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With respect, this is a ridiculous auction style that seems to hold consumers in contempt. You are asking the buyer to pay a premium upfront just for the privilege of bidding. It smacks of slick willy and seems to prey on the unintelligent. It's okay to charge a buyer's premium. Many places do - to the people who have actually WON the item, not bidders. No thanks, Daniel. Reply With Quote 5. Yesterday 11:53 AM #5 tamgreen

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Originally Posted by goin4it1973 OK, I have an ISSUE or two: 1. I bid on the Samsung pad and I was the first to bid then another came along and bid $171 at the end. I bid $2. So there were two winners. Me and this other person. I am wondering if I won the item because I didn't receive an email stating that I did. 2. I bid on the Camera and well I once again was one of the three winners however at a higher price than I bid. NO WHERE does it state on the site that you have to pay what the TOP bid was. I have looked all over the site and it just says the

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