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The Sea Spider Bracelet on that RD OTV was redesigned, really? Maybe I was watching the Watch Day event of this past weekend for too many hours, or I just heard that sizing this new Spider bracelet was so much easier and I just don't anything about Invicta watches? I have maybe around 170 or so, and three happen to be Sea Spiders! I just got my purple version of the Sea Russian Diver Spider yesterday and don't get what Jimbo was talking about regarding the new design bracelet and how you pinch one side of the pin and use a screw driver to unscrew the other screw. This looked the the same ol' thing. Had to use my rigged up double screw set up which consists of one screw driver held by a small vice grip which lays on the table and has as a stop my leg so when the srew is turned by the other screw driver the watch won't spin and I get the leverage needed to break the screws tension. Just have to be pretty darn close so the screw falls into the sloted screw driver below which you can't see. Worked yesterday, I just didn't figure out what Skelton and his guest were talking about with a newly designed band? If they were alluding to using those top very large screw heads near the case that would throw off the effect and balance of the look of the bracelet. I really was looking forward to only using one tool this time instead of my faithful technique which involves contless tools and the ability to use four limbs all at one time. Any ideas? It's got to be me, right? Thanx

Doubt Sea Spider Bracelet is a new redesign