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company they were I would simply buy from someone else and never look back...granted some of the gripes with Invicta are legit, some are not...I have been collecting Invicta's for 3 years running with only a hand full of minor issues...I'm still very satisfied with the value I obtain from every watch I buy from them and will continue to patronize them for a long time to come.. Jon __________________

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Originally Posted by Hotspur Not quite following your metaphor. Are you equating a fine Swiss watch from a traditional luxury manufacturer, say Patek, JLC or even Rolex, with a forged Monet? Wouldn't they be genuine Monets? So the difference between an original, genuine Monet and a lesser known artist isn't really a question of authenticity, but merely the difference between the price of the work of a world renowned master and a lesser one. Both are equally original - one simply sells for 1000 times the price of the other.