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Junior Member Join Date Nov 2011 Location Minneapolis Posts 8 Yeah having HUGE problems with them and they are only SPONSORED by Renato that is all ... if you contact Renato they have NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT SITE OTHER THAN THEY SPONSOR IT, AND YOU NEED TO CONTACT INFO@SALEBIDZ.COM which I have multiple times and NOTHING ... I just tried it again and it came up with some lame excuse that I need to contact the Administrator of the site through some other way... that is the ONLY WAY they let you contact them. Well luckily my site states I have won NOTHING and OWE NOTHING.... I am going with that... I am not paying for anything... Those that were the ONLY BIDDERS you were IDIOTS to put in tons of money because 3 WINNERS>.. I won one even though my bid was only $2 but then some asshole had to come in and put $171 for a price or something like that... we both won the product at $171. But NO WHERE does it state you have to pay what the HIGHEST bid was... Well I would STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM THIS SITE FROM NOW ON.. I THINK IT IS A SCAM AND THEY ARE OUT TO MAKE MONEY AND THAT IS ALL Reply With Quote 7. Yesterday 07:26 PM #7 jrprok

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