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Jim Skelton is also In Cognito. Fake ID to defend himself & gets caught

the above photo is from Betterskills. It shows the IP address of Jim Skelton when he posted

Jim Skelton responded here at first. Jim Skelton Says: October 14, 2009 at 6:00 pm I was pointed to this blog and would like to assist in setting the record straight if I may. Firstly, thank you for your obvious concern about our watch programs at ShopNBC. If we‟re being talked about at all, it can;t be a bad thing Tim Temple is indeed back “home” at ShopNBC and we are all very excited about this,

myself included of course. But this is not a move to replace myself, or anyone else on our host team. It is a result of our ever-expanding watch program which now dominates our program schedule, and becomes more demanding almost weekly. Suffice it to say that the schedule is so daunting that neither myself, nor our original “Watch Host” Shawn Wilsie could possibly fill all of the additional hours. So it makes perfect sense to bring in „reinforcements‟, especially someone with Tim‟s obvious experience. Now our shows can continue to grow more easily. Just last week I was fortunate enough to have signed a new contract, so any rumors of my departure, are simply that… rumors. I would not be leaving on my own as this is my home, and I love and respect those that I work with. Since our shows have grown tremendously year to year over the last 5 years, (and we have even grown this year during this unfortunate economic downturn) my performance has never been in question. I am blessed to work with an incredible team at our network, and it is the team effort along with the outstanding product and pricing that allows us to keep growing. As to competing in any with our website at, nothing could be further from the truth actually. WG sells absolutely nothing, and is not a website for profit in any way. WG was built by myself along with my two good friends Bruce and Michael to be a place for watch lovers to congregate and enjoy themselves. It also allows me to directly interact with all of our viewers as well as provide sneak peeks of upcoming products through my photography. If WG impacts ShopNBC in any way, it is in a positive way as you can certainly view my sneak peeks as marketing for our shows. As to the comments about loyalty (in reference to our viewers), I do make this comment a lot because as I often say; I am very thankful to all of our viewers because without them, we cannot exist. I came from the online watch community long before I was a host, so I have spent a good amount of time on the consumer end… and I feel it is important to always recognize HOW & WHY these shows are successful. The viewers make it all possible, and none of us, certainly myself, have forgotten this important fact. So again I thank you for your concern & commentary, and I hope I have answered your questions so that some of these rumors can be put to bed.

And Jim Skelton as In Cognito posting this in the same thread

In Cognito Says: November 1, 2009 at 4:53 pm Wow, thatâ€&#x;s rich. So you know so much that Jim will be canned by January (but luckily you gave yourself an out by saying they will stretch it out, now you canâ€&#x;t be wrong for at least 6 months), and your influence is so strong that because of your little blog, Tim Temple was forced to join Watch Geeks. Wow.

Jim Skelton is also In Cognito  
Jim Skelton is also In Cognito  

Jim Skelton is also In Cognito. Fake ID to defend himself & gets caught the above photo is from Betterskills. It shows the IP address of...