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New Geek Mike said send an email to Armand Nicolet.. so I did..

Quote: Posted by Michael Davis In The Now Closed Thread - What part of Switzerland, are Invicta watches made? No one ever said that the facilities owned in Switzerland were in the name of Invicta. They do not need to be to be a part of the overall corporation. Second, the Invicta Watch Group is a privately held corporation. As such, they are not under any requirement to anyone to disclose information that "you" might find interesting. Lastly, if "you" can't understand why it is that this information is not made available, then you really don't understand how the watch manufacturing industry works. Most companies won't even disclose who their manufacturing partners are. Nor do manufacturers disclose who they may produce pieces for (i.e. make watches for another company that carries the name of that other company). For instance, send an email to the head of Public Relations for Armand Nicolet (or any other corporate officer for that matter) and ask them who they make watches for. They won't tell you. For a variety of different reasons. In some cases, they don't want to admit that they are making watches for companies that sell them so cheaply (compared to some of the Armand Nicolet lines) or for companies that don't quite have the pedigree of a company from the Bernese Jura. So, they enter into an agreement that prevents the other company from advertising who built the watches for them. Sometimes, the other end is true. The company that ends up with the watches does not want anyone else to know who is doing the work for them, so they enter into an agreement to have someone like Armand Nicolet to build the watches, but not advertise or admit that they have done so. I use the above scenario for a reason. Just to point out that this type of information is not widely shared within the industry. It is not an Invicta thing, it is an industry thing. You don't have to like it, but that is the way it is. You have no legal right nor moral imperative to know it. If you don't believe what has been said about facilities that Invicta has, then you have two choices. You can disbelieve and continue to purchase the watches you like until another reason that has more bearing on the situation . Or, you can not buy Invicta and in turn buy from some other company. Other than that, it

is pretty much a moot point. But, this thread has been interesting to read. And just to nip some of the questions in the bud...Yes, I chose Armand Nicolet for my example for a reason. No, I won't go into detail why I chose them. __________________ Michael

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To me that response seems unprofessional to say the least. If that's the way the "high end" companies communicate Im glad I can't afford them. My new SAS and anything but Cheap... __________________


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Second, the Invicta Watch Group is a privately held corporation. As such, they are not under any requirement to anyone to disclose informati...