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Don, I don’t know where the $40.00 an hour comes from since the trust does not state compensation for the trustees . But the most a trustee under California law can charge is 1% of the fair market value of the estate per year and the work done has to be documented to justify that payment.

I don’t care if you charge the estate. What I care about is having this legally documented so Dean and I or any of the inheritors can look at the accounting and say ok. I do not know why Buddy had things including Grandpa wedding band since he disliked Grandpa so much. He even said so up here. And why does he have anything that belongs to the estate including Grandma’s rings and remains these items should have been returned to you when Buddy gave up his position as a Trustee. If Buddy wants Grandma’s jewelry including her diamond ring, do they get appraised and is it deducted from his share? This was supposed to go to mom. They mean something to me, memories of Mom, Grandma and Grandpa. The rosary which Mom bought and loaned to grandma cost $50 in Ireland. It meant nothing to anyone but Dean and I. Dad was generous enough to send them to Grandma when she asked to have them. Let me refresh your memory… they were in her hands when she was at the funeral home.



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