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Do they EVERY answer emails...?

I am relatively new to this forum and to watch collecting. Despite the issues I have seen about Invicta customer service I have continued to purchase their watches - I have now purchased about 27 or 28 watches in the past 6 months from them. I had to send my first watch back for repair - my Subaqua Noma iii had one of the screw socket cups stripped when I got it so the bands were not fastening tightly on one side. I sent it back on 5/6/10 along with instructions and all the necessary paperwork. I included the payment for the return shipment (which they have already taken from my account). I have been trying to be patient but in order to prevent this long process from dragging on I wrote to them at the beginning of the week to see if there was any update on my return (I even included a copy of the e-repair report with my email). No response. I waited two days. I forwarded that same message to them again with another inquiry. No response. I just sent a third message to them after six days and still no response. Not even a "bite me", or "go away" or "we don't know". Just no response. I have verified the email address against their website. If I treated my customers this way they would go find another service provider. So I that's what I am gonna do. Despite Invicta having some really sweet looking time pieces I am done. I will spend my hard earned money elsewhere. Invicta, you have seen the last of my money. Way disappointed.... (and sorry to rant!) Al

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Do they EVERY answer emails...?

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You are going to find that the normal repair turn around is 10 to 12 weeks. Sometimes you get lucky and they return them faster but don't really count on it. Seems about the only one that returns Emails is Rebecca. Here email is She is the director of customer service for Invicta. She answers most emails but I would not start bugging her until after about 8 to 10 weeks. Hard to do, but you pretty much have to be patient if you use Invicta repair services. __________________ God put fools on this earth as a cheap form of entertainment to the rest of us! VegasLee View Public Profile Send a private message to VegasLee Find all posts by VegasLee Add VegasLee to Your Contacts #3 Today, 12:49 PM


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It depends on what info you were looking for as vegaslee stated it takes time.... you can check receipt of your return through the company you shipped with ...then wait...they have to send it out of the country, depending on the problem but you did only send it out in May ...and if you contact this person in charge (Rebecca) you have to remember you're not the only case....diplomacy...when you get it back it should be as good as new __________________

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Be patient,I haven't read a complaint thread yet that said they never got there watch back. And welcome to the forum. __________________ Did you see that? Do they all got hedges like that? Do they? MATTNATTI View Public Profile Send a private message to MATTNATTI Send email to MATTNATTI Find all posts by MATTNATTI Add MATTNATTI to Your Contacts #5 Today, 12:55 PM


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Sorry to hear of your problem. Hope everything works out for you. I too have had no response of an email sent April 06 on a Reserve with a defective GMT movement. I refuse to chase after them but use the watch because the time works fine. Would have been nice if it worked because I just got back from Italy for 3 weeks. I took my NFW AUTOPILOT instead. I now only buy Invicta on the Sunday run only and am very selective. I also have been buying more of other brands for this reason. ras View Public Profile Send a private message to ras Find all posts by ras Add ras to Your Contacts #6 Today, 04:10 PM

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Nothing for me from 4/30. I've given up on even sending the watch in.

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Does Invicta EVER answer emails  

I had to send my first watch back for repair - my Subaqua Noma iii had one of the screw socket cups stripped when I got it so the bands were...

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