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Venom stopped business at Dive Shop...

I'm getting ready for my vacation and tonight after work went to the large Diver's shop here in South Florida and at the checkout counter when I was handing over my money, they all stopped and asked about my watch.. I was wearing my Venom with the Blue Carbon fiber dial and the rubber strap as I usually save the bracelet for when I can make sure it won't get scratched... They had to feel how heavy it was, and even on the strap it weighs more than most other watches.. It went from guy to guy around the shop and each one commented on how hot it is and how expensive it must have been.. Then they saw that it was 1000 meters (at first they thought it said 100 meters) and couldn't believe that either...When I told them the price was around $1,000.00, they all thought that was a great deal...Little did they know it was $299.. There isn't a day that goes by that someone doesn't comment on this watch...It's hard for me to stop wearing it and give my other watches a chance! I still say dollar for dollar, and ounce for ounce it was the best bargain of the year.. __________________ Barry G Fort Lauderdale, FL

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im yet to purchase my first venom but they are in my scope... WiZKiD... View Public Profile Send a private message to WiZKiD... Find all posts by WiZKiD... Add WiZKiD... to Your Contacts #4 Today, 08:25 PM

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Venoms Have That Way With People. boaters View Public Profile Send a private message to boaters Find all posts by boaters Add boaters to Your Contacts #5

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Agreed it was a great buy, wouldnt actually use it to dive with (thats what the dive computer is for) but at the price and for the quality it cant be beat __________________

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I catch people staring all the time. Not a lot of comments though, as I think they are afraid it will bite them. A guy I am helping run for political office here stopped a meeting we were having and mentioned it's size. __________________


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Made a trade with a fellow WG for my first Venom. It is supposed to be here tomorrow. I am drooling at the mouth in anticipation. Leed24 View Public Profile Send a private message to Leed24 Send email to Leed24 Find all posts by Leed24 Add Leed24 to Your Contacts #8 Today, 08:34 PM Join Date: May 2010 Location: Los Angeles area. Posts: 58

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Great story!! Its amazing how many people are in the dark about great quality affordable watches that are available because they assume any nice looking watch cost a small fortune. This market is only going to grow like the WatchGeeks forum. surferman View Public Profile Send a private message to surferman Find all posts by surferman Add surferman to Your Contacts #9 Today, 08:36 PM


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I'm snorkeling in Bimini, not scuba.. It will be my first time wearing it in the water -where the magnification is about 25%...imagine how big that will look.. I'll try to take some underwater pics as I will be bringing my camera and marine housing.. This watch can do some serious damage son accidentally hit it with his wrist and it left a welt that had to be iced down. I always was against the Venom- too big, too expensive with a G10 movement etc, but this kit with the 5040E and the bracelet and strap and dive box at $299 is amazing.. If you don't have one in your collection (I have the blue and the yellow) give it a shot.. They come up on WOW and ewatches every once in a while.. __________________ Barry G Fort Lauderdale, FL

Venom stopped business at Dive Shop