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Watson Argo

Table of C 














  

 





 


    

Park Pride Competition 1-2 

UGA Memorial Garden 3-6

Marbella Resort 7-8

Urban Streetscape 9 - 10


Table of Contents

Boys & Girls Club 11 - 12

Urban Infill 13 - 16

Brunelli Residence 17 - 18

Agnes Scott College 19 - 20

Rolling r This neighborhood park seeks to reflect the community spirit, engage patrons in activities ecouraging growth and a harvest of meaningful activities. Diverse spaces and age appropriate activites inspire people of all ages and cultures to interact and share the joy of being outside. The park creates an urban oasis promoting an active, healthy lifestyle and oppurtunities for relaxation and reflection. Ultimately, the park grows to become an ecologically diverse sanctuary for the community and surrounding wilflife.

ridge Par

Rolling ridge park

UGA Memo


Planting Plan

orial Ga

UGA Memorial Garden

Grading Plan

UGA Memo


Staking Plans

orial Ga

UGA Memorial Garden

Construction Details

Marbella Illustrative Plan

a Resort

Marbella Resort

Project Details

Urban Str Master Plan


Urban Streetscape

Project Details

Boys and Planting Plan

Girls Cl

Boys and Girls Club

PLanting Details

Urban Infi Master Plan


Urban Infill

PLanting Details

Urban Infi Elevations


Urban Infill

Construction Details

Brunelli R Grading Plan


Brunelli Residence


Agnes Sco Sketchup Steps 1 & 2

ott Colle Agnes Scott College

Rendered Sketchup Model

Watson Argo

Watson Argo Landscape Architecture Portfolio