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Lars Von Tier’s Melancholia is something that will delight your sensory faculties. Drama and science fiction, two unrelated film genres are expertly a great artfully combined in this film. This movie is definitely in a league of its own. The unique production, plot and excellent cast make this movie a unique experience for the people that can watch Melancholia online free. This movie shows how a family efforts to deal with and make feeling with the inevitable conclusion of the world. The movie opens with a wedding scene. Justine and Erina perfectly look like best newlyweds. But as the evening progresses, you can see just how Justine is actually in pain as a result of actual treatment of her by Michael. The wedding party has a lot of tension in the air. When the evening comes to an end, Michael leaves Justine which means that the marriage ends right after it has started. There are two primary acts that follow next opening scene and you will see this when you watch Melancholia online free. Within the first act, Justine is currently living with her sibling, Claire and a few months have past after the wedding ceremony. Claire has a husband named John and a son named Leo. Justine is despondent due to the events of the opening scene. Claire attempts really very hard to get Justine out of her despondent state. Justine’s serious depression makes her literally unable to do anything. This includes eating and taking a bath. Claire helps her do that. In time, and with the help of Leo, Claire is able to improve Justine’s despondent state. Those who get to watch Melancholia online free will be able to see exactly how Claire takes care of her sister. While Claire is taking good care of Justine, the whole world is shaken through the discovery of the planet Melancholia and how it is going to fly by near Planet. Claire’s husband is an enthusiastic astronomer and he is extremely excited with this fresh planetary discovery. Claire however, is just filled with hate with the idea that Melancholia is going to flyby near Earth. Those who watch Melancholia online free will be able to see room tracking shots as the planet Melancholia approaches earth. Claire believes that Melancholia is not going to do a fly-by. Instead, Melancholia is going to collide with earth. The second work opens with Melancholia doing a flyby. Unfortunately, it shifts back and it becomes very obvious that it's going to eventually collide with Earth. When you watch Melancholia online free, you need to watch out for the actual powerful scenes which occur right after the particular confirmation that Melancholia will probably collide with earth. In the second work, the roles tend to be reversed. Justine is the one who assists Claire deal with the fact that the world is going to end in a short while. John, unable to handle the fact that the Melancholia is going to collide with world, decides to end their life. In the last parts of the film, Justine provides emotional help to Claire and Leo as well as sees to it that they are in a great place to handle the end of the world. People who watch Melancholia online free will find that the film ends with the accident of the planet with Earth.

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