part of the investment at CSI and will continue to be going forward. The philosophy is that there are plenty of areas within non-destructive diagnostic testing of concrete and steel structures that require development, and could be of great value to the assessment industries (i.e engineers, governments and government agencies, infrastructure contractors, construction industry and building owners), not only for seismic upgrades but also for general assessments.

Head Office, PO Box 19118, Courtenay Pl, Wellington 6149, 230 Cuba St, Wellington 6011

With this in mind, CSI has not only developed existing ‘science’ in terms of scanning and PIT testing to be useful diagnostic tools for clients; they are always looking for new technologies and techniques to research and develop to further boost the assessments available for the aforementioned concerned industries. In the longer term CSI are keen to offer their services overseas. These opportunities became particularly apparent at recent conferences where the team had the opportunity to talk with Australian Engineers in the seismic field. CSI are also presently tendering for work in China albeit very cautiously at this stage!

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