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Jim Skelton Watchlords comes up with half-truths and in many cases outright fabrications. Bear in mind also that there is no DA involved, no investigators, attorneys or any other legal garbage that is often touted. These claims have been made for over two years .still nothing. It doesn't take two years. Those blindly taking these dumped as facts are about to get a wake up call. FACTS and documentation are going public soon. The lies, accusations and legal defamation will cease. Unlike others, I don't make things up. And I don't string others along for two years only to not follow through. Expect a public posting soon. 

Jim Skelton Apologies for the "smart keyboard". "Dumped" should read as "rumors".

Jim Johnson Jim, thanks for your side of the story. Will you be going after WUS, BDWF, WTF, TZ and others as well?

Jim Skelton What for? I don't care what folks say about a watch brand, that is not the subject here. The watch brands are big boys and don't need me to defend them. Koi has threatened me directly, tried to get me fired directly, and has spread absolutely false information about me personally. This is the issue, not rants about watch brands.

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