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Russian to English translation Chelyabinsk outside 06/25/2010 16:00 1 Chelyabinsk, Zlatoust, Image, Import, Imitation Brand Will you believe that the governor of California, superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger can communicate with Chrysostom his wristwatch? Surprisingly, but true. We start from afar. In late 1941 from Moscow to Chrysostom was evacuated 1-st National Watch Factory Kirov, and here began chronometers production for the Red Army. The scale of production says that Zlatoust clock installed on virtually every Soviet tanks and planes. After the war production in the southern Urals was decided to maintain and expand. Zlatoust watch factory, grew up in the Soviet period, a major center for the domestic watch industry, focused mainly on defense orders, although successfully mastered and released as civilian products. History ZCHZ continues today. Closer to the case. In 1950-60-ies Zlatoust plant, among other things, made for the Navy of the USSR watch model 191-ES - for submariners. Without exaggeration, this is a unique thing! The largest wristwatch in the world: the diameter (excluding head) about 60 mm, weight 250 grams. Strong stainless steel housing - the most difficult to manufacture, but essentially "neubivaemy. But the most exotic feature - they produced with the use of radioactive materials! To achieve the effect of the emission figures on a dial covered with salts of radium. Watch cool "fonili": over the front part of the hours Geiger counter rolls over to 8000 (!) Micro-roentgen per hour (compare: the natural background of 15-30 micro-roentgen, allowable accommodations - 60 MCR). However, a terrible miscalculation of Technology, in this case was not: because of the high dispersion of gamma rays at a distance of 10-20 cm, radioactivity decreases to 200 hours of MCR, and at one meter distance at all becomes natur al. On hand to wear a huge clock was uncomfortable on his sleeve as a diving suit Dial directed outwards, and before the body reached a very weakened backgrou nd. So, if we exclude the ingress radium phosphor in the body and in food, hours still are safe.

Almost all Soviet divers worked in hours of Chrysostom. Photo from Issue diving watches ZCHZ was minimized in the first half of 1970, and gradually they came out of professional treatment, rem ained mainly legend. Thus a legend - increasingly popular in the West than we have. Apparently, reinforced through propaganda shout of the Cold War, the history of radioactive chronometers Russian submariners seemed keen to hours, and townsfolk some incredible, uncanny, disturbing ... On the other hand, Soviet military watches have always been popular in the West (remember the first Our merchants brought in the late 80's to Poland for sale "Commander"). Demand, as we know, breeds supply. It is no accident in 2003, the market has emerged hour series of Russian Divers from the company Invicta - apparently completely copying Zlatoust 191-ES. But, of course, without the radium and reduced by 8 mm in diameter for ease of use. Also garbled acronym "IIF USSR" on the dial (such as Russian roots stressed and the Soviet Navy is not swung, and letters, and from Invicta - stuck). From a functional point of view, these watches more decorative, clearly inferior to the 191-ES. The company has the Invicta Swiss origin, has been known since the middle of XIX century. In 1991 it bought the Americans, who have developed and begun to aggressively implement a new marketing strategy for the brand. There is remarkable what version of the company voiced by presenting «Invicta Russian submarine. Allegedly, in 1959 the command of the naval forces of the Soviet Union, choosing Invicta as the best among many in Switzerland, she ordered a limited batch of 100 hours of diving - whether for awarding her the best submariners, or for comparison with the Soviet Swiss quality. Because Invicta has now, compared to other watchmakers, more moral rights to manufacture "Rushen Divers. The sample is "Russian submarine" (Zlatoust) also allegedly kept by her grandmother accidentally President Invicta Mr. Lalo, and this sample was car efully studied, refined and launched the company in a series. Emphasize any documents "Russian ancestry» Russian Divers company did not confirm, and experts on this legend openly laugh. However, this does not prevent Invicta sell tens of thousands of its products worldwide. Today, in a series of Russian Divers company represents more than thirty watches for all tastes at prices ranging from $ 150 up to 2000, the base of which remains a model 2625 ($ 600), c opied from the Zlatoust diver. The company is promoting the brand with the slogan "Between the Devil and the marine abyss. No matter what happens.

A good advertising company Invicta Russian Divers - particularly through online retailers and television shopping channel ShopNBC - has borne fruit. The popularity and sales of "Russian submarine" grew. And the trend hastened to take advantage of rivals Invicta. First, the scourge of brands - the Chinese "pirates". Invicta does not conceal that their Russian Divers officially produced in Southeast Asia with little use of Swiss and American components. Now here is spread out and the second, "left", the flow of all kinds of handicraft counterfeits "Rushen Divers. And secondly, there were enterprising people here in Russia. Boldly use not only the legend of 191-ES, but also the name of the Zlatoust watch factory. For about four years through the Internet and in shops of the capital, and Peter, in the calculation of mostly foreigners, sold watches Zlatoust Divers Watches, advertised as the original 191-ES. By size (but not quality) they are closer to the original: less in diameter of only 1-2 mm on the dial and the back cover - an abbreviation and symbols of the Soviet Navy, has a serial number. Clocks are supplied with "certificate" with notes of TCI and the stamp "not radioactively / No Radiation»; of the packing box labels - "Order of the Ministry of Defence of the USSR" and "Zlatousovsky watch factory" (the letter T in the title is omitted intentionally).

Box "zlatousovkih" Zlatoust Divers Watches Secret Zlatoust Divers opened our Internet forum military collectors WW2. One of the members of the forum wrote, I quote: ... It's not even a remake, and souvenir products to the Soviet Union has nothing to do with (except the hull shape). And her e - Made-in from St. Petersburg in 2005-7 years. The mechanism of pocket Lightning and as described above, are broken at times. Personally acquainted with the author lyricist;) Oh, and if there is a box, then you could read what was written, namely Zlatousovsky watch factory (find the missing letter;) ... The author seems that if anything this nice trick protect. It starts with the fact that he wrote as it should, Zlatoust, but then it an idea. Judging by the St. Petersburg craftsman for a short period expanded its series of "Divers" to 13 models (average cost $ 350) case, he does not go bad. In addition to the counterfeit Zlatoust Divers, online stores hours marking 191-ES is sometimes found under well-known brands "Seagull" or "flight". The size of these "Divers" substantially (10-12 mm in diameter) yield Zlatoust. Holds in this case "matchlock", or referred to Russian factories is so responded to the "diving" demand - we were unable to find out.

And now, something with which we began the article. Serious preference "Russian diving" a couple of years ago began to give the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger - is often present in them at public events, gives an interview. Large clock on the big man's hand look impressive.

In the whole world Arnie's best walking advertisement Russian Divers. Most curious after the debate on the Internet agreed that Arnold uses several models of Invicta, although some continue to defend the version of Zlatoust Divers. However, all agree that the style and siz e of the democratic "Divers" Schwarzenegger is going and are consistent with its image as a politician, so the denial of their benefits from the former causing Audemars Piguet was quite logical.

In democratic "Rushen Divers" Governor of California is easier to communicate with people. Photo from "The Terminator" powerfully raised "Rushen Divers" popularity. A trailer added popularity and the city of Zlatoust. How! At the request Zlatoust knives («Zlatoust knives") gives the search engine Google is currently about 25 thousand links, and Zlatoust watches («Zlatoust Clock") - about 40 thousand. After all this, there is a logical question: but in fact something Zlatoust watch factory recall his prospective inheritance, such as responding to market signals? Very pleased, yes. At the initiative has become in ZCHZ year and a half ago, the general director Victor Fironova production 191-ES was resumed. So now we have in the southern Urals - and only here - produced the most that neither is true "Russian diving watches», Russian Divers Watches. According to head of marketing and external relations of the company Sergei Fedotov, a purely technological problem was solved not easy. Effect of glow dial and hands has been improved by non-radioactive phosphor, has another, more qualitative, mechanism, developed a new strap from modern rubberized fabric, made some further changes. Nevertheless, these watches are the ones - the original, functional (work at depths greater than 100 meters), reliable (block hours, as opposed to fakes - is still a very strong stainless steel), and legendary. However, now the model is designated hours is not 191-ES, and - as an indicator of improvement - the 192-ES.

An updated legend - watch 192-ES. Photo from ZCHZ So far ZCHZ produced very limited batch of diving hours. They are not cheap: costs are comparable with the Invicta 2625. Some of these hours were presented to the leadership of the plant scientist, polar explorer and member of the Duma Artur Chilingarov, through which, s eemingly, one of the chronometers try on the right hand is much more important person. I think if this V.I.P. at least once appear in the Zlatoust submarine "in public, will be provided long ZCHZ orders. At the same time, I can give zlatoustovtsam Council and myself. It is known that one of the few Russians who Arnold Schwarzenegger knows personally and sympathetic, is our countryman, Michael strongmen Koklyaev. Since 2006 Misha regularly in America participate in organized sports tournaments Arnie Arnold Classic. I hope, will go on next year. Maybe try to convey through his Arnold 100% Russian Divers 192-ES of Chrysostom? The intrigue, however.

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In addition to the counterfeit Zlatoust Divers, online stores hours marking 191-ES is sometimes found under well-known brands "Seagull" or "...