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Jim Skelton of shopnbc says “I just spoke with Eyal about the Invicta Speedway issues� Thanks BigCheez!

Here's another post from Jim Skelton on 5/27:

I just spoke with Eyal about the Speedway issues Hey gang. As promised, I did follow-up with Eyal on this issue. He just called me at home and we talked about it (as best as I could talk given the fact my jaw doesn't move LOL) He flew into Minneapolis TODAY (2 days earlier than planned) to pull all Speedway inventory from ShopNBC to have sent back home to Florida for re-inspection. I had asked him to make sure that ShopNBC does not go ahead with their plans of reairing them this weekend (not all Shop departments were aware of the issue), and instead of just calling to have them cancel the airings... he freakin' FLEW HERE early to do it in person. He has had many conference calls with the folks at D-D and they are jointly looking into the issue. Invicta had several large scale projects in the works with D-D that are now ON HOLD until Eyal sees that D-D can take care of this issue. All involved believe the issue is a D-D issue. Whether or not Invicta could or could not have caught all of the defects through basic inspection aside... the problem began with how the chrono plate was built, and this was done purely by D-D. Eyal is accepting fault and blame for the issues, but D-D as I understand it is owning up to their responsibilities as well, so in the end... this means we should never expect to see such an issue in the future. All of the remaining pieces ShopNBC owns will go back to Invicta in Florida, and any not passing Eyal's inspection go to D-D in Switzerland for a total rebuild so that HOPEFULLY we can offer them again in the future without worry. Eyal is not only concerned, but feels terrible about the inconvenience caused to all of you that received a bum watch. This is why he has made all Speedway Elite repairs "priority" above all others, in hopes of expediting the repair. Eyal was out of the country when these began to deliver and the problems first arose... and yes he of course has a computer, and it works out of the country... that's not the point when we say "Eyal was out of the country", the point was that he was deep in meetings morning to night (at 6 hours AHEAD of his home time zone) and delegated Rebecca and myself to talk to those having issues. He created the solution with Rebecca, Rebecca is executing his instructions, and I'm relaying all info that I possibly can to

you personally. Eyal has asked me to relay his personal apologies to everyone over these issues, and hopes that he can make this up to everyone by getting to the bottom of the problem, fixing it, and moving on having learned from this experience. I hope this helps. __________________


He has had many conference calls with the folks at D-D and they are jointly looking into the issue. Invicta had several large scale projects...