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Volume 11, Issue 4 February 14, 2014


Sean Reno lost nearly 100 pounds and his life, all due to a distorted body image fueled by anorexia. Photo Illustration by Jacob Alessi, Chris Habba, & Jordan Fujarski


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•4-5• Applications Galore Plain and simple. A Vine and Snapchat review. The good and the bad of two top media apps.

•8• Behind The Smile Julia Kroll has managed to survive depression for 4 years. However, she didn’t do it alone.

•10• Media Mess A new, but disappointing trend. Many anonymous social media accounts are attacking students.

•16• The Weight on His Shoulders Sean Reno’s intense battle with anorexia has reached levels he never imagined.

•24-25• To Stand or Not To Stand Kettering students have many opinions on the daily morning pledge.

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MURMUR NEWS 14 Febuary 2014

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Letters to the editor Dear Murmur Staff, Kudos to your excellent work thus far. The Murmur is a great read. The student input is very interesting and you’ve put in good articles, keep it up! Now I’ve got some input that I hope you consider and act upon. It’s the lunch time music, it lacks variety! Everyone must be tired of it now, the hip-hoppy rock mix that’s been playing since the school year began! Sure, it was nice in the beginning for many (not including myself ), but it’s been a full semester now! Could you guys talk about adding some new music for lunch with whoever’s in charge of that? I would think your words would carry more weight. Throw in some jazz, maybe a little Frank Sinatra. Try a few Beatles songs. Maybe, though this might be pushing it a bit, some classical. It would be awesome to hear Beethoven’s fifth symphony played on the speakers, to see my friends’ confused faces! Or even better, Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture! With the cannons of course! But... Then again, perhaps not. That seems rather extreme. Again, you do a good job putting together The Murmur. I look forward to future issues. Sincerely, Svyatoslav Smirnov, 9

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A Letter to the Editor: In my time here at Kettering, I have come to learn that the staff of the Waterford Drift, while very dedicated, are a very needy group. They need to take pictures; they need to put in extra time at school each day to make sure that the newspaper gets done by the deadline; they need to pick up and deliver the newspapers; but, mostly, they need to make sure that the stories they print are, not only factual, but also relevant to their readers. All of these things require great dedication. It always amazes to see at least one representative from the Drift staff at every activity that occurs in the school, as well as school related activities that occur off school grounds. The extra effort that they put in, as well as their skills in photography, writing, and extracting the desired subject matter from willing participants, makes for a worthwhile publication that our students, staff, and visitors to the building, are always anxious to read. I would just like to thank the entire staff for always displaying a professional manner while they are “on the job.” -Ms. Sheryl Frederiksen (Administrative Technician, WKHS) Dear Murmur, I think some teachers talk down to their students just because they have authority. I feel this should be shared so maybe teachers will stop ruining kids’ days. Some teachers talk down to their students, thinking it may be in a joking manner, but in all reality it just ticks me off and angers me. I come to school to learn and enjoy my education. This is a privilege not everyone is granted. Instead, I come to a school and get ridiculed and bossed around by mean teachers. I think it’s messed up that a student can pass or fail based on their relationship with a teacher. - Colton Yaroch, 12

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14 February 2013




Do it for the


Popular social media site called Vine creates a new era of teenage stardom


START: Do you

consider yourself to be funny?

...or naahhh Do you think you are a creative person?


Does your personality catch people’s attention?




Do you have any hidden talents?


Ye s




Do you have a lot of funny and creative people in your life?

How much could you do in a 6-second video? No




s Ye


of their favorite apps. “Vine is like, my third favorite app, after Twitter and Instagram,” Mavrogiogis said. Being “Vine Famous” has become a desire for some people. There are students at Kettering and people all over the world hoping to become Vine Famous. They are making hilarious, entertaining, talent-filled vines in an effort to be a top-followed Viner. “I want to be Vine Famous because I want to bring entertainment to the people,” junior John Humphrey. “I love seeing people smile.” Vine may be a new networking site, but it is one that is making impacts. People are becoming known world-wide simply because of their vines. The internet has created an entirely new breed of celebrity; ones that came from social networking.



fter school, hundreds of students at Kettering will go onto their phone and open their Vine app. They begin to watch videos that their favorite “Viners” have posted, and their friends have revined. Then, every once in a while, a funny thing will happen and that person will make a Vine of their own. Vine is an app owned by Twitter that was made for the sole purpose of allowing people to pack whatever they want into a 6-second video. Vine is only videos, and it works in a very similar way to Twitter. Vine is a mobile app for iOS devices, Android and Windows phones, and Windows 8. It was launched in June of 2012, and since then has gained over 40 million users. “I first found Vine through a friend,” sophomore Mikayla Scott said. “I like it because it’s fun to go on when I’m in the mood to laugh.” On Vine, you make an account and follow people. You can “like” videos with a :) emoticon. You can also “revine” videos and make them show up on your feed, or you can comment on it. “Vine is funny,” senior Dora Mavrogiogis said. “If you’re bored you can just watch Vines for hours.” On Vine, your wall is divided into 2 parts; your posts, which consists of things you personally posted and things you revined, and your likes, which is only videos you liked. Many of the “Vine Famous” stars started out as typical people. Some of them were just teenagers, going to school and making funny videos that slowly got more and more popular. There are two people on vine, Nash Grier and KingBach who each have over 4.8 million followers. You dont have to be KingBach or Nash Grier to have a good time on Vine though. Tons of students say Vine is one



Starbound. You are bound to

become Vine Famous very soon! Get ready and stay creative!

Dead End. Vine Fame might not be the right route to take! Keep trying though, anything’s possible!

Who’s your favorite vine star?




“He’s cute. He’s got pretty eyes and he’s super funny.” “He is the bee’s knees. He’s naturally -Sarah Amenson, 9 one of the funniest people, besides Jim Carey.” -Sam Govan, 10


DEM_WHITE_BOYZ “I think they’re funny and their dancing is


quite interesting. It was funny to see guys dance like that.” -Jenni Renas, 11

“He has a funny accent. He sounds like a guy from Ireland, which is cool cause he is a guy from Ireland.” -Sam Morris, 10



Poll out of 50 students

“He’s attractive and he’s funny. He seems like he would be really fun to hangout with.” -Becca Trudo, 10

MURMUR NEWS 14 February 2014



Where are your Snapchats really going?


nap. Send. This isn’t completely true. Sitting in Academic Center with nothA digital forensics company recently discovered ing to do, sophomore Alexis Silver pulls that your Snapchats don’t really ‘disappear’ like out her phone and opens the Snapchat app. they’re said to. The Snapchats that you are sendShe quickly snaps a picture of herself and ing go to a hidden folder in your phone called choses which friend to send the snap to. RECIEVED_IMAGES_SNAPS, with an extension to it “I snapchat during A.C. because I get really tagged NOMEDIA which makes them invisible to bored and have nothing to do,” Silver said. us. Snapchat, the social app which The Snapchat company can It’s not a big deal that the comallows users to send and receive still view your pictures after pany can see them. I don’t know timed pictures and videos to they’ve been sent/recieved as them and I doubt I’ll ever meet practically anyone in the world well. any of them in real life.” with just a username, has received There is a possibility for you MACKENZIE NORTON, 12 over 10 million downloads on Anto view them again, but you droid and iOS devices. would have to pay around Snapchat was originally made to send sexual 300 to 500 hundred dollars for someone to extract content is now being used to send send funny them. Looks like you’re out of luck there. selfies to friends. Senior Mackenzie Norton uses Snapchat on a Sophomore Alexis Silver uses Snapchat often daily basis. and enjoys sending selfies of her face to her “It’s not a big deal that the company can see them friends during the day. again.” Norton says. “I don’t know them and I doubt “I like sending Snapchats to my friends,” Silver I’ll ever meet any of them in real life. Might as well said. “The fact that you can change the length send the ugliest faces possible.” of the picture/video and post things to your Next time you snap, be careful what you’re sendtimeline so everyone can see it is pretty cool.” ing because While students are sending all of these pic- you don’t know tures wirelessly, they don’t know which servers where else it may these pictures are landing on. end up. Your snaps aren’t going to random people, only the friends you sent them to- and the company that runs Snapchat. Snapchat says that your pictures disappear once the person who is receiving the picture views it and the amount of time is over.


Android Phones

ios Devices

Windows Computers Only: 1. Plug in your phone to the computer via USB 2. Under settings, enable USB debugging on cellular device 3. Go to Computer under Windows Menu 4. Select your phone 5. Find the folder in the image

Snapsave, Snapbox, and Snaphack are all apps for ios devices that allow snapchat users to save videos and pictures without the sender knowing.

$2.99 w


$1.99 14 February 2014



Studies prove that auto-correct is indeed making us lazier BY VERONICA LATIMER


eep! He hears the familiar sound from his phone notifying him that there is a new message. Reaching over to the nightstand , he replies: “I’m going to go to bed. Goodnight!” he types drearily. When the next message comes in, he sits there blankly staring at the screen, not knowing what to say. The message reads:

Anxiously waiting for a reply back as to what just happened, Austin Foote quickly realizes that he has been another victim of the infamous “Autocorrect Fails” and starts to laugh. He had fallen in some mud that day, and his friend meant to tell him to wash his hoodie. Americans may be among the world’s most involved phone and internet users, but it seems all this time on our devices hasn’t made us smarter. Even though we have access to something that can help with basic grammar because we aren’t perfect, autocorrect sure isn’t perfect either. Being humans, we are far from perfect, and mistakes are made everyday, like doing bad on a test, getting fired from a job, and misspelling words in texts. Autocorrect is on basically every electronic device nowadays, and people have come up with theories that autocorrect is not

really helping us; it’s hurting us instead. good, except autocorrect.” A recent study about autocorrect conductSenior Katherine Kuhn also believes that ed by college students at UCLA found that autocorrect is making us lazier as humans. 25% of adolescents in grades 6-12 with access “Nobody needs to actually think about texto autocorrect have had grade drops due to ting or typing anymore,” said Kuhn. spelling and lack of grammatical knowledge “If you mess something up, why go back since 2010. This study proved that autocor- and fix it yourself when there is something alrect is indeed making us lazier as a species. ready there to do it for you?” Other studies were conducted at several While there are many good things about different high schools in southern California to autocorrect, it is proven that autocorrect is determine how much autocorrect has affect- having an effect on human lives, but everyone ed the academic lives of high school students is so caught up in what’s happening on Twitter who have regular access to a cell phone. Stu- and the latest “Text Gossip,” that nobody even dents were asked to notices what is really going on Kids and adults these take a simple spelling behind the cell phone screen. test on homophones. days don’t know how to Even while this story is being Out of 100 students written, autocorrect is checking spell anymore because who took the test, every single word to make sure of autocorrect, and that everything is correct. As kids, 40 students made a is a serious problem.” simple grammatical we talk about wanting to grow mistake without realup and be able to do things MAX WATTS, 10 izing it. for ourselves. But even when Aside from being we are grown up and older, we made for fixing mistakes while making mis- still rely on autocorrect to do things as simple takes, people across America and all over the as spelling correctly for us. If that is the case, world have started to use autocorrect to their then thank goodness for autocorrect! advantage. We are starting to not finish words and type abbreviations, knowing autocorrect with do the fixing for us. People argue that while autocorrect is a huge help, it is starting to make humans lazier than they already are. Student Max Watts is in the 10th grade here at Waterford Kettering and believes that autocorrect is truly making us lazier. “Kids and adults these days don’t know how to spell anymore because of autocorrect, and that is a serious problem” Watts said. “I believe that everything in the world is

What word does your iPhone correct the most? We asked 100 Kettering students, and here are the results: 1. Well 2. Food 3. Haha 4. Mhm 5. Alot



We’ll Good Gaga MGM A lot

Text Savvy

Austin Foote sends a text to his friend during passing time.

MURMUR NEWS 14 February 2014

MAD about music



usic has obviously changed a lot over the past ten years. Music has been expanded to more than just rock, pop, and country. New genres of music have been explored over the past decade such as techno and electronic. Rap has even recently been considered a mainstream genre. Since the music industry is changing so fast, most students believe that the artists have forgotten the point of making music. It is not supposed to be for the money, but because the artist enjoys doing it. A good number of students at Kettering believe that today's music is not the same as it was ten years ago. Senior Michelle Polasek believes these accusations to be true. “There are three main parts to many songs and those are sex, drugs, and alcohol,” said Polasek. “Half of the time you can’t even understand what they’re saying.” Students like freshman Nieko Buchanan believe that over time music has lost a lot of meaning. He believes that artists write songs when they want money, instead of writing a song when they feel emotions. “Music has lost a lot of value in heart and soul,” Buchanan said. “I feel it has gotten less meaningful and more full of gibberish.” Rap music to some is a good example of this ‘ gibberish’. It is hard to imagine that some of the rap music that is produced is actually considered music. “Rap music today, that I know young people listen to, does not address real serious issues and make very pointed comments about society where early rap music did that,” said History of Pop and Rock teacher Mike Malley. Just because music has changed it does not mean that it is a bad change. New music and new artists have sprouted up. All types of music have true meanings to them, they are just expressed in different ways. In Macklemore’s song Same Love, he raps his feelings about changing the world. Compared to Alternative artists who sing their feelings about changing the world. There is one thing that most people



Changes in music have started new genres that students love and hate

can agree on. Music has gone through some major changes. “Today’s music has a lot more variations in style and artists are a lot more opinionated with their lyrics,” said freshman Hannah Neal. In the past ten years music has definitely changed itself. Dubstep and electronic music has become a trend over the past few years and more radio stations allow harsh language to not be censored in songs. “Honestly I think that a lot of musicians today, that are very popular,their music is very entertaining but it might not have the same meaning or depth to it that previous generations music has had,” said Malley. Most students will believe that country music is a victim of the changing music industry. Country music started out with fiddles and accordions, and now there is more focus on vocals and the pop sound. The more that this generation demands for a pop style in the country genre, the more country music gives it to them and loses it’s roots. “Country music has changed from ‘broken hearts, I’m in jail and railroads’ to more of a hip hop style in which we have today,” said sophomore Michalla Todd. The issue is not that music is changing. The issue in some cases is that pre teens and teens are listening to the music that is setting bad examples. “Ten years ago there was the type of music that was all about sex and drugs,” junior Nicole Lenz said. “But since then songs about drugs and sex especially have skyrocketed, not to mention the music videos that go along with them.” When it comes down to it, it does not matter what type of music people listen to. What matters is that people realize that music has changed and always will. “Music is constantly changing,” said Malley,“ Music today is made in a way that is supposed to be popular for widespread audiences.”

s t c a f st a F

Katy Perry has written songs for Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale, & Kelly Clarkston

Eminem thought of the ‘Slim Shady’ character on the toilet Macklemore has been rapping since he was 14 years old Miley Cyrus’s single “Party in the U.S.A. was written to promote her clothing line with Max Azria

14 Februrary 2014

Music has lost a lot of value in heart and soul, it has gotten less meaningful and more full of gibberish.’ NIEKO BUCHANAN


Behind the smile Feature


As life takes its toll Julia Kroll moves on

Photo Illustration by Stephanie Knapp and Tiffany Mountain



MURMUR NEWS 14 February 2014



ome may say Middle school is without a doubt one of the hardest parts of growing up. This was no exception for junior Julia Kroll. “When I was in 6th grade my closest sibling, John, was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma,” Kroll said. “That’s a cancer that travels through your lymph nodes and those are your protection against infections and diseases.” This diagnoses took a toll on Julia. “He was my hero,” Kroll said. “It was his junior year, I believe he could have gotten a full ride to a D1 school for basketball. I would wish every day that I could take on the burden of having cancer so that he wouldn’t have to deal with any more suffering.” John is now cancer free, but in remission. This means it could come back at any time. This was just the beginning of her troubles; the summer before eighth grade she went through more hardships. This time with her older sister Jen. “She was addicted to drugs,” Kroll said. “I shared a room with her my whole life; I saw everything that went down.” Julia experienced a lot of pressure because of her sister. “She would take me on drug buys, like on the way to her taking me to basketball she would buy drugs. Everything that she’d do she would ask me to keep a secret and for the most part I did,” Kroll said. This had been going on for a long time. “When she started doing drugs I was only seven, at that time I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t know it was bad,” Kroll said. Julia still suffers with a lot of guilt. “Looking back on it I wish I could change it knowing it could have made a difference,” Kroll said. After a while Julia had enough.


“I started to resent her for everything she’d put me through, doing drugs in front of me, taking me on buys, stealing my money, asking me to cover for her, helping her sneak out,” Kroll said. This was just the beginning. It was the summer before eighth grade and Jen had been clean for 52 days. Then something happened. “I think she got into a fight with her boyfriend,” Kroll said. Naturally Jen needed something to do to keep her mind off of it. “She told my family that she was going to an NA meeting. Later that night she called me at midnight and told me she was going glow bowling,” Kroll said. This night Julia snuck out to hang out with some friends. “I was more worried about getting caught than thinking about her and the possibilities of her actions,” Kroll said. “No one heard from her again until six the next morning. She texted my mom saying she was sleeping at a friend’s house,” Kroll said. After not hearing from Jen for days Julia received some of the hardest news she will ever receive. “I was at a cousin’s house when my mom called me had me come home right away. I walked through the living room and into the sun room to find everyone crying,” Kroll said. “I figured she was in the hospital or arrested.” They sat her down and told her the news. The cops found Jen in the back seat of her car in Detroit with no ID or license plate, dead from a heroin overdoes. “I was in shock,” said Kroll. “I thought it was a sick joke,” Julia can still see the events that went on that day in her head. “I remember that day so vividly. It’s like it

just happened,” Kroll said. It’s been over three years since her sister died and it still affects Julia every day. “I have been taking anti-depressants since I was in eighth grade, and now I have to take mood stabilizer and anxiety medicine,” Kroll said, “I ended up having to go to a therapist because my school counselor thought I was suicidal when I told her what happened to my brother and sister; she saw the way I was reacting and I remember telling her that sometimes I wake up and wonder what it’d be like to be dead, to not have any more pain. I remember wishing I hadn’t ever had a sister, but now I don’t feel that way,” Kroll said. Even though this was hard Julia had people by her side through it all. “People would always say they would be there for me, and all my church friends really helped,” Kroll said. “I wouldn’t be where I am now without my wonderful friends, they have gotten me through so much.” Julia found a lot of peace by turning to God and getting more involved in her church. “If it hadn’t been for Jesus I wouldn’t have made it through everything,” said Kroll. “He was the foundation that saved me.”

One strong girl

Friends of Julia share their thoughts about her story: “Despite all the hardships Julia’s been confronted with, even at only 16, I’ve yet to see her smile cease,” Kettering graduate Bryan Connell said. “Julia is the strongest girls I’ve ever met. I look up to her for overcoming so much, she is inspiring,” junior Mallory Robak said.

14 February 2014



ia d e




The Murmur 2 Hours Ago

Anonymous accounts began to target Waterford Students online


itting in class students pull out their phones, checking Facebook love and and Twitter. The latest drama spreads all over the feed, a new c o m p l i m e n t anonymous account has been created. Students watch as their pages that are trying to classmates receive compliments and others receive hate. boost students confidence and “I’ve always wanted to know who even has time to make an account also letting them know they will always like that,” senior Laura Demaggio said. have somebody there for them. While the owner is constantly posting to get followers interested, “As a freshmen at kettering I started a twitter account to be students begin to receive negative notifications from these accounts. there for anybody needing advice or somebody to talk to,” The creator “I would always log onto my account and of the @Suicidehastoend account said. They Obviously suddenly I started getting messages saying horrible With little time this sophomore girl finds it hard to things about my appearance,” senior Brittany Dupuis have nothing better keep up with her duties on the account along with said. “They would tell me how my head is too big and school work. to do then make that they never wanted to imagine me without make “It is extremely hard to find time, I’ve tried so hard to others feel bad.’ up.” be on it as much as possible,” @Suicidehastoend said. BRITTANY DUPUIS, 12 It’s hard not to let accounts and anonymous people Even with the struggle to find time, she still manages sending hate on get what they want. Destroyto help with the problems big or small students face ing confidence is a daily activity for them. Students affected find it hard everyday. to understand “why me?” “It’s not just for suicidal people, its for anybody seeking positivity and “It made me very insecure about myself and my body, but I’ve I try to put it in their life,” @Suicidehastoend said. learned to love what I look like since I first started getting hate freshThese kind gestures are not only helpful for the students in need but men year,” Dupuis said. are very rewarding for @Suicidehastoend to know she’s helping make It’s not always easy to open up on how much the hate really breaks a difference in somebody’s life. you down. It becomes frustrating not knowing who sends the negativ“Besides a few people, nobody knows who I am,” @Suicidehastoend ity. said. “I like that it’s all anonymous, because I can talk to people who “Anytime I got anonymous hate I would block the account attacking don’t know me or like me and I can still help them.” me and ignore them,” Dupuis said. “They obviously have nothing betKeeping her second life secret, she is one of many who are trying ter to do then make others feel bad.” to fight the negativity sent from these anonymous hate accounts. WaStudents began to realize how bad of an effect these accounts leave terford will watch as many more accounts will be made in the future, on others. To make up for the hate, we find that Waterford has many whether they be confidence destroying or uplifting.

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Kali Gerou @KaliGerou People overreact and they just need to chill. #Justchill

Jordan Thomas @JordanThomas


Those fake accounts are so obnoxious.


MURMUR NEWS 14 February 2014

Breaking Waterford’s


Because of break-ins, we are endangered every day BY JOSHUA MARKO


heard the doorbell ring and I just thought it was going to be another customer, when all of a sudden I found myself at gunpoint, possible breathing my last breath.” Biancas Liquor Store on Hatchery Road was held up and that is only one of the numerous times liquor stores in the area have experienced intrusions. Store owner Sam has been in the business for more than 10 years. “Convenience stores are one of the most targeted places to be robbed, along with houses, cars, and sheds,” store owner Sam said. It’s terrifying waking up every morning and not knowing what you’re going to have to face. Throughout the years, the majority of break-ins involve firearms, and other lethal weapons with a sole purpose to terrify the person working behind the counter. “I have been robbed multiple times working, all with firearms,” Sam said. “Other times when the store has been robbed, it happens in the middle of the night when nobody is there.”

Comm o n techniques used by burglars are wearing masks, being covered in all black clothing, breaking into locations at night for a lower risk of being caught, and finding windows or doors that are not properly secured. Burglars know how to be intensely stealthy and remain almost completely silent. It is no surprise that in today’s world, many people don’t trust others. But what we are experiencing in the Waterford Township is a whole community of people who are beginning to not trust one another. Personal belongings are being stolen all around our township and it is causing residents to stop loving and trusting the people most close to them. In 2013, Detroit, Flint, and Saginaw were named among the top 10 most violent cities in the United States, along with cities in Louisiana, Missouri, Maryland, Alabama, New Jersey, and California.

Michigan statistics show that in 2013, Michigan may have been the most dangerous it has ever been, with a burglary rate of 747 and a total burglary number of 73,868. Students and teachers at Kettering have been stolen from before, sophomore Tyler Rodriguez is just one of the few. “All the hard work that goes into being able to buy that most desired item and then in the blink of an eye having them take from you wrongfully, is a horrible feeling.” Tyler said. Car hopping is one of the most well known types of burglaries in the world today. Car hopping is the act of walking down the street, typically at night, and casually checking cars to see if they are unlocked. If a car that is unlocked is found, the car hopper searches the car for goods and takes them. “They stole a very expensive radio and subwoofers from my car and to this day, we still have not gotten them back.” Tyler said. Over the years, the burglary rate in the United States has risen up to two time more than what it was in 2000. Waterford Township must rebuild their trust for one another and become a well bonded community again.

WNW What’s New in Waterford Photo p

Photo b

rov id e d

yT iffa ny


pe Kam


yT iffa ny

l au yP

Photo b ou







School District Shrink Snow Covered Demolition Derby Waterford elementary schools: With layers of snow falling, The demolition of old Jayno Adams, Burt, Sandburg, Waterford fire fighters are Waterford Cinema has begun. and Waterford Village are all asking for your help digging Summit Place mall is thought at risk of closing in the near out fire hydrants buried by to be next. future. w 14 January 2013



The many lives of Amanda Juntunen BY: CATHERINE HABBA


ifteen minutes prior to the bell ringing, the 200 hallway doors open and in comes a senior with a fully loaded backpack, binders in one hand and flute in the other. Shoving through the army of students, Amanda Juntunen quickly finds her way to her locker to unload and prepare for first hour. Amanda is greeted by many friends as she walks down to her AP world history class to begin her long day. “I sit next to Amanda in AP world history and about once a week Amanda goes through all of the material with me and helps me understand the information,” sophomore Morgan Ratliff said. “Amanda gives me confidence in myself and always reminds me that I can succeed.” Ratliff is not the only

one that Juntunen has tutored in school. “Amanda has helped me writing my essay for AP world history, it does not surprise me that she is ranked first in the senior class,” sophomore Abby Lesner said. “I’m proud of being ranked number one, but at the same time I don’t weigh it too heavily,” Juntunen said. “A person’s GPA does not say anything about how smart or worthwhile a person is.” Juntunen tries her best in school and gives every class her all. “Amanda is one of the smartest and most hard working people I know,” senior Colin Smith said. “She strives to reach the top and ensure that she gets a full value of her education.” Even though school may be stressful, Juntunen works hard to make sure it does not get

the best of her. “I have pulled an all-nighter to finish a project before, but most days I’m up until eleven to finish school work,” Juntunen said. Although first in the senior class, Juntunen still has her struggles. “I’m fortunate to be pretty well-rounded but there are aspects of every class I take that I struggle with,” Juntunen said. “Chemistry is a very difficult subject for me.” “Amanda faces her challenges in my class very well, she isn’t the type of student to back away from difficult situations, she is more focused when something is bothering her and never quits. Amanda deals with stress a lot better this year than last year,” chemistry teacher Chuck Stewart said.

A in school?

Want to get an

Take detailed notes.

Make flash cards or rewrite the information while you’re studying.

Study with another person.

Keep up on all assignments.



MURMUR NEWS 14 February 2014

Valedictorian Amanda Juntunen’s achievements are taking her far beyond the typical teenager Many students would agree that Amanda has a very busy academic life. She is also involved in band, NHS, girl scouts and tutors students when she has the time. In marching band, Amanda is the flute section leader, and works very hard and sets a good example for others. “I met Amanda through marching band last year,” sophomore Emily Downing said. “She is very dedicated and makes sure everyone is motivated at practice.” Juntunen enjoys making a positive impact on the flute section in band. “I really appreciate being the flute section leader because it gives me a chance to connect with all the flute players in wind ensemble and marching band, which is great because I care deeply about both.” Juntunen was also part of the All Star Invita-


tional Marching Band over winter break. lot in her 4 years of high school, senior year is “I had to audition to get in. Kids from all coming close to an end and college is soon over the country were in with me,” Juntunen approaching. said. “We learned a really cool pre-game show Juntunen has applied to Central Michigan in a few days and performed it at the Discover University, Michigan State University, UniverOrange Bowl on January third.” sity of Chicago, University of Michigan and The All Star Invitalastly, Northwestern UniverAmanda is one of the tional Marching Band sity in Illinois. brings the country’s “I have been accepted to smartest and most hard best marching band stuCentral Michigan, MIchigan working people I know.’ State and the University of dents with an audience COLIN SMITH,12 of 75,000 people every Chicago, I’m still waiting for year. a response from the rest of “It was such a unique the colleges I applied to.” experience, I met a lot of cool people while I “I want to go to the University of Michigan was down there.” or Northwestern University in Illinois.” Juntunen practices playing the flute every Juntunen is still undecided about a career. day and also has a flute instructor. “I am hoping to find a job that allows me Juntunen feels like she has accomplished a to make a positive impact on the world.”

Amanda’s favorite patches Amanda got this patch when she went to Mackinac Island 7 years ago. Every year she spends a week on the island as a part of the Govenor’s Honor Guard, a special program for scouts.

Amanda got these for selling girl scout cookies. She usually sells about eight hundred boxes a year.

Amanda got this patch for working at a girl scout camp as a counselor.

Amanda Juntunen’s Yamaha open-hole flute. w

14 February 2014



School’s out...forever? Breaking news on the four elementary schools closing in Waterford BY SARAH MURPHY AND ALEXEA HANKIN


ue to lack of enrollment and a decline if needed, and also at the physical conditions in birth rates in Michigan, and the of the building and the grounds around the fact that schools are provided funds building.” based on their number of students, the WaThe District created a scorecard using these terford School District is factors and were able facing a 5-6 million dollar to eliminate six of I have a lot of confidence in budget gap. Waterford’s twelve the process they’re going In order to bridge this elementary schools through, and the final decigap, the district has come from the list of potension. I think it’s the right thing tial schools to close. up with the Facility Utilizato do.’ tion Plan.This plan proposThe next step was es the closing or repurposto investigate the six Valerie Grimes, Waterford ing of four of Waterford’s remaining schools. Village principal elementary schools: Sand“Starting out, very burg, Adams, Burt and honestly, we didn’t Waterford Village. know where this was going to lead us, we just “What we looked at was building capacity, went ahead and assigned the points,” Silveri meaning the number of instructional class- said. rooms in each of our buildings,” SuperintenIt’s estimated that closing or repurposing dent John Silveri said at a public forum that these four schools will save Waterford schools took place at Waterford Village on Tuesday, about 3 million dollars. February 4th. “We looked at the enrollment “I’m very sad that the schools are closing, in each of these schools, past enrollment and I’m sad that the staff is getting split. I am very projected enrollment. We looked at where the proud of the way that the board is handling building could be added onto down the road, it, answering all of our questions and having

Fast facts about the closings

these forums.” Waterford parent Alyssa Mann said. “Silveri has great answers for everything.” According to Silveri, all job groups will be impacted. Even with the potential loss of her job looming on the horizon, Waterford Village’s principal, Valerie Grimes, has a positive attitude. “I’m not worrying about anything right now,” Grimes said. “I used to work in the Royal Oaks schools and they had declines enrollment and cuts and all that. Then I worked in the Clarkson district and they had declines in enrollment and cuts in the district, but I’ve always been able to land on my feet and find a great place.” Grimes has the utmost confidence in the decision the district is making. “I have a lot of confidence in the process they’re going through, and the final decision,” Grimes said. “I think it’s the right thing to do and if we don’t do this we’re going to have to make really horrible decisions like cutting art and music.” The district is sending the official proposal to the Board of Education on March 6, and the final decision will be made on March 20.


Average class size after closing:



highest chance of closing

26 or 27

In 1976, the WaterIn 2013, the Waterford ford School District School District had 10,300 had 18,000 students, 27 students, 13 elementary elementary schools, 3 juschools, 2 junior highs, nior highs, and 3 high and 3 high schools schools Waterford Village cannot Houghton is the only be torn down because it elementary school comis over 100 years old and pletely uneffected by the changes a historical building

Waterford Village




When the WSD elementary schools opened: Waterford Village Adams



1950 w








Cooley Haviland

1958 1959




Donelson Hills





MURMUR NEWS 14 February 2014


248 673 7300

LAKEWAY MARKET 3468 Pontiac Lake Rd. WATERFORD, MI 48329

4170 Pontiac Lake rd Waterford Mi

Interested in advertising in


Email us at


ARCHITECTS, ENGINEERS, SCIENTISTS, AND REBELS. Lawrence Technological University isn’t for just anyone. We want the future innovators who will create the designs, communities, and scientific breakthroughs of tomorrow. If you believe that everything is possible, and that possible is everything, we want you at LTU. Visit campus and learn how you can become an LTU Blue Devil! Details at


Architecture and Design | Arts and Sciences | Engineering | Management


Lawrence Technological University | Office of Admissions 21000 West Ten Mile Road, Southfield, MI 48075-1058 | 800.225.5588 | |


14 February 2014




16 When do we stop measuring ourselves by society’s expectations and start accepting ourselves for who we truly are?



MURMUR NEWS 14 February 2014



*If you’re photoshopped

know a girl who is beautiful. Her skin is flawless in both color and feel, as smooth as a newborn baby’s bottom. Every strand of her hair fits perfectly into place, as if God combs through all the knots every morning with only his fingers. She’s thin, but her chest and butt are perky and plump, naturally. Her hips are wide, but not too wide. She’s always wearing the perfect clothes for every occasion. She’s sexy, she’s sweet, and all the boys love her. You know her too, I’m sure. Because the girl I just described- she’s everywhere. I see her on TV, in magazines, online, and driving down the road. I see her male counterpart in the same places and positions. I see them equally as often as the other, and combined. I spend as much time looking at them as I do myself in the mirror, if not more. They talk, too. Everyone hears it. You know what they tell me? “You aren’t beautiful.” “You’ve never been beautiful.” “You will never be beautiful.” And I feel it. And I believe it. And while I know these “people” aren’t real, just as everyone knows these people aren’t real, I know they have dominion over me, and my peers. Even if they don’t exist. This is the power of advertising. This is the power of a single message. A message we see over and over, day after day, week after week, until years pass, and we’ve seen the same picture and the same idea so many times that we have no idea it’s there, or that it’s changing our view of reality. It teaches girls that they are merely sex ob-


jects, made to be pretty, sexy (but pure), and not much else. It teaches boys that they must be tough, reckless, and completely dominating to “be a real man.” Girls exist to be pretty for boys, and boys exist to “get lucky” with girls. It’s a vicious cycle. And why does this focus on artificial beauty matter? It could be why anorexia is the third most common chronic illness in adolescents, 95% of the people diagnosed with eating disorders are between 12 and 25, and 81% of 10 year olds are afraid of being “fat”, according to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders. It could be why another American gets sexually assaulted every 2 minutes, and why 60% of sexual assaults, male or female, are never reported to police. Maybe it’s why 38% of sexual assaulters are a friend or acquaintance of the victim, and 97% of rapists will never see a day in jail all according to the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network. Because we see these images so often, we don’t realize what they do to us. They normalize the need for an angelic and impossible outwardly appearance for boys and girls alike- and we perpetuate it in our minds. And we can stop. It starts at identifying the problem. So take a second and think about it. Think about how you treat others in regards to how they look, and what they’re wearing, how much makeup they do or don’t have on, how much muscle he does or does not have. Think somebody’s ugly? Remember what you looked like in middle school. Remember that zit you had at the tip of your nose once that was so bulging and red that you could’ve been mistaken for Rudolf. Remember that those things didn’t change the person you had growing inside of you. Ugliness and beauty have a lot in common, really. They both start at the inside.

Everyone can be beautiful*


14 February 2014



on his shoulders appetite, causing Reno to eat even less than he was already. On top of this, his hard-earned money was being spent to buy weight-loss pills and painkillers, all just to be “perfect” in his own eyes. He would spend around $60 a week on pills. Reno knew what was wrong with him. He just didn’t want to admit it. “I realized I was anorexic, I realized I was addicted to taking Adderall,” Reno said. His habits began to take a toll on his body. “After a while I started to feel pain,” Reno said. “My organs were shrinking since I was anorexic and it really hurt; that’s when I started taking painkillers.” In November of last year he decided to see a therapist. Although admitting was difficult Reno finally opened up on December 11. He was then immediately sent to the emergency room for urgent nutrient support. After spending two days in the hospital he would then endure the hardest two weeks of his life: inpatient rehabilitation. The first nights were the most excruciating for Reno. “I was withdrawing from the pills,” Reno said. “I went into major depression because my life changed in one night. I went from doing everything I wanted to do to everything I was scared of doing.” With strict meal plans and personal-

Sean Reno fights to overcome Anorexia

he doctors told him he had two months to live. His mind was a constant hamster wheel spinning furiously around one and only one subject. That subject was food. Ounces, grams, proteins, and fats controlled Sean Reno’s life for most of last year. The 17 year old lacrosse player took it upon himself to lose weight, but soon enough had become caught up in an obsession with forcing pounds off his body, no matter what the cost. “All my life I was overweight,” Reno said. “I always had this dream to be fit and skinny by losing all the weight, I wanted to know what it was like.” It all began around January of last year, Reno was determined to start working out and eating healthier in order to drop a few pounds. He persistently watched motivational videos and exercised with p90X, a popular fitness program. “I’d eat a nice healthy meal like chicken breast and baked carrots,” Reno said. “I was real tough on myself for this healthy thing.” After losing a moderate amount of weight he was happy with his progress. But, nearly a month after his mission began, Reno’s life took an unexpected turn when his friend Charlie committed suicide. “When he passed away it hit me rea-








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tahw era snoitcefrepmi ruoY“ ”.era uoy ohw uoy ekam

Hold this paper up to a mirror to see students’ uplifting messages

uoy ,lufituaeb si enoy revE“ ot flesruoy erapmoc t’ndluohs ”.enoy reve





96 pounds in 9 months was at rehab for 2 months before rehab he only ate every 4 to 5 days would take 90 to140 mg of adderall daily Now takes 0 mg of adderall daily has been out of rehab for 3 weeks eats 3 meals a day 7 days a week sean lost

By th3 numb3r5



14 February 2014

lly hard,” Reno said. “I was the last kid he saw and I thought if I would have done something I could have changed how that day happened.” With such a tragedy lurking in his thoughts, Reno couldn’t find it in himself to do anything. He often was at home doing absolutely nothing. Including not eating. “I was sad and almost blamed myself,” Reno said. “ I realized that I started to drop weight faster than when I worked out by just not eating, and that was the goal from the start before everything happened, to lose weight.” Soon enough depression surrounded Reno’s life day and night, causing him to eat less and less. He started to shed the weight faster than he ever had, but noticed himself becoming progressively weaker. “People would see me at school and say ‘Holy crap Sean you look really skinny!’,” Reno said. “I liked that because that was my goal, to be skinny, but it really only motivated the bad.” The way he looked at himself was skewed. While normal people would see themselves exactly the way they look in the mirror, Reno would always see himself bigger than he actually was. “I didn’t look at my body the way I should have,” Reno said. The unhealthy habits he was exhibiting would only get worse as Reno began taking pills to help with his goal of being thin. To combat the tiredness from a lack of nutrients in his body, he chose to consume Adderall, a pill designed to keep people focused; it can be, however, deadly when abused. “I was basically taking Adderall twenty-four seven,” Reno said. While the Adderall helped to keep him awake, it also killed his

therapy Reno struggled, seeing and hearing many stories from others with problems just as he had. “There was some crazy stuff going on,” Reno said. “I saw people get sedated, fights, it’s a crazy environment. It was for all types of people.” Reno was then moved to outpatient only status, going for therapy during the day. This is where he gained new perspectives on body image and life in general. “You never really know what’s going on in someone’s life till you know them,” Reno said. “We take everything and everyone for granted, we judge them on their looks or how we see them when we don’t really know a damn thing about them or about what they’ve gone through.” Reno believes he’s come out of rehab a new person and has been eating more and more each day, but still sticking to his goal in the very beginning of eating healthy foods. “I accept my body more now and eat every day, which is a big accomplishment for me,” Reno said. “That used to be a big problem and I don’t think about it anymore. There are definitely better things to come from me.” As he’s gone through the process and knows what it’s like, Reno offers help to anyone who might just need to talk. “I have plenty of knowledge if anyone is thinking about getting help with their problems,” Reno said. “Trust me, there are people out there going through what you’re going through. You’re not alone you just have to get out there, don’t be afraid, I almost lost my life to my problems, I changed just in time.”

You’re NOT alone

Call 1-800-931-2237 For toll free, confidential Help for people with eating disorders

Scan this QR code to view the story online and see an interactive graphic on how anorexia affects the body

Q: How did you feel as a mom when told Sean was not eating? A: It was devastating. It also justified what I felt, what I saw and what I feared for my son. I so appreciated the teachers and his counselor for also reaching out to us. Q:What would you say to other mothers going through the same thing you are? A:Follow your maternal instincts and your gut feelings about your son or daughter. All illnesses are treatable; be stronger than you think you can be and surround yourself with the brightest medical staff you can. Q: How do you feel now that Sean’s working towards a much healthier lifestyle? A: Our family is blessed and so happy Sean has committed to change and is making positive strides. He has the ability to pour his whole self into his goals; it’s an awesome quality and I believe he will be successful!


Q With Julie Reno, the mother of Sean, who recently suffered from Anorexia



Beauty & the beast



merican teenages spend on average 11 hours of their day consumed by media. Media is shaping the way we live our lives and how we portray our emotions. Girls get the message early on that their value and worth comes from what they look like but on the other hand boys learn that this is how they should view the women around them. From actors and actresses to musicians and athletes both past and present, everyone has someone they look up to. They’re featured in magazines, late night TV specials, beauty commercials, and billboards. Our minds are constantly being fed the words that these “role models” choose to say, along with the appearance they take so much pride in. One of America’s most beloved actresses in the 40’s is still loved and looked up upon for inspiration by many young and old. Marilyn Monroe captivated audiences through a variety of comedic and dramatic roles she took on. Her blonde bombshell look along with her comedic approach in How To Marry A Millionaire, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, The Seven-Year Itch and Some Like It Hot quickly won over her audience. Even today young girls like seniorMackenzie DeCovich are being influenced by her wise words and legacy. “Today people think that the perfect body is supposed to be skinny and like a toothpick,” DeCovich said. “She wasn’t tiny and people still considered her to be



are obsessing over her. “People think shes a good role model because they take quotes from other people and put it with her pictures,” Fish said. While most women look up to negative figures, senior Michael Young looks up to a more positive male figure for inspiration. “Gavin Free is a filmmaker originally from England best known for his work for the company Rooster Teeth, as well as his own web-series The Slow Mo Guys,” Young said. “He influences me to simply live in the moment.” Although Young aspires to be like Free, he is aware that others aren’t always the best of influences and media has a lot to do with that. “The media portrays the bad influences around the world,” Young said. “Thats why everyone’s looking up to these people because you never see the good, only the bad.” What our generation and many before us are failing to see is that these people we look up to really aren’t who we think they are. They are some kind of …model… but not one we should be basing our whole life around. Senior Kayley Villarreal agrees. “Media is most definitely hurting girls and even guys self esteem,” Villarreal said. “It creates an image that we just can’t compete with.” Academic Center Dean Shelley Werthman has the pleasure of greeting stu

Women today are being fed a new defenition of the word beautiful

MURMUR NEWS 14 February 2014 KARLA LOPEZ, 11

Beauty is someone who doesn’t feel the need to care about what she looks like.’


Beauty is someone that is 100 % themselves.’


Beauty is someone that is perfect. Someone who completes you and is perfect to you.’


You can be drop dead gorgeous and have a terrible personality and I couldn't look past that. So for me it’s whats inside that makes someone beautiful.’

Students share their thoughts on how they think “beauty” should be defined

What is beauty ? In-depth

beautiful in her time and still today.” Although Monroe is known for her acting skills and comedic charm, I can’t help but wonder if people know who she truly was beneath her bleach blonde locks. Actress Marilyn Monroe became one of the world’s biggest and most enduring sex symbols. She died of a drug overdose in 1962. Everyone has their troubled times, but young girls who don’t know the half of it are looking up to her provocative pictures and life of sex drugs and the “perfect” party girl lifestyle. Monroe resolved to sleep with anyone who could help her attain fame and fortune. According to Close friend Ted Jordan (Jordan, Ted. Norma Jean: My Secret Life with Marilyn Monroe. William Morris & Co., New York, 1989) “She had sex with anybody she thought might be able to advance her career.” When searching for the name Marilyn Monroe on popular search engines, your screen will quickly fill up with titles such as “How many men did Marilyn Monroe sleep with?” Is this who young girls are looking up too? Everywhere you look Monroe along with other icons faces are posted on social media sites as someones “Woman Crush Wednesday” followed by some touching story about how this actress, singer or sex icon is such an inspiring woman who they aspire to be like. Senior Kelsea Grecu has posted numerous photos of women such as Monroe as her “WCW.” “Shes one of my role models because she doesn’t care what people have to say about her,” Grecu said. “I know nothing about her past though.” People are looking solely on the outside appearance and failing to see what these hollywood stars are really about. Senior James Fish believes he knows why so many girls


‘ ‘

Modeling Marilyn

dents as they walk into the AC doors. She also has the same belief that media is constantly influencing both males and females in major ways. “Students have more pressure on them to wear tight clothes and the need for others to see every inch of their bodies,” Werthman said. “When I was in high- Marilyn Monroe, Actress from the 40’s, leaves her school we wore baggy clothes to cover impression behind on students today, leaving them ourselves and everyone had the idea that to decide if she was a good role model or not we should save ourselves for marriage, now young girls just put themselves out there.” Yes, shes a great role model. Other girls feel like their body isn’t the She has a really inspirational “perfect body” according to programs like and positive outlook on life.’ the Victoria’s Secret annual fashion show. McKENNA PLUNKETT, 12 “The Victoria Secret Fashion Show made me feel like I was just fat and ugly,” senior Angela Mastick said. “I just got a tub of ice cream to finish off the show because I felt so awful.” Despite the lack of confidence girls are feeling because of No, she’s not a the “sex sells” society good role model. outlook, no matter She slept with who you look up to the president and in this world and whore’d around.’ who you aspire to JONAH KASE, 11 be like, never lose sight of who you are and the 100% truth that YOU are beautiful just the Yes, I think shes a way you are. good role model. Shes a very inspirational woman to a lot of young girls.


14 February 2014



Down goes the SEC

Years of the SEC reigning over the BCS is finally put to an end BY LUCAS HENDRICKS


n the last seven years the SEC football conference created a legacy, winning the

ut of


championship every year from 2006-2012. Nobody would guess a freshman quarterback and cinderella team could end that legacy on one play. Alabama, Florida, Auburn, LSU. These four schools all have something in common all of these teams belong to the Southeastern Conference also known as the SEC.Another thing they have in common is these teams won the BCS championship in the past 7 years. The combined record of these teams is 92 wins 6 losses. That means, besides this year, The last 7 national champions have had the same amount of losses that the Michigan Wolverines had in the 2013 season alone. The last time a non SEC team has won the BCS championship George Bush was the president, Brett Favre had not yet retired for the first time,

and Apple had not yet released the first ever model of the iPhone. That is complete domination of college football and for it all to be within one division may be unfair to the other divisions. Most fans, sports experts, and even coaches gave teams outside of the SEC no chance at winning the title this year. It was supposed to be a given another SEC team was going to take home the title again. College football fans soon realized that it may be the end of the SEC reign once freshman quarterback Jameis Winston stepped onto the field. At first Winston seemed like the perfect quarterback. He can run, he has a cannon and he has great decision making. He played exactly like a freshman quarterback in the NCAA wouldn’t, making few

Slaying the Mighty SEC

mental errors. Despite Winstons great success most all of college football fans would have put money on Alabama winning the title, they have the best coach, one of the best defenses, and the tide rolled all over every team they played, being defeated only by another SEC team. Being the last year of the traditional BCS championship system, moving to a four team playoff next year, what better way could the BCS go out then having a cinderella team in Florida State win in the last minute of the game? Especially with a heisman winning quarterback throw the game winning touchdown on his birthday. If I didn’t know better I would have thought the game was a scene from a movie.

Florida state slayed the dragon of the SEC after seven straight BCS championships. Illustration by Josh Marko.



MURMUR NEWS 14 February 2014



Florida beats #1 Ohio state 41-14. This same year Floridas men’s basketball team beats Ohio State in the national championship 84-75.


Gators prevailed 24-14 over Oklahoma. even though both teams averaged a combined 99 points per game, neither scored in the 1st quarter.


2011 LSU head coach Les Miles first BCS championship game was a success in a 38-24 win over the #1 ranked Ohio state Buckeyes. Although it would be his only win in two visits, losing to Alabama in 2012.


Auburn won 22-19 over the undefeated Oregon Ducks. This was the first ever meeting between these two schools.


2013 2012

In a battle of the unbeatens, Alabama beat Texas 37-21, keeping the losses at zero for the Crimson Tide

line of scrimmage

In a 42-14 win over undefeated Notre Dame, the Crimson Tide held the Fighting Irish scoreless untill the 3rd quarter.

The first of the back to back championship wins for Alabama consisted of 5 straight feild goals in the 21-0 shutout over LSU who had previously beat them that season.

The past national BCS champions from 2007 until now, only recently being won by a non-SEC team, the Florida State Seminoles.


Freshman quarterback Jameis Winston, who was the MVP of the game, led FSU to a 34-31 victory over the Aurburn tigers on his 20th birthday.

Athletes of the month Senior Noah Stinson and sophomore Sheya Master are top performing athletes from WKHS in the month of February





NOAH STINSON Varsity basketball












Noah Stinson has played varsity basketball for three out of his four highschool years. He is the captain of the team and was the MVP of this seasons Christmas tournament.


SHAYA MASTER Varsity bowling


Photos by Taylor Skelton

14 February 2014




Sheya Master has been on the varsity bowling team for two years. She was 10 pins away from making states last year and expects to make it this year.


Stand to pledge your allegiance BY LEXI BRADY


ood morning Kettering Captains, please rise and join me for the Pledge of Allegiance.” Every morning as first hour begins, this same announcement echoes through the halls of Kettering. As the pledge is being recited, most of the Kettering student and faculty body stand in unison with their right hand over their heart. Notice I say most, not all. This is a concept I have yet to grasp. Why someone can’t take 10 seconds out of their morning to stand in allegiance with our flag, which symbolizes our freedom, is beyond me. According to Michigan’s new law that went into effect for the 2013-2014 school year, “A pupil shall not be compelled, against the pupil’s objections or those of the pupil’s parent or legal guardian, to recite the pledge of allegiance.” This statement in the bill does not say that instead you should sit, complain or do whatever it is you do. No, you stand. Even if all you do is stand, and nothing else, that’s better than sitting and dishonoring the flag. Standing for the Pledge of Allegiance shows a sign of respect. In fact, it shows not only respect, but also that you’re a proud citizen of America. You could be killed in another country for not saying their pledge and because America gives you the freedom to choose, you choose to disrespect them? When you refuse to stand you are showing that you don’t care about our men and women overseas who fight for your freedom everyday. Some have even died for it, and you’re just being flat out disrespectful to them and their families. Now if you’re just being ignorant or lazy, take a second to think about all that our troops have endured in the past and what they’re still enduring on our behalf all across the world and maybe you’ll think differently. In my family I’ve had loved ones who have fought for the freedom that many take for granted today. They risked their lives so we can sleep in peace at night. If it was a loved one of yours who fought or



even died serving this beloved country, you would want people to respect and honor them. You would stand if the President of the United States walked into the room. You would stand if a King or Queen from another country walked into that room. You even stand when a judge walks into their courtroom. What do all of these very important people have in common? None of them has ever put their life on the line for you and your freedom. Even if it’s against your religion, try putting yourself in their shoes. Put all your differences and beliefs about God and religion aside and just take 10 measly seconds of your time and stand for the pledge. The flag is a symbol of our liberty and freedom and is not something you should show contempt for. Our forefathers built this nation based off of these simple truths, so you should stand up and be proud to be an American. We’re all living in America, the land of the free, and just because we’re all from different backgrounds doesn’t give you the right to dishonor our war heroes. It’s your choice to sit or stand in allegiance, but for those us who respect this country and our heroes, we will take a stand!

“I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America. And to the republic for which it stands...”

‘ ‘‘ I become infuriated. I take sitting as a sign of disrespect. People don’t understand just how good we have it over here in America. We should be proud to be an American.” KAYLEY VILLARREAL, 12

When America people has come don’t a long way stand, I’m and we’ve honestly so accomplished confused. How so much, it’s can you be so something to disrespectbe proud of. ful towards When people everyone who don’t stand has fought for for the pledge this country. they’re just beEven if you ing disrespectdon’t believe ful.” in everything LIBBY STANKUS, 12 this country does, that is your right because you live in America.” JAMES FISH, 12

MURMUR NEWS 14 February 2014


We shouldn’t be forced to pledge allegiance



‘ ‘ ‘ If the district The ‘indivisfelt the need ible, with to offer that liberty and to their students, I justice for would support that, all’ isn’t true. The because it feels whole country more homegrown, is divided on but the law feels many issues, like too big brother.” abortion or gay JASON FRANK, marriage. When GERMAN TEACHER there is actually justice for all, I will stand and say the pledge, but until then it’s a lie.” PAYTON SMITH, 11

Though we are one nation, we are not indivisible and we do not have ‘liberty and justice for all.’” DANIELLE EMERSON, 11

hortly after 7:20 am every weekday, teachers call their groggy-eyed first hour class to attention. Before the lesson can commence, students hear the familiar drone of the PA system. “Please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance,” A student requests- a different student than yesterday or the day before. Some students shuffle to their feet, place their right hand over their hearts and recite the Pledge, but others remain in their seats, working on yesterday’s incomplete homework or slouching back in their chairs. If there is one thing about the new Pledge of Allegiance policy at Kettering that can be said with the utmost certainty, it’s that student’s opinions are all over the spectrum. Some find it a great way to show patriotism and think that every student should participate,

Comic by Grace Daniels


14 Feburary 2013

sometimes scorning those who refuse to stand. Others, myself among them, think that there’s something not quite right about requiring a Pledge of Allegiance. This whole ordeal is due to a Michigan law that was enacted in 2012, but didn’t take affect until the 2013-2014 school year. This wonderful piece of legislature states that all public schools “shall ensure that an opportunity to recite the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States is offered each school day to all public school pupils.” Wonderful. Another five minutes gone from our already too-short class periods. The law also states that students don’t have to stand for the pledge, and that schools should prevent students from bullying each other because some people don’t want to stand. Let’s be honest. No one really wants to be the only one sitting. I, personally, am always trying to make sure that I have something to do, so instead of looking like a country-hating-terrorist, I just look like a diligent student. No matter how they try, legislators can’t ensure that students don’t feel forced to pledge their allegiance to a country when they don’t want to. They’re trying to engrain this sense of patriotism in the next generation, but patriotism isn’t something you get by repeating meaningless words to a piece of fabric. People acquire pride in something when they feel- wait for it- proud of what it’s doing. The thing about it is that you shouldn’t be forced to pledge your allegiance, even if it is subliminal. A pledge is defined as a promise and a promise is voluntary.







up guyzzzzzzzzz? I’m your everyday typical teenager. In the morning, I take the first of the day’s many selfies and head off to school, admiring my excellent mascara job in my rearview mirror as I go. I spend my time in class texting and snapchatting a never ending supply of friends. After school, if I’m not out partying with more friends, I’m complaining on some social network about my how hard my math homework is before I give up and hire some nerd it do it for me. And then, at the end of a most successful day, I take daddy’s credit card and go shopping at the mall. I try to live a meaningful life by Confucious’ ancient proverb: YOLO. Okay, now lets get real. In reality, my life goes a little more like this: When I wake up in the morning, I usually think of all the sleep I didn’t get the night before because I was doing homework. I spend my time in class actively listening and taking notes, because college is something I’ll have to deal with relatively soon. The risque “parties” I go to consist of hardcore games of Apples to Apples, and usually homework help. I don’t understand Twitter, I hate Facebook, and I don’t have the time for Tumblr. And if I asked my dad for his credit card, I’d probably get laughed at for the next month and a half. But if you ask somebody who’s over the age of 25, they’re more likely to think of the previous example and not my own. So lets talk about these weird enigmas called “teenagers”. Fact: There are handfuls of them that do things they probably shouldn’t. The American Lung Association says that, every day, almost 3,900 people under the age of 18 try their first cigarette. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has stated that 6.5% of 12th graders admitted to using marijuana every single day in 2012. According to the Guttmacher Institute, in 2013, 48% of teens had already lost their virginity by the time they were 16. None of these statistics are particularly surprising, right? Now, top this with the current pop culture that teens enjoy so much. Hit songs, movies, and TV shows are more often than not about getting high, getting drunk, having sex, or a combination of all three. These types of teenagers exist. I’m not going to say that the statistics are false and that every teenager is a heavenly blessing to society. But bare with me. Contrary to popular belief, we are not all miniature Justin Biebers. I know teens, and you know teens, who bust their tailbones just to make it through the day, academically and otherwise. I know teens who cry fairly regularly about the pressure of school and grades, and how important it is to them to get into college. I know teens with so many AP and Honors classes stuffed into their schedule that I’m surprised they’re not wandering through the halls sleeplessly reciting Kepler’s Laws of Universal Gravitation. And they go through it all for college. They want a bright future. But these people are also crammed into the same space as those who do the things they know they probably shouldn’t, and are slapped in the face with the massive generalizations of the “laziest”, most “narcissistic”, and most “incompetent” age group around.



isfor tu n


The problems in being an everyday typical “teen”

I’m told regularly by people decades older than me that I should grow up, get off my lazy posterior, and get a job and be “responsible”. I’m told that if they could do it 20 years ago then I can now. My parents graduated with their highest level math class being Algebra I. I took Algebra I in the 8th grade. Which, by that math, means I’ll be four years ahead of any math my parents learned in high school by the time I graduate. And I doubt that, in over 20 years, only math classes have changed their course schedule. The gist of teenagerdom is that a) between the ages of 14-18 you’re expected to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life while b) learning more potentially unnecessary things than people ever did 20 years ago and then c) you’ve probably got hobbies like sports and clubs on top of your homework and finally you probably have d) a social life to upkeep just so you can stay relatively sane. And some people can balance a job on top of that. Which is pretty crazy, especially if you’re an AP student. So hey, actual every day typical teenager here. Voice of my people. Some of us, I’ll admit, are pretty stupid. That’s something even I can’t ignore. But we’re more than that. There’s a bigger picture under that loud majority. Here’s my challenge to you: pay attention. I promise they’re there.

How to be a decent person* *Teen edition

people no matter who they 1. Respect are or what their age is 2. Don’t makeout on people’s lockers during every passing time swear excessively to look “hard3. Don’t core” 4. Don’t act like teachers are Satan for taking your phone when you’ve been on it all class


Don’t be that kid who that exclusively speaks of either a) having sex or b) doing drugs

MURMUR NEWS 14 February 2014



were doing Things you didn’t know Malala Yousafzai

Photo courtesy to Wikimedia Commons

On Tuesday, October 9, 2012 a member of the Taliban boarded Malala Yousafzai’s school bus (located in the Pakistani district of Swat), asked for her by name, and fired three shots. The bullet hit the left side of her forehead, shattering her skull’s thinnest bone, and embedded pieces of the bone into her brain. But what did she do? In 2008, BBC Urdu wanted an inside look at Swat’s growing Taliban influence from a civilian’s perspective. Malala, age 11 at the time, took the job as a blogger for the news organization. She became an icon for women’s educational rights in Pakistan- a country where it is illegal for women to go to school. But she survived, and today Malala resides in Birmingham, England and continues to be an advocate for women’s educational rights around the world. She was featured on the cover of TIME magazine’s “The 100 Most Influential People in the World” issue, was the winner of Pakistan’s first National Youth Peace Prize, and nominated for last year’s Nobel Peace Prize (setting a record for the youngest person ever to be nominated for the award).

Jack Andraka

When Jack Andraka was 13, a close family friend was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. They died within months, leaving Jack feeling helpless. He immediately took to Google to learn more about why the disease. What Jack learned was that pancreatic cancer is normally diagnosed late- so late that the majority of people have a 2% survival rate by the time they know the cancer’s there. Why are we so bad at diagnosing pancreatic cancer? The truth, he soon found out, was that the current method used to find pancreatic cancer was over 60 years old, invasive, expensive, and inaccurate (missing 30% of pancreatic cancers). So Jack set out to find a new way to test for pancreatic cancer. He wanted this test to be simple, inexpensive, and accurate. Eventually, after many tests, Jack found his test: it cost less than three cents to make, and was almost 100% accurate. At this time, he was 15 years old. Now, Andraka is 16 and has since patented his design. He was featured on a TedTalk in 2013, and won $75,000 at the Intel National Science and Engineering Fair in 2012. Photo courtesy to Wikimedia Commons

Justice Alexander


14 February 2014

Photo by Alexea Hankin

Justice is a senior here at Kettering. Frustrated by lack of scholarship opportunities, she started doing her own online research to find out what she could do to set herself apart from other kids applying for college. Through, she found both a sponsorship opportunity and a way she could help out her community- a two birds-one stone kind of scenario. This is what Justice found: Aeropastle has paired with and Fifth Harmony to create Jeans for Teens- a community-based cause to give homeless teenagers around local areas jeans. Out of all the scholarship opportunities Justice considered, this one inspired her the most. “Even if I don’t get the scholarship, I’m happy to know these jeans are going to people who need it,” she said. Justice is accepting jean donations all this week- she’s dropping off everything she collects at Waterford’s local Aeropastle store on February 16th. You can support the cause now!



ant customization W lThe pros and cons of jailbreaking



hether you’re an old fan of apple, dedicated to the simplicity of the brands handheld market, or it’s your first buy of the companies iDevice lineup, you’re probably going to notice that throughout the updates, there are very limited changes, (with iOS 7 being the biggest change to the operating system) and almost no customization beyond wallpapers and ringtones. Jailbreaking, though thought of as potentially harmful to their phones by many people, is an easy and almost completely risk free way to customize things like fonts, icon skins and full themes throughout the device, as well as add more functionality with gestures and such. With the old and hardly changing iOS, it’s easy to get used to and bored of the same old same old with only being able to move the icons on the home screen and changing the background. Jailbreaking can give you the option to change the pictures on the icons just by downloading a “theme” from a



popular cydia app ‘winterboard’ made by the cydia developer himself. Sure, you may not be able to design them yourself if you don’t know how to already, but there’s such an array of themes to choose from. That’s just the beginning. Once the jailbreaking process finishes, your phone is given the great Cydia icon on the homescreen. Cydia is the post-jailbreak application that allows you to download “tweaks” or application that adds functionality and the ability to customize various previously inaccessible to the user. Even though jailbreaking is completely legal, there are some things you can do that aren’t. There are many tweaks and apps that give you the ability to download paid apps and other things for free. It’s best to steer clear of these apps to avoid problems in the future.


Sophomore Jourdan Casas gives a pro and con on jailbreaking from personal experience

‘ w


You can customize anything you want, including the carrier logo, battery style, and all sorts of stuff. It’s much better than the standard settings Apple gives you.’


The only down side is that the battery life goes out faster than usual, but it can last you through a school day so I don’t mind it.’

MURMUR NEWS 14 February 2014


Album reviews

Album reviews from a student to you BY GABBY HILLIARD


t’s new, fresh and unique from her original albums. At first grab this newly released album Beyonce makes a huge jump to the top of the charts grasping the attention of her millions of fans. While bobbing my head and singing along to her new album she definitely got my love for music with a catchy tune. Here’s the road block. If you look deeper, and listen closer. Its not just a catchy tune or beat. Her bombshell of an album has multiple songs that talk about sex and relationships and has numerous provocative music videos to go along with them. It seems like now a days that is all the music is really talking about. Why do artists feel the need to spend countless hours in the studio singing about such things? I personally don’t like the way she portrays herself. She has millions of fans that age from young to old that look up to her, but why, when she’s singing about sex?

I listen to Beyonce because there is nobody like her.’’ -Stephen Bell, 12


e’s back, and more confident than ever. Eminem bashes his competition in his song Berzerk. As he says, “Lets take it back to straight hip-hop and start it from scratch” He’s showing his skills when it comes to writing a song on the spot. Though he comes back with his old style, I believe his songs are maturing as musician vocally and lyrically. He dedicates his song Headlights featuring the head singer from the group Fun, to his mom. He apologizes directly to her for all the old songs he’s written. “Did I take it too far? Cleaning out my closet and all them other songs.” Overall Eminem has come back with a bang and I highly doubt these new songs will stop playing on the radio anytime soon.

I listen to Eminem because he gets me pumped. I usually listen to him before swim meets. -Katherine Kuhn, 12



irst listening to the band sing I instantly wanted to go cruise

around with my windows down and get my shine on. Cruise and Get your Shine On was the summer’s anthem. They were repeatedly played on the radio. To this day they still bring back summer memories. Listening to the rest of the album -left me wanting more and boosted up my energy. Personally I think this album was a huge success on their part. Their songs were easy to follow and also fun to sing leaving them stuck in your head all day. Connecting with the younger generation and successfully making a name for themselves.

I listen to Florida Georgia Line because I like the sound. It reminds me of summer. -Lily O’Brien, 11 20 September 2013



What’s h


Current smartphone applications that are popular among students BY JACOB ALESSI

“Flappy Bird”




Flap your wings to fly, avoid the pipes and beat your high score.

Train your memory and attention. Used by over 50 million people worldwide, Lumosity creates a Personalized Training Program that challenges your brain.

I like the game because it’s challenging and fun to beat your friend’s scores.’ ANDREW LINDSEY, 12

Lumosity’s cool because it feels like im quicker to answer things now since I’ve been playing’ STEVEN MARSHALL, 11

“GBA4iOS” gaming

With this game emulator users are able to download almost all game boy advanced games directly onto their phones. This applicatioin takes some time to set up but can save hundreds of dollars and send users back five to ten years when the games were popular.

It’s very entertaining to play a game that I remember playing as a kid’ GIANNI FIGUEROA, 9

Scan the QR code above for a personal tutorial on how to get gameboy games on your iPhone.



MURMUR NEWS 14 February 2014



from a student to you

10% burnt 90% buttered


n “The Wolf of Wall Street” Leonardo DiCaprio manages his way to the top playing the role of an outrageously wealthy yet unlawful stock broker. DiCaprio brings his charm and wit to the table along with a comedic side often unseen in more serious characters he’s played. The main supporting role is played by “Superbad” star Jonah Hill who also brings a sense of humor to settle tension throughout the script. Although Hill did bring laughter to the crowd, his humor fell shy of his normal work. This movie’s full of every man’s dream: fast cars, hot women, and countless cash. One of the only downsides is that some scenes proved to be excessively long for their content, one of which for five to ten minutes DiCaprio finds himself insanely intoxicated trying to crawl to his car, a scene that could have upheld the same significance in two minutes. Oh and one other thing, the F bomb was used in this film a record breaking 506 times, not a good one for the kids. Though altogether “The Wolf of Wall Street” will have you hooked in minutes, just plan your day around seeing the three hour long film.


60% burnt

ne thing I hate more than anything is a movie with a misleading trailer, this disappointingly being the case with “American Hustle”. While I expected some kind of action packed comedy/thriller all I got was 100% drama. If you’re used to Christian Bale as the butt kicking Batman then grab hold of your chair and prepare for a disaster. Bale plays a money scandaling jewish con-man from the bronx with a beer gut big enough to have it’s own gravitational pull. While the movie also casts big stars such as Bradley Cooper and Amy Adams only Jennifer Lawrence stood out by portraying a truly convincing role as Bale’s wife. If you’re willing to watch the two hours of jersey accents bickering back and forth with as much action as a dog chasing its tail then “American Hustle” is perfect for you.

20% burnt 80% buttered


40% buttered


fter almost a decade since “Anchorman 1, The legend of Ron Burgandy” Will Ferrell has finally made his second debut on the big screen as the self centered newscaster who desperately desires to be the best. Nothing’s better than Ferrell’s on the go improv, his weird and somewhat disturbing humor is seen throughout the script and is proved to be a necessity that adds to this hysterical sequel. Other actors like Paul Rudd and Steve Carell are also seen again, Carell ultimately making the entire audience outburst in laughter, multiple times. Despite some out of the blue and off topic plot twists the comedy proved to keep me entertained the whole time. With nine years in the making Anchorman 2 was surely worth the wait.

14 February 2014



ackyard attle

Backpage ain and

ffany Mount Photos by Ti n Taylor Skelto

Captains and Corsairs play the long awaited game of the Backyard Battle at the Oakland University O’Rena






6.Giving it her all Sophomore Emily Bernas takes a second to catch her breath before putting it all on the court. 7. Shake it “I love dancing at OU because it’s awesome being out on the court. It’s so different from the school, the adrenaline rushes are crazy,” said Junior Liz Micovich. 8. Play loud Senior Erich Gainer plays popular hits on the saxophone in the pep band to pump up the crowd. 9. Cheerful chance The Kettering varsity cheer team keeps the crowd active throughout the game.





14 February 2014

1. Sky high Freshman Lillia Schoof jumps over a Mott defender for a rebound. The girls team won the game and their fourth straight league title. 2. Super sophomore Sophomore Jacob Netschke shoots late game free throws for the Captains. 3. Head in the game Emotions run high as senior Jon Scarber prepares to shoot his final backyard battle free throws before the loss. 4.Tewes on her toes Junior Lauren Tewes gets her feet ready to play defense against the Mott offense. 5.Trusting his team Junior Kyle Brabandt watches as a teamates shot goes up.



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