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his Rolex...I was very surprised by the cheap feeling the Rolex bracelet had...light weight....and felt like a $10 bracelet you could get at Walmart. Now...I use to have a all SS 1985 Exp II ...and although the bracelet wasn't as hefty as my still had some weight to it. He now has about dozen Invicta's...all Pro Divers or Grand Divers...and when he comes to town, he always makes a point of showing me his newest Invicta...and he says he wife doesn't even mention it when he buys a new Invicta...because he isn't spending $8-10 grand on the watch. Oh yeah...for what it's Rolex spent more time in the shop than it ever did on my wrist. I spent 2 or 3 times what the watch was worth on repairs because the automatic movement wouldn't run for more than a few months at a time before it would stop working properly. Finally...I got tired of spending money on it, and it sat in its box for 7 years...until the thieves that ransacked our townhouse after Katrina decided they wanted it...!!! Do I bash Rolex because I had a bad got a happens. __________________

Larry in Humble, Tx

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