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If you are a fan from the Bella-Edward love story, then you would surely be really excited for the upcoming movie Twilight Saga: The Breaking Dawn which can be written by the renowned Stephanie Meyer who is known for the books’ Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse that has its own movie version. Plenty of fans of Twilight are dying to find out about Bella’s being pregnant and how Edward would deal with it. In case you have not see the book, then understanding that marriage and being pregnant will be the highlights from the movie, you would certainly want to watch The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Online Free. This is definitely the movie that Twilight fans are dying to watch so mark your own calendars on its movie release next November 18, 2011. If you would like some snippets with the story, better keep tuned in so I can give you an overview. In the early the main book, Bella and Edward got wedded. Do not assume for longer wedding get-togethers in the story as it is not really the main focus of the story. Just like regular married couples, they also had their honeymoon in Esme which is off the shoreline of Brazil. They consummated their matrimony upon the ask for of Bella. They then had a quarrel the next day since Bella swan is all bruised up because of their love making. To Bella, the injuries as well as the bruises aren't anything but Edward needed them both to find themselves busy about other things so they would not have time for you to do some activities that might cause more bruises as well as injuries. Meanwhile, she has a fantasy about a small, green-eyed boy that she feels forced to protect. Bella also finds herself constantly starving and sick It is just until she sees a box regarding unused tampons that she loaded that she realized that she actually is pregnant. She after that tries to develop a good attachment to the baby although the pregnancy may well kill her and that's why Edward became thus worried. Because of what Bella will be undergoing, Edward introduced her to their home and made plans of getting to kill their unborn child. Bella next had a protector known as Rosalie. Jacob decided to go home so she could protect Bella because the pack felt such as the treaty is about to be broken. As the child is actually half human fifty percent vampire, no one is really sure how things will progress and it soon becomes too strong for Bella's human body. After broken bones and pelvis plus a new found desire for blood, Bella's entire body cracks under the tension and the child is actually "born". If you want to know who does be playing quite parts in this film, then you would have Kristen Stuart as Bella, Robert Pattinson as Edward, Taylor Lautner as Jacob, Anna Kendrick as Jessica Stanley, Dakota Fanning as Jane, Michael Sheen as Aro including some other brilliant actors and Actresses. In order to make sure that you get to have fun playing the talk of the community, be sure to check out the movie. Make sure to watch The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Online Free especially if you are an enthusiast of Bella and Edward’s love story. Be sure to mark your calendars about the 18th of fall of so you could watch this movie.

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