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Thomas Grandinetti The death of Bin Laden while putting an end to a horrible chapter in our history is not the end of our war on terrorism. Muslim extremist still hate us & our way of life and will kill us every chance they get. Unfortunately we are in a war with Islamic nut jobs till they are all killed or for eternity which ever comes first ! Monday at 5:50am 3 people like this.


Pat Chiappa-Case and if anyone thinks that there isn't a successor, they are nuts....and my feeling is that there will be something catastropic to happen in retaliation... Monday at 6:01am · 1 personLoading...

Virginia A Kerner I'm thinking the same thing Pat,, n Tom I agree 100%! Monday at 6:06am

Virginia A Kerner They should of bombed the shit out of them the morning after 9/11!!! Monday at 6:07am · 2 peopleLoading...

Thomas Grandinetti

Pat retailiation is not a concern for me because if these Muslim nut jobs could kill us they wouldn't wait for something like this to do it but rather would do it when they were ready. Thanks to President Bush these scum bags haven't been a...See More Monday at 6:17am · 3 peopleLoading...

Debbie Rose Thank You George Bush and Dick Cheney. If not for your policies the information that led us to this day would never have happened..Thank You Dick Cheney for waterboarding those assholes in Gitmo..If not for that happening we would not have ...See More Monday at 6:40am · 1 personLoading...

Thomas Grandinetti Debbie well said ! They say when Obummer took office he was briefed as president & came out of the meeting white as a ghost no pun intended. He finally knew what Bush was up against and was shocked at how bad the terrorist threat was. Funny how after 27 months none of Bush's policies have been eliminated from skinny ass ? Yes indeed...thank President Bush ! Monday at 6:44am · 2 peopleLoading...

Pat Chiappa-Case as I posted last night upon hearing the news....BHO will take all the credit for this... Monday at 6:50am

Kenneth O'Day Sorry, but I won't believe a word from this White House. Isn't it odd that this happened a day after they found the birth certificate released by the WH was photoshopped? And why the "burial at sea"? Not convinced. Monday at 6:51am

Pat Chiappa-Case Ken...funny that this should happen after the wonderful week BHO had...this was the topping to his cake....however, I believe he is dead...and even the Saudi's didn't want his body...had he been buried somewhere he would've been memorialized by the fanatics who think he was wonderful... Monday at 6:57am

Pat Chiappa-Case and I want to know what BHO plans on doing with they didn't know he was there...???? PHULEEZ....and after all the money we send them...I'd cut them off and keep the money here in America for the people here who need the tornado riddled South... Monday at 6:59am · 3 peopleLoading...

Thomas Grandinetti WOW Ken I was thinking the same thing ! I was shocked to learn of the burial at sea.I really thought the smart move was to show the body to prominant Arab leaders so they could go out among their own and spread the word that Bin Laden was truly dead.Now there will always be doubt in the minds of the Arab world.

Monday at 7:09am

William Levy Tom, to doubt OBL death is only a slap in the face of the military commander who led the elite team that carried out this surgical execution. What i think you meant to say is there will always be doubt among Middle East Fanatics and thats...See More Monday at 1:46pm

William Levy I hit the send button to fast, sigh, Anyway to wrap this up, a leader and the team that carried this out would not lie about the end result. The standard of honesty and motto of courage and faith outweighs any lie that would perpetuate...See More Monday at 1:56pm

Thomas Grandinetti Bill what I posted is not even close to a slap in the face of the leader of our military commander ! I was talking about pure politics here and how it would have been more prudent to show the body to prominant Arab leaders so they could con...See More Monday at 2:56pm

William Levy Well Tom, i didnt say you said anyone was lying, but when you read ken's post about he "don't belive a thing from the white house" and goes on to mention the burial at Sea, then read right after your post you were thinking the same thing, one can question what you were thinking? yes or no? I truly didnt belive you though OBL wasnt dead. I was just giving the fact why it is true with or with a photo. period. Monday at 4:21pm

Kenneth O'Day I haven't heard the "military commander" speak on the success of the mission. I think they would have let him speak and show proof, their would be less doubt. I'm only doubting ANYTHING BHO says ..... Monday at 11:51pm

Kenneth O'Day There should be an "if" between think and they ..... Monday at 11:52pm

Gretchen Stultz I am late in commenting about the death of OBL -question: why was he buried at sea? Muslim belief is if a Muslim dies on a ship then they are buried at sea. Bin Laden was killed in a land raid. Something does not quite add up. Oh, and if Pakistan didn't know Bin Laden was in their country, I have a bridge they might be interested in purchasing.. Yesterday at 4:29am

William Levy They did not want to leave the body behind gretch to become a symbol, and or rallying point for all the other crazy muslim people. my question if what kind of chopper flew in and out since they only flew one out. could not have been a bla...See More Yesterday at 7:48am

William Levy Ken in time i think the Commander will be interviewed, but it might be awhile. A real long while, or short time. I doubt he has permission to speak to the media about such matters. Yesterday at 7:50am

Thomas Grandinetti I'm not doubting that Bin Laden was killed. What I'm saying is not having his body identified by as many Arab leaders as possible was a mistake because his loyalist will choose to think he is still alive. I could care less how he died becau...See More Yesterday at 7:59am

William Levy my only problem is Obama is taking credit for this. he had nothing to do with it as much as Bush & Cheeny, all Obama did was give the ok, then got on National TV and acted like he coordianted the entire operation. pffft. A lot of people are being fooled here and will have an affect on the next election. does not mean he will win, but got some votes back he lost im sure.

Yesterday at 8:06am

Gretchen Stultz As long as unemployment, gasoline, foreclosures, economic strife continue at current levels, Mr. Obama's temporary increased approval rating will be just that: temporary. At least that is how normal people will perceive it and act accordingly come Nov. 2012. Yesterday at 8:54am · 1 personWilliam Levy likes this.

William Levy agrre w/ you gretch xxo 21 hours ago

Thomas Grandinetti  
Thomas Grandinetti  

Monday at 6:01am · 1 personLoading... Monday at 6:07am · 2 peopleLoading... Virginia A Kerner I'm thinking the same thing Pat,, n Tom I agre...