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I'm "out" for at least a week...

As most of you know, the sprain in my jaw has prevented me from doing a lot of talking, and it just keeps getting worse, so the docs suggest I give it more of a rest. Doing an electro-steroid injection several times a week, doing A.R.P. manipulation of the tissue and muscles, and a bit of acupuncture along with my physical therapy to try and speed up the process... but it simply needs to get rest. When I do a show it's exactly like running on a sprained ankle... it can't heal that way. So, I'll be off until at least next Monday, possibly longer. If I can get back in shape sooner, I'll be back sooner of course! This doesn't prevent me from doing anything except talking and eating (I have to eat soft foods and liquids), so I'll still be online and doing some sneak peek photography as well. That is... in-between percocets of course

BTW: Here's how ridiculous it looks when I get the steroid treatment. The negative lead is on my face, right at the TMJ joint, the positive is on my arm. It then zaps the steroid directly INTO the joint. Much better than taking steroids in any other way and waiting for it to work through your system.



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