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Imagine if there is a drug that would make your brain work almost perfectly making you efficient as it digs into the humanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fundamental resources of intelligence and dive. What this drug can do is to let you read, remember and write a book or learn any foreign language in just a couple of hours.. This drug is so powerful that it will allow your brain to store as many data it can like the stock market and you will be able to analyze and predict future events. Would you believe if this drug does exist? Interestingly, in the movie watch Limitless online free this is the drug that everyone were onto. Eddie is a struggling writer who suddenly got hold of this drug called MDT-48. Because of being consistently rejected, the latest by his girlfriend Lindy, he felt his life is a total failure. He is a failure. He came across this wonder drug that changed the course of his life and to find out more, watch Limitless online free. All of a sudden he became so successful with the super abilities given by the drug. His success caught the attention of business mogul Carl Van Loon, who wants to use Eddie as a tool to make lots of money. It is expected that just like other drugs, there are side effects to using the MDT 48 that caused Eddie and other users to suffer to the extent of thinking homicidal thoughts. Eddie now finds himself on the run as people has been attempting at his life due to the drugs. This group was very persistent to get the drugs from Eddieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s possession. Based on a book written by Alan Glynn, watch Limitless online free is a forthcoming thriller movie. The movie has a released date set on March 18, 2011 in theaters nationwide. With a production budget of $75 million dollars, the movie is expected to be a success among movie goers due to the interesting story and wonderful cinematography. Some scenes while being shot in Philadelphia were changed to look like New York City. Known because of his previous directorial stint that includes Interview with the Assassin and the Illusionist, this film is directed by Neil Burger. Bradley Cooper, actor and a comic best known for his portrayal of the Templeton Peck in the movie the A-Team is cast as the lead actor playing the role of Eddie. It is quite interesting to note that, he is taking on a serious role in watch Limitless online free. The role of Carl Van Loon is played by one of Hollywood's greatest actor Robert de Niro. A veteran in acting, Robert de Niro takes on different roles. Everyone can't wait for this movie. Still, there are people who cannot wait to watch Limitless online free. Good news! There are sites in the internet that allows you to watch this movie. You can take advantage of this when you answer simple surveys or take on sample products in their site.

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