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Integrated Biology: Reading Outline Chapter 8: Continuity Through Heredity Pages 163 -187 Reading Summaries: 17 pts Heading Continuity Through Heredity:

Where Found Page 163

Introduction The Dual Roles of Genetic Material: Genes Determine Biological Potential

Pages 163 -164

8.2 Mendel’s Work Led to the Concept of the Gene

Pages 164-166

8.3 Mendel Identified the Unit of Heredity

Pages 166-168

Main Ideas

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8.4 Genes Direct Biosynthesis

Pages 168-169

Chromosomes and Genes Pages 8.5 Genes Are on 169-170 Chromosomes

8.6 Genes Are Long Chains of DNA Nucleotides

Pages 170-172

8.7 DNA Makes RNA and RNA Makes Protein

Pages 172-174

Patterns of Inheritance

Pages 174-175

8.8 Dihybrid Crosses Produce a Distinctive Patern

8.9 Gene Expression Can Affect Patterns of Inheritance

Pages 175-177

8.10 X-Linked Traits Show a Modified Pattern of Inheritance

Pages 177-179

8.11 Abnormal Chromosomes Can Affect Patterns of Inheritance

Pages 179-181

8.12 Many Genes Are on Each Chromosome

Pages 181-182

Genetics and Technology Pages 182,184 8.13 New Tools Aid Genetics Research


Page 183

Informatics-Mapping And Sequencing The Human Genome 8.14 Proteins Can Be Manufactured by Genetic Engineering

Pages 184, 185,187

Biology Today

Page 186

Genetic Screening: Prevention with Problems

Vocabulary Terms (8pts) Vocabulary Term Definition Probability Dominant Recessive Principle of Segregation Alleles Genotype Phenotype Homozygous Heterozygous Hybrids Mutations Principle of Independent Assortment Multiple Alleles Multifactorial Inheritance X-Linked Trait Recombinant DNA

Chapter 8 reading outline  
Chapter 8 reading outline