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Quote: Originally Posted by Bahoomba REMOVED BY MODERATOR Because it had too many unbelievable statements in it that were FALSE. Seriously dude. Did you not read the entire thread. When by the way has someone here not been able to raise a LEGITIMATE complaint about something. Don't care about your post count, I know you around here. Usually you show respect. Here you talk about a community pool, which you decided was time to now take a leak in. Usher yourself to a time-out and look at why you are here, and has your opinion ever really been stifled. My guess is no. I know from your 2 grand plus posts that you are not a Invicta fan which is your right , but you have to ask yourself then Why Am I Here? This site is somewhere where people who love Invicta are allowed to praise and complain pretty freely, but non substantiative B.S. gets it's real day in court. I personally from your usual threads like your style, but here you couldn't have missed the train by more then a expired token and a bad excuse.

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Quote: I am definitely saddened by the tone this thread has taken, especially by you here, Michael Davis. This has gone way, WAY over the line. Sorry that you feel that way. Quote:

All this talk of "bodyguards" and "punks" and implied physicality has no place in a civilized forum about anything. This is the level of discourse we need to discuss watches? Because Invicta finally got something perfectly right, for once? That's an awful lot of hubris and chest-thumping considering the recent track record, isn't it? First of all, you really ought to go back and read this entire a thread again as you seem to be seeing what you want to see and not what was actually written here. There was no implied physicality. However, if you went back to the haters that are referenced here, they are just the ones that were talking about crashing the National Get Together back in June and instituting violence. No one here in this thread said that they were going to seek them out to do anything. As to my use of the word "punk", that is exactly what they are. Sorry if you don't like the use of the term. And as to your comment about "Invicta finally got something right", I am just going to ignore. We still produce and sell a couple of million watches a year and are still the top vendor at SNBC. I think I will allow the customers of that venue speak to the accuracy of that comment. Quote: And Mike, where were you when the poop hit the fan over the Speedway watches last year? There was an awful lot of silence coming from some quarters, particularly yours. Yep. Because when the guy who signs my paycheck says to be quiet that he is working on a joint statement between Invicta And Dubois Depraz, then that is exactly what I do. Whether you personally happen to like it or not. Quote: So don't give me this "we were working with D/D" stuff, because no one on earth believes it particularly after the D/D rep publicity stated he had no earthly idea his movements were in Invicta watches in the first place. Oh, I'm sorry - I wouldn't want to bring up facts in the face of the nice victory party that's going on over the new Lupah. OK, let's talk about the facts. You only discuss one small portion of that situation. You completely leave out the fact that after the person in the US spoke to the correct people within his own company that he signed onto a public statement here that indicated, in fact, that the Dubois Depraz modules we used were legitimate and gotten from them and that we did, indeed have a business relationship with them. If you want to quote the "facts", then at least please take the time to cite ALL of the facts. Not just a part of them to try and make your point. You are like the guy in a religious argument who quotes half of a Bible verse to try and make your point. The very same thing happened when I made comments about Armand Nicolet making watches for other companies a few months back. Folks contacted them and said things that were not true and then tried to publish the comments from Armand Nicolet. Once I contacted them directly and told them what was actually said, they agreed that I was correct and that these other people were trying to stir up trouble via half comments and lies that did not accurately represent what I had actually said.

I could, quite honestly, care less what you think about our business relationship with Dubois Depraz. When the next piece comes out utilizing their customized movement, then you will have some crow to eat. Quote: All I know is, if this is the tone that the mods and reps of this website are taking because a new product is living up to the minimum level of expectations, I want no part of it. Minimum level of expectations? LOL! Yeah...with all of the watch companies in the world, Invicta gets the very first of the movements. That has got to really burn people like you, eh? Want no part of it? Then don't let the proverbial door hit you in the butt on your way out! Quote: I realize I probably just ushered in my own demise here, but so be it. I won't be part of any "club" that can't take the slightest bit of scrutiny. If members here want to sit in a circle and sing "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing," have fun. Ushered in your own demise? Don't know about that. I think what you have done is made it readily apparent to alot of folks here that you are willing to spout off half truths to issue your own insults and falsehoods. And that is fine by me. If you don't wish to be a member here, we can certainly take care of that for you. Hell, I can make some recommendations of forums where you would fit in just fine since you like to play fast and loose with the actual facts. __________________ Michael

Argument is meant to reveal the truth, not to create it. ~ Edward de Bono hoc nomen vinces!

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