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If you are wondering what movie studio created the famous Die Hard and X-Men Trilogy, then it is time that you know that it originated in 20th Century Fox which is one of the most wellknown movie studios inside Hollywood. Most film studios aim for a very important factor, that is to create smash hit movies in order for them to earn profits and this 12 months, make way for your computer animated franchise associated with Ice Age. If you’re into CGI cartoon movies, then you might want to watch Ice Age: Continental Drift online free! Before you watch Ice Age: Continental Drift online free or what is also known as Ice Age 4, you may realize that it is one of Fox’s forthcoming movies for 2012. It’s one of those flicks that is designed to entertain audiences of all ages, especially with cutesy characters such as Manny (portrayed by Ray Romano of “Everybody Loves Raymond” fame), Diego (Denis Leary, who will be appearing in Fox’s upcoming “The Amazing Spider-Man” within 2012), Ellie (Oscar nominated actress as well as musician Queen Latifah) and Sid (witty actor John Leguizamo) providing the laughs. Sean William Scott (American Pie trilogy), Jeremy Renner (Hurt Locker, the Town) and Jennifer Lopez (Selena, The Cell) are just few of the new figures that will also be part of the film so be sure to watch Ice Age: Continental Drift online free to find out more about this amazing movie. The plot involves these having to use an iceberg as a makeshift ship after disaster hits, causing an entire continent drift, and they would have to face several challenges which will test their romances yet again as they make their own journey back to their herds. The movie is directed through the co-director of the previous films, Michael Thurheimer and Steve Martino so if you really want to discover how they made this movie really amazing, be sure to watch Ice Age: Continental Drift online free! Many people are not that convinced that this kind of upcoming movie is going to be a fantastic hit as well since the makers of the film have to live to the shadows of the earlier ones which are definitely huge hit films. Besides the fact the many people are drawn into Scrat every time he attempts to have possession of the actually elusive acorn, and the question is, might he have the acorn this time? If you watch Ice Age: Continental Drift online free, you would surely be able to value the movie more since this is the 1st franchise of the Ice Grow older movie to make use of 3d. This movie is certainly something that you should try especially if you are searching for a whole new experience. You might also want to consider and watch Ice Age: Continental Drift online free through I-Max which is something much better than the 3d version, check out to see how you would find this kind of movie!

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