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LOL, already the 'dark corners of the internet' are being torn inside out with more rants and multiple exclamation points to drive their fanatical points home . Fact: The only claims made were in my 2004 review which pre-dates any of the false claims we're seeing now. The facts presented in my review are the only facts used in the presentations. Period. All these other supposed 'claims' were made up by others, or misunderstood by others, and repeated so often it seems to feel like the truth.


Your story in this thread is directly below:

“As posted on Invicta's website for 5 years and still on the archived WUS website is my original review. All information was clearly conveyed, and I will repeat some of it here so others may benefit... In 1959 Invicta was approached by the Russian Naval Fleet and a request was made for a Swiss Made version of their Russian Diver (...of THEIR Russian Diver... designed in Russia by Russians....) as presentation pieces for their officers. 100 were contracted to be made.”

Reality check from your review of the 2625 RD back in 2004. “This time they have tackled a design they made in 1959 which was commissioned for the Russian Naval Fleet. The former Soviet Union commissioned roughly 100 pieces to be made by Invicta in Switzerland for their elite divers in their Navy, and proved to be one of the last Swiss manufactures used by the USSR.”

Fact: There's not one video or document to back up any of the statements made by others about the supposed "claims".

I just proved there are. And there are videos of those claims by you and Eyal on shopnbc by the way.

Fact: MY document has been accessible to the public since 2004.

And the story has changed. Of course there is always a new version of events........ The story has changed at least 4 times in the last couple of years. Jim Skelton Quote at Watchgeeks. "As I have stated on more shows than I can count... Invicta did not create the Russian Diver. The Russian Navy came to Invicta and asked them to make a Swiss Made version (the first non-Russian version) of their existing Russian Diver design. Invicta did, and only made 100 to be given by the Russian government to the officers exclusively. Later on (2003) Eyal decided to replicate this original watch for release in 2004. "

Officers or Divers? There is a very BIG difference. In Russia, the divers were ENLISTED sailors, not officers. They would have no use for a watch with a Swiss movement. Splitting hairs? Not really considering how many time you have lied to the public about things.

They can rant all they want, but facts trump rants, sorry but that's simply the way it is. Add this to the bucket of other claims made about me, ShopNBC, Invicta, Michael, etc... not a single DOCUMENT, just a lot of "I heard this" or "I talked to/reviewed a person who had direct knowledge of..." but no actual proof, just hearsay. Circumstantial at best.

I just proved it to the world using your own words IDIOT! Go have a “very LOUD� conversation with Eyal about the stories and while you are at it Nimrod, why not deny these facts too:

1. I, James (jim) skelton did conspire with Bruce, Michael Davis, George (last name withheld) the watch guy and others to invade the privacy of Koimaster (online ID), defame him, send out in an email blast personal information to over 1000 people, including phone numbers, addresses of family members and unverified information.

2. That I, James Skelton do threaten Koimaster three times via email from my personal email account to keep quiet about my past ( Jim Skelton ) as an alleged con man who is alleged by many to have scammed people in Florida, Virginia, Oregon and other locations. Get my drift Skelton. Caught in your own lies that you can no longer remember. I can only try to imagine the type of people that fawn over garbage like you.


Originally Posted by kmt Thanks for this fantastic response, Jim. I admit that I am one of those that have been confused by this, thanks for the clarification. No worries. With so many stories being spread around, it's no wonder so many are truly confused. (including yourself it appears) I am still confused about a few things: Were only 100 made? Yes, this is what Eyal told me back before I wrote the review in 2004. If so, how does Eyal have one (or two, according to one post in this thread)? Eyal has two now. One is kept at Invicta in Florida, one is kept in his other home here in MN. Did the Russians return one (or more)? I have no idea, I've never asked. Were extras made (and are they available!)? If there are, I am unaware. Finally, as Eyal does have at least one, could we please have a detailed photo-essay of the original posted here, for historical posterity? That would be a fantastic addition to the site, and an exclusive piece of documentation for WG's to have.

I have talked to Eyal about this for a while, and we never remember when he is here. I'll try next time to run over and grab it to shoot. I wish someone, anyone had a single video from anytime between Oct 2004 and about June of 2005 because we aired the orioginal so many times I can't even remember. Thanks __________________


Originally Posted by Charlie the Tuna Your deceptive explanations to your viewers and Watchgeeks alike reveals the true nature of the contempt you have for your viewers.


“This time they have tackled a design they made in 1959 which was commissioned for the Russian Naval Fleet. The former Soviet Union commissi...