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Who Wants To Look Amazing? Introducing The Benzinger Boutique Collection

The Benzinger Boutique Collection Offered in white gold, pink gold and steel on request these stunning new timepieces are mostly based on manually wound movements from Unitas and showcase the extraordinary talents of Jochen Benzinger and Georg Bartkowiak. Characterized by hand-skeletonized movements, genuine hand-guilloché dials and technical modifications such as the striking position of the hour and minute displays above the dial, the Boutique Collection represents a superb combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern design.

We’ve picked out some of our favorites which we think you’re going to love too. First up is the aptly named and extremely desirable ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Collection:

The White Dragon (Beauty):

White mother-of-pearl dial, hand-created and applied dragon, white leather strap, diamond bezel, 18K White gold case, 42 mm, movement set with pavé diamonds, €32.500,00.

The Black Dragon (Beast):

Black sterling silver dial, hand-created and applied dragon, black hand-sewn alligator leather strap, 18K White gold case, 42 mm, oignon-style crown, hand-skeletonized, hand-engraved and hand-guilloché movement with flame-blued screws; black and gold finish, €20,500.

However, if you are a true connoisseur of skeletonized dials than you cannot go past the phenomenal Fancy Blossom collection. Presented in three different variations (Cherry Blossom, Coffee Blossom and Ice Blossom) these are no longer timepieces, they are superb works of art!

The Coffee Blossom

Movement completely skeletonized, engraved and engine-turned by hand, 18K White gold case with leather strap, 42 mm, diamond bezel, €25.500,00

The Final Word It seems like more and more we are seeing a return to the traditional values of exceptional craftmanship, quality and individuality in the watch industry as high-end consumers continue to raise their expectations and demand highly-customized, unique pieces.

Whilst the new Boutique collection is designed to be more accessible (relatively speaking) than the Grieb & Benzinger Platinum series, you can be almost guaranteed you will not see a similar piece on anyone’s else wrist given the highly limited production numbers (approximately 100 pieces a year maximum). Beautifully executed, every piece in the collection demonstrates the standard of quality and attention to detail that Benzinger are renowned for.

Plus gentleman if you treat yourself to a Black Dragon and your lovely partner to a White Dragon everybody wins. Same goes for you too ladies!

The Benzinger Boutique Collection  

Who Wants To Look Amazing? Introducing The Benzinger Boutique Collection The White Dragon (Beauty): We’ve picked out some of our favorites w...