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Sept 2012

Careers Centre

Welcome back to the final year of your course. We at the Careers Centre wish you every success with all your activities in the coming year.

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This is your year, when all your dreams at a per sonal level, your ambitions for your future and your goal of the best qualification possible, will be realised. I hope to see you make good use of the Careers Centre during the year. Árd mor / Good Luck Angela Collins, Careers Advisor

A Date for Your Diary “Take the first step now and stay one step ahead” Monday 8th to Thursday 11th of October Brought to you by the Careers Centre and Students Union

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The Class of 2012. Where did they go? â‚Ź


What do Employers want? Recession Effect !

Careers Newsletter - September 2012  
Careers Newsletter - September 2012  

Careers Centre's monthly newsletter - September 2012 edition