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This is the only forum I've ever been a member of, but the curious side of me wondered what all of the commotion is about and I searched some of those "other" watch sites... all I found was Invicta and Shop bashing! Not one mention of what the members on those sites liked/disliked about THEIR watches, just discussing (to great extent) how bad Invicta and Shop are!!! That's unreal if you ask me. That would be like me putting down someone's choice of, oh, I don't know... hot sauce! "How can you like so-and-so's hot sauce? They're terrible! I've never tried theirs, but my hot sauce is the best because I paid more for it!" Strange analogy, but I hope I get the point across. With that said, I own over 10 different brands of watches, from $40 to $2500, and I keep coming back to Invicta! __________________

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I am on many watch sites, including Koi's whine-a-thon. The fact of the matter is this: Enjoy what you like. There will always be people who are bent out of shape about the same thing you enjoy. __________________