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The Man from U.N.C.L.E. is a film that motion picture maker Steven Soderbergh has to forego soon after he had chosen "The Side Effects" to be his brand-new project. It was formerly titled "The Bitter Pill" which in fact focuses primarily on a woman trying to deal with the fact that her husband has just been released from prison. If you watch Side Effects online free you are going to have a chance to know why a woman with such excellent taste in movies, Megan Ellison will back this film up. This upcoming romantic comedy has guaranteed its funding from Annapurna Pictures which is headed by Megan Ellison, a billionaire and heiress of Oracle. As a motion picture fan herself, she has gotten a part of a few movie flick projects in her time. Watch Side Effects online free and have a first peek at the great line of cast that this film has to offer. Takes into account Catherine Zeta-Jones, Channing Tatum, and Jude Law. Catherine however will be the most dominant figure in this film as she portrays Emily Hawkins. In this film Emily is having a tough time dealing with the situation, especially that her husband has just been released from prison. So she looks for medical help in the capable hands of a mental health specialist which is played by Law. But as the film proceeds her psychiatrist ended up crossing the boundaries of his profession as Law was left with a complex relationship with Mrs. Hawkins. There are so much more than one will discover if you take the opportunity to watch Side Effects online free. Channing Tatum is going to take on the role of Mrs. Hawkins, an ex-con husband. He obviously is such a good option for the role. Soderbergh and Tatum have developed a powerful understanding of each otherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s work which is why the director's next two films, he will appear. Watch Side Effects online free and know what pushed a psychiatrist like Jude Law to cross the limits of his profession in this film. Headlining the Side Effects is obviously Catherine Zeta-Jones which on most likely is one of her very best performances. In this forthcoming psychological thriller she has which may everyone that she is actually someone who truly deserves an Oscar. Plus, she actually is just quite a website to watch in movies. She handled the woman's role as Mrs. Hawkins with much precision which is something that one will see if they watch Side Effects online free. The film is written by Scott Z. Uses up and will be distributed by Open Gate Films. Formerly the first choice for the role of Mrs. Hawkins was Blake Lively. However rumors also spread the Rooney Mara would be the anyone to replace her for the lead role. The film will attain the movie houses through February 8, 2013. For now, to all individuals looking forward to watch this film, have a sneak view of it by taking the time to watch Side Effects online free.

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