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A Month of In-Slab Heating for $100? The Heating World Changes with MAXRaft and HydraMASTER Is it possible? To heat your new home in winter for $100 per month? “Well, that’s our goal,” say the people at MAXRaft and HydraMASTER. “We are turning heating in this country totally upside down,” says HydraMASTER managing director Martin Reilly. “We believe this is the lowest cost heating available for any new home and it is the highest comfort and health – who wouldn’t like that? The whole house is warm. As warm as people want it” Stopping the floor slab from losing heat is a key factor – and this is what the MAXRaft slab achieves by being completely insulated from the ground and the air around the perimeter. The HydraMASTER system gently warms the slab with heated water to make the whole house evenly warm.

Warmer rooms take less energy out of the slab than the cooler rooms, so the cooler rooms come back to temperature faster.” “It’s a slower response that helps match the heat input properly with the storage effect.” With the MAXRaft slab holding the energy in, the HydraMASTER air-to-water heat pump system is very self-levelling, mitigating the need for a lot of control, Reilly says. “Most customers select rather basic controls – and these suit perfectly fine for most systems.”

Reilly says running costs are about 15% to 40% more efficient with a fully thermally broken floor slab like MAXRaft. “This means customers can often save an extra two or three thousand dollars on capital outlay over a normal HydraMASTER system since a smaller air-to-water heat pump is required to heat the slab.”

“Warmer rooms take less energy out of the slab than the cooler rooms, so the cooler rooms come back to temperature faster as the water goes round and round.”

HydraMASTER has always done things a little differently from fellow industry practitioners, in particular installing its pipes on to the polystyrene at the bottom of the floor slab – which gives the system several advantages in both construction efficiencies and heating dynamics.

“That fits in with our design to make underfloor heating more affordable for more people in New Zealand, by really understanding the heat pump and how it fills the slab with heat.”

“We find it gives a more even application of the heat,” Reilly says.

“This is why with our system you can also have a fireplace if you like, without actually doubling up on heating.

“Until now, in-slab heating has been like a luxury item in people’s minds,” Reilly says. “But, now it’s more like a universal right to an evenly warm house at a winning price.”

In-slab heating has gone from the most expensive home heating option to the least expensive option. The systems run at much lower cost, yet can cost barely more than a couple of high-wall heat pumps to buy and install. In-slab heating has now gone from the most expensive to the least expensive option. The best comfort at the lowest cost cannot be a secret for long. And even more so with the MAXRaft slab, with its insulated perimeter, “protecting your heat from sneaking away so it stays around and does its job keeping you toasty warm”, says Sharon Haverkort of MAXRAft.

HydraMASTER’s heat pumps are assembled in China using the world’s best technology compressors. Made primarily for the European market they enjoy a reputation for delivering energy efficiency and reliability and are backed with a five-year warranty. MAXRaft and HydraMASTER say the $100 a month goal for winter heating is real and achievable. “With a terrific modern insulated floor slab and the insights of today’s most up to date heating practitioners, $100 a month sounds like a terrific goal to us!”

The MAXRaft slab, with its insulated perimeter wrapping around the concrete slab, stops the heat escaping from the floor.

Warming New Zealand Families in their New Homes

Our Patented MAXRaft© is the only fully insulated and thermally broken slab on the market today.

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• Fully insulated • ZERO Thermal bridging • Minimal site works, only one concrete pour required

• 1-2 days to lay, then pouring concrete • No boxing required, minimal bracing • Full back up and on site technical assistance • Site specific engineered design

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