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Our trip to MelÄ? I.C.Brigata Sassari 24-2 February, March 2019

We started our travel very early •

We took the first flight from Alghero to Rome and in Rome we had breakfast with some sandwiches

We stayed in Rome for 5 hours and then we took the flight for Vienna We had lunch in the airport of Rome at 11:40

At 14 o’clock the plane landed in Vienna And after a bus took us to MelÄ?, the transfert was long 4 hours of road, We had a stop in an autogrill and we ate something

In the evening we finally arrived in MelÄ? And we had a delicious dinner with our family and we went back to home

Day 1 •

On the first day we visited the school, saw MelÄ? and we also saw a fantastic presentation of the school

Day 2 On the second day we presented our power point on the water and we visited a ruined castle,visited a centre where the purified the water

We also played some sports like floorball and basketball

Day 3

On the 3º day we went to Ostrava and we visited the rescue station, 1 hour later we went to the commercial center and we bought some things.

45 minute later we went to the resturant and after lunch we went to the Coalmine Landek

And at the 17:30 we came back to Melč

Day 4 •

On the 4° day we had 1 lesson in school and at the 9:30 we had bus to Odry for the excursion at the Mill, It’s very beauty and intresting.

At the 12:30 p.m we visited a castle of Moravicí

And at the 17:30 p.m we came back to Melč

Day 5 •

On the 5 day we went to Olomuc for a city tour.

In the morning we visited the science interactive museum

And for 1 hour and 30 minute we visited the city center

The afternoon we had shopping in the commercial center

And in the evening we packed our bags

We came back to Italy •

We woke up at 3:30 a.m and we had a long travel to Vienna.. We took the thirst flight on 10:30 a.m and we arrived to Rome at 12.15 p.m, we wait for 2 hour in Rome and at the 3:30 p.m we arrived in Alghero

Thank you •

Thank you Guys for this beautiful experience we liked very much the Czech Repubblic

We send you a big greeting from Sardinia!!

Arianna,Andrea,Federico,Davide e Aldo!!

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Mobility to Melc  

Mobility to Melc