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A forum with strictly favorable/positive comments and all other scrubbed? That reeks of another geek forum. It's a new day, and therefore a new forum. We decided to begin anew. It is not our intent to "scrub" away the negative and keep the positive. We hope to use ALL constructive feedback (good or bad) to build a better Renato. Like it or leave it, that's where we are. All prior bans lifted-- and all previous comments wiped.

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Avi, your rules suck, FYI. You don't know the history here and allowing these half-wits, like Hater, Eyal's Dog Mikey, Willy Wonk, you're only insulting those who came back here looking for a fresh start. We were met with the same old shit with their comments. If they don't stop, this forum will die like it did last time. That's why we all moved to facebook and that's where we'll likely stay.

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Join Date Sep 2011 Location Washington DC Posts 4 Avi will soon see that they are only here to make a mockery of her and this forum.