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1978 Gave birth to the first LCD watches seiko added functionality of

Serie A SEIKO ALARM Alarm functions and GMT time zones









A159, 5009





A358, 5000





And from the 7 series with more features added

A714-5000 Running Man

A718-5000 World Time


Remote Stopwatch

A827-6010 Yatchtimer

A829-6020 Used by NASA

A904-5150 150m

A906-4A00 150m

A914-5A09 Split lap

A927-5000 100m

A939-5010 Split lap

A944-400C Solar Watch

A966-4010 TalkingWatch

SEIKO CALCULATOR But in 1978, Seiko started to feel the breath on the nape of its most direct competitors, the Casio with plastic resin box light and cheap but comfortable beginning to gain a foothold in the market and become popular In 1978 he also sells his first Casio calculator watch Seiko CA-50 and not to be

outdone, leading the design of almost one step further.

C153-5007 First Watch seiko calculator




The next step was thus already sung ... came Multifunction watches

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He returned to make star Roger Moore Bond in the next installment in the saga and again Seiko looked like their watches with gadgets attracted the attention of the public In Moonraker Moore used his m354 Seiko Memory Bank as plastic explosives.

and subliminal advertising is also present in the film to

Extracted from the footage frame Moonraker (1979)

1979-1985 M Series multifunction SEIKO Watches with characteristics added as Memory Bank, perpetual calendar, World Clock, Voice Recorder, Recorder and Gauge Posts

M354-5010 Memory Bank Complete calendar Moonraker

M158-5009 World Time





M516-4009 Voice Recorder

M705-5A10 Diver

M726-5A00 Computer Diver

MA52-4A40 Messenger

S Series multifunction SEIKO Watches with characteristics added as Multi-chronograph, thermometer, Cardio, pc-link and Data Bank and even drum


S600-500B Triathlete

S610-4010 Interval Timer

S800-0019 Scuba Diver


Thermo Ski

S240-400C Pulsemeter

S229-5000 Pulsemeter

S234-5010 Pulsemeter

S501-4000 PC-Link

S521-4010 Data Bank

SCTK-021 Frequency

UW Series SEIKO Pouch

(PC Data Bank) Pc-link watches, Data Bank and able to connect a portable keyboard or printer fixed

UW01-0010 UC2000 Data Bank

And finally the most modern W Series

W358-4A19 100 Lap Memory

W339 Solar Radio Control

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1980 Series D SEIKO DOT-MATRIX The change in the decade brought new seiko lcd displays which were evolved with panels of mesh points (dot matrix) with the ability to "scroll"

D031-401A First Seko dot matrix watch

D229-5100 First dot matrix CHRONOGRAPH

D409-5000 First dot matrix Data-Bank


1981 But it does not stay there .. He returned to make Roger Moore Bond FOR YOUR EYES ONLY in and a new revolution in the making for seiko DIGI-ANA "The Best of Two Worlds" Seiko prayed advertising of the time In For Your Eyes Only Moore used a Seiko H357 in the digital panel which received the messages Control Center.

and naturalmete messages to "scroll"

H Series SEIKO ANADIGI Dual analog display clocks and digital time








1983 Once again, Roger Moore Bond returned to make Octopussy and again in a seiko on the wrist this time for the new series G DOUBLE DISPLAY to localize the Faberge eggs



But also in Octopussy, was doubly seiko "Q" Bond Makes a television with built-Seiko

Seiko The original prototype was with black and white display. so these suggestive breasts were "cleverly" overlapping seiko however did not take long to commercialize the first watch with TV and with color display

The clock had to be plugged into a separate analog tuner, so it was not really too practical.


In 1985 the market was already saturated with clocks Lcd and can say that had almost won the game with Seiko in this field. The casio was lighter, their ranges were more variety, the same strength but above all ... Were much cheaper As can say that Seiko lost interest this segment

For last time, Roger Moore Bond returned to make in View to a Kill, and although several seiko classic wore on his wrist during the movie. seiko no longer officially sponsored the series. Still, under the brand Seiko Epson, Launched the


The first clock with touch screen and built-Rom With its own programming language, much sought after by lovers retrocomputing

It's all about Vintage Seiko LCD is concerned. Interestingly only add that the biggest collector in the world seiko lcd Spanish is just one I単igo Echeverria and that most of watches that appear here are from his personal collection Your Blog:

And the full list of watches official bond movies here:

.. (EL GILBERT De CASINO ROYALE we shall see in due course) ..

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SEIKO - SILVERWAVE - GS slideshow http://cid-3998751f47d8540c.skydrive...20-% 20GS? ref = 1

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SEIKO SEIKOMATIC 6601-7991 "SILVERWAVE" Either the Great Wave of Kanagawa, symbol of the Seiko divers. You may be interested to know that the first time that the famous "silver wave symbol" that used a Seiko Silverwave was precisely in 1962.

Silverwave Series 1962

is the ancestor of the current dive 7S26 200m, and the father of all divers of the mark. Just spurred by the Citizen that he had won by the hand seiko, successfully introducing three years before (1959), its first water resistant watch, (the PARAWATER) Was that seiko decided to enter the world of diving watches Along with the symbol on the back, also the first to have screw caps. and the first automatic movement seiko with this type of case. The dial is the first design of Seiko with a bidirectional rotating inner bezel. He was also the most luminous needles of the time and the first 50 meters seiko to resist.

silverwave 1962

early versions were with white dial / bezel blank white dial / black bezel. and rarer sphere with nacre / mother of pearl bezel (CREMA).

Something was released after a version entirely in BLACK

The watch was very expensive (11,000 yen retail), for carrying a 603 (6201B) or caliber automatic movement (62SW) with 20j.

Two years later, in 1964, production of the clock was stopped and was replaced by a less expensive version.

The 1964 silverwave 30m

The target market was to reach the younger so the price had to fall apart. Yen in 8200 was still quite expensive for young college-age but cheaper than the previous model.

The watch was cheaper because the movement was changed to a caliber 2451 (66SW) with 17 jewels. In addition, only supported at 30 meters.

Although manufacturing a large number of units of these models

actually production continued for a short time. The 50m by two years, from 1962 to 1964, and the 30m three years, from 1964 to 1966. 30m perhaps the best I have seen is that of Alberto ..

The beauty of its lines is undeniable

DESPITE BEING A less expensive models, The series 6601B, however, is particularly sought after by collectors in Japan, which is similar to those found 66SA 5 series Seiko 5 Sportsmatic (6619A w/21 gauge jewelry).

Box 1964

the design of the box "wave" looks exactly like the one currently in a variety of Seiko watches, 7S26 from diving .... to its current line of watches as 300 Prospex professional.

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# 1960 Japanese launch of Grand Seiko brand, high-end mechanical watches from Seiko.

Two Years Before silverwave Gama, in 1960 Seiko walked concentrated on making his mark an internationally recognized brand And throw the market its high-end watches to compete directly with the luxury Swiss watch industry.

We have seen that the flagship high-end relojerai Actual is the range of seiko Credor .. However, for the purists of the brand, the best Seiko NEVER were the ones who made almost 50 years ago Seiko manufactures to compete with the Swiss

Gauges handmade one by one with 36 000 Hi-beat alternation

To understand the why of these tremendous efforts, technical and economic, made by Seiko to develop the Grand Seiko and manufactured only from 1960 until 1974, must watch to understand the reality of time The Swiss were the kings indicutibles the world watches and it was not easy to find a place on the high luxury market is still semi-unknown a Japanese brand that effort was just to gain prestige, it sought to take advantage of this international recognition not only to gain a foothold in the domestic market, the Japanese market but also in the high clock or watch High-end, then dominated by the organizations Central Clock . To create these Grand Seiko, and gain international prestige, Seiko, went to work on two of its factories, Daini and Suwa Seikosha Seikosha, the best engineers, creating even internal rivalry, and developing different calibers in each factory. In the 70's the best international recognition of the quality of a clock Competition was obtained from the Observatory of Neuchatel, different manufacturers, provided Switzerland, presented their models and were subjected to harsh tests of accuracy and only a few managed to Official Recognition the Centre. Seiko, was presented to the contest for the first time in 1964, four years after having worked their teams in the two factories mentioned on that occasion, Seiko occupied the positions 153 and 144 in the contest. Three years later obtained the squares Seiko 4,5,7,8 and 12

and the following year, Seiko am 2 and 3. Unfortunately that was the last year in the competition held ... enough to expose the powerful Swiss watch industry. Seiko quality was such that Gs had continued it would have certainly won







SEIKO GS VIDEOS gs co .jp/resource/swf/ src="http://www.seiko-watch. <iframe /special/moviePlayer.swf" width="1024" height="600"> </ iframe>

Seiko, resumed the manufacture of the Grand Seiko in 1998, 24 years after the cessation of production, these watches are manufactured, assembled, adjusted and subjected to harsh tests, according to its own internal protocol to quality and accuracy, more demanding than the current Swiss COSC standard. 70sWatchesGallery 11.06.2009, 23:50

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SEIKO - 7018-5000 (MONACO & MONZA) Slideshow http://cid-3998751f47d8540c.skydrive...ONZA% 7C6? ref = 1

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SEIKO 7018-5000 "Monaco & Monza Response Ă&#x201C; Heuer Seiko We started with the series and most important of the 70 OF SEIKO, And the first model is the rare 7018-5000 With electric blue dial, known affectionately Like all Seiko Squared who shared housing with as Seiko "MONACO"

We are in the early '70s, and watches that "parties with corduroy were unquestionably the Heuer Leonidas In 1971 it was fashionable actor Steve McQueen With the movie "Le Mans"

And his watch, the Heuer Monaco

Poorly (for my taste), republished by TAG: neutral:

Edouard Heuer founded E. Heuer & Compagnie in 1860 which later became the hands of their children. In 1964 the company merged with Leonidas Factory Ltd, becoming Heuer-Leonidas SA A few years later absorbed Heuer Leonidas and as early as 1985 Techniques d'Avant-Garde acquired the majority shareholding from its name brand Tag Heuer.

Well, At that time the Japanese were much given to "copy all", although not as blatantly as replicas of today .. They'll do it with more class and implement its own vision of things ..

SEIKO 7018-5000 (1972)

The 7018-5000 was a version exclusively for the Japanese domestic market is not exported so it is extremely rare and there are very few units in circulation

existed in the same series another model The 7018-8000 this time with conventional box and Seiko also commonly known as "Monza"

SEIKO 7018-8000

the similarity of style with the reissue of Tag is clear ...

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SEIKO - 7017-6050-8000 (MULTIBEZEL FLYBACK) Slideshow http://cid-3998751f47d8540c.skydrive...BACK% 7C6? ref = 1

SEIKO 7017-6050 "Multibezel" Ó The Seiko Flyback

The 7017 is undoubtedly one of the rarest calibers OF SEIKO, And of the few next to the 7016 and 7018

with Flyback function that manufactures the brand.

Mostly it is what makes them so rare, not just the fact they were models for the Japanese domestic market, which undoubtedly reduced their circulation, if not also be the only models that function carriers seiko A rare clock unit whose only "National" called me in the round nose of Alicante ..

This model is the most stressed Also for his "THREE RING" Hence these models are commonly known by the nickname "MULTIBEZEL"

Are really only two exterior and interior, perto that in fact the third

is only drawn on the Dial, which could be marked as speedtime or 5sports70mWaterproof

And come with red or silver bezel

The simple version of this model, no external bezel It was called


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SEIKO - 7017-6000 (SOCCER) & (6010vs6030) Slideshow http://cid-3998751f47d8540c.skydrive...6030% 7C6? ref = 1

SEIKO 7017-6000 "SOCCER" And his 6010 and 6030 variants Today A brief gallery for a watch .. Very low

The 7017-6000 is another of the "Most Wanted" OF SEIKO, and is known commonly as "SOCCER" for being the only model with this function seiko, A bezel for measuring the times of football and basketball As not unusual in itself as only for the Japanese domestic market Flyback also the whole family as lap only 7017 seconds, without battery or subdial. Here in its original packaging

Other variants of the family are the most common

SEIKO 7017-6010

Or the rare 6030, a comparison in the last picture

SEIKO 7017-6030

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SEIKO - 7016-7000 (5 Hands) Slideshow http://cid-3998751f47d8540c.skydrive...ANDS% 7C6? ref = 1

SEIKO 7016-7000 "5 Hands" Seiko 5 needles Today plays begin with the 7016 or 5 needles seiko. UNIT OF 1977

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Seiko began the manufacture of this model in 1972 And the 7016 is five needles known as the distinction of being the timesheets of Seiko the only ones with subdial accumulator with two needles, one for minutes and one hour for flyback and his brothers also 7017 and 7018 and in this 7000 version with conventional box Available in brown dials

Or blue

In the gallery also restored a current .. The needles have been replaced obviously but the end result is not all bad.

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SEIKO - 7016-5020 (TANK) Slideshow http://cid-3998751f47d8540c.skydrive...TANK% 7C6? ref = 1

SEIKO 7016-5020 "TANK" tank called him .. We continue with the seiko 7016-5020 This nicknamed the tank for its peculiar form of barrel.

Like his brothers is a 5 hands with flyback and this model is relatively the most common of the series 7016 since the design of the box was so successful, seiko maintained that its production until well into the 80s THIS IS A 1985 UNIT

A little trick to distinguish when a unit is 80 and when the late 70s, is that the first series came with a different Armys, and white dater. A unit 1977

Usually in the 80 units the dater's in Black and the Armys different

A strap on him from vice Rally and this photo is shown

and a photo of the correct lume aprecieis for it in all its glory ..


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