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When it comes to love stories, Nicholas Sparks is an indisputable master. The reason being he knows exactly how to call out the collective sensibilities of his audience. People just cannot get enough of his stories. Not only are the stories rife with romanticism, the characters are also relatable. This means people who see the films and read the books can certainly understand what the characters are dealing with. This is the primary reason why all Nicholas Sparks books and films continue to be popular around the globe. Almost all his bestselling books have been adapted to equally successful movies. One of the latest movie adaptations of his books is Safe Haven. Because of this, many of his followers just cannot wait to watch Safe Haven online free. Safe Haven is a very superb story. It shows that love comes to every person regardless of what their situation is like. Unlike other Nicholas Sparks books, safe haven features a heroine that has a bad past. The tale starts with a young woman named Katie appearing in a small North Carolina town of Southport. Like any small town, the citizens immediately pointed out the new arrival. Katie on the contrary, ignored the gossip. Pretty soon, it was obvious to the townspeople that Katie likes keeping her distance to the point that she does not want to build any connections with anybody in the town. However, a series of events forces Katie to connect with two of the townâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s citizens. She winds up bonding with Alex, a widowed storeowner and with Jo, her plainspoken neighbor. Irrespective of her best initiatives, she eventually realizes that she likes spending time with these people and she eventually lets her guard down. Sadly, her past crawls back to haunt her and she is left with a dilemma. She is torn between staying in the town and faces her past or run away from it leaving her newfound friends behind. How Katie solves this is perhaps the best scenes in the story and you will get to see this if you watch Safe Haven online free. Unfortunately, you will not be able to watch Safe Haven online free in the near future. This is because the movie is by now under production. In fact, nobody knows who will be appearing in this film as of yet. According to the news, the movie will be set for an official release sometime during 2013. This means you are in for a very lengthy wait. Since you cannot watch Safe Haven online free for almost a year, your most suitable option right now is to just read the book. It does not matter if you already read it. Like all Nicholas Sparks books, Safe Haven is a superb book to read over and over again. This way, by the time that he movie is released, you are already knowledgeable about the story and you can use the movie to find out if your imagination is the same as the imagination of the filmâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s director. Remember, all good things come to those who wait.

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