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Originally Posted by RipitRon I am pretty sure most of them are bitter for one reason or another, my best guess is that they have a nagging old Haggler at home and they have no ability to be a man at home or work. So what happens is they get to feel like a man by typing this crap on a keyboard. I can think of one such Turd Burglar and his name references a Smelly/Fugly CARP!

Funny stuff Ron!!! I think some of them have nothing in their lives better to do than to despise others who don't think the same way they do. If you read their whole site...these people not only hate and despise you for buying an Invicta....they also hate you if you don't drive the same car, buy the same clothing, live in the same town...the list is long what they don't like. I find it sad...because the one thing they really do hate is themselves. They live miserable lives...and have nothing positive in their life's. You'll find that most of these people don't even like the other people on their "hater" site....So why waste your time. People that have to make fun of others to make themselves feel good about their own life, lead a miserable, self loathing life. I have sold one of my wife's friends on Invicta because of the quality of Invicta's bracelet. We were eating at a Japanese Restaurant and he saw my PD Scuba and want to see it. He was amazed by the heft and feel of the watch....and took off his 1990's Rolex to try it on. When he handed me