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Z端richstrasse 23 A Postfach 8053 CH 2500 Biel/Bienne 8 Phone : (++41) 032 344 42 42 Fax : (++41) 032 344 42 40 BASELWORLD : 1.1, A81


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The History of Walca Walca has dedicated itself to watch manufacturing since its foundation by Peter P. Jenny in 1976. His same passion for timekeeping is what still drives us today. Our aim is to interpret your brand strategies into a completely unique quality timepiece. Our expertise will ensure your success from the design stage through the final series production. Today, more than 30 people are employed in Bienne, Switzerland, and nearly that many more at our eastern facility, Walca Far East in Hong Kong. All of us work towards your brand success. Our slogan is: innovation, discretion and reliability.