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Progress report

May 2012

Tosramkhola – new project under way

The remote region of Tosramkhola is home to some of Nepal’s poorest and most marginalised people. Also located in the mountainous Sindhuli district, villagers there live an incredibly tough and very basic life. Every single person we spoke to during our visit in November 2011 had been affected by a lack of clean water and sanitation – through the death of a family member from diarrhoeal diseases, medical treatment costs for sick children, or lifelong injuries from falling on the dangerous paths to collect water. The need for our support was very apparent. Thanks to your wonderful generosity, last month a new WaterAid-funded project started in Tosramkhola. The project will run for the next three years and benefit 962 people in the area.

What has been done

WaterAid/Shashi Dev Shah

Celebrating in Tosramkhola – all households are now using a latrine. The area will be declared as open defecation free when all households have a permanent latrine.

Already huge steps have been made to improve sanitation in Tosramkhola. 58 of the 79 households have built permanent latrines, whilst the remainder are using safe temporary latrines. We hope that by next month (June) 100% of households will have a permanent latrine and the area will be declared as open defecation free.

What’s next?

Over the coming months training and awareness activities will continue in Tosramkhola. Once the rainy season is over in October, construction will start on the gravity flow systems, bringing villagers clean, safe water for the first time in their lives. We’ll keep you updated!

Aims for Tosramkhola project Hygiene: • All adults and children will practice hand-washing. • Every household will have a dish drying rack. • 36 health and sanitation volunteers will be trained. Sanitation: • Every household will have a latrine, and the area will be declared as open defecation free. • Every household will have a washing slab. • Six sanitation masons will be trained. • A school latrine block will be built. Water: • Two gravity flow systems will be constructed. • Together with 34 tapstands, these will bring clean safe water close to people’s homes. • All water points will be tested to ensure water quality. Principles of project: Poor, lower caste, excluded and marginalised households will be prioritised to ensure they are first to benefit. Registered charity numbers 288701 (England and Wales) and SC039479 (Scotland)

Nepal Progress report  

Nepal Progress report

Nepal Progress report  

Nepal Progress report