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A $50.00 watch comparison should be done with $50.00 watches. The bolt, sas, tourbillon, speedway and valjoux are not comparable to $50.00 watches becasue they are not selling for that, they are much higher than that. My favorite Invicta's are the simple grand and pro divers and the Unitas RD's. The RD's with the Unitas are much higher than the divers so it would be foolish to compare them to each other. Comparing a grand or pro diver to the Alpha brand would be a fairer deal. Both are worth the money put out. I have a large variety in my collection, some are very nice and some are beaters. I could care less what someone says about what I buy. Like I don't care what people think of the brand of bra or underwear I wear. Every few months there is a new thread about this, a search would do wonders for the people starting these threads. Nothing is learned. We bash them for bashing Invicta. Yet we are better? All watch brands have people who don't like them, but their customers don't get all butt hurt about it. This thread isn't about watches, it's about personalities. trip_67 View Public Profile