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Let those that own and have had a bad experience with Invicta complain and all others get off the bus. The expression "TV Brands" gets passed around a lot by the detractors as well. Is it a tv brand if they are sold in brick and mortar stores as well as on air, on their websites and other sites? Rhetorical question by the way. Wouldn't it be a pain in the azz if we spent all day talking (if that's what you want to call it) about who and/or what we hate? It would take all the time we had away from being able to address what we really care for. Such a waste of time. __________________

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Originally Posted by Cruzer I have owned Invictas and will tell you why they get bashed. First off they have large quality problems hands falling off etc. Their resale value is very low. Also their claims of being Swiss made is questionable at best. Also their oversize hugness makes alot of people see them as clown watches. Plus not to mention their horid CS. Gee if all that is true how do you explain their popularity? Why do so many people absolutely love the brand? Why are so many so loyal? Watches are definately trending up amongst all the watch companies (except maybe Rolex). And they are a huge company so yes they have