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not think 50mm watches will be going anywhere soon. I like my watches in the 40-47mm range, and I only comment when a new watch comes out over that size range it is too big for me. Not really a complaint, just a comment. It's all About what a person likes I never complain about size but I usually wont buy anything over 48mm because I don't feel it looks right on my 71/4 inch wrist. My only major complaint is if the watches are so big why are the date windows so small. __________________ Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't. robertjk View Public Profile Send a private message to robertjk Send email to robertjk Find all posts by robertjk Add robertjk to Your Contacts #22 Today, 09:03 AM

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Originally Posted by gregplay723 Maybe I'm missing something but it seems that every time a new watch is unveiled many geeks simply dismiss it because of size; the small 40mm watches of yesteryear are gone and for the most part good riddance, With all of the wonderful dial choices now available at affordable prices it has released the strangle hold that watch makers like Rolex and Cartier had on the industry for years. So enjoy the boldness that is today, and enjoy the larger time pieces from all the innovative designers unleashing these beauties. I`m complaining about nuthin`!!! I have been assimilated by the RD`s,SAN III`s and a whole lots of other larger watches since falling into this OCD hobby. Certaily a SO 44 skelton will be great for formal affairs and the big bling the rest of the time. Wear what you want and quit the b***hn` __________________

Stop complaining about watches being too large!  

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