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I believe that if you go into buying an Invicta and knowing what you're getting and are comfortable with the price you paid, it doesn't matter what anyone says. Out of my collection, I only have 4 Invictas, 5 including my GD which didn't arrive yet, and I have had zero issues as far as the movements go. My Reserve Ocean Reef is the only issue, with the rose-gold layering fading away, but it's still a great watch. I see alot of bashing about the crystals being used, I have zero scratches on any of my Invictas. I guess I am a little lucky that I have not had to deal with their CS yet and actually send a watch in for repair, but my experience with Invicta has been positive. Will I ever spend more than a few hundred on an Invicta? Probably not, I feel the money can be better spent on a different brand, but that is just my opinion. pebe View Public Profile Send a private message to pebe Send email to pebe Find all posts by pebe Add pebe to Your Contacts #63 01-24-2012, 07:27 AM


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Originally Posted by RipitRon I am pretty sure most of them are bitter for one reason or another, my best guess is that they have a nagging old Haggler at home and they have no ability to be a man at home or work. So what happens is they get to feel like a man by typing this crap on a keyboard. I can think of one such Turd Burglar and his name references a Smelly/Fugly CARP! That's just funny! __________________ Patience is a virtue few WatchGeeks have... DPM View Public Profile Send a private message to DPM Find all posts by DPM Add DPM to Your Contacts #64 01-24-2012, 07:38 AM