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Integrated Biology: Reading Outline Chapter 6: Continuity Through Reproduction Pages 125-139 Reading Summaries: 10 pts Heading Where Main Ideas Found Continuity Through Page 125 Reproduction: Introduction


Pages 125-126

6.1 Reproduction is Essential for the Continuation of Life 6.2 Reproduction May Be Sexual or Asexual

Pages 126-127

Formation of Reproductive Cells

Pages 128-129

6.3 Gametes Are Reproductive Cells 6.4 The Chromosome Number of a Species Remains Constant

Page 129

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6.5 Gametes Are Formed by Meiosis

Pages 129 - 132

The Human Reproductive System 6.6 Gamete Development Differs in Males and Females

Pages 133-134

6.7 Hormones Control Reproductive Cycles

Pages 134, 136, 137, 138

Biology Today Birth Control

Page 135

6.8 Only One Sperm Fertilizes the Ovum

Pages 138-139

Vocabulary Terms (13.5pts) Vocabulary Term Definition Sexual reproduction Gametes Asexual Reproduction Sperm cells Ova Fertilization Zygote Haploid Diploid Meiosis Chromatid Centromere Chromosome Reduction Division Testes Ovaries Embryo

Hormones Feedback Menstrual Cycle Uterus Hypothalamus Pituitary Estrogen Progesterone Menopause Semen

Chapter 6 reading outline  
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