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There is a difference (in purpose) between large watches and oversized watches. Some have large wrists and thus require a large watch for it to look appropriate while others wear oversized watches because they want that bold, in your face, look what I got look. I think the large watches are here to stay because we will always have people with larger wrists but the oversize market, at least IMHO, is only a fad. Once the fad goes away the demand for large watches will shrink. History always repeats itself and the standard 40mm watch will return. When? Who knows I caught got up in the 50mm craze and I have a smaller wrist. I came to my senses, at least for me, and am going back to the 40-47mm size watch. Just my 2 cents waswell View Public Profile Send a private message to waswell Find all posts by waswell Add waswell to Your Contacts #11 Today, 08:36 AM

Stop complaining about watches being too large!  

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