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Corona Gorda aka Fatecrush aka Tom Braider by Admin on Thu 22 Oct 2009 - 23:01 July 5, 2006, 06:50 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Seems he makes friends everywhere.....I received the following email yesterday (posted w/ permission):

Add Corona Gorda aka Fatecrush aka Tom Braider to your list. PLEASE?

It may be one of the few legitimate ways to keep attention on this thief and scumbag.

Sincerely, Rick Crotty Aka CHEEPS South Charleston, WV

PS: Visit my posts HERE:

I have been haunting this POS since he was a moderator on another watch collecting related forum. This was before he was in the right place at the right time and made association with Eyal Lalo, CEO of Invicta Watch Company, Hollywood, FL.(Approx. 2001)

Apparently the money offered him was too enticing to keep him in hiding. ShopNBC hired this dufus on

the recommendation/insistence of Mr. Lalo, one of their highest grossing ($$$) manufacturers selling goods on their broadcasts. Apparently no one bothered to check his resume/application which included claims that he owned one or several cigar retail stores. The guy is a sociopathic liar.

His resume at best should include stints as a Blockbuster Video clerk, asst. manager at a Sunglass Hut and other cigar retail jobs which it is fairly accurately known he STOLE both cigars, accessories and possibly cash.

Despite what a recent poster at CF asserts, this guy does indeed have moderator status and ban and delete controls at the Best Damn Watch Forum via the idiot owner Don Ruch who he scammed into starting the forum in the first place. ShopNBC has warned him previously to stop posting on such sites and having their name dragged into this mess of his history. I am unsure of why he has become active again. He threatened to sue me last October for multiple craziness such as defamation, extortion, etc. Unfortunately for him, NBCs legal eagles found that 100% of my (and others!) posts about him were accurate and true!

TimeTech is a haven for like minded watch addicts who have learned to despise this criminal. CF should maintain the current revelations of his misdeeds and keep the web active with information which others can Google.

Kudos to The Cigar Family members who know the true character of this rank thief and are persisting in keeping his name in front of others as Fair Warning.

Corona Gorda aka Jim Skelton aka Fatecrush aka Tom Braider