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have to say about it...Some gripes are legit with respect to CS issues and some are straight up exaggerations of the they can get a rise out of people and get under their skin...I have been on other forums and can see countless issues with higher end brands that don't get the same exposure on the anti sites like Invicta..Invicta does do homages to quite a few watch brands out their, but I say whats wrong with do a lot of other brands...My Reserve Akula looks a hell of a lot like a Concord C1 Chrono..but I like it so I buy it...Invicta also has a number of models that are their own patented designs...I like the cost to value I get from my Invicta's which is why I still collect them..I don't care if Invicta holds the undisputed title for the most hated watch company on the planet....I will still buy their timepieces.. Jon


Originally Posted by RipitRon I am pretty sure most of them are bitter for one reason or another, my best guess is that they have a nagging old Haggler at home and they have no ability to be a man at home or work. So what happens is they get to feel like a man by typing this crap on a keyboard. I can think of one such Turd Burglar and his name references a Smelly/Fugly CARP! __________________